Presentation Director - Docked?

I have noticed that in Presentation Director there is a section in the settings labelled:
"When notebook is docked."
"Immediately apply this Scheme..."
However, this section of the options is always greyed out for me, so I cannot select that option.  They option is unavailable regardless if the laptop is in the docking station or not.
How do you use this docking feature with presentation director?
ThinkPad T61 (7662-CTO) Core2Duo 2.2GHz 2 Gig RAM 1 Gig Turbo Memory 160 Gig HD 5400 rpm
nVidia Quadro NVS 140M graphics Advanced Dock (2503)

 1. Make sure secondary is enabled..
                        ...when undocked click capture on normal setting in presentation director ...
The nvidia driver and the windows display  settings has to enabled as attached as external] and the presentation director have to have the same resolution 1024x768 or whatever..? and the nvidia driver version(Old version 9/27/2007) Rt click device manager display .. properties look at driver. If 5666
(New version 3/20/08 )(This driver also fixes Dual Monitor Display issue with Docking Stations)
 Download updated driver from lenovo.(7471 )3/20/08
Then disable desktop manager
Apply the following changes:
1. Right Click on Desktop-Select  Nview Properties:
Disable click ok.
Open Nvidia control
Right Click on Desktop and Select   Nvidia Control Panel
Click on Change Powermizer Settings
Select - Not manage my power consumption (Disable Powermizer)
Setup in Nvidia Control panel:
 Use the following settings and  go to profiles and save.
 2. Go to Display Properties and use the following settings:
NOTE: Make sure both LCD's are set at the same resolution! Ex 1280x1024 pixels.
The NEC LCD in this example is the Default LCD:
To move mouse from left to right, make sure Display 1 is on the left side in the Display properties.
To undock, Press the Undock button on the Docking station and wait until Laptop goes into Sleep Mode and undocked. Press power button to put into normal mode.

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    When I dock my machine, it automatically selects the right presentation mode because of the way that I configured Presentation Director.  It would be nice if it could automatically select the right Access Connection too.  Is this possible?  Is there a way to select docking actions like there is a way to select eject options?

    in case you update Access Connection, you must already have also following updates installed:
    - Power Management driver
    - Power Manager
    -Hotkey utility
    - System interface driver
    - Wifi driver <for AC 5.x it must be 13.x version>
    <all of course with the latest version>
    Once this all is installed, you can install AC .
    Let me know, if you have also the latest version of the above driver/updates on the system prior to the installation of AC .In case not, just remove AC, install the above mentioned updates and then install AC 5.x

  • Problems with Presentation Director

    I enjoy really to work with the Presentation Director (PD); I also enjoy now working with Windows 7 x64
    But the problem is, that the PD doesn't work for me on Win 7
    In the best case it does nothing, in the worst case it tries to change the settings ever and ever again and makes it impossible to do anything else! A logoff is at the latter the only help ...
    Is there any solution in sight?
    Thank you very much!
    With very kind regards,
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    ThinkPad T400 | 2767-2MG | Windows 7 Professional x64
    ThinkPad T60 | 2007-63G | Windows Vista Business x86

    hubertlam wrote:
    For me, Windows 7 works well enough without Presentation Director -- it actually remembers your settings!
    Yeah, what Hubert said.  I kind of stopped using Presentation Director when Vista came out - although Presentation Director works OK (it does what it says it will do), I honestly don't think it is necessary any more.
    I frequently switch back and forth between a dock with an external DVI monitor, using the laptop by itself, and using the laptop with an external projector.  The computer manages to figure out on its own what it is connected to and send the signal out to the right device. I don't think I have used Presentation Director since the end of 2007.  I just don't need it anymore, and I find that the "simpler" I can keep the computer (meaning, the fewer the number of little helper applications are installed), the easier life is.
    Truth be told, same goes for Access Connections, although I don't use a VPN or anything complex like that.
    W520 (4270 CTO), which replaced a W500 (4062-27U), which replaced a T42P, which replaced an A21P...

  • Presentation Director: Perpetual Error Message about Color + Resolution

    I got my Presentation Director installed but now everytime I try to switch to my Dell 2405FPW through DVI, Presentation Director gives me an error that says "unable to display current settings. check resolution and color depth."  However, it still displays the 1920x1200 resolution at 32 bit color - it just displays that error message when I try to use that profile - then Presentation Director just crashes completely ....
    In addition, when I try to recreate my docked DVI profile, sometimes it allows me to output 1920, but sometimes it only allows me to select 1280x1024 from the drop down list... it's very buggy. 
    How do I go about fixing this? 
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    T61_Wide | Model No. 7662 - CTO
    Core 2 Duo T7250 | 2GB OCZ DDR2-800
    82566MM Gigabit | 4965AGN Centrino Pro
    Go to Solution.

    Okay, here's how it works.  I think this works ... please someone try to verify. 
    To create the DVI output (docked) profile
    1.  Plug the laptop into the dock
    2.  Disable the nview plugin (right mouse click desktop > nview properties > disable all)
    3.  Enable both the laptop LCD and external LCD
    4.  Set the external LCD as secondary (extend desktop to this screen)
    5.  set the laptop LCD as primary (extend desktop to this screen and set as primary monitor)
    6.  Open presentation director and create a new profile
    7.  Select DVI output only and select resolution (up to 1920x1200 should be available now)
    8.  Test the setting
    To update the profile for "my normal display settings"
    9.  Disable the external LCD (uncheck "extend desktop onto this monitor")
    10.  Set the appropriate resolution for the laptop LCD (sometimes after running Presentation director, it gets all weird)
    11.  Select "my normal display settings"
    12.  Click "capture" 
    That should do it .... what a pain though. 
    T61_Wide | Model No. 7662 - CTO
    Core 2 Duo T7250 | 2GB OCZ DDR2-800
    82566MM Gigabit | 4965AGN Centrino Pro

  • Presentation Director 4.07 can't see displays

    After updating Presentation Director to 4.07, it not only lost my previous schemes, but cannot see either the X61 Tablet's own display or the external connected via dock. If I go to "New" scheme, all the drop down menus are blank for choosing display resolution.
    I tried uninstalling / reinstalling.
    WinXP SP3
    Have run Lenovo Updater & all XP updates
    Thanks for any idea.

    I'm having the same issue after updating to 4.07. I've tried rolling back to an earlier version but that didn't help. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the next update would address this issue.

  • Presentation Director

    I have a T41 and have attached it to a Sony WEGA TV.  I can get the the systems linked but the picture is black and white only.
    Since I want to review photos on the TV, how do I get color?

    Presentation Director is not supported for use with Windows 7, so that is why you are unable to run it.
    Win 7 has presentation facilities built-in, so does not require an additional utility.
    I don't work for Lenovo

  • Presentation Director loses settings when switching between Chinese and English

    I've done the "Install files for East Asian languages" and then set the "Language for non-Unicode programs" to "Chinese (PRC)". I do this for our presales people so they can show our prospects that our software is translated (for those that have plants in China and the US). I have the default language set to English. I don't believe it's relevant but I should also mention that this is on a Lenovo T61 with XP-SP3.
    When I use the Presentation Director (Fn+F7) most of the screen shows in Chinese. The ones I've added show in English (I have a screen snapshot). I also get Chinese characters in other Lenovo utilities as well.
    So I figured I'd just change the "Language for non-Unicode programs" back to English, reboot, and the display would be OK. Not so! The display is in English all right, but NOTHING appears in the window - none of the default settings, none that I added, JUST NOTHING! I have a snapshot of this as well.
    I changed the Unicode setting back to Chinese, reboot, and Presentation Director shows all of them still there, some in Chinese and some in English like before.
    Does anyone have any ideas how I can get the Presentation Director utility to display properly (in English) and show all the original settings as well? Obviously the settings are stored somewhere since when Chinese is turned on it can display them.
    Thanks in advance!

    i was wondering if you could give me a quick overview of how to write characters
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  • Missing schemes in Presentation Director

    After installing Presentation Director 4.07, I was shocked to discover all the display schemes missing. I've tried adding new schemes but the program doesn't seem to recognize the notebook LCD display - I'm unable to set the resolution or color depth.
    However, I can still project to an external monitor/projector by setting the Fn+F7 option to "Switch the display output from Notebook LCD to external monitor to both (and then repeat)".
    I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn't solve the issue. I've also attempted to update my display drivers, install Lenovo System Interface Driver, and even rolling back to version 4.03, but none of this managed to remedy the problem.
    I'm using an X200 running on Windows XP Pro.
    Would appreciate any advice I can get. Thanks in advance!

    I updated it through TVSU the first time round. When it didn't work, I uninstalled it and installed 4.03 but it didn't function as well. So, I went to the Lenovo support site to download the 4.07 update, thinking that there might be an issue with the update through SU, but to my dismay, that failed as well. And as far as I know, there is one other user in this forum that has faced the same issue after updating to 4.07.
    I have exhausted every possible solution that I could have thought of, short of reformatting which is something I'm not contemplating, but nothing seems to be able to resolve the issue. Is there a diagnostics tool, capable of generating an analysis report of some sort, that I could run on my PC so that you can better understand the issue?

  • Presentation Director Monitor Drop Down Menus Blank

    I'm trying to get Presentation Director functioning properly, but there are a couple of screwy things going on:
    If I check the properties of the "Capture" profile, it has the resolution of external monitor incorrect. (1920 x 1200 Vs Captured 1024X768). Yes, even after re-capturing.
    When I go to edit a profile, the drop-down menus for both the built-in LCD and external monitor for resolution and color quality are blank. Both the standing values and the contents of the drop-downs are blank.
    (I'd post a picture, but the work firewall won't let me get to any image hosting options.)
    Relevant Info:
    nvidia Quadro FX 880M
    Newest nvidia drivers
    Newest presentation director (4.62)
    Got rid of nvidia NView crapware, but the NVidia desktop manager is still present. It actually recognizes the proper resolutions for each display, but doesn't have any good way of quickly switching display setups like PD does.
    Any suggestions?

    I assumed you were running XP.  This video driver persistency feature is implemented on XP as well as Vista/Win7.  I don't know why the PD settings are blank.
    For your first two scenarios, you should be able to configure that one time manually and then have the video driver automatically remember the settings as you connect and disconnect the display.  First, with no monitor connected, configure the TPLCD how you want it.  Then connect the monitor and configure both it and the TPLCD how you want them.  Then disconnect the monitor and the TPLCD should automatically revert to the settings you specified when the monitor wasn't connected.  Then reconnect the monitor and the settings for both monitor and TPLCD should revert to the settings you specified when the monitor was connected previously.  Have you tried it?  This is a very common configuration scenario that I know many customers are using successfully without the assistance of PD or any other software.
    For your last two scenarios, you will just need to experiment to see if the the persistency works or not, like I said it depends on how old the projectors are.  If it doesn't work, or if you are frequently connecting to different projectors, then you should be able to use PD for the projector ONLY!  don't try to use PD to control the TPLCD.

  • T42 LCD is dark, external monitor sometimes works, Presentation Director seems worthless

    On Friday, my LCD went dark. When I looked really hard, I could see all the screens that I'd been working with, but I couldn't bring them to light. If I shut the cover and waited for the machine to suspend itself, then opened the cover, I'd get the LCD back, for 10-15 minutes. Then the LCD would go dark again.
    When I connected the T42 to an external screen, the LCD contents appeared on the other screen,  and then the the LCD came back. While I had screen(s), I did a bunch of  system updates (from Lenovo) and ran PCDoctor several times. Everything checked out.
    When  I disconnected the external drive, I lost the LCD again. I tried to work with the Presentation Director, but the T42 just doesn't want to obey. The Fn F7 keys are working inconsistently. I am in doctoral student hell, facing (what feel like) already impossible deadlines and I have to get this thing working. Does anybody have any suggestions?
    Here's info that may or may not be relevant. Thank you in advance....
    T42 2373
    XP Professional 
    ATI Mobility Radeon 9000
    ATI Control Panel
    ATI Hydravision 3.25.0006
    ATI Display Driver

    Welcome to the forum!
    Prior to this last episode, was your LCD reddish/pinkish on initial boot, or when running on battery?
    Good luck and let us know. 
    In daily use: R60F, R500F, T61, T410
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    Non-ThinkPads: Panasonic CF-31 & CF-52, HP 8760W
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  • SL300 - Ultranav Driver, EasyEject utility, Presentation Director

    I have problems getting the touchpad to work and quite few other features after installing win7.
    Right now the UltraNav driver wont install, tried both versions:
    I installed the UltraNav Utility, got no errors on this install:
    Anyone else having troubles getting the driver to work on a SL300?
    I also cant find a compatible driver for EasyEject and Presentation Director - any tip on where i can find one or when it might be released, would be awesome
    And, I am still worried about the registry patches:
    Will these work on win 7? Should i install them when they are noted as compatible with vista?
    Lenovo Thinkpad SL300
    Original description: T5670(1.8 GHz), 2GB RAM, 160GB 5400rpm HD, 13.3in 1280x800 LCD, Intel X4500HD, CDRW/DVDRW, Intel 802.11agn wireless, Vodafone WWAN, Bluetooth, Modem, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, Fingerprint reader, Camera, 6c Li-Ion, Win 7 RTM

    I only get a message of:  Install Failed! ThinkPad UltraNav
    And the link about the registry:
    Thanks for looking into this
    Lenovo Thinkpad SL300
    Original description: T5670(1.8 GHz), 2GB RAM, 160GB 5400rpm HD, 13.3in 1280x800 LCD, Intel X4500HD, CDRW/DVDRW, Intel 802.11agn wireless, Vodafone WWAN, Bluetooth, Modem, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, Fingerprint reader, Camera, 6c Li-Ion, Win 7 RTM

  • The black on screen presentation director didn't appear when i press FN + F7

    hi everyone,
    the black  on screen presentation director didn't appear when i press the hotkey FN + F7! presentation director itself works when i start it trought thinkvantage productivitycenter (the white one.
    when i press the fn + f7 hotkey...a sound appears but the black menu is nowhere! 
    i tryed the old and new hotkey drivers aswell the presentation director!
    cheers raffa
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  • Can't uninstall presentation director rundll as a app error

    Can anyone tell me how to manually uninstall presentation director

    It is probably because you are not properly closing Firefox. Restarting your system would make sure that Firefox had terminated, but you do not have to do that.
    To properly close Firefox on Windows systems, use
    :File > Exit or "Firefox:" button > Exit
    When you get the message "Firefox is already running" it is too late, and you must force termination of Firefox through the Windows Task Manager before restarting Firefox. Windows 7 has a keyboard shortcut to save you a step "Ctrl+Shift+Esc" then on "Processes" tab, select "firefox.exe" and use the "End Process" button. More thorough would be to right-click on the "firefox.exec" and choose "End Process Tree".
    You would find firefox.exe in a Mozilla folder in your program files, but y0u would not want to delete it there, you would need to use the Control Panel which you have already identified and do it from there -- but generally you would not need to do that, and there is nothing in what you have posted to indicate that you should. But if you did do that, then don't let the install start Firefox for you as you would want to use you existing desktop icon or method of starting Firefox, and should decline having Firefox install start Firefox for you. When the install starts then invoke Firefox in your normal manner. This should eliminate problems of creating a new profile rather than using your old profile.

  • Is There A Presentation Director for Win 7 SP1?

    T520i, Win 7 SP1. Is there a Win 7 version of the Presentation Director?
    Go to Solution.

    Hi there,
    If you are not satisfied with the built in Win7 tool, maybe the following also works for you: I just installed the Lenovo Presentation Director v4.64 for Vista 64bit on a T61p and on my new W520 (2960XM, K2000 Graphics) and it works perfectly! You have to ignore only one error message. As soon as you need more than 4 profiles and you don't like the typical Win7 mixing up of desctop icons, this is in my opinion the only and also best solution.
    Best regards,

  • T61 and Presentation director 4.03

    Hi, I have a T61 notebook, upgraded ThinkVantage software and now I am facing serious problem with Presentation director. When I open the presentation chooser with Fn+F7, I can see all old profiles to be imported from previous version. The problem is when I go to the schemes manager. In the manager's screen I only see a blank window with title "Fn+F7 menu" and "Display Scheme Name". No schemes are listed below :-( So I guess I can not add, remove, change schemes...
    I tried to uninstall the manager and install it again, the old schemes disapeared but the problem persists...
    Do you have any idea or help?... Thanks, B.

    I've had problems with 4.03 version also. One T61 had profiles just messed up, Presentation profile was disappearing from the menu and was working only occasionally.
    Also, on T60 all profiles were missing, if you tried to create a new one it would not recognize the monitor! I already did a reinstall but it didn't help at all.
    New 4.0x version has been problematic from the beginning, I have faced numerous problems with it. Even the user interface is "messed up". I have taught people to use Presentation Director, but if this is the quality they will soon start experimenting with Windows and/or nvidia settings... 

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