Printing labels in AddressBook

I recently discovered, after finding out that iDress is no longer available, that you can print labels out of the AddressBook app. I figured out how to print groups such as a Christmas list etc. but I cannot figure out how to print repeated labels of the same name. For example, how do I set it up to print 30(#8660) or 80 (#5267) labels with my name on all of them as a return address label for letters and packages.
Thank you for the help,

Thanks for answering, yeh I had seen that you could have the return address on envelopes etc. I was just trying to print out return address labels of my name. Oh well, maybe in the future they will revise AB so that this task is possible.

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  • Missing field when printing labels with Address Book

    I am would like to print the labels for my clients Christmas Cards, using AddressBook. When doing print > label, I get all their names and addresses on the labal formt that I want but the company name is missing. How do I get AddressBook to include the field "company" into the label ?
    Thanks for help.

    If you need to include the company's and individual's name, here's a work-around:
    1) for each such card, you put the individual's name and leave the Company field empty.
    2) Put the company name in the field for "Street"
    3) Put the street address, including Apt. # in the field for "City"
    4) Now, put the City, State, and Postal Code all in one field: the field for "Country".
    5) save the card.
    When printing labels, proceed as follows:
    1) Print>File>choose your Avery label under "Layout" and then click "Label."
    2) Here, you make sure to check the box so it will "Print country." Don't forget this step, or the whole plan is a failure.
    This works, but it only works if the card is in-putted as described above. It won't work if your cards are already set-up with the "company" field and the "name" field.

  • Does Leopard give ability to print labels

    I just purchased Leopard and iWorks.
    I have been a Appleworks guy for years.
    I have a data base I use for labels. I was able to transfer the date easily to numbers BUT numbers does not allow for labels.
    Does the new leopard have any work around for labels ?
    Otherwise what do iWorks lovers do for labels ??

    - 1 - Are you sure that you bought iWorks?
    I'm sure that you don't, because such a product doesn't exist.
    Apple is selling iWork (without a S)
    - 2 - Leopard is an operating system, it is unable to add features to an application.
    The unique way to print labels with Pages (not with Numbers) is to use its ability to grab datas from the AddressBook application.
    If this is not sufficient (which I may understand according to what I write at the bottom of all my messages here) go to "Provide Numbers Feedback" in the "Numbers" menu and describe what you want (you may replace the word Numbers by Pages or Keynote).
    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE vendredi 2 novembre 2007 20:50:27)

  • Print labels row*column wise

    Hi Gurus,
    We have a requirement to create a report which will print labels (RTF layout using XML publisher). Our client wants supplier information (labels, single label of 8 lines) to be printed on a single page i.e. on A4 size paper, 3*8 = 24 labels should get printed like- (Below Lxy is a single label with 8 lines, x and y denotes numbers below)
    L01 L02 L03
    L04 L05 L06
    L07 L08 L09
    L10 L11 L12
    L13 L14 L15
    L16 L17 L18
    L19 L20 L21
    L22 L23 L24
    This will be a nightly job and once client will come in the morning all the labels will get printed on the A4 size papers. These number of labels in a single request may vary as well eg- it can be either 4 during one night or 29 during another, so this has to be taken care while printing.
    I can not call it as a matrix report as number of rows and columns may both get changed dynamically.
    Is anybody came across the same requirement? Please provide your valuable inputs.
    Thanks in advance.

    Here you go good program links
    <a href="">How to Set Color to a Cell in AVL</a>
    <a href="">ALV Grid Coloring</a>

  • How do I get spouses and children on to printed labels and envelops?

    I store spouses and children in the fields provided for these names. When I go to print labels, Address Book puts the primary name and one randomly selected child name on the first line. So if the person is Jane Smith, I have her spouse listed as John, and two kids listed as Jake and Janice, the label will read.
    Jane Smith and Janice
    142 Main St.
    Nowhere, NH
    Can I get the spouse name and the other kids to show up? How?
    +Also, any tips on dealing with couples with two last names? That's more of a data entry question, but if anyone has ways this works for labels but also for logical address book and iPhone look up.+

    Turn iCloud contact syncing off and choose keep when prompted.

  • In Address Book, I would like to have a field "File As". So, l can list "Joe Smith", as "The Smith Family". I will use this when I print labels for Xmas cards and such. Thanks!

    In Address Book, I would like to have a field "File As". So, l can list "Joe Smith", as "The Smith Family". I will use this when I print labels for Xmas cards and such. Thanks!

    In Address Book, I would like to have a field "File As". So, l can list "Joe Smith", as "The Smith Family". I will use this when I print labels for Xmas cards and such. Thanks!

  • When printing labels for each printed label a blank label comes out of the printer

    Hello Experts
    We have a CR report which is designed to prints labels for the items using a label printer. After an upgrade that we have last month the settings for this report are missing so the labels were coming out wrong.
    Due to this I have had to reconfigure this report and its printing preferences and so far I have managed to make the prints fit in each label. But the problem is that if I try to print 5 copies of a label, the 5 labels come out of the printer just fine, butt after it another 5 blank labels come out of the printer too.
    I have tried with all parameters in "Printing preferences", mainly in the "Material" tab but nothing works.
    Thanks in advance and regards

    Please check below SAP note and let me know your feedback:
    1043235 - Label/thermal printers are not supported by SAP Business
    Thanks & Regards,

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 A909g Series capable of printing labels on the CD?

    I have Sure Thing label software that can print label information on a printable CD if the printer has the capability.   Not able to find any HP doc confirming whether it does or does not.  Anyone know for sure?  Thx.

    No, it can NOT print on printable CD/DVD's:
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  • MIGO Print label WEE1 for non stock items from GR for PO

    I added logic to print new label into printing program MZ07DETI which is printing labels for stock items. My label is for non stock items. The problem is that for non stock items printing process is not triggered. I created PO with Account Assign. Category F, P or K no material number and no storage location. For this type of PO no print possible during GR posting. Is any set up available in IMG to make it work. I appreciate any response.

    Please check up if there is any default value at the plant level;in case of such default,the system will post to the GL Account defaulted,not with standing the "standard item category".Better checkup if any cost center /order has been assigned.
    The GL item is defaulted thro'the item category.If both the goods and services have been defaulted to the same GL  Account,then not with standing the type [ie] whether goods or services,the system will post tot he same GL Acct.
    Hope this helps.

  • Issue with Printing Labels using PrintToPrinter

    Recently we have upgraded our reports from crystal reports XI to crystal report 2008.
    We are currently facing problems with the labels printed through crystal reports.
    I've used the ReportDocument.PrintToPrinter(1, false, 0, 0); method to print the report directly to the label printer.
    The problem is, if I export the label to a PDF file and print the report by selecting the printer the label comes out perfectly, but when I print the report directly using "printtoprinter" method instead of exporting it to a PDF, the font size is reduced and the label looks like its shrinked to half the size. Our production server is still running on crystal reports XI and we don't have any problem printing labels from it. Let me know if i'm not sailing in the right direction.
    System Details:
    OS: Windows Vista Buisness 64-bit
    Visual studio 2008
    .NET Framework 3.5
    Label Printer: Dymo Labelwriter 330
    Crystal Reports 2008
    private ReportDocument oRpt = new ReportDocument();
    // initialize the repot.
    oRpt.PrintOptions.PaperOrientation = PaperOrientation.Landscape;
    oRpt.PrintOptions.PrinterName = prnName;
    oRpt.PrintToPrinter(1, false, 0, 0);
    Thank you,

    Hey Josh,
    I'm sorry there was a typo in the link.
    Here is the link for that forum Re: Custom Paper Size & Orientation Problem
    The solution mentioned by Amit singh in the thread solved my problem. I'm pasting the code here for you to look at.
            PrintOptions boPrintOptions = boReportDocument.PrintOptions;
            // The paper size used for this report is  '14x7'.
          System.Drawing.Printing.PrinterSettings oPrinterSettings = new       System.Drawing.Printing.PrinterSettings();
            oPrinterSettings.PrinterName = "     ";
            foreach (System.Drawing.Printing.PaperSize oPaperSize in oPrinterSettings.PaperSizes)
                if ("14x7" == oPaperSize.PaperName)
                    boPrintOptions.PaperSize = (CrystalDecisions.Shared.PaperSize) oPaperSize.RawKind;
            CrystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = boReportDocument;
    Hope this solves your problem.

  • Problem printing labels on dot-matrix printer

    I am currently using Oracle Reports v 3.0 on an NT network. I need to print labels on an Epson LQ-570+ printer. The user will run a number of reports which will create a file for each location we need to send to. The user will then send 10 - 20 files to the printer at a time. The problem I am having is that since we went to Reports 3.0 on NT if a file has only one label, it will print that label then page forward spitting out 10 blank labels. It then prints the next file. We are using continuous feed labels and are wasting a LOT of labels. I have tried to reset the page size in the properties page of the report but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    hello, I could not write English, but I will help you
    You could see it in SYSTEM PARAMETERS of reports, in the MODE option, putting the to initial value Character type
    You also have to see the Dflt.prt file, that this located in the C:\ ORAWIN95\ REPORT60\ PRINTERS, the who you control the margins of
    impression in manner [caracter]. They for [default] are 80 Columns and 66 Lines, the
    who you could publish and change the courages
    You count me if I operate you.

  • When using Appleworks database for printing labels can I have columns of different widths?

    When using Appleworks database for printing labels can I have a column of different width?
    Case in point, the supplied avery labels in Appleworks does not have 8195. When I build one using custom design  I need a small column between column 2 and 3 to line up the info in columns 3 and 4. All the labels are 1.3/4 inch wide but I need to insert a column 1/4 wide to match up with the avery page....
    Any ideas???    

    Well, the issue is that when you creat a custom width of 1.3/4 from the edge of the first label to the edge of label 2 all is good. The right and left margins were also set correct in AW. The Avery page, for some reason, has a small 1/4 inch column between the columns of label 2 and 3 therefore making the distance between the left edge of the label in column 2 and the right edge of the label in column 3 - a width of 2 inches and not 1.3/4.
    I guess Avery wanted the page to look even.
    I did this work around.....
    I created a custom lay out of 2 columns (not 4) with the correct width of 1.3/4 from label edge to label edge and the correct left side margin. After printing the first page I just turned the sheet 180 degress and printed the 2nd page to use all the labels on the Avery sheet. Since the upper and lower margin were the same it worked great....
    "Great minds think alike"...   thanks for your suggetion

  • I need to create a one-time database for our Christmas list and print labels.  Is there a free Mavericks-compatible download that will do this?

    Since I will only use it once a year, I am looking for a free download that will allow me to create a small (80-100 names and addresses) database AND print out mailing labels from that list.  I used to have FileMaker Pro 6 and it worked beautifully.  However, it is not compatible with my new operating system - Mavericks - and I am not willing to spend $180 for the necessary upgrade to FileMaker Pro 12, especially since I will only be using it once a year.  I have Numbers, which works for my other databases, but it is not designed to print labels.  Help!

    You could create a Christmas list group in Contacts, and use the File > Print facility in Contacts that supports Avery Mail Labels in the layout tab. Simpler and cheaper than learning a database.

  • In contacts the country field of the address does not appear in the print pre view or or in the printed label. any suggestions  why or who to correct ?

    In contacts on my new i Mac the country field does not show in the label print pre view or the printed label.
    Any suggestion of why this is happening?

    I have found a solution - no bug. See this link
    Address book

  • Printing labels enlarges, stretches, cuts off text

    HP Deskjet 840C
    Mac OS 10.6
    I'm trying to print labels and get the above results. It's almost like the text that doesn't actually print then remains in the cache and prints on subsequent pages. I say that because I first printed from InDesign with no problem. Once the text started printing weird, I opened a Word doc to print (on plain paper) and got the Word doc PLUS a portion of the enlarged, stretched, bizarre text of my address labels printed with it. Later attempts to print the addresses to plain paper resulted in some of the bizarre text, then all was fine again. But every attempt on label paper gives the bad result.
    Is this simply a problem caused by the paper? These are off-brand Christmas labels that I purchased a few years ago, so they are not HP labels.
    Any advice is appreciated!!

    upgraded to OSX-10.4.6 - things are much happier.

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