Problem during DTW of Business Partner

Hi Experts,
During DTW of Business Partners (cSupplier), we are encountering an error message "Bank account is missing Application-defined or object-defined error65171". Any idea regarding the error?
Our version is 2007 A PL47

     Pl ensure the following
1.The House Bank Details :  Administration->System Initialization->
Company Details->House Bank
2.Default Payment meyhod for vendor : Administration->System Initialization->General settings->
  BP Tab
These two settings are not defined it shown the ERROR while importing BP Data through DTW

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  • Problem in Creation of business partner

    i create business partner with the help of BAPI_ISUPARTNER_CREATE_FROM_DATA
    i want to add mobile number but there is no any field such like mobile number in address data table.
    But there is separate table of telephone data. When i use this table to store the mobile or telephone number at that time bapi stores the data on the telephone table in independent communication but not in direct communication fields .
    Please , suggest me what i do to store the data in direct communication instead of indirect communication.
    Thanks for review my post...

    Hi ilesh,
    There are 2 kinds of communication data -
    1. Address dependent- this is linked to the address, and would need to be created / changed using BUPA_ADDRESS_CHANGE. You need to pass the BP number and the address number to which you want to link the tel / mobile number.
    2. Address independent  - this is directly linked to the BP, without dependency on the BP's address. You can modify such data using BUPA_CENTRAL_CHANGE.
    Now, you can decide which fields you want filled, and accordingly use the correct FM. Second point - how to make sure the number gets created as a mobile, and not normal telephone. There is a field called R3 user in the table ADR2, and also in the Telephone structures that you fill while calling the FMs mentioned before. Make sure you pass the correct value of R3 user ( i think it is 2 for mobile, but you can check it by looking at the value range for this element in ADR2 through transaction SE11).By default, R3 user is 1, which denotes landline telephone. To create mobile numbers, pass R3 user = 2 (or whatever value you look up from the value range).
    This should solve your problem.

  • Problem in Creating a Business Partner Role

    Hi Frns,
    I am trying to create a BP Role from CAC->SAP Business Partner->Business Partner->Business partner Roles->Define BP Roles.
    I copied BUP003 and given my BP Role name as ZEmp.
    When i try to save it, it is giving an error message saying
    I have checked in BBP003 Category in the same.
    What could be the problem?
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Roshan,
             You have Created a BP Role,
    You must also have assgned the Same to a BP Role Category Check the Settings for BP Role Category Assignment and when Appropriate you shall Assign Std Assignment of BP Role Category to your BP Role by Selecting the Check Box
    Referal Notes:
    BP Role Category
    Attribute of a BP role.
    The role category makes it possible for SAP and customer programs to program on the BP role.
    The role category depends on a differentiation type.
    Any number of BP roles can be assigned to a role category, with one role always acting as the standard role per role category.
    It is possible to control the update of a role by assigning a role category to a role.
    Hope it Anwers your Queries..
    Thanks and Regards,

  • DTW Import Business Partner

    Business One 2005A SP01, Patch 29
    DTW 2005.0.17
    API version 6.80.319
    I'm a newbie. Now that's out of the way.
    Can anyone tell me in general, how does one determine what are the required fields and data types for a DTW destination? This ETL tool is very different from any I've ever used before in that the destination fields in the interface change based on the import data provided. I'm used to those being constant, with required fields and their datatypes clearly defined.
    Currently I am trying to import Business Partners, all customers via ODBC. I provided data for the following BP fields:
    RecordKey                 1
    CardCode                  '1001'
    CardName                  'Company One'
    CardType                  'cCustomer'
    DefaultAccount           '_SYS00000001'
    GroupCode                 2
    PayTermsGrpCode      3
    The error log tells me all of my records fail for the following reason: [OCRD:BankCode]Application-defined or object-defined error oBusinessPartners.
    I assumed the required bank info had to do with with where I deposit payments from these customers. So I mapped data for BPBankAccounts. Every record is the same except for the RecordKey.
    RecordKey    AccountNo    BankCode
    1                   123              'My Bank'
    2                   123              'My Bank'
    Now The records load, but I've got bank info on the Payment Terms tab, not the Payment System tab. So my fix made my error go away, but the data are wrong. I don't want to have to import fake customer bank data just to get around this error. What does DTW really want?

    Thank you for your comments about the bank/payment tabs.
    I've since discovered my real problem with DTW is that the error messages are frequently spurious. I don't know if this is a bigger problem because I am using ODBC rather than flat files.
    I was only dragging in banking info because I had received the error message ' [OCRD.BankCode]Application-defined or object-defined error65171'. After I rebooted, I din't get this error any more and could load BPs without any banking info at all.
    Likewise, I was having trouble with addresses and was receiving messages like
    '[OCRD.State2] , 'The connected value 'MI' was not found in table States'Application-defined or object-defined erroroBusinessPartners'. This was a US customer. I am in the US and this IS a defined state.
    What I've learned from this expereince is not to trust DTW error messages.

  • DTW - Update Business Partner

    Hi all,
    I have import some BP master data , but i have to change the 'Cardcode'. Is that possible?
    Thanks in advance.

    Could you describe more detail what template you have used when importing business partner master data beside business partner template ? I usually use business partner, contact employees and BP address. if I import the wrong data (incorrect data), I usually re -import the data after delete the existing BP master data. I just use these queries :
    delete from OCRD where cardcode between 'cust1000' and 'cust3000' 
    delete from CRD1 where cardcode between 'cust1000' and 'cust3000'
    I consider the update existing object task can also be useful feature in DTW to correct the incorrect data in database after importing but give consideration to record key.

  • BP Role Defaulting during creation of Business Partner

    Is there a standard Config setting to default a Custom BP role while creating BP of role General.
    Warm Regards,

    Go to transaction SPRO
    -->SAP Reference IMG
    -->SAP Customizing Implementation Guide
    -->Cross-Application Components
    -->SAP Business Partner
    -->Business Partner
    -->Basic Settings
    -->Business Partner Roles
    -->Define Application Transactions
    Here you mention the transaction code, activity and the role.
    I hope this is helpful.

  • Problem with delta on Business Partner on CRM

    Hi all!!
    I´m trying to send delta from Business Partners on CRM. I have activated the change pointers for the message type BUS1006, object BUPA_BUP and for table BUT000 on transaction BD52.
    When I create a new Business Partner an entry must be inserted on BDCPV view and is not, however When I modify a Business Partner, its corresponding entry is inserted on view.
    I have seen for other message types this doesn´t occur.
    Can somebody help me, please???
    Thanks in advance and regards.

    Hi, Ralf
    Thanks ! It worked ! I had to repair the function module. I assigned the points
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  • Problems with Import of Business Partner Marketing Attributes

    Hello everyone,
    I've a little problem. We are on CRM 5.0 now and I want to migrate the business partners with marketing attributes in the new system via LSMW. I've therefore wanted to implement the SAP message 609236. But I've problems with creating the function module ZCRM_MKTBP_CRMOU_WRITE 'Write marketing attributes for BP (event)'.
    I copied all the source of the SAP message and I've create the export and changing parameters. But the checking programm tells me that he can not loop over the
    'C_BP_STRUCT'. It 'is not defined as internal table and not in the table parameters'. But if I want to create it as a table parameter (instead of changing parameter), the following error message arrises: "Only table types may be used as the reference type for a table parameter"
    What can I do here? Perhaps anyone of you has already implemented this SAP message.
    Thanks in advance

    Are you moving data from a SAP CRM to a SAP CRM system, or from a legacy system to a SAP CRM system?

  • DTW problem when updating business partner

    Hi Experts,
    I want to update business partner master data via DTW.
    I only want to update the Remarks.
    In my import file only the fields RecordKey, CardCode and FreeText are filled.
    RecordKey: 1
    CardCode: C20000
    FreeText: My Remarks
    The import is successful and the remarks were filled but the DTW has also updated other fields in the business partner master data.
    Before update via DTW the business partner has no payment methods included on the payment system tab but after update via DTW the payment method is included and is defined as Standard.
    Any idea?
    Thanks for help.

    yes, the existing payment methods were defined manually before update.
    But the payment method was not included for that business partner.
    Here are some hardcopys before update and after update.
    [BP Master Data Before Update DTW|]
    [BP Master Data After Update DTW|]

  • DTW : Business Partner without PAN No.

    Dear All,
    client having lots of customer with having PAN No. When i Data Trasnfer from DTW of Business Partner then its giving me an error :
    PAN No. must be provided with the business partner if the subject to withholding Tax Checkbox is selected.
    after that i unselect the with holding tax from general settings.
    then again i try but its giving me same error.
    Please help me regarding for the same.

    Do you want to add these two fields to DTW template ?
    After login DTW,Tools---> maintain interface,Select Business Object,oBusinesPartner,
    expand tree,ensure udf's fields are in tree,right click business object,select Create template for this structure,
    save the template.
    Import datas to busines partner master.
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  • Problem in Creating Business Partner through BP

    Hi All,
    I am facing a problem in creating a business partner through transaction BP. I am selecting the Create Person tab. Selecting 'Employee' as BP role, choosing Xxternal Assignment. I am also giving mandatory fields like First name , last name and country. When i am saving it it is getting saved but an error message comes which says "Personal Address does not exist".
    The entry comes in table BUT000 also but when I go to BP transaction again and open the Business partner it is not opening giveing the same error message. Please help in resolving this.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hello Saket,
    The error "Personal Address does not exist" (AM013) indicates a DB inconsistancy. That is the address number in table BUT020 does not have data in table ADRC. Please check whether this is your case.
    If you can recreate such error in a non-modified SAP enverionment, please raise a customer message to SAP.
    To correct the inconsistancies, please use the reports in note 865271 and note 1096330.
    Best regards,

  • Business partner address issue

    Hi Experts,
    I am involved in a CRM upgrade project from 4.0 to 5.1.
    There is a typical problem.
    For some business partner types, all the BPs are having double address maintained in the database,i.e., the address of the business partners are maintaned twice, though only one address has been entered for them during BP address entry.
    So whenever we are working with tcodes like opportunity, it is prompting us to select one of the address from the pop-up. Whenever we are entering any partner value in the Partner tab, a pop up comes to select one of the address though both the addresses are same.
    What I saw in ADRC table is there are 2address no.s maintained for the same address.
    No clue why it is happening and how to rectify it.
    Please help, its an urgent issue.

       You can write an executable report to determine the duplicate addresses and then delete them selectively from ADRC table using the API
    or using delete statement and then calling
       If you are using mobile sales application and having the same problem, then i would advise you to use Middleware concepts of Bdoc creation to create bupa_main Bdocs with the delta mode set properly for address and then trigger the mobile bridge programmatically to create the relevant sBdocs and replicate to the clients.
      Also, if you would this problem in R/3, then you would need to trigger the bupa_main adapter object upload using request loads.
    Reward if helpful.

  • How to generate Business Partner only in SAP for Naksia

    Hi Everyone,
    Having one issue, if you can help me out
    In SAP when we run HRSYNC_PERSON report automatically it will generate Central Person and Business Partner.
    Here my question is what options to select in this report to generate Central Person & Business Partner?
    If I want to generate only Business Partner, then what options to be select, because in my system Central Person is already created.
    Could you please help me on this issue.
    Waiting for your response!!

    Hi Utkarsh:
    Well, there's a variety of issues that could be causing this.
    It could be your pernr is simply missing a valid infotype 6.  A BP needs infotype 0,1,2 and 6 at a minimum to be generated.
    It could be a problem with your actual Business Partner configuration.  It would be good to see if you can generate a BP from scratch on your own using transaction BP.  That will tell you if your BP config has any issues.
    It could be a problem with tax jurisdictions in VERTEX or some geocode tables that need refreshing from client 000.  It's hard to say from here.  The lower left hand corner of the screen when you hit the 'synchronize' button should tell you why a BP wasn't generated.
    Let me know what you get when you create a BP through transaction BP.  Then let me know what the bottom left hand corner of HR_SYNC_PERSON says after you synchronize.

  • DTW Problem - Business Partner Upload

    HI everyone,
    I have a question regarding the upload of business partner in the DTW. I am using two templates the Business Partner and the Business Partner Address. After the upload process, only the first record has been successfully uploaded according to the LOG File and the succeeding record has an error.
    "An account with the same code already exists.(OCRD.Cardcode). '200002'Application defined or object defined error 65171".
    But when I look into the database no record has been added. I see to it that the Test Run box is also unchecked.
    What seems to be the problem?
    Thanks in advance..

    Hi Gordon,
    Here's the sample data that we used during upload. Only the first record has been uploaded successfully according to the Log File but when we try to see the database, there was no data uploaded even if we unchecked the Test Run.
    Business Partner Template
    cardcode = 200000
    cardname = SMC-CKAG
    cardtype = cCustomer
    city = Parañaque, MMnla
    country = PH
    debitoraccount = 140000
    federaltaxid =  000-000-034-000
    groupcode = 100
    vatliable = vExempted
    Business Partner Address Template
    addressname = 2000000 - SMC-CKAG
    city = Parañaque, MMnla
    country = PH
    street = jardine davis cpd. km14 west serv
    Thanks in advance

  • DTW-Wrong template-Business Partner

    While performing DTW import i am choosing Business partner as object in 1st step but when i see in the next step Businee partner groups is choosen instead of Business partner
    What could be the reason
    Please help
    Thank you
    Md.nazeer Shaikh

    HI Nazeer,
         Check your Patch Level of SAP Business One and the DTW Version, i.e The Patch Level should match with DTW Version, Take The DTW From Where you Have the downloaded the Patch
    Reply if still problem Persist
    Mohamed Zubair.N

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