Power Point Import Audio Question

When I import a Power Point with audio the audio plays in my captivate file but does not appear in the library nor in the audio management area, and I can not find the audio file anywhere within captivate. Any ideas?

Can you see in the center of the slide where it gives you the
animation or click box properties, like "Click Box (646x484)"? If
you drag the right edge of the slide you will see that there are
two layers - one is a click box layer and one is an animation
layer. Also, make sure your timeline is fully expanded at the top
of the editing window - you should be able to see separate items
for audio, click box, animation and anything else you have on the
slide. If you don't see that, then click on the right pointing
arrow next to the "timeline" caption to expand the view of the
timeline. Good luck!

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    Hi All
    The custom animation set in power point is not reflected
    while the slides are imported into captivate. Imported slides are
    appearing as image. Is there any settings. Please clarify

    FCE cannot open a PowerPoint. You'd need to export into a video format that is supported in FCE.

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    when i import a power point presentation, it shrinks and i can't see it to edit it.  Why???  Can anyone help?

    Hi Keith,
    Please check if your problem is the same as mentioned in http://forums.adobe.com/message/3013239#3013239

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    Need more information. Specs of the media. Channel configuration. Are the meters moving?

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    Can I transfer Windows video media from the PC to the Apple?
    You can transfer any files you want to Windows.
    Can I embed these videos into a power point?
    Ask on the Mac Office forums:  http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/mac

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    I am new to Adobe Captivate, but I have heard the following:
    1)     I can import a power point slide directly into Captivate 5.5.  
    2)     I can add a action buttion that when click, can play a short video embedded within one of the slides.
    My objective is:
    1)     When I click that action buttion, I want to play that short video embedded within one of the slides.
    2)     Each slide will have an action buttion, and embedded slide of video (different video).
    3)     When the video is completed, it returns back to display the original slide
    4)     The user can just look at the slide and just move to the next slide without showing the video.
    To accomplish this in Captivate 5.5, can I do this ?
    1)     I understand that one must place a button on the converted slide and also embed the video to another slide.  This is done by using the tool bar.
    Is it possible to do this using programing scripts or anything ???    I would have a many slides to do, and I would like to automate this process.
    I would appreciate any suggestions and help.
    Thank You,

    Hi Eddie
    You will be able to use the Adobe Captivate he has option in
    order that you bring PowerPoint, videos in flv for inside him and
    to go out how swf

  • Need to play Power Point Presentation with Audio in Keynote

    My wife and I have lots of Power Point slide shows with audio from the days when we were windows users. We have downloaded a trial version of iWork 09 and would like to know how we can play these .pps files that contain audio in Keynote.
    We appreciate any help that anyone could provide as we would much prefer to use Keynote/iWork than MS Office.

    That's interesting about NeoOffice. I keep a copy of it up to date but don't use it too often.
    This may be too involved for the OP but I would play the file in NeoOffice and record the audio with WIreTap or similar, export it as an MP3 file and then import it into Keynote.
    WIreTap can have its input source set to Mac Audio so that it will record from any application that is capable of producing sound.

  • Audio from Power Point show doesn't play

    I am having a problem with Power Point shows that people send to me via e-mail. The video works fine, but the audio doesn't play. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.

    Hello Andaleeb,
    thank you for getting back to me.
    The slide show works fine, including sound, from within Organizer. It
    also works fine when I export it as a video. Just PDF isn't working.
    In the meantime, from various contributions in the forum, I gather that,
    unfortunately, the Organizer (just like Lightroom) simply does not
    support adding music to PDF slide shows. Apparently, there is a way to
    do that using Acrobat Pro (only costs 640 Euros).
    You may consider my question answered.
    Am 21.12.2012 11:02, schrieb andaleebfatima1:
          Re: Audio in PDF slide show doesn't play. What can I do ?
    created by andaleebfatima1
    <http://forums.adobe.com/people/andaleebfatima1> in /Photoshop
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  • OK , I have my instructional coaches creating power point presentation add audio to each slide with the presenter 10 add ins. I need these presentation converted into MP4 like you can do with adobe presenter video creator.

    Love the Adobe products first. OK , I have my instructional coaches creating power point presentation add audio to each slide with the presenter 10 add ins. I need these presentation converted into MP4 like you can do with adobe presenter video creator.

    If you import the PPT deck into Captivate it will not bring the audio from Presenter. But you can import it into Captivate after the slide deck has been imported. The audio files aren't necessarily named in a logical fashion in the source files for the presentation, so I would recommend that you publish the presentation locally and then find the 'data' folder in the published output and the audio files will be named in a way that you can infer the slide they are associated with. Not the simplest proceedure but it should be pretty painless.

  • Follow up question. importing audio

    thanks to all that responded to my question about importing audio from itunes to FCP5. I finally got it onto my timeline, but before I did that I burned it to a cd, and used that to import it to FCP. Probably more steps than necessary, but I finally was able to get into the timeline that way. THE PROBLEM HOWEVER, is that the audio sounds scratchy, or slightly staticy (wierd word) I burned it in 48kHz and 16 bit AIFF,as you all recommended, but it still sounds crappy. Anymore suggestions?? Could disc space be the problem?
    I have a huge project going and only about 10 gigs of space

    When you buy a song, or a CD, you bought the right to listen to that song to your hearts content. Make as many copies as you want, but only for YOU. Your song. Play it at a party..fine.
    But put marry that song with video, and you have entered new territory. To do that you need to buy additional rights. Just like you'd need to buy rights if you play music at a wedding, or play music for people to listen to when they are on HOLD at your business.
    Adding it to family video is "technically" illegal. Will the FBI hunt you down...well, after the government went after a lady for owing $1.16 in taxes by siezing her house, I wouldn't be surprised.

  • Is there a way to import a Power Point presentation without adding click boxes?

    I want the user to navigate through the Power Point portion of my training by hitting one of two buttons.  Unfortunatley, in order for me to restrict the users options to these possibilities, I have to delete every click box from the slide that is added to the power point slides when I import them.  The only other option (as far as I know) is to make it so they advance automatically (without clicking) when I import the slides, and I don't want that either. 
    If someone can help me out, that would be great!
    Thank you!

    Why not import with the option 'advance automatically' and add the buttons in Captivate? Are you talking about navigational buttons (Next, Previous)? If you are using Captivate 6 you can use a Shape button for that purpose, add it on Master slides or time them for the rest of the project if you want to have them on each slide:

  • Importing Power Point Slides into FCE

    Hey all,
    Have a project where I need to use a customer's power point slides in the finished video. Can I import them someway? Or maybe import into Live Type????
    Trying to avoid having to type all of them.

    You can save a PowerPoint slideshow in many ways.
    One possibility is to export a set of images with the format you like: jpeg, tiff, png, etc.: make sure to select the correct DPI (as defined in PPT) in the Options of the save as dialog. For example 180 dpi make a standard slide of 1800x1350 pixels that might fit well in standard DV sequences (default 72 dpi makes a low quality 720x540 image).
    A second possibility is to export a movie; also in this case you can choose some parameters like the size of the frame. The default codec is Animation that is good, but requires a conversion of the movie in order to properly import it to FCE.

  • Importing Power Point into LCDS

    I was wondering if there is a way to import preferably a Power Point presentation or a PDF document into LCDS without hours of copy/paste.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Try viewing them on an external NTSC/PAL monitor then decide. If they still look like junk you can always regenerate them in Motion, Photoshop or Illustrator.
    I've never gotten a PP presentation to look good in video unless the fonts, backgrounds, etc were all selected with that output path in mind.
    good luck.

  • Importing Power Point without click boxes

    When I import Power Point, I don't want click boxes to come
    along because I just have to remove them all later. That requires a
    lot of time when your power point is really huge. Is there any way
    to import without the click boxes so the slides will transition
    smoothly without my havign to do anything?

    Hi janablessed
    When you create a project based on PowerPoint, note the
    screen you see. Look closely near the bottom of the dialog. See
    that drop-down choice labeled "Advance slide"? Click it and change
    it from "On mouse click" to "Automatically".
    Cheers... Rick



    First, don't post in all caps. It's considered shouting and very rude. As for your issue, http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/mac

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