Problem with Java doc -- any ideas

This is the command which produces the java docs:
javadoc  -d docs -author -overview e:\workspace\ckviewer\src\overview.html -doctitle
"CkEntry / CkViewer Application and APIs" -sourcepath e:\workspace\ckviewer\src
cprs.as400 cprs.ckentry cprs.ckviewer cprs.pc5250 cprs.roi cprs.util
neva vistech.imageviewer vistech.jai.render vistech.util The java docs are built correctly except that the package.html files for each source folder are being left out. These are the errors:
E:\ckviewer\ckviewer.jar: Body tag missing from HTML
E:\ckviewer\ckviewer.jar: Body tag missing from HTML
E:\ckviewer\ckviewer.jar: Body tag missing from HTML
E:\ckviewer\ckviewer.jar: Body tag missing from HTML
E:\ckviewer\ckviewer.jar: Body tag missing from HTML
E:\ckviewer\ckviewer.jar: Body tag missing from HTML
E:\ckviewer\ckviewer.jar: Body tag missing from HTML
E:\ckviewer\ckviewer.jar: Body tag missing from HTML
E:\ckviewer\ckviewer.jar: Body tag missing from HTML
E:\ckviewer\ckviewer.jar: Body tag missing from HTMLOne error message for each of the 10 packages. What I don't understand is that the source within the packages is found. Each package is documented, methods listed, etc. The package.html is not processed.
Any ideas?

I'm not familiar with the -overview option, but I bet
it's complaining about your overview.html file.That is a good suggestion but actually the overview file is being processed and shows up in the java docs. The "package.html" files in each of the source folders are being ignored. There are 10 source folders, 10 "package.html" files and 10 errors.
Any other ideas or suggestions how to call javadoc?

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    This should be a 1 time event. It will remember it thereafter.

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    I've been working on this too long now- so my memory's getting flaky, but I swear the very first time I tried this function it worked properly. But no luck since. Obviously, the 3.01 update could be applied, but there's no mention of this issue being fixed in the release notes.
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    Cheers, Graeme.
    Audition 3.0, SP3 Win XP. E6600 CPU 3Gb Ram. ASIO4ALL driver with on-board sound(temporary driver until I get a new firewire card with a TI chip for my MAudio FW410)
    Graeme Hague
    Freelance Audio Engineer

    Hi Graeme,
    you wrote that:
    > I'll investigate MP3Gain since everyone seems to think it's a good move.
    No, fix it before going to mp3.
    > However, I solved the problem in a straightforward way- back to Steve's "use
    > your ears" concept.
    Hmmm ... that is a luddite concept ....
    > With 70 tracks to balance I chose the best of them all as a benchmark,
    > then loaded them ten at a time into the Multitrack Mixer View and basically
    > "mixed" them to equal perceived volumes with the benchmark track as a control.
    As often previously mentioned the average with a 300 milliseconds window and no frequency compensation of any kind works best for me, only really weird stuff needs a manual lowering of level. What you need to do is to define what average level your canned noise should be at, AVG 22.5 works well for vinyl, AVG 30 to 25 for classical music, higher for larger ensemble with more bass and AVG 25 to AVG 17 is probable for church organ - depending on playing style, it can be extremely dynamic, ie. at AVG 35 - and pop. You do NOT need to go to full scale, what you need is predictability. In house notation used, I find it to be a good strategy to define what AVG rating to aim for with a project, also btw. for for multitrack mixing because compressor setting presets with input AVG rating defined makes a lot of sense to my way of thinking. And yes ... you do NOT have to tweak the track to fix, knowing the AVG rating tells you what input gain to apply in the compressor .... that is, if you DO insist on keeping the number of DSP actions on your audio low. Some of the time I prefer conceptual simplicity .....
    > Whatever settings the mixer required I then applied in Edit View, zeroed everything
    > to re-check and- voila! As close as they'll ever get
    A visual evaluation can be a good tool, move the guide lines from -1 dB to -9 dB and they will become helpful.
    A wise and well thought out design concept is that average values show up quite differently in the group normalize windowm, this entertains the user and poses new challenges so that working with a project doen't get boring. The function works fine IF you aim low, do not aim for 0 procent clipping, aim for no mentioning of clipping in any file, and skip the frequency compensation part of it, it uses a fletcher-munson compensation without telling you what playback level to aim for. It could have been useful if expected playback sound level was enterable as parameter ....however, skip that part of it and it will work. I have encountered file combinations that lead to a numeric overflow when using A2, dunno how it is in A3, I need to make my mind up about what box to install it on first ....
       Kind regards
       Peter Larsen.

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    System Requirements
    Operating System Compatibility
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    I'm using exe4j to create a .exe from a java project. I'm distributing a local JRE in the program folder. Which works on windows XP and Vista. But I don't get it to work in windows 7 (the program don't start).
    If I remove the local jre and install java. It works in win7.
    Any ideas why my local distributed jre won't work in windows 7?
    Best Regards,
    Daniel Andersson
    Books: (In Swedish)

    what version is the local JRE?

  • Problem with AD Synchronisation - Any Ideas

    We are in the process of migrating from our 4.5WS portal to G6 and thought we were doing OK until we tried to run our AD Authentication source. Although all the users & groups appear in our G6 portal and we can log on to the portal using our AD credentials whenever we try and run our AD Authentication job to check that it can still import users & groups post migation we get the following error in the log file.
    Can anybody make any suggestions on what might be the problem?
    Mar 1, 2006 3:05:40 PM- Starting to run operations (1 total) for job 'DRDL AD Sync Job - Run Once'. Will stop on errors.Mar 1, 2006 3:05:40 PM- *** Job Operation #1 of 1: AuthSource Agent [Run as owner 'Administrator']Mar 1, 2006 3:05:40 PM- Creating the Everyone In Auth Source group (if one doesn't already exist).Mar 1, 2006 3:05:40 PM- **********************************************************************************Mar 1, 2006 3:05:40 PM- Sync Agent is processing groups.Mar 1, 2006 3:05:40 PM- This job has failed due to the following exception: java.lang.NullPointerException at com.plumtree.automationserver.agents.PTAuthSourceAgent.ProcessGroups( at com.plumtree.automationserver.agents.PTAuthSourceAgent.PerformOperation( at at at The job was in the following state: Authentication Source Made Everyone Group; initializedMar 1, 2006 3:05:40 PM- *** Job Operation #1 failed: An exception has occurred: java.lang.NullPointerException. Current operation state: Authentication Source Made Everyone Group; initialized(282610)Mar 1, 2006 3:05:40 PM- Done with job operations.

    There is nothing showing in the log file which we would take to mean that the problem is connectivity to the AD AWS.
    As another test we have set-up another AD Authentication source using exactly the same settings in the same G6 portal from scratch, i.e. through the GUI rather than a migrated version, and this appears to work fine. Having had a quick look at the records in the PTAUTHSOURCES table for both of these, i.e. the one that works and the one that fails, there appears to be no difference. But from all the symptoms it would point to the migrated Authentication source not being able to connect to the AD AWS 'service'.
    Does this provide you with any more pointers?

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    I would like to support GUI-Developers by writing a GUI-Builder with integrated design rules. For example selecting Platform dependent widgets, controlling the number of widgets on the form, proper positioning of widgets on the form etc.This should be a standalone application.
    Any one with tips, tricks, literature for architecture, tools to use etc?
    Thanks a million times.

    Before start i would like you to visit
    Here you can find a very powerful IDE for Java as you are willing to create. If you like to procide creating then also you can find idea about that.

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    Since upgrading to OSx 10.9, I cannot place my music for iPhoto slideshows.  The only music that works is the Sample and Theme music that comes with iPhoto.  Any idea of what to do about this problem?

    In iTunes go File -> Library -> Organise Library -> Reorganise Library.
    Then quit and restart iPhoto.
    Credit to user keysandfood who figured that one out.

  • Problem with java swing button and loop

    Problem with java swing button and loop
    I�m using VAJ 4.0. and I�m doing normal GUI application. I have next problem.
    I have in the same class two jswing buttons named start (ivjGStart) and stop (ivjGStop) and private static int field named Status where initial value is 0. This buttons should work something like this:
    When I click on start button it must do next:
    Start button must set disenabled and Stop button must set enabled and selected. Field status is set to 1, because this is a condition in next procedure in some loop. And then procedure named IzvajajNeprekinjeno() is invoked.
    And when I click on stop button it must do next:
    Start button must set enabled and selected and Stop button must set disenabled.
    Field status is set to 0.
    This works everything fine without loop �do .. while� inside the procedure IzvajajNeprekinjeno(). But when used this loop the start button all the time stay (like) pressed. And this means that a can�t stop my loop.
    There is java code, so you can get better picture:
    /** start button */
    public void gStart_ActionEvents() {
    try {
    getJTextPane1().setText("Program is running ...");
    Status = 1;
    } catch (Exception e) {}
    /** stop button */
    public void gStop_ActionEvents() {
    try {
    getJTextPane1().setText("Program is NOT running ...");
    Status = 0;
    } catch (Exception e) {
    /** procedure IzvajajNeprekinjeno() */
    public void IzvajajNeprekinjeno() {  //RunLoop
    try {
    int zamik = 2000; //delay
    do {
    PreberiDat(); //procedure
    } while (Status == 1);
    } catch (Exception e) {
    So, I'm asking what I have to do, that start button will not all the time stay pressed? Or some other aspect of solving this problem.
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Best regards,

    This is a multi thread problem. When you start the gui, it is running in one thread. Lets call that GUI_Thread so we know what we are talking about.
    Since java is task-based this will happen if you do like this:
    1. Button "Start" is pressed. Thread running: GUI_Thread
    2. Event gStart_ActionEvents() called. Thread running: GUI_Thread
    3. Method IzvajajNeprekinjeno() called. Thread running: GUI_Thread
    4. Sleep in method IzvajajNeprekinjeno() on thread GUI_Thread
    5. Call PreberiDat(). Thread running: GUI_Thread
    6. Check status. If == 1, go tho 4. Thread running: GUI_Thread.
    Since the method IzvajajNeprekinjeno() (what does that mean?) and the GUI is running in the same thread and the event that the Start button has thrown isn't done yet, the program will go on in the IzvajajNeprekinjeno() method forever and never let you press the Stop-button.
    What you have to do is do put either the GUI in a thread of its own or start a new thread that will do the task of the IzvajajNeprekinjeno() method.
    This tutorial explains how to build a multi threaded gui.

  • A Problem with java

    I have a question with the program.I have write a program that it about polynomial which is in order to desc. But my teacher want me to modify the program to in order to asc. But I don't have any idea with that. Can anyone give me some ideas for this. How can I modify it by easy method? The code is about that,
    public class Polynomial
        private int degree;
        private Node head;
        public static Polynomial addPolys(Polynomial poly1, Polynomial poly2)
            Polynomial polyRes = new Polynomial();
            int power = ( > ? :;
            while (power >= 0)
                Node n1 = poly1.head;
                while (n1 != null)
                    if (n1.power == power)
                    n1 =;
                Node n2 = poly2.head;
                while (n2 != null)
                    if (n2.power == power)
                    n2 =;
                if ((n1 != null) && (n2 != null))
                    polyRes.addNode(n1.coeff + n2.coeff, n1.power);
                else if (n1 != null)
                    polyRes.addNode(n1.coeff, n1.power);
                else if (n2 != null)
                    polyRes.addNode(n2.coeff, n2.power);
            return polyRes;       
        public void addNode(int coeff, int power)
            if (head == null)
                head = new Node(coeff, power, null);
                degree = power;
                Node n = head;
                Node last = null;
                while (n != null)
                    if (power > n.power)
                        if (last == null)
                            head = new Node(coeff, power, n);
                   = new Node(coeff, power, n);
                        degree = power;
                    last = n;
                    n =;
                if (n == null)
           = new Node(coeff, power, null);
        public class Node
            public int coeff;
            public int power;
            public Node next;
            public Node(int coeff, int power, Node next)
                this.coeff = coeff;
                this.power = power;
       = next;
        public String toString()
            StringBuffer strBuf = new StringBuffer();
            Node n = head;
            while (n != null)
                if (n.coeff >= 0)
                    strBuf.append("+ ").append(n.coeff);
                    strBuf.append("- ").append(-(n.coeff));
                if (n.power > 1)
                else if (n.power == 1)
                strBuf.append("  ");
                n =;
            return strBuf.toString();

    In the future, please use a meaningful subject. "A Problem with Java" contains no information, since by the very fact that you're posting here, it's obvious that you're having a problem with Java. The subject line should give a high level overview of what kind of problem you're having, so people can decide if they're interested and qualified to answer.

  • Problems with java 6/7

    Having a problem with Java 6/7, could use a little help.
    I was on a website that said I don't have 7 installed, so I went to the Java site and did a verify, it says I have 1.6.0_65, so I did the install for 7.55. The install said everything worked fine, but when I go back to the Java site to verify, it still says I am runing 1.6.0_65. I searched for instructions on how to uninstall version 6, it said:
    rm ~/Library/Caches/Java/
    sudo rm -rf /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0
    sudo rm /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6
    I tried this, but Java still says I'm on 6. Any ideas how to update to 7?

    You have to restart the machine and make sure Java is "enabled" in the Safari preferences.

  • Our school is having problems with Java.

    Our school is having problems with Java.  We cannot open our gradebooks which require jnlp or java to open.  They worked until January 31 and then quit.  I uploaded the Java from oracle but it doesn't open anything it just keeps running.  Any ideas?

    See  Java for OS X 2012-006: How to re-enable the Apple-provided Java SE 6 applet plug-in and Web Start functionality. That might be what you need, not Java 7.

  • Early problems with Java on my Macbook.

    Hi, I am a former high school computer science student and I'm having problems with Java as I've recently moved from Windows to a Mac. The following is a letter I wrote to my prior computer science teacher but he does not seem to be responding. I think all you need to know is that DrawHouse and JumpingJacks are simple Java programs we made in class that utilize an object called DrawingTool (which is a graphics environment). DrawingTool is contained in gpdraw.jar and also was contained in our class' apcslib.jar. Also, FileInput is a class contained in apcslib.jar.
    I basically transferred all my JAR files (apcslib.jar, etc.) from my Windows computer to my Mac. I didn't think anything was wrong or corrupted with them because they're the same JAR files that I used for my Java programs on my Windows comp in high school and when I run those Java programs now, they still work. But for some reason if I try to run, say, DrawHouse or JumpingJacks with those same programs on my Macbook, it gives me the following errors on runtime (it compiles fine).
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
         at apcslib.DrawingTool.move(
         at java.awt.Component.setLocation(
         at java.awt.Window.init(
         at java.awt.Window.<init>(
         at java.awt.Frame.<init>(
         at java.awt.Frame.<init>(
         at javax.swing.JFrame.<init>(
         at apcslib.DrawingTool.<init>(
         at apcslib.DrawingTool.<init>(
         at JumpingJacks.main(
    So I thought, maybe I'm not importing the JAR files correctly. But if I import gsdraw.jar or a different apcslib.jar that I downloaded from some random teacher's website on the internet (and that also happens to have DrawingTool in it) then it compiles and runs fine. So I thought, ok, maybe it's a problem with this one particular apcslib.jar that I transferred from my Windows computer. But like I said, DrawHouse and JumpingJacks run fine on my windows comp, and most ridiculous of all, I tried running Tasmania on my Macbook (which uses the FileInput class from your apcslib.jar) and THAT works fine! So to recap, I'm not importing the JAR files wrong and at times there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the apcslib.jar you gave us and probably not anything wrong with my IDE, seeing that importing of other JAR files works fine (I'm using eclipse and/or xcode, and the same problem occurs with both). Now of course, I could just go ahead and use the apcslib that I downloaded from the internet, but it's very inconvenient since it doesn't match your own apcslib's contents (for example, it doesn't have FileInput). By the way, I've also tried adding the JARS directly to the Java Extensions instead of importing them as external JARS, but that doesn't solve the problem. I've also attached the apcslib.jar in case you think that it's somehow corrupted or something....
    Do you have any idea about what could be wrong or where I should go from here?
    Thanks for all your help!
    Bryan Huh

    Thanks for the reply, but if it is a problem with how
    I'm using DrawingTool, then shouldn't it run with
    errors on my Windows comp too?Maybe, maybe not. If you're doing something that's correct on one but not the other - using file names for Windows on Linux Mac), for instance.
    The same EXACT source
    code will compile and run fine on my Windows comp,
    but run with errors on my Macbook. And if it's a bug
    with DrawingTool, then shouldn't my Windows comp also
    encounter the problem and run with errors?No. the DT programmer could have done the same thing, using code that's correct on Windows but not on Linux. Or there could be a difference in the Java versions on the couputers and code that's valid in the later version is failing in the earlier, or vice versa.

Maybe you are looking for