Problem with round corners..the server said it is MBssss of traffic created because of that?

The problem only occurs when the visitor is using Internet Explorer (and possibly only some versions of IE)
The problem is that the file pie.js is being loaded many times for these Internet Explorer visitors, causing your traffic to be higher than usual, and our server can potentially blocking the visitor temporarily for requesting the same file many times in a short period.
The file pie.js is meant to show cool effects like rounded corners and background effects in Internet Explorer (those cool effects work fine without pie.js for other browsers, so pie.js is only loaded when the visitor is using IE). I assume on your web site, it’s for the rounded corners on some of your borders, like the testimonials box.
The file is being loaded by another file on your web site, called museutils.js
Museutils.js is part of “Adobe Muse”, a web design solution that I’ve never heard of until now. Either your current web developer uses it, or someone who developed your site in the past used it to create your site.
I believe there is a bug in the programming of museutils.js causing it to reload pie.js many times
This bug may be a new one that has been introduced in a recent version of Adobe Muse.

Thank you very much for reporting this problem. We'll fix it for the next release.

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  • How do I get connected to a server on my network via an IP address?  When I try to open in a URL and login as a registered user with proper login it errors out saying there was a problem with connecting to the server?

    I am new to Mac...How do I get connected to a server on my network via a hyper link IP address path?  When I try to open in a URL and login as a registered user with proper login it errors out saying there was a problem with connecting to the server?

    Some of the following is going to use some technical terms — this area is inherently somewhat technical. 
    If you don't understand some part of the following reply, please ask.
    Is this your own OS X Server system on your own network, or is this some other server within some larger organization? 
    You're posting this in the OS X Server forum, which is a software package that allows OS X systems to provide web-based and many other services; to become servers.
    If it's your OS X Server on your network, then the network and DNS configurations are suspect, or the server is somehow malfunctioning or misconfigured.   This is unfortunately fairly common, as some folks do try to avoid setting up DNS services.
    If it's a larger organization and somebody else is managing the server and the network, then you'll probably need to contact the IT folks for assistance; to learn the network setup and DNS requirements, and if there's a problem with the server itself.
    The basic web URL "hyper link IP address path" — without using DNS — usually looks something the following, where you'll need to replace with the IP address of your server:
    UptimeJeff has posted a URL that specifies the AFP file system; an OS X file share.  That's used if you're connecting to an Apple storage service somewhere on your network.  You might alternatively need to specify smb:// or such, if it's a Windows file server.  (There can be additional requirements for connecting to Windows Server systems, too.)
    If there's local IT staff available here, please contact them for assistance.  If these are your own local systems and your own local OS X Server system, then some information on the server will be needed.  (If you're on a NAT'd network, you'll also need to get DNS services configured and working on your local OS X Server system and your network — you'll not be able to skip this step and reference ISP DNS servers here — or things can and usually will get weird.)

  • Problem with Rounded Corners on EPS object in Illustrator CS3

    I'm using Illustrator CS3 and I have an EPS object which has rounded corners. When I export  the object and save it as a JPG the exported image takes on the shape of  the artboard (which is a square) rather than the shape of the EPS  object which is a square with rounded corners. I've placed the exported  JPG into my blog but when I look at it I can see a little bit of white  in each of the four corners. What can I do to stop this from happening?  In other words, I want my exported JPG image to have rounded corners  without the white. Please provide me  with as much detail as you can as I'm fairly new to Illustrator and I'm still finding my way. Thank you.

    Hi Graccon,
    The JPG format does not support transaprency. Either save as a gif or as a png. Or choose a matte color which matches your page background for the jpg.

  • Problems with 'Round Corners'

    Hi everbody,
    First of all, sorry for my bad englisch. I'm German
    Here's my problem:      step 1: i'm writing a word and then i'm using the effect ‘create outlines‘ in the type menu.
                                      step 2: after that i'm using the filter ‘round corners‘
                                       But not all corners are round after that. I've problems with the letter ‘S‘. Just 2 corners are round and the ohter two are                                    unchanged.
    Does anyone know what the problem could be?
    Thank you very much!

    I see what you see.
    Unless you have CS6, you should be able to use the free Round Any Corner script on the relevant Anchor Points, available here:

  • Problem with Connection to the Server

    From the Java Applet,
    Basically when I try and connect it returns a org.omg.BAD_OPERATION - remote exception. The Serer is not registered in the implementation. It says use the putit and I have but it doesn't change things...
    Basically my code for this look like
         if ((tmp = ServerField.getText ()) == null)
         markerServer = "";
         markerServer = ":" + tmp;
         // get host name from text field
         hostName = HostField.getText ();
         System.out.println("hostname:" + hostName);
         System.out.println("Server:" + tmp);
         // bind to server object
         try {
              System.out.println("Attempting to connect " + markerServer);
              System.out.println("to :"+ markerServer);
              System.out.println( "on "+ hostName);
              wcGUI = WCGUIHelper.bind (markerServer , hostName);
    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give in solving this problem for me

    wcGUI = WCGUIHelper.bind (markerServer , hostName);These look like non standard classes. Are they part of a solution from another company or have you developed them yourself?
    If they're from another company do they have a website, support contact or forum? you're unlikely to find an answer here I'm afraid.

  • The document could not be saved. The server said: "The operation failed because an unexpected error occurred. (Result code 0×80020005)" Please ensure you have completed all required properties with the correct information and try again.

    I am having problems  saving documents back to SharePoint when any of the document properties (metadata columns) are set to be "managed metadata". The check-in/save fails with error:
    The document could not be saved. The server said:
    “The operation failed because an unexpected error occurred. (Result code 0×80020005)”
    Please ensure you have completed all required properties with the correct information and try again.
    I have seen similar threads that suggest this is a known issue with this version of Acrobat but I would like conformation from Adobe that this is a known issue and whether it is fixed in a newer version?
    Adobe Acrobat version 10.1.13
    SharePoint 2010

    Hi quodd,,
    We are sorry for the issue being faced by you. I need some information from you so that I take further steps:
    1. Which Adobe product are you using Acrobat or Adobe reader- what is the complete version?
    2. How are you opening and saving the PDF, the exact workflow?
         Are you doing it from within Adobe Reader/Acrobat application or opening it from browser, doing changes and saving it using browser itself.
    3. Can you try to save a PDF to library with Custom template and managed metadata columns using browser directly.
    4. Please verify that columns name do not contain spaces or some other special characters.
       Can you try to save PDF to library with Custom template and just a single managed metadata column  with a simple name
    Nikhil Gupta

  • HT1386 well I restored my iPhone and I try to activate it just with my iPhone and it said your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server is temorarily unavailable. So I tried doing it on iTunes and it said SIM card not installed help me

    well I restored my iPhone and I try to activate it just with my iPhone and it said your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server is temorarily unavailable. So I tried doing it on iTunes and it said SIM card not installed help me please.

    please GuyS Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I am Arabian and i dont know what to do

  • Box with rounded corners displays as rectangle in Web Browser

    I am using the box control (IBoxObject) in my Crystal Reports with rounded corners. However the box displays as a rectangle with square corners when viewed in a web browser. I have tried this in IE 7.0.5730.13, Firefox 3.0.3 and Chrome all give the same problem.
    The interesting thing is that the boxes display correctly at design time and when exported to PDF, but they wonu2019t display correctly in IE/Firefox/Chrome. Here are the specific settings for the box:
                    CornerEllipseHieght = 375
                    CornerEllipseWidth = 375
                    Crystal Reports Version 10.5.3700.0
    I have also attached an image to try and clarify the problem.
    [Picture showing Box at design time, in a Web browser and when exported to PDF|]
    Thanks in advance for any help with this issue.

    Thank you Ted, this was my take on the problem but it is good to have a confirmation.
    There are CSS (HTML) solutions for creating boxes with rounded corners, such as [SpiffyBox|] and [CSS Rounded Box Generator|] and many more that can be found using [Google|].
    Do you know of any plans to support rounded corners in the future?
    Thanks for your help!

  • Email settings problem - your device encountered a problem with this application's server

    I'm getting the following message 
    "your device encountered a problem with this application's server" when I try to add an email in Email settings. This problem is occurring since 15-NOV-2010. I'm using O2 service provider. i've called them and reported this problem. O2 service provider did all possible troubleshooting and they adviced everything is ok on their side. They don't know why am I getting this message. 
    This is really frustrating and not able to add an email or edit my existing email settings. I did reboot my handheld more than 10 times but no luck. Please can anyone help me to sort this problem out. PLEASE HELP

    Hello there,
    I am having the same problem since last 2 days. I have a BB curve 8900 with O2. I called them up today morning. They said that the problem is at their end and some of the customers are getting affected. Luckly, I still can access the setup using webclient.
    Hopefuly they will resolve this issue soon.

  • I can no longer log into my ichat linked to my gmail.  right after opening up ichat, receive the following message:  lost connection with jabber.  the server has unexpectedly disconnected.

    i can no longer log into my ichat linked to my gmail.  right after opening up ichat, receive the following message:  lost connection with jabber.  the server has unexpectedly disconnected.  how to troubleshoot?  thanks.

    There can be many reasons why the Login is "up the creek".
    Any break in the network at your end whilst logged in will cause  an issue.
    A sort of discrepancy between what iChat thinks the state should be and what the server thinks.
    If they don't agree the server will refuse to accept.
    A Crash at the server end which does not log you out properly will also do it.
    Any file at any time can be come corrupted.
    Luckily with the iChat .plists they are recreated if removed with an iChat Restart.
    If it were AIM you can also get your Account Suspended  and this will not log you in.
    (It tends to happen from Chat rooms where people notify AIM about bad behaviour (as they see it) and you have to apply to get Un-suspended).
    Most of the big IM services use multiple servers.
    Sometimes these go out of Sync.
    In the case of AIM this happens when they remove Old unused Screen Names from people's Buddy List prior to making them available for re-registration.  I am not sure if this happens at Google.
    You seem to be talking about an account that has worked at Work and having new computer at home.
    As I mentioned the Priority thing you have not said that it has coincided with the new computer logging in  (this will kick the work Computer out of Google whether you are logged in  on the Web Mail page or in iChat)
    IN addition to that iChat stays partially logged in for Off Line IMs
    This is done in the background by a support app called iChatAgent
    If your Computer is ON but ichat is not started people can still send you Messages.
    Instead of saving these on the server until you login iChat will start up.
    Depending if the home Mac is effecting the Work Login it may be holding sway over your Login.
    Using your girlfriend's login may have booted her Off Line where she normally uses the name/login.
    The AIM Side can be specifically set to allow Multiple Logins and therefore NOT allow them.  If this happens you get a warning and messages to do something about it.
    You do not get these in any Jabber or Google Login as the Priority setting is supposed to take care of it.
    If the Login works at the Web Mail Login and on one computer then the .plist on the work computer is the most likely issue.
    There is a small chance that a Corrupt Buddy Pic (Home Folder/Library/Caches/ may be the cause.
    Set this folder to icon view and also use the Finder's View Menu > Show View Options and select icon view.
    This should show all pics as their icon.
    Check that all display properly.
    At this point I would try a COMBO version update install of the last Update you did over what you have.
    This often corrects hard to trace things
    The 10.5.8 COMBO is here
    11:28 PM      Monday; June 20, 2011
    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro 2Gb( 10.6.7)
     Mac OS X (10.6.7),
    "Limit the Logs to the Bits above Binary Images."  No, Seriously

  • Facing problem with logo in the PDF attachment when sending mail...

    hi friends,
    i'm facing problem with logo in the PDF attachment to the mail.
    my requirement:
    1. enter spool number and mail id in the selection screen.
    1. now the program will fetch the spool data and converts it to PDF.
    2. but when i'm trying to send mail with this PDF as attachment.
    when i open the PDF file from the mail, logo is not coming properly (looks disturbed).
    can anyone help me how to resolve this issue...
    thanks in advance, murashali.

    hi dinakar, thanks for your mail...
    logo looks good in spool/script/smartform.
    even it look good when i download this spool to pdf and to the presentation server as pdf file.
    when i used CONVERT_ABAPSPOOLJOB_2_PDF, is gives a msg - 'spool number not found'.
    here i'm using folloing code to pass pdf to the function module: SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1.
    Transfer the 132-long strings to 255-long strings
      lt_mtab_pdf[] = pdf[].
      LOOP AT lt_mtab_pdf INTO lwa_mtab_pdf.
        TRANSLATE lwa_mtab_pdf USING ' ~'.
        CONCATENATE lv_gd_buffer lwa_mtab_pdf INTO lv_gd_buffer.
        CLEAR lwa_mtab_pdf.
      TRANSLATE lv_gd_buffer USING '~ '.
        lwa_mess_att = lv_gd_buffer.
        APPEND lwa_mess_att TO lt_mess_att.
        CLEAR lwa_mess_att.
        SHIFT lv_gd_buffer LEFT BY 255 PLACES.
        IF lv_gd_buffer IS INITIAL.
    NOTE: problem i believe is with ''.  i'm getting this tilt symbol () in my pdf internal table.  here in the above code the line   TRANSLATE lv_gd_buffer USING '~ ' is changing the existing tilt to space.  so my logo is getting disturbed.
    even i tried with REPLACE this tilt with other char, but it doent work.
    can you give any idea...

  • I have problem with login in sql Server give me support .pre login handshake

    I have problem with login in sql Server give me support .pre login handshake

    The following threads are on the same topic:
    Kalman Toth Database & OLAP Architect
    IPAD SELECT Query Video Tutorial 3.5 Hours
    New Book / Kindle: Exam 70-461 Bootcamp: Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012

  • HT201359 i have a problems while purchasing or download a free item in apps store or itunes, it said that you have a problems with previous purchase, it also said that my payment method was decline.,..

    i have a problems while purchasing or download a free item in apps store or itunes, it said that you have a problems with previous purchase, it also said that my payment method was decline.,..

    Hi shldr2thewheel,
         it has been a while since we have last spoke, I would like to let you know, I am still working on getting used to the switch from windows to a Mac/Apple system. I do have a new question for you, I did purchase In Design CS5.5 through through Cuyahoga Community College of which I attend as a student, is there a way to purchase an online book through iTunes to learn that as well? Also, you know me, the struggling student, I would also, when and if the book can be purchased through the iTunes, would need to know if you do know of a much easier book for struggling students like myself and at a reasonable price as well for the In Design CS5.5 program. Our campus bookstore had closed early, and, so did the colleges library and our local library here where I do live, so, I cannot go to either place to purchase a book or to take out a book, plus cash funds are low at this moment as well but, I do have money left on the iTunes account to use, if it can be used. So, can it be used, the iTunes money, towards finding a low priced online book? I am in great need of assistance as I have a project due for my one course for this Tuesday, September 4, 2012.
    Sincerely in need of help once again,

  • Problem with variable in the woorkbook selection screen.

    Hi All,
    I have Problem with Variable in the selection screen. I have four variable in the report in this sequence
    <b>Plant (optional), calendar month (mandatory),  material (optional), Customer (mandatory). </b>
    In Development system, I changed the query to fix the problem for a formula. saved and executed the query. In the selection screen appeared four variables and executed. after executing the query and I saved the work book also. I logged out of the Bex Analyzer. In the RSRT I generated the report by clicking the Generated Report push button. and again logged into the Bex analyzer and ran the work book, now in the selection screen, appeared three Variables only, I am missing the variable <b>Customer</b>.
    The old report which is already  in the Production system is working fine. What could be the mistake I did in the development system.
    It is very urgent, I need to deliver this object as soon as possible.
    Can I anybody help on the same.
    Thanks in advance

    I did what you said. I removed the variable from characteristic restrictions, saved the query and executed the query, appeared three variables Plant, Calender month and material. executed and saved the work book. disconeted from Bex analyzer, in RSRT Generated Report and logged into Bex analyzer ran the work book for selection Plant, calender month and material and went into change query definition and added the variable for customer which was removed earlier and and ran the query for selections Plant, Calender monmth, Material and customer. saved the work book. disconnected from Bex analyzer and closed all excel sheets and work books. In RSRT Generated Report and again connected to Bex analyzer and ran the work book, now appeared only three variables again missed variable customer.
    Yunus does any missed n the procedure what i did.
    It is helped what Chris was answered.
    Many Many Thaks for your time and replies.
    Thaks in advance

  • Provide steps to send Root CA certificate to the Lync client, getting error" There was a problem verifying certificate from the server"

      I Build an Lync 2013 set up with FEpool, Director pool and Exchange server is integrated. I have windows 8 client machine, with Lync client installed. When I try to login to the lync client, I am getting error like"There was a problem verifying
    certificate from the server".
    When I installed ROOT CA cert  manually on client machine I am able to login to the lync client. similarly if I add my client machine in my domain, I am able to login to the Lync client.
    Now is there any other way to send the certificate automatically to the client machine (Which are NOT part of the DOMAIN) from the server, instead of manual installation process.
    Please help me troubleshoot this problem

    Agree with S Guna, there is no easy way to push a certificate automatically to a client that you don't control other than building an installer package and asking them to run it.  In this situation, if there are a lot of non-domain joined machines
    a third party certificate is the way you need to go.
    Please remember, if you see a post that helped you please click "Vote As Helpful" and if it answered your question please click "Mark As Answer".
    SWC Unified Communications

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    It appeared that all I need is InDesignCS6, which I purchased.  I now see I also must purchased the digital publishing suite for $395 to make one magazine.  Then I must pay Apple $99.  We don't want to sell an app.  I work for a public school distric

  • [SOLVED] Network won't work

    Hi, My network card isn't recognised when I boot into the Arch boot cd. I ended up installing fedora on my machine but I would like to have Arch on their as well, is there a way for me to check what network modules I need to load from Fedora? Thanks,

  • Oracle Temporary/Memory table

    Hi Friends, Can oracle provides any facility that we can create temporary table in memory? Pls provides me idea about it. - Hiren Modi