Problems conncecting my 20" cinema display (Previous Version) to a PC

Problem description:
Originally, a 23" cinema display (Previous version as well) was connected to my PC via DVI to ADC adapter. This morning, I tried to connect the 20"(Previous Version) to the same PC, it wouldn't power itself up~~~ After turned the PC off, and switched back to the 23", I turned on the PC, everything worked just fine again. While everything was still up and running, I unconnected the 23", and hooked the 20" into the adapter, now the 20" started to work.
This is a really weird problem to have and PLEASE PLEASE help me with this. Thank you guys SO SO SO much!

I'm using a FX5500 low profile PCI card installed in the docking station for my IBM T23.
This is just weird~ 23" works fine but not the 20"……

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  • Problem connecting a 24" Cinema Display to an Imac 27"

    My friend has an Imac 27 "with a graphics card AMD HD 6970M 1GB. She wanted to connect an external Cinema Display 24" (without thunderbolt serie). The external display has started to display black screen intermittently while making a strange noise. Before this screen, there was a aluminum  Cinema Display 20 " which never had any problem. The 24" Cinema Display was just before used as external screen for a Mac Book Pro 15" (main screen, no dual screen) without problem too.  Any idea? Is the card too weak for such a configuration?The iMac was purchased on October 15th on the refurb. The Os is Lion 10.7.2.

    If the computer doesn't have a Mini DIsplayPort or DisplayPort, not until September; click here for more information. If you mean the MagSafe connector, leave it unplugged; it's only for laptops.

  • Problem opening a converted project from previous version of Premiere CC, in Premiere CC 2014.

    Hello. This is the problem. When I try to open with premiere pro CC 2014 a converted and actualized CC 2014 version of a project created previously in a previous version of premiere, the software crash.
    Said in other words if it doesn't clear:
    - I created a project in Premiere CC
    - I actualized the project to Premiere CC 2014
    - I worked in the project with the new Premiere CC 2014 for few days and suddenly, I cannot open the project and the software crash.
    I hope you understand my problem. Sorry about my english. I'm not native english speaker.
    Thanks for your help and support.

    Rather than opening directly, try importing the project via the Media Browser Window.
    Much more efficient as you'll have more options.

  • Help!  Strange Problem with 23" Apple Cinema Display and Wireless Internet

    For some reason, Safari runs much much slower on my housemates new 23" Apple Cinema Display than just on his new Macbook. He is running Tiger. We use Airport Extreme for house-wide wireless, and he has an Airport Express to connect to his printer. Here is what he wrote:
    "Last night, I was watching videos on --- not a problem to watch on my laptop screen (new Macbook) - very fast. Then, after dinner, I plugged in my external screen (Apple Cinema Display), and it was so slow and wouldn't load. I unplugged the screen, and it was lighting fast again, so I watched the videos on my laptop screen. This morning, I was plugged into the external monitor and the Internet was slow to check my email. I unplugged the screen, and it's lightning fast now on my laptop screen.
    Does this make any sense??? Why would my external monitor affect the Internet speed? "

    I am having a similar problem as well. When I attach my 23" cinema display to my MacBook core 2 duo, my connection to the internet immediately stops working. I have tested this several times and it happens every time I connect the Cinema Display to my MacBook. When I disconnect the Cinema Display, my internet connection works perfectly again. I'm stumped as to why this happens.
    I have tried several different searches on the forums, but have found no other threads besides this one. I'm I won't have to suck it up and pay the $50 for the call to AppleCare support.

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    // I invalidate all my session when i logout and comes on Login.jsp page but if i go back still it open
    previous pages
    How i can stop these
    i am adding these line in avery jsp page
    response.addDateHeader("Expires", 0);
    response.setDateHeader("max-age", 0);
    response.setIntHeader ("Expires", -1); //prevents caching at the proxy server
    response.addHeader("cache-Control", "private"); //IE5.x only;
    2) and in Logout.jsp
    still on reaching login page i can move to previous page by clicking back button

    Hi sreenathreddy.
    I am doing exactly what you are talking about.
    On load of each jsp page, I check to see if I am still in session. If i am not, i redirect the user to the login page saying his session has expired.. This works perfectly fine in the sense that after I log out, if I directly type in the url or click on any other link from history, it redirects you to the login page.
    But my problem sitll remained that after logging out, if i clicked the back button, it would still take me to the previous page even though none of the links on that page would work.
    So i added all the response.SetHeaders that are mentioned in this discussion.
    Now the scenario is such that, when i press the back button after logging out, it tells me that the page has expired and i have to resubmit the form.
    There are two problems with this
    1. at this point , if i refresh my page, it still gets the details from the server and even though i am invalidating the session and all the user details, and checking to see if the session is invalidated,it still somehow manages to get all the details(i dont know where that info is stored)
    2. even if the person has not logged out. ie in the middle of a perfectly valid session and clicks on the back button, he is warned that the session has expired.
    please do reply

  • I downloaded firefox 3.6.13 and now when moving through sites it will unexpectedly not be able to load a page within a site. How do I fix this problem or revert to a previous version of firefox?

    The first few sessions Firefox seemed to be running great with improved speed. Yesterday, when I opened Firefox it could not open my homepage even though I checked for my internet connection ... my email service was working perfectly. I rebooted the computer and started Firefox and the homepage opened fine. I then visited an online newspaper site opened from my bookmarks. I was able to read one or two articles on different pages, but then when I selected another page in this site, Firefox was not able to access it (just keep trying to make a connection to the page). I restarted Firefox and went into an online banking site, again through a bookmark. Again after successfully accessing several different pages in the site Firefox was unable to connect to a requested page.
    Later in the day I restarted Firefox, entered the banking site and successfully completed my transaction. Visited several other sites and had no problems, then again Firefox could not load a page.
    This problem has continued today when looking at the online paper.
    I would like either a fix to this problem, or to return to the previous version of Firefox.

    Google Toolbar Options, in the Search tab, make sure that '''Enable the Google new tab page''' is check-marked. If that doesn't fix it for you, see this for support information about the Google Toolbar. <br />
    [] <br />
    Or visit the Google Toolbar forum. <br />
    As far as your UserAgent showing Firefox 3.0.11, see this: <br />
    You might want to consider getting rid of that '''desktopsmiley''' program that has messed up your UserAgent, it is known as Malware.

  • Problem with Snow Leopard and LED Cinema Display + MacBook pro

    I just upgraded to Snow Leopard. When I work on my MacBook Pro everything works fine. But when I use through the LED Cinema Display then the machine hangs on several programs, like iTunes, Time Machine, even Finder. Before the upgrade everything worked fine. Anyone having the same problem?

    I've had similar problems when using my cinema display. I am currently using it with my usb backup drive disconnected and , so far, have not had the problems. Here's hoping, although it is not a good permanent solution, it means I do not have Time Machine running or access to my other backup files. I suspect that it may be a problem (as reported by others on this forum) with SL mounting a sleeping drive. Time will tell.

  • Sustained use of Cinema display audio results in noise, choppy audio, then cutting out

    When I play a sustained audio stream through my 27" LED Cinema display – for example, listening to my music collection on iTunes – for a couple hours (since I powered on my computer), the audio suddenly gets very noisy and after a few seconds really choppy (+ noisy), and waiting another few seconds it's barely audible (just repeated hints of noise). After this happens, I can press Pause in iTunes, wait a few seconds, then press Play, and the audio is perfectly fine again.
    Then, after only a half hour or less, the same thing happens, and I have to do the same thing to fix it. I am always able to fix the audio perfectly fine, but it inevitably craps out again after 5-30 minutes.
    If I power off my computer or let it sleep overnight, then come back and play iTunes again, the audio will be fine for a few hours before this inevitably happens again.
    I've followed the advice of an Apple support technician of resetting both my NVRAM and SMC, and that had no effect. The Cinema display audio continues to behave the same.
    I have the USB for the Cinema display plugged directly into my MBP's USB port (no other USB hub in the way).
    I have the latest version of OS X and thus the 27" Cinema Firmware 1.0 update has already been applied (I tried applying it by downloading the firmware update manually, but it refused, saying I do not need this update).
    This should go without saying, but this never happens when I play music through my MBP's built-in speakers, or when I play music through external speakers plugged into the line-out port. It's behaviour that happens exclusively through the 27" Cinema display's audio interface.
    Thoughts, anyone?
    I'm especially curious whether anyone else has had precisely this kind of audio problem with their 27" Cinema display. I've seen many people post audio issues relating to their 27" Cinema display, but most of those problems were remedied by the 1.0 firmware update, and besides none of the problems were described quite like mine (specifically, audio that becomes noisy, then mostly cuts out - it never completely cuts out - and that can be reliably [temporarily] fixed by pausing and playing the audio again).

    Can an MBP Sound preferences output to the display as opposed to through usb?  I use a mac pro and have those two choices for my mini-displayport 27" apple display. 
    I am not suggesting this as a fix but only testing various other paths to try to diagnose the problem.
    What first came to mind in your description was that you are having some kind of temperature problem.  And I think the temp problem lies with the MBP and not the display.  To that end you might consider adding one of the temp monitor utilities like iStat Pro, iStat Menus, Temperature Monitor, Temperature Monitor widget, Hardware Monitor, etc.  See if there some correlation with the temps shown in some of the readings and your sound problem.

  • Cinema Display too bright upon waking up

    Whenever my cinema display wakes up from sleep, the screen is really bright (ie washed out). It'll stay that way until I open up the Displays control panel, then it will reset to the correct profile. It's not a critical issue but an irritation. Anyone else experiencing this problem/have a solution?

    I have the exact same problem on a 30" cinema display. I've tried to adjust color settings in Sys prefs, downloaded DarkAdapted (which works well with the ACD but completely messes with my second display colors apart from being a hassle to launch it every time) and that's all I could do about it so far. Frankly my eyes hurt every night I use it, I even prefer to use only my 15" MBP because I feel it's doing damage to my eyes. This is just ridiculous, it's wonderful to have a bright 2560x1600 screen when you are working open air in a Hawaiian beach but is it so hard to make the screen darker when you are an urban night worker?
    APPLE PLEASE WE NEED NATIVE SOLUTIONS!!! (before I get blind or sell it on ebay if possible!)

  • Recent Leopard Update Messes up Cinema Display Firewire Ports

    Okay, this is really odd. I have a Lacie Porsche DVD-RWDL Firewire drive hooked up to my Mac Pro via my 23" Cinema display. The cinema display firewire cable was connected directly to the back of the mac pro. Lastly my iSight was connected to the open firewire port on the Lacie. This worked just fine for the longest time under both Tiger and up until very recently in leopard.
    Now tho the DVD Drive is not recognized by any programs (Toast, etc) or by System Profiler (Unknown Device) when it is connected to the cinema display. Oddly enough it is detected when connected directly to the mac pro (or for troubleshooting sake I tried my G4 cube w/ Tiger... it also detected it). On top of that the iSight will work when plugged into either the Lacie or the Cinema Display... so its not like the cinema display's pots are dead (the USB works fine).
    This is pretty obscure I know... but has anyone ran into something similar? I figure its either some very, very weird hardware problem or or one of the many recent updates to leopard has things acting goofy.

    I have a similar problem with my 20" cinema display. Try unplugging and replugging the device. That's been working for me, although it is an annoyance.

  • 23" Cinema Display Hinge is Broken

    Does anyone know where I can order this part (it's the hinge/base device that attaches to the back of the monitor)? I've checked with both of my local authorized service shops and they want to charge me around $450 plus leave the monitor for several weeks. I just want the part so I can install it myself (about 10 minutes of work).
    Thanks in advance,

    I don't know whether this will be of help but last year I started having all sorts of problems with my 23" Cinema Display. I replaced the power supply 'brick' - but still had problems (blank screen etc) - read lots about issues with these displays. I was running 10.4.11 - In the end I tried re-installing the system on another drive up to 10.4.8 - and it's worked fine ever since (it also cured a number of other weird problems) - ok, so I can't get the latest itunes software - but at least I have a screen that works. It seems that anything above 10.4.8 causes problems on my G5 Dual Power PC.

  • Reading data saved on previous version of Labview

    I've recently bit the bullet and upgraded to Labview 8.0 after using Labview 7.0 for a good few years now. I'm currently experiencing problems accessing data saved on the previous version of Labview which I've been working on until the upgrade.
    An example is the waveform files saved on Labview 7.0 which I'm trying to read using Labview 8.0. A dialog box appears when I try to use Labview 8.0 to read the waveforms advising me to convert the files to the new version of Labview which I've duly agreed to. However, it appears that the conversion process has managed to corrupt the waveform files as I am unable to access it on either Labview 8.0 or 7.0.
    I'm including a couple of files to highlight my point, one saved on Labview 7.0 and the other converted to Labview 8.0 by the programme.
    Labview 7.0 Waveform1.txt ‏395 KB
    Converted Labview 8.0 Waveform File1.txt ‏1 KB

    Have a look at this thread:
    There you'll find a workaround regarding the message.
    Using LV8.0
    Don't be afraid to rate a good answer...

  • Loading previous version of facebook

    I have an iPhone 3GS, I had problems in August when Facebook was updated and I found that I could not load FB at all. I somehow managed to restore the previous version - cannot for the life of me remember how - and now I've just gone and done Update all on my Apps and now have the same problem - any suggestions for restoring the previous version of FB (that does work!).

    I have sent you a Private Message (PM).
    There are some useful help pages here, for BT Broadband customers only, on my personal website.
    BT Broadband customers - help with broadband, WiFi, networking, e-mail and phones.

  • Apple Cinema Display 23" - Blank Screen, "short-long-short" LED code

    Hello everyone.
    This sounds like something of an epidemic... My Apple Cinema 23" HD Display (bought Dec. 2007) hasn't been turning on after a power outage hit our area last week.
    The Computer and Display were OFF when the outage occurred. Everything was plugged into a surge suppressor. Everything ELSE plugged in to the suppressor is fine (including my Mac CPU)... but not the monitor.
    It’s not dead-dead…. It’s a blank screen but there IS a morse-code flash on the LED (short-long-short). According to Apple Support’s LED Translation, it SHOULD be something to do with the power adaptor. The adaptor IS correct… a 90 watt… but just in case I bought ANOTHER 90w adaptor brick. I plugged the monitor to the new brick. THE RESULT WAS THE SAME.
    I’ve tried power cycling, I’ve tried plugging it into different outlets, I’ve tried connecting to other computers. The same LED result remains.
    And, yes, of course, I’ve got no Apple Support, and from what I read in similar posts, outside-the-warranty repairs could hit around $400. I REFUSE!
    For now I have a Samsung monitor from Costco. It’s not bad, but it’s not the Apple monitor with its awesome color-fidelity.
    I've read some other posts with the same problem (LED blink code and all) elsewhere but haven't got a solid answer.
    I wonder… has anyone else incurring this same problem (with the same LED flashing deal) tried to use a 150-WATT adaptor brick? I would try this myself, but I’m currently financially unable (and personally unwilling) to throw more cash at this problem unless I know it’ll fix it.

    Hi all!
    As mentioned on the title of this topic *I HAD THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM* with my 23" Cinema Display...
    Before the failure, the monitor *WAS IN PERFECT CONDITION* (trust me when I comment this, my whole life is in front of a monitor)
    *THE PROBLEM SHOWED UP THE DAY I MOVED THE MONITOR TO AN OTHER OFFICE* (???). Please note that *I TOOK EXTRA CARE WHEN I MOVED THE MONITOR*, besides, when something costs around 1K you owe to.
    *I TRIED AN 150W ADAPTER ON IT AND WORKED FINE!!!* Just like before.
    But since *IT WAS UNDER GUARANTY* I sent it to the local distributor who eventually *REPLACED IT WITH A "NEW" ONE*, which after remarks from my side it turned out it wasn't "new" but re-manufactured by Apple (off course, he guarantied me the parts in it, where brand new and had 0 hours of usage).
    In my question to the technical representative of Apple *"WHAT WAS WRONG WITH MY MONITOR"*, he answered me that *THE INVERTER WAS FAULT*.
    That's my story... I hope it may help some of you... Personally I can't have an opinion on the matter, since I'm not a technician. The only thing on which I can comment is that *A 1K MONITOR SHOULD BE WAY MORE DURABLE AND TOLERANT WHEN YOU TRANSFER IT AROUND (if that cause the problem of course)*

  • Blown 23" Cinema Display -- main board? or Inverter?

    I bought an Apple OEM Nvidia Geforce 3 for my G4 Cube, and the idea was that it should power my 23" Cinema Display (clear). But the monitor became blown when I connected it to an incompatible video card -- although the power light comes ON, the screen fails to illuminate.
    I'm hoping that someone can contribute to a diagnosis of my Display's problem. Here is the situation:
    The online Authorized Reseller "The Mac Support Store" sells various parts for this monitor. There appear to be two choices:
    1) The main board for the 23" Cinema Display is offered here:
    2) the inverter board is offered here:
    But which one should I buy?
    I realize this is pretty lame, inviting a stranger to diagnose a monitor he's not seen, but... you never know. Maybe you know what you're talking about. You probably know more about it than I do.
    Is there a good reason for suspecting that the blown Display is the main board? Or the inverter board?

    I don't know whether this will be of help but last year I started having all sorts of problems with my 23" Cinema Display. I replaced the power supply 'brick' - but still had problems (blank screen etc) - read lots about issues with these displays. I was running 10.4.11 - In the end I tried re-installing the system on another drive up to 10.4.8 - and it's worked fine ever since (it also cured a number of other weird problems) - ok, so I can't get the latest itunes software - but at least I have a screen that works. It seems that anything above 10.4.8 causes problems on my G5 Dual Power PC.

Maybe you are looking for

  • IMac 27" late 2012 3tb Yosemite BOOTCAMP ISSUES

    Hi, As said in the title, I have a 27" iMac late 2012 with 3tb worth of storage... It is currently running the latest version of Yosemite. I have been trying to run bootcamp on the iMac for windows 8, however it is not allowing me to install windows.

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