Populate repeating table based on task list - Need the experts out there!!!!

Ok I will try to explain this as best as I can.
What I have:
task list (out of the box, with 1 calculated field)
form library (customized using infopath)
....and a headache ;)
So What ive done so far is I put in a hyperlink in the infopath form to the task lists newitem form "click here for new task" . I have the title of this newitem form prepopulated based on the form library item. For example, if you open up a form
from the form library Titled: Test Entry, and has an ID of 5. The newform title of the task list will read "Test Entry | 5 ". So its title | ID. I then have a calculated column to take the right 3 characters of the title, so it prints out the ID.
So pretty much I have a title and ID that match the form library...
now the hard part.
Say I have 10 tasks in the tast list related to ID # 5 from the form library.
Is there a way to create a repeating table or other solution to show these 10 tasks within the form library form? I was thinking a button to query for data from a secondary source (task list) filter where ID = current Item ID. then have it set a fields value???

Here's an idea. When you are creating the task, populate a ReferenceID field in the task list with the item ID of the form library list. In this form, create secondary data connection to the task list and include the fields that you want to show. Drag the
group on the form, it will create repeated section with controls. Create a formatting rule on the section, condition where ID!=ReferenceID, Hide this section.
This will display the repeating data from the Task list where ReferenceID is = ID and hide all others.
Another variation would be to Filter the Data Connection itself and add the condition in the filter (ID=ReferenceID). Hope it helps.
Regards, Kapil ***Please mark answer as Helpful or Answered after consideration***

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    Now that I have painted the picture if you have any ideas my ears are open.
    BTW… It looks like I have that last 10%. I am testing now and so far things are working as desired. When testing is SAT I will post the solution I have developed, maybe this will help Tony G. come up with a solution for his situation.

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    I understand your requirement and the tutorial doesn't talk about Association between the views so that you can create a Master-Detail or in DB parlance, a Parent-Child relationship.
    I will assume that we are dealing with two entities here: Department and Employees where a particular Department has many Employees and hence a Parent-Child relationship.
    Firstly, you need to create an Association between the two Entities - Department and Employees. You can do that by right clicking on the model's entity and then associating the two entities with the appropriate key say, DepartmentId.
    Once you have done that, you need to link the two entities in the View section with this Association that you created. Then go to AppModule and make sure that in the Available View Objects: 'EmployeesView' appears under 'DepartmentView' as "EmployeesView via <link you created>". Shuttle the 'DepartmentView' to the right, Data Model and then shuttle
    "EmployeesView via <link you created>" to the right, Data Model under 'DepartmentView'.
    This will then be reflected in your Data Controls. After that, you simply would have to drag this View into your page as a Master-Detail form...and then when you run this page, any row selected in the Master table, would display the data in the Detail table.
    Also, refer to this link: [Master-Detail|http://baigsorcl.blogspot.com/2010/03/creating-master-detail-form-in-adf.html]
    Hope this helps.

  • I can't upload or import videos from my iphoto library, into final cut pro x.  When i click, IMPORT MEDIA in FCP, It lists iPhoto Library as GRAY, and will not let me access it.  I need the videos out of there.  I have tried every way I can think of.

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    I can't upload or import videos from my iphoto library, into final cut pro x.  When i click, IMPORT MEDIA in FCP, It lists 'iPhoto Library' as GRAY, and will not let me select it.  I need the videos out of there.  I have tried every way I can think of.
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    I can see in the OLDER version of final cut pro x, where it has IMPORT FILES as an option, it was possible.  I see this on forums and youtube videos of the older versions.
    However, the newer version that i have, does not have IMPORT 'FILES' as an option, it is simply all lumped together as IMPORT 'MEDIA'
    Thank You for the Help

    at the end, you say "import preferences", which program are you describing?
    So im safer using footage that is remotely being pulled from iphoto...
    using footage that is imported into FCP from imovie?
    Is there anything i can do in fcp to make this footage more reliable or safer or more stable as i pull remotely from iphoto?
    All the footage, and all the libraries to all programs, or on a new pegasus 12tb raid 5 setup fyi.

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    I have applied a user status with  which i am able to release the inspection lot.After that i am going to assign a task list. But it is not getting assigned.
    please help me.
    Vivek Deshpande

    Key date is same. I have checked for it.
    What i am saying is , i have manually updated inspection lot status to release state by applying user status. And after that i am trying to assign inspection task list to the inspection lot.But i am unable to do so.
    Can i do this ? Please help
    Vivek Deshpande

  • Gmail task list does not pop-out

    After installing 3.6.7 gmail task list does not pop out. When I click the pop-out arrow, the task list opens in another tab, not in another stripped down window like it used to. Any ideas?
    == URL of affected sites ==

    Is this quality Plan is back dated and Lot size should be 1 to 9999,999.
    Why are you creating rate routing? check lot for 04 insp type in QA02.
    Or for old material just create one new order and test it once again.
    You can check the statuses in config.
    QM>Quality Planning>Inspection Planning>General>Define Task List Status.
    You should find that "4" is in there with all the check marks on.
    QM--> Quality Inspection --> Inspection Lot Creation --> Maintain Inspection Lot Origins and Assign Inspection Types.
    There is a column called status. For each inspection ORIGIN, you can specify the status of the inspection plan. It appears someone in your system changed the 4's to an X and then created the status "X".

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    Activity Monitor(Disc Usage) shows something quite interesting.  Mac HD and Ramanan (Main User) - My hard drive is only 160GB!  Would the retired engineer gentleman please note as well.  Many thanks. Rams

  • Populate 1 table based on another table

    I have a "VISITOR_TRACKER" application with the following 2 tables:
    VISITORS (table)
    VISITOR_ID (pk)
    V_DETAILS_ID (pk)
    I want to do the following:
    1. The visitor types in his/her last name in a search box.
    2. Everyone with that last name shows up in either a report or a drop-down select list. The visitor selects his/her name.
    3. A form "displays only" the name selected and has 2 text fields for the customer to enter their DESTINATION and TIME_IN and presses the submit button.
    How do I set this up? The problem I'm encountering is that if I create a form w/report off of the VISITORS table, I'm unable to populate the DESTINATION and TIME-IN because the F_NAME and L_NAME from the VISITORS table is already popluted - it is trying to populate twice.
    I tried basing the form w/report off of the VISITOR_DETAILS table but my report shows only the names that have any records in VISITOR_DETAILS. Also, the form shows the details of the VISITOR_DETAILS record that was selected.
    My report query looks like this:
    "VISITORS"."F_NAME" || ' ' || "VISITORS"."L_NAME" as "NAME"
    where "VISITOR_ID_LU" = "VISITOR_ID"
    I prefer to have a drop-down select list instead of a report if possible.
    Please help! I have been working HOURS on this?

    if you only want a duplicat of the structure and don't worry about constraints, indexes, triggers etc you could use something like this
    create table emp_dup as
    select * from emp
    where 1=0;Another more flexible way is to use the package DBMS_METADATA

  • Populate cc field based on dropdown list values

    I know this question has been posted before, but I'm very new at this, and the answers I've found so far are over my head.
    I'm trying to create a submit button that will not only e-mail to a specific address, but also carbon copy someone when their name is selected in a drop-down list on the form.
    I don't know much about javascript - and that seems to be the way to get this done - but I don't know the syntax or where to enter the JS to get this functionality. The field I am using is called 'Supervisor1', and I've assigned values (e-mail addresses) to each of the names in the drop-down.
    Can someone help me get this done?
    Thanks in advance!

    this scenario is not covered by the macro, but it's not that complicated to handle.
    1. Select the button with the script you generated with the macro.
    2. Now wrap the mail function into an if-expression.
    This sample checks if var0 or var1 is null.
    var var0 = xfa.resolveNode("Formular1.#subform.Dropdown1").rawValue;
    var var1 = xfa.resolveNode("Formular1.#subform.Textfield1").rawValue;
    if (var0 === null || var1 === null) {
              xfa.host.messageBox("Please select an item from the drop down box first!");
    } else {
                        bUI: false,
                        cTo: var1,
                        cCc: var0,
                        cBcc: '',
                        cSubject: 'Testmail',
                        cMsg: 'Hello,\n\nhere is the final form data. \n\nKind regards\nMe'

  • How to populate data from dynamic drop down list to the text field

    I tried to populate data from dynamic drop down list to city field. I would like to concat data from drop down list.When selecting add button to add the item and select item from drop down list, data should be displayed in the text field. However, Please help. I spent alot of time to make it works I am not successful.
    Please see the link below.
    Thanks for your help

    Hi Rosalin,
    Loop the hidden table, get the values and populate drop down in each iteration.
    You can use one more solution for this scenario. If it is a matter of 2,3 dropdowns, put three dropDowns in the form layout and give seperate static data binding to them. At run time make the dropDowns hide/visible as per the requirement.
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Set up of Task list across the plants

    I need to set up the task lists for 9 different plants. Essentially they are the same TL but used in different plants. I am looking for the best approach to set them up.
    Can we maintain a master task list at high level with central planning plant (without a counter) and then assign the same task list to different plants using group counters ? Whenever I am trying to use TL group counter, I have to set up a neww task list completely, this will result into maintaning 9 different task lists even when they are same. Also how do I set it up for a central plant without using counter ??

    Please have Look this Thread might you get some useful out of this [General tasklist across all plants.;

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    Hi - I have been struggling with an issue for a week now and I was wondering if one of you can help me to solve my issue. I have done numerous searches on this topic which got me somewhat in the right direction but I'm still not getting the results I want. The end objective is simple, a non-stuttering video on YouTube. Sounds simple right?
    here is what I did:
    I have recorded some aerial footage with a GoPro 3+, added some effects in After effects, brought the results over in Premiere pro for some minor editing and then used Media encoder to get it to a format that youtube likes. My detailed steps are as follows:
    -Take GoPro footage (59.94 fps, 1920 x 1080 in H.264 codec) and transcode it through GoPro studio using the CineForm codec so it plays nice with AE (I keep my 59.94 fps and same dimensions (1920 x 180).
    -Load transcoded footage in AE (I checked if my composition settings are the same as the imported transcoded footage)
    -Apply effects (3d camera tracking, add some 3d text, some lights, environment layer) and render the clip out as a quicktime lossless file (PNG) – result is 3 clips from AE that I now want to bring into Premiere Pro for some editing
    -Import PNG file in Premiere Pro (I drag the clip to new sequence item so the sequence matches the clip I import in Premiere pro)
    -I make some minor edits in Premiere Pro (some transitions between clips, nothing fancy)
    -I then render out the footage using media encoder (or directly from Premiere, tried both) with the following settings:
    Format: h.264
    Preset: custom
    Export video and audio
    TV standard: NSTC
    Frame width: 1920
    Frame height: 1080
    FPs: 29.97 or 59.94 (results/problem is the same with both fps settings)
    Field order: progressive (greyed out – can’t change it)
    Pixel aspect ratio: 16:9 – widescreen
    Profile: main
    Level: 4.2 or 5.1 (same result for both settings)
    Render at maximum depth: checked
    Bitrate encoding: VBR, 2 pass
    Target bitrate: 8 or 20 (same result with both settings but obviously larger file with higher target rate)
    Maximum bitrate: 8 or 25 (same results for both settings)
    Use maximum render quality: checked
    Audio, multiplexer etc: standard settings, no change
    The rendered video runs smoothly on my mac but when uploading this video to youtube, the video stutters. I have tried multiple settings and can’t get the video to play smooth. Any tips or suggestions are welcome!
    You can watch the video here:
    Furnace lake edit 1 - YouTube

    sanderx1 wrote:
    Hi - I have been struggling with an issue for a week now and I was wondering if one of you can help me to solve my issue. I have done numerous searches on this topic which got me somewhat in the right direction but I'm still not getting the results I want. The end objective is simple, a non-stuttering video on YouTube. Sounds simple right?
    Rick has given you what you need, he always does.
    But the task you've described is not simple at all. It's not really an After Effects issue.
    There are many sites that offer good recommendations for maximizing your youtube workflow so your video looks the best and plays flawlessly. Youtube offers a good set of parameters. Some of this stuff is worthless, too. You've got to be selective.
    Starting out delivering a full 1080HD clip is not necessarily going to work out for you. Try rendering out to a 720 file. It's far smaller so it will be compressed much less by it's upload processor. The playback may be smoother and your audience is not going to be able to tell the difference between the 720 and a 1080 clip, most of the time. 
    Encourage you to drop back someday and let us know how you made out with Rick's advice.
    How to Make Professional Quality YouTube Videos: 6 Steps
    How to Make Good YouTube Videos for Video Marketing: 8 Steps
    How To Make Videos Look Great on YouTube - YouTube
    How to Make YouTube Videos Look Great
    Video quality - YouTube Help
    Tips of Getting Best YouTube Video Format for YouTube Uploading

  • Table / F.M to list all the IBase available in the System.

    Dear All ,
    Could some body please  tell me about any Table or Function Module or BAPI which will show or extract all the IBase
    available in the Solution Manager System being used.
    Thou I got the Structure but I can not find the relevent table.
    Thanking You All.

    Dear All,
    I got a Table IBIN , which contains the IBase Components with in its field INSTANCE , but it conatins far more number of IBase components than its being shown by SAP .
    How to find the IBase Components available in SAP ?
    Thaking You All.

  • Need the experts advice..

    Hello folks,
    I need to know how can I solve this situation.. Any help is apperciated.
    I want to write the client part of a webservice in order to update and query database records. The server allows document/literal type where the xml is about table and records in this format:
    <Field1> Value1 </Field1>
    <RelationShip Table2>
    <FieldX> ValueX </FieldX>
    The schema may change based on administration decision (adding/removing fields then redeploy service). Also, I want to have control , in Java, over objects I am creating dynamically so I don't have to generate stubs with every change of the schema on the server. I want to validate variables which can have null value as well as types. So, I want to build my java objects and use the client service to send data to the server.
    How can i do that in Java? Dynamic proxy?
    Thanks a lot guys and please let me know if you need more clarifications.

    Is my question weird or very difficult?
    In other words, I want to be able to parse my document literal soap message into Java classes dynamically taking into consideration that schema can be changed from time to time.. how to resolve this?

  • I have a 3g iphone and I need to know how to delete old photos from my phone!! I need the space but there is no way to delete the pictures!! Help!!!

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    There are a number of ways to delete pictures from the Camera Roll.  One is to open Camera Roll in the thumbnail view, tap the arrow button (top right), tap all the pictures you want to delete, tap the Delete button ant the bottom.  Photo Library pictures are deleted by unchecking Sync Photos on the Photos tab of your iTunes sync settings, followed by syncing your phone.

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