Problems printing PDF-X3 out of Scribus

Hello everybody,
I'm trying to print a PDF-X3 out of Scribus. The X3-compatiliby-check seems to have no problems,
but the Distiller says:
%%[ ProductName: Distiller ]%%
%%[Page: 1]%%
%%[Page: 2]%%
%%[Page: 3]%%
%%[ Error: undefined; OffendingCommand: Ã ]%%
%%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored ]%%
%%[ Warning: PostScript error. No PDF file produced. ] %%
I have no idea was the problem is! May anyone help?
Greetz Sanne
It seems to be the same problem if I don't use PDF-X3. What does that mean "OffendingCommand: Ã"? I can't find the errortype anywhere!
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Hi presottom
Please refer ;
Let us know more details about it to help you better ?
What is the OS ?
is there any error message , etc .. ?

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    Hi presottom
    Please refer ;
    Let us know more details about it to help you better ?
    What is the OS ?
    is there any error message , etc .. ?

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    Which version of Adobe Reader were you using earlier when printing using Dell printed was working fine?
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    I have same problem as described above, but not always.  Seems to depend on the web page I am trying to print to Adobe. One consistent culprit is Bank of America.  Looks okay until I print to Adobe Acrobat 9 or 10. Then it's gibberish.  i had to copy to Word and then print Word to Acrobat or printer.  
    . Various computers,
    . same problem with either Acrobat 9 or 10.
    . Not a problem printing to Acrobat from a Word or Excel or Outlook document
    . Only from certain websites and not the entire page, only the OCR part. The objects: logos, pictures are okay, only text is messed up.
    Definitely would like Adobe to fix this.

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    "An error message" really doesn't tell us much...
    Also, your operating system, Reader version, etc. would help.

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    Hi vhcarmona, have you tried printing a PDF from Preview? And what error messages, if any are you getting from Adobe Acrobat Reader? Have you updated all printer drivers? Also is this a resent problem? Like after an update or upgrade.

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    Hello there! Welcome to the forums @rt70 
    I understand you're having some issues with printing PDF files from a website on Windows 7.
    I would personally suggest trying to print from that website using a different web browser. If you're using Internet Explorer, try FireFox or Chrome, for example.
    You can also try running the Print and Scan Doctor tool, that will search and try and fix printing issues.
    If you have any issues that continue, please let me know what they are and which programs, websites, and web browsers you have tried, along with the results from running the diagnostic tool above.
    Good luck and have a great day
    R a i n b o w 7000I work on behalf of HP
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    “Thanks” for helping!
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    If I don't use ps2pdf and print the ps document directly, the output is correct. I have tried different pdf-viewers without any difference. About half a year ago, everything was working fine, so could it be related to : "As of version cups 1.5.3-3 ArchLinux makes use of the new full pdf-based printing workflow."?

    In my limited experience with the iOS iWork apps, they weren't designed for those who are picky about the layout. They are highly automatic and if you don't like the result, it's not easy to override. If the format when printed leaves unpleasant margins, I think your best approach is to reshape the tables in such a way that they will better fit the target media. If you are having large top margin, make the tables narrower, then when they scale to fit the paper, then may fill it better.

  • Re: Problem Printing PDF

    I hope someone can help me out. I have downloaded a PDF of the instructions for Junior Monopoly from the following link … ctions.pdf
    I can open the file BUT I simply cannot get it to print out correctly.
    My setup is ARCH using a PHOTOSMART P1000 printer connected directly to the PC.
    I have tried to use the following software:
    The problem is that the PDF shows  as Landscape orientation BUT however I try it always prints out portrait with half of the test missing.
    I guess that I must be missing something obvious, but have been trying for 2 days now. I know I should just leave it and move on BUT it is really bugging me that I cannot get this to print out straight.
    I have also tried on a LASERJET 4 from ARCH and it has the same problem
    I have not tried printing this out from WINDOWS yet.

    Thank you for your ideas. I will try them when I get back home later today. I have tried printing directly from firefox in windows and that has worked fine with the work Laser printer. (I am more and more confused).
    I kept trying last night and I believe the fundamental problem is getting the Photosmart P1000 to print landscape !! I have been using the recommended driver; but perhaps I should try one of the others.

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    First off, its not the printer.  Everything else (from pages to pictures to html etc) prints with no problems.
    Whenever I print a pdf (either self created or sent to me by someone else) it prints out very blurry. 
    or if there is any sort of watermark or lite background etc they print out black; completely obscuring everything else.
    I dont know if somewhere along the line I changed my Adobe print settings or something. 
    Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Any ideas how to fix/change this?
    Thank you ahead of time for any help.

    Print as Image means That instead of saving as PDF Text document. your saving as a image or picture/Graphic.
    Go to Print menu  > click on advanced options.
    It means what its says your saving as a Picture and as picture you can no longer edit.
    However, it will clear up some strange problems that crop up from time to time. one famous problem that woul crop up every time HP would update a Driver for my printer with Days Adobe would come out with an up date that would cause the PDF to show as tight diagonal lines. They only cure was to save as image until HP would up date the driver. It would last about two weeks when adobe would come out with a new up day which would screw it up again.  Thankfully them days are long over (at least with my current Printer).

  • Problems printing .pdfs

    I didn't know where to post this question but I find when I download .pdfs and go to print them, only one page is printed. The last page in the document. Anyone else have this issue?
    It appears that it is processing all the pages bu then it only prints one page. Word docs don't do that. Any ideas?

    i am having a similar problem with my printer. when i go to print a document it prints a few lines of codes and then continues to print blank sheets until the paper runs out. i am using the 10.4.10 version and my printer and downloaded software is hp C4280 and i just installed it. if you could help me that would be great. i am a college student and i need to print asap!!

  • I am having a problem printing pdf forms from the USDA FSA web site

    The forms can be populated and printed but not saved. Each time I populate a form and try to print it the website stops responding. I have try without populating the form, I ve tryed different forms, different printer and system. restarting the computer, flushing my cache. I can print other pdf files, I can populate and print from other website. It only happening to me at the USDA FSA website after selecting an eform such as FSA 2002. Any help out there?

    You should be able to right click on the PDF in the site and save the form. Even if you can not, once the form is displayed it is actually saved to the TEMP folder and you could play with that version. You will not be able to save the form with any data included, only the form itself since you are using Reader (by the way, there is a separate forum for Reader that might provide better answers).
    To avoid the problems you mention with the web site, I would do the download of the form if at all possible and work directly in Reader on your system. That might solve the printing problem you are having. When I opened it yesterday, there was some linking to the site that I found a bit unusual, but I did not find anything in the PDF that would have done that -- I did not spend a lot of time looking for such things that would be typical of some JavaScript or such.

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    Since upgradingn to IDCS3, whenever I print a pdf exported from ID to my hp color laserjet 2550L, the graphics print with a red overlay and other colors change as well (black type prints brown, blue prints maroon). If I print the file to a .ps file, then distill it, I don't have the problem. If possible, I prefer to export because it's quicker. Is there a fix to this?
    Thanks in advance!

    Check the HP site for a newer driver for your printer.

  • Same problem printing pdf but with a twist

    I am having the same problem as others have described in not being able to print certain pdf documents.  I have tried all of the suggest "fixes" including uninstalling and reinstalling Acrobat XI Pro. (I am on a Windows 7 Professional system).  The twist is that if I open the pdf on my Ipad I can print it from there - just not on my windows based PC.  Now what?????

    Hi Paul,
    Please refer to this KB doc. Troubleshoot PDF printing | Acrobat, Reader and follow the steps in order to resolve the issue.
    Let me know if the issue persist.

  • Problem printing PDF with Acrobat Pro 9.4.4

    I can't correctly print a PDF with Acrobat Pro that was created in Indesign CS5.
    I want to print it on a letter format (8,5 X 11") and it offers me a format of 8,49 X 10,99". It results in having my document being printed as tile with it's original format 12 X 21,5" as if I didn't adjust the format to be reduced.
    I temporary used Preview to print my PDF, but now I can't as the encoding in which I received the PDF used to be "Creo Normalizer JTP" and now it is "Adobe PDF Library 9.9"
    If anyone can help!
    This is my first time here, thanks in advance for your help

    Here's what it looks like (I work in french, hope you can understand)
    I just updated my software, thanks for that!
    Now, my problem is still on... I still have the very same result when I print. I did selected the correct Page Scalling I needed. I did selected the paper size I wanted. I chose Shrink to Printable Area and I tried with Fit to Printable Area.
    Since I've had this problem the size appears as : 8,49 X 10,99 (Instead of 8,5 X 11). I tried with Legal (8,5 X 14) but it appears as 8,49 X 13,99. I went through the preferences, but I can't find anything that could be the problem.
    Any other idea?
    Also, Preview was very helpful, as it did print my PDF correctly! I understand it's not the best... but it did the job

Maybe you are looking for