Problem in getting the function template object from the repository.

Hi all,
I have created a par file. I have a JCO connection in that. I am facing problems in getting the function template object from the repository. This thing is running successfully when i try to deploy it in Tomcat. But i am facing problems when i try to deploy it in SAP EP 6.0.
Below is statement which is giving error after being deployed to SAP EP6.
This is executing fine when executed in Tomcat Server.
// getting the object of function template
IFunctionTemplate functionTemplate =
Note : YADDNEWUSER is the name of the RFC which I am calling from my JAVA Code.
Thanks in advance,

This sounds like a bug in the smart upload code. I have used this stuff before, but it's probably an older version, so maybe they broke something. Enumerations aren't usually guaranteed to keep things in any particular order. I would say for now, make a method to take the enumeration and a param name to find the value. And write to the JSPSmart people.

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    same problem, data not replicated.
    its captured,propagated from source,but not applied.
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    Did you do a malware check?
    Do a malware check with a few malware scan programs.
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    Hi all,
    Using JMS, I am receiving the FDF file as StreamMessage from the queue and attaching it to the PDF file which is present in the local system.
    For that, I have written the code as follows:
    {color:#0000ff} Message msg = jmsTemplate.receive();
    if(msg !=null && msg instanceof StreamMessage)
    StreamMessage message = (StreamMessage) msg;{color}
    {color:#ff6600}//hardcoded the byte array size value
    {color}{color:#0000ff} byte[] bytes = new byte[{color:#ff0000}856{color}];
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    FdfReader fdfreader = new FdfReader(bytes);
    {color} {color:#0000ff} stamp.close();
    {color}{color:#000000}The above code is working fine except with the hardcoded of {color:#ff0000}byte array{color}{color:#ff0000} size value{color} which is given in {color:#ff0000}RED{color} in color.
    Can anybody know, {color:#000000}*how to get the byte[] size dynamically from the StreamMessage*{color} object ?
    Any help would be highly beneficial for me !!!!
    Thanks and Regards,
    Ganesh Kumar{color}

    When you create your stream message you could add an property to your message, something like streamSize that would contain the number of bytes in your stream message. Then you could get this property from the message before declaring your array.

  • Configuring the time capsule airport wlan function as "connect to wlan", the time caspule gets a correct IP adress from the other wlans IP range, but does not assign this to the ethernet ports. With Airport Express it worked!

    Configuring the time capsule airport wlan function as "connect to wlan", the time capsule gets a correct IP adress from the other wlans IP range, but does not assign this to the ethernet ports. With Airport express it worked, the single Ethernet port got the IP Parameters passed through!
    My setup is a Vodafon Esaybox connected to ISP. Time Capsule is not able to extend the wlan of the easybox, neither airport express can do.
    Only the option "connect to wlan" is succesful.
    With airport express I was able to connect my Sony Bravia TV to the lan via ethernet to stream pictures, the TV set got an IP adress from the easybox.
    With the time capsule the easybox dosn't find devices connected to the ethernet ports to submit IP adresses. The TV set get another IP adress ( in subnet mask and I don not now where from.
    My notebook is a MacBook pro.
    Any idea????
    Thank a lot in advance!
    Kind regards

    Neverthe less, could there be the chance, that this feature could be implemnented with an firmware update?
    That would appear to be a question for Apple to answer. You can make suggestions to Apple here:
    Apple - AirPort Extreme - Feedback
    If the AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule are configured to "extend a wireless network" they will provide additional wireless coverage....and...the Ethernet ports are enabled in this type of setup.
    The "catch" here is that you must have an Apple router providing the network to be extended.

  • I cannot access iMatch.  I keep getting an error code -1202 from the iTunes store.  How do I fix this problem?

    I keep getting an error code -1202 from the iTunes store when trying to access the items from the "quick links" and I cannot access iMatch. Any suggestions?

    Please look to the right of the screen where it says "More Like this" you may find the resolution there.

  • How to get server data without reading from the socket stream?

    My socket client checks for server messages through
                while (isRunning) { //listen for server events
                    try {
                            Object o = readObject(socket); //wait for server message
                                tellListeners(socket, o);
                    } catch (Exception e) {
                        System.err.println("ERROR SocketClient: "+e);
                    try { sleep(1000); } catch (InterruptedException ie) { /* ignore */ }
                }//next client connectionwith readObject() being
        public Object readObject(Socket socket) throws ClassNotFoundException, IOException {
            Object result = null;
    System.out.println("readObject("+socket+") ...");
            if (socket != null && socket.isConnected()) {
    //            ObjectInputStream ois = new ObjectInputStream(socket.getInputStream());
                ObjectInputStream ois = new ObjectInputStream(new DataInputStream(socket.getInputStream()));
                try {
                    result = ois.readObject();
                } finally {
    //                socket.shutdownInput(); //closing of ois also closes socket!
        //            try { ois.close(); } catch (IOException ioe) { /* ignore */ }
            return result;
        }//readObject()Why does ois.readObject() block? I get problems with this as the main while loop (above) calls readObject() as it's the only way to get server messages. But if i want to implement a synchronous call in adition to this asynchronous architecture (call listeners), the readObject() call of the synchronous method comes to late as readObject() call of the main loop got called before and therefore also gets the result of the (later) synchronous call.
    I tried fideling around with some state variables, but that's ugly and probably not thread safe. I'm looking for another solution to check messages from the server without reading data from the stream. is this possible?

    A quick fix:
    - Add a response code at the beginning of each message returned from the server indicating if the message is a synchronous response or a callback (asynch);
    - Read all messages returned from the server in one thread and copy callback messages in a calback message queue and the synch responses in an synch responses queue;
    - Modify your synchronous invocation to retrieve the response from the responses queue instead from the socket. Read the callback messages from the corresponding queue instead from the socket.
    Also take a look at my website. I'm implementing an upgraded version of this idea.
    Catalin Merfu
    High Performance Java Networking

  • How to get the view link definition from the view link accessor

    I am using Jdev 10.1.3 and ADF BC. I am trying to do deep copy in a master/details view, after the new child record is created, I want to update the foreign key attribute. I know I can get the list of attribute definitions from the row in the view object, which include the view link accessors, I am wondering if I can get the view link definition from the view link accessors, so that I can get the source and destination attribute names.

    you should get this through
    ViewObject vo = this.findViewObject("LocationsView1");
    int indx = vo.getAttributeIndexOf("DepartmentsView");
    ViewAttributeDefImpl vAttrDefImpl = (ViewAttributeDefImpl) vo.getAttributeDef(indx);
    ViewLinkDefImpl vdefImpl = (ViewLinkDefImpl) vAttrDefImpl.findViewLinkDefImpl();
    Note that this code starts from the ApplicationModuleImpl class, which is why I used this.findViewObject().

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    Hello everyone. Can anyone shed some light on this problem? If I downloaded an app from the app store called "Print to PDF" that allows opening any application and going to print converts that to a PDF e.g. Safari pages, mail etc and I did not sync or "transfer purchases" for some time and when I look in the app store that app is no longer there so I thought if I could "transfer purchases" iTunes would then have the .ipa and I could back it up and copy it to my iPad 2 but I don't see the ipa in the "mobile applications" directory. How do I get it off my iPad and into iTunes to backup?
    Thanks for any help you can give!

    Ashka, I have tried to "transfer purchases from device" but that is what I am saying that I do not see the app in the "mobile applications" directory after I do that process. I was wondering if anyone else knew of a way to get to the ipa file that is stored on the iPad such as a program that could browse the directories of the iPad of even an app that could do it so I can get and save the actual app in ipa format.

  • Can I insert the name poperty of the RequestedByUser related object of the parent Change Request workitem in a review activity email notification template?

    I am working on a SCSM change control workflow driven by email. 
    A lot of my work is based on the information found in this post:
    This is an excellent post to which my Internet searches continually return. The workflow is about 90% complete. 
    My question is can I insert the properties of a related object of the parent workitem in a workflow email notification? 
    For example, I want to include the name property of the RequestedByUser related object of the parent workitem object in a review activity notification.

    Thank you for your reply.  I have confirmed my template is using a projection that includes the parent workitem and requested by user.  Where I am having trouble is the notification template syntax used to call the properties of the related
    object of the parent workitem.  The picker in the GUI won't show that related object, so I have no example to follow.  I hope this reply makes sense!

  • Get information about business object from view implementation class

    i´d like to develop some button behavior in a view. How can i get the information of the related business object like the order or the position. I like to disable buttons if specific status are set.
    Bye Richard

    Is needed field available in context nodes or not?
    for example:
    If you want to read STATUS_DESCR attribute from the context node SELECTEDDOC , then code like this
    lr_selected ?=  me->typed_context->SELECTEDDOC->collection_wrapper->get_current( ).
    if lr_selected is bound.
      lv_status = lr_selected->get_property_as_string( 'STATUS_DESCR' ).
    activtae the debugging in IF_BSP_WD_TOOLBAR_CALLBACK~GET_BUTTONS method and check the values for context nodes and attributes.
    I mean debugging for:

  • Getting information about an object from JList

    I have created a movie application and i have a JList displaying all registered movies, it uses a DefaultListModel to display these.
    I want to be able to click on an element in the JList and then push a button called "Show movie details" to display all information about the selected movie.'.
    Every new movie is added to the DefaultListModel as an object with "Titlle", "Genere" etc. If someone click on a movie, what do i do to get information about which object that was clicked. All i can see is that integers can be returned with the getSelectedIndex/Value methods. If i use one of these methods to get the object from the DefaultListModel, that would work i guess, but what when someone deletes a movie in the middle of the JList, then the indexes wouldnt match.
    Can someone help me out here? :)

    I get a big fat exception when trying to cast the returned object to a Movie object which im using.
    Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.S
    tring cannot be cast to Movie
    ...sure that this is the way to do it? If so, what am i doing wrong..

  • How to set the classpath and path from the jsp to call  java class function

    Hi Exprets,
    I have a requirement to call a java class function which returns a hashmap object from the jsp. The java class in present in one jar file and that jar file is location somewhere in unix path. So the requirement is to set the classpath for that jar file and then create the object of the java class and then call the function.
    If any one know how to achieve it, please reply as soon as possible.
    thanks in advance,
    swapna soni.

    It is never advisable to store large data sets in the session. But it will depend on a lot of factors:
    1. How costly is the query retrieving the data from the database?
    If it's a complex query with lots of joins and stuff, then it will be better to store it in the session as processing the query each time will take a lot of time and will decrease performance. On the other hand if the query is simple then it's advisable not to store it in the session, and fetch it each time.
    2. Are there chances for the data to become stale within a session?
    In this case storing the data is session will mean holding the stale data till the user session lasts which is not right.
    3. How many data sets does the session already holds?
    If there are large no. of data sets already present in the session, then it's strictly not advisable to store the data in the session.
    4. Does the server employ some kind of caching mechanism?
    Using session cache can definitely improve performance.
    You will have to figure out, what is the best way analyzing all the factors and which would be best in the situation. As per my knowledge, session is the only place where session specific data can be stored.
    Also, another thing, if the data set retrieved is some kind of data to be displayed in reports, then it would be better to use a pagination query, which will retrieve only the specific no. of rows at a time. A navigation provided in the UI will retrieve the next/previous data set to display.

  • How do I get a variable, or object from ABAP STACK.

    Hey Gurus,
    How do I get a variable, or object from ABAP STACK.
    Example: I start my FM. I can see in the ABAP STACK the variable I need. I can see the object; I could use to get my variable. I need to use it in my FM; however I need to reference it in the run time. How do I do that?
    Is there a method I can use for reading ABAP STACK?
    Do I just use command: get reference of u2026?
    Does anyone have an example code?
    Basis version 7
    Thanks in advance

    Ah, you mean you want to access a variable from another program in the call stack, yes?  You can do this using field symbols, but please don't try to change a value while doing this, it could really screw things up. 
    this example, is using two programs, where the second is accessing variables of the first program.  Basically just notice that we are using the program name and the variable name when assigning the field symbol.
    report zrich_0006 .
    tables: mara.
    parameters: p_matnr type mara-matnr..
    data: matnr type mara-matnr.
    data: imarc type table of marc with header line.
    matnr = p_matnr.
    select * from marc into table imarc up to 10 rows
                   where matnr = p_matnr.
    perform in in program zrich_0007.
    report zrich_0007 .
    *       FORM in                                                       *
    form in.
      data: field(50).
      data: xmarc type marc.
      field-symbols: <matnr>.
      field-symbols: <imarc> type marc_upl_tt.
    * Assign an individual variable
      field = '(ZRICH_0006)matnr'.
      assign (field) to <matnr>.
    * Assign an internal table
      field = '(ZRICH_0006)IMARC[]'.
      assign (field) to <imarc>.
    * Write out your data
      write <matnr>.
      loop at <imarc> into xmarc.
        write: / xmarc-werks.
    Rich Heilman

  • How can I get a count of objects in the near cache? (Extend client)

    I'm trying to figure out how to get the count of objects in my near cache (from c++ client). Knowing the size of the near cache is a key factor when optimizing configurations for performance.
    However if I call size() on the cache handle I get the count of objects in the cache (ie the cluster). How can I get a count of objects in the near cache?
    Rich Carless

    H Rich,
    It may not be ideal, but I think you may be able to infer the size by using the HeapAnalyzer ( facility, specifically the "class" based HeapAnalyzer. Its Snapshot representation provides a mapping between class name and ClassStats ( which provides information on how many instances of a given class type are in memory. Note the reported counts are process wide but if your key or value type are distinct you may be able to infer your answer. I realize this is rather complex, my only other suggestion would be to just make some guesses on size and see how they effect performance.
    Oracle Coherence

Maybe you are looking for

  • J1IS in subcontracting with full payment of excise duty

    hi Can u tell me please In subcontracting with full payment of excise duty I have created PO,sent material to stock provided to vendor (541).while creating outgoing excise invoice with referance to material doc.(MATD) i am getting following error. GL

  • Unknown lens - leica m8

    the metadata in aperture shows my lens info as unknown (i am using 6-bit coded lens), also the aperture is not displaying. what is wrong??

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