Problems with "not in" statement

I have a query that should return less than 20 lines, but instead I get about 51. I'm not sure what's wrong here. I've tried a bunch of different things.
select i.w_id, i.p_id,
count(decode(o.ord_id, ' ', i.p_id, 0)) ORDERS_ISSUED,
sum(decode(o.order_status, 'P', i.quantity, 0)) QUANTITY_ORDERED
inventories i,
orders o,
products p
where p.p_id not in
(select i.p_id from inventories i)
group by i.w_id, i.p_id;
What I'm trying to achieve is:
Which warehouses have pending orders for products, which are not in stock at the warehouse at the moment? Provide warehouse number, id of the product that is not in stock, number of orders issued for this product and total quantity ordered.
The tables I'm using are:
And I think I might have to use this one:
Edited by: user4555857 on 30-Nov-2009 13:48

select i.w_id, i.p_id,
count(decode(o.ord_id, ' ', i.p_id, 0)) ORDERS_ISSUED,
sum(decode(o.order_status, 'P', i.quantity, 0)) QUANTITY_ORDERED
inventories i,
you should not select from this table aboveorders o,
products p
where p.p_id not in
(select i.p_id from inventories i)
can you tell me the way you expect to map orders & products together?group by i.w_id, i.p_id;

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  • I have a problem with not a statement

    if (choice==1)
    when I compile this , it says "not a statement".What this suppose means?I know usually it caused by using a variable name beginning with a digit or punctuation or some other improper character, but how about in this case?

    Neeeeeeeeewbie wrote:
    if (choice==1)by itself, this looks fine, but much will depend on the context that it is in. I recommend that you post a small program with this statement in it that shows the error, and we'll see. Please don't forget to use code tags so your code is formatted and thus readable.

  • Problems with "Select Distinct" Statement

    Hi... I've a little problem with my SQL Statement...
    I've a Table in a DataBase with Solds of the Month... the fields are: vta_fecha, vta_prod, vta_total, vta_mesa.
    I've to Select only the distincts fields of vta_prod... selected by vta_fecha and vta_mesa...
    My code is like this:         try{
                conec = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=C:/POOL/Data/BaseDat.MDB");
                state = conec.createStatement(ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE,ResultSet.CONCUR_READ_ONLY);try{
                rec = state.executeQuery("Select DISTINCT vta_prod, vta_fecha, vta_mesa from Ventas where vta_fecha = #" + Fecha_q + "# And vta_mesa = 0");           
                int x = 0;
                while (rec.isAfterLast()==false){
                if (x > 0){
                    Productos = new String[x];
                    Total_Vta = new int[x];
                    Cant_Prod = new int[x];
                    x = 0;
                    while (rec.isAfterLast() == false){
                        Productos[x] = rec.getString("vta_prod");
                    Productos = new String[0];
                    Total_Vta = new int[0];
                    Cant_Prod = new int[0];
            }catch(Exception e){JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,e.getMessage());}Now, in the Table I have only 3 diferents vta_prod, but this Statement returns 9 Rows... and I don't know why...
    Please help me...

    I don�t have a complete picture because I don�t know what values you are passing in the select and I don�t know your column types but this is what I think is happening from what you have shared.
    You may have misunderstood what the DISTINCT keyword does.
    The DISTINCT keyword applies to the full set of columns in the select (not just the first column). So in your case it would be equivalent to:
    SELECT vta_prod, vta_fecha, vta_mesa
    FROM Ventas
    WHERE ...
    GROUP BY by vta_prod, vta_fecha, vta_mesa
    So, it doesn't matter that you only have 3 distinct vta_prod values if you have multiple values being returned in the other columns. The vta_mesa column can only a return a single value as �0�. That leaves the vta_fecha column which is probably a date/time column and is probably the column that is returning the three other distinct values (one date with three distinct times).
    (3 vta_prod) x (3 vta_fecha) x (1 vta_mesa) or 3x3x1 = 9 rows
    So find a way to strip the time from vta_fecha in your select statement and your SQL should return the results you expect. I�m not an Access expect but I think I remember you can use something like the �Convert� or �DatePart� functions to make that happen (check your documentation to be sure)..
    A couple of asides;
    1) You should use a PreparedStatement and rarely if ever use Statement.
    2) You should start Java variable names with lower case.

  • I updated my IPhone 3GS to the new 5.1 operating system and have since had a range of problems with not only my phone but also my IPad.

    I updated my IPhone 3GS to the new 5.1 operating system and have since had a range of problems with not only my phone but also my IPad.
    Programs (Safari, mail, messages) keep crashing, mail will not delete properly (some will keep popping into my inbox again for no reason!!!), slow, settings lock up etc. etc.
    This only seemed to become an issue once I updated to ios 5.1 and funnily also affected my Ipad even though i hadn't updated the software yet. I have since updated the software on my ipad thinking it might help too but that only made things worse!! So I am not sure if it's an ICloud issue, but when i try to disable ICloud my devices lock up as well.
    The battery life is also shocking!!
    I have hard reset both devices, restored both devices, reset the setting and tried a whole host of other suggestions (like closing background programs) on this forum buit nothing works and i am tearing my hair out.
    I looked in the phone and ipad log and there do seem to be low memory reports though i don't know why these are occuring now when they never have before??
    I don't know if I can restore the old operating system (If I can please let me know how). The phone or ipad are not jailbroken.

    but you should have a backup in itunes.
    Every time you sync your iOS device iTunes creates a backup. go check if its there, iTunes Preferences >Devices. and there you should see if you have a backup, and in case from which date the backup is.
    And ofcourse you can get your icloud data back by just logging in with your Appleid under icloud in settings on the iphone.
    But anyway, if the iPhone works when you restor it as new: try adding your backup, and see if the issue comes back. And experiment with your backup and try to work out what is causing the issue, my guess is that its some app!   Good Luck!

  • TS4040 I assumed this would help my problem with not being able to open apps like Preview or TextEdit since I installed Mountain Lion. Instead, first I'm prompted to enter a password, then once I do that, I get an error box telling me the Library needs re

    I assumed this would help my problem with not being able to open apps like Preview or TextEdit since I installed Mountain Lion. Instead, first I'm prompted to enter a password, then once I do that, I get an error box telling me the Library needs repairing. So I click on Repair, and once again I'm prompted for a password, which I enter, then the same error box opens, and so it goes. Can anyone help me with this problem? I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Back up all data. Don't continue unless you're sure you can restore from a backup, even if you're unable to log in.
    This procedure will unlock all your user files (not system files) and reset their ownership and access-control lists to the default. If you've set special values for those attributes on any of your files, they will be reverted. In that case, either stop here, or be prepared to recreate the settings if necessary. Do so only after verifying that those settings didn't cause the problem. If none of this is meaningful to you, you don't need to worry about it.
    Step 1
    If you have more than one user account, and the one in question is not an administrator account, then temporarily promote it to administrator status in the Users & Groups preference pane. To do that, unlock the preference pane using the credentials of an administrator, check the box marked Allow user to administer this computer, then reboot. You can demote the problem account back to standard status when this step has been completed.
    Triple-click the following line to select it. Copy the selected text to the Clipboard (command-C):
    { sudo chflags -R nouchg,nouappnd ~ $TMPDIR.. ; sudo chown -Rh $UID:staff ~ $_ ; sudo chmod -R u+rwX ~ $_ ; chmod -R -N ~ $_ ; } 2> /dev/null
    Paste into the Terminal window (command-V). You'll be prompted for your login password, which won't be displayed when you type it. You may get a one-time warning to be careful. If you don’t have a login password, you’ll need to set one before you can run the command. If you see a message that your username "is not in the sudoers file," then you're not logged in as an administrator.
    The command will take a noticeable amount of time to run. Wait for a new line ending in a dollar sign (“$”) to appear, then quit Terminal.
    Step 2 (optional)
    Step 1 should give you usable permissions in your home folder. This step will restore special attributes set by OS X on some user folders to protect them from unintended deletion or renaming. You can skip this step if you don't consider that protection to be necessary, and if everything is working as expected after step 1.
    Boot into Recovery by holding down the key combination command-R at startup. Release the keys when you see a gray screen with a spinning dial.
    When the OS X Utilities screen appears, select
    Utilities ▹ Terminal
    from the menu bar. A Terminal window will open.
    In the Terminal window, type this:
    Press the tab key. The partial command you typed will automatically be completed to this:
    Press return. A Reset Password window will open. You’re not  going to reset a password.
    Select your boot volume ("Macintosh HD," unless you gave it a different name) if not already selected.
    Select your username from the menu labeled Select the user account if not already selected.
    Under Reset Home Directory Permissions and ACLs, click the Reset button.
     ▹ Restart
    from the menu bar.

  • I refurbished my macbook air 7 months ago because there was a problem with the steady state drive. Now my battery seems to be dead again. How long does the warranty last? Do I need to pay for a new battery?

    I refurbished my macbook air 7 months ago because there was a problem with the steady state drive. Now my battery seems to be dead again. How long does the warranty last? Do I need to pay for a new battery?

    As I wrote Apple will diagnose an Apple product even if it is out of warranty for free. That should be your first step to find out if the problem is the battery or something else.
    Once you have Apple telling you a 7 month old battery is defective (if that turns out to be the case)  then it becomes a game of horse trading. You'll need to speak to the tech and when he tells you there is nothing he can do you will need to speak to the tech manager and when she says most likely there is nothing they can do you go to the store manager, etc.  It is unlikely (though possible) that they will give in easily you need to be firm, polite and let on that you're willing to accept a partial reimbursement.
    So again the first step is to find out what is wrong.
    good luck

  • HT1222 Having problem with  Notes at time will not record dictation on iPhone?

    Having problem with  Notes at time will not record dictation on iPhone?

    First thing to try is to reset your device. Press and hold the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously ignoring the red slider should one appear until the Apple logo appears. Let go of the buttons and let the device restart. See if that fixes your problem.
    If that doesn't help have your phone examined by an apple technician. Make an appointment at an Apple Store to have your device examined by a technician. Or contact Apple Support.

  • A problem with Notes...

    I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, but wasn't sure where to go.
    I'm having problems with notes on my Mac running 10.8.4.
    I've done searches, but cannot find my problem.
    I have set up an iCloud account. I can see my notes in iCloud, but if I try to use the, I get the above response. The prefs seem to be set up, I must be doing something wrong.
    Thank you for any help,

    Apparently I don't know how to paste.
    The message reads:
    "This Mac can't connect to iCloud because of a problem with  [email protected]"

  • Problem with not enough resolutions Late 2013 iMac 27"

    Hi guys.
    Last friday arrive to my home my new top iMac --> i7 / 16Gb / 3Tb FusionDrive / GTX 780
    I always use 1920x1080 resolution display in my older iMac Mid 2010 27" but in my new iMac say this:
    I need 1920x180. Is it possible change the resolution with scrips or edit one file...?

    baltwoJul 21, 2014 10:07 PM
    Re: Re: Problem with not enough resolutions Late 2013 iMac 27"in response to GoldFran
    Might be primitive, but free, and does the job.
    the truth is you're right. Sometimes we search any solutions but this is some complicated when the best fix normally, It´s easy solution... "Okam's razor"

  • Problem with not getting Internet Connect on AirPort Express

    Problem with not getting Internet Connect on AirPort Express (version7.6.4). Error says cannot get valid IP address. Have reset Siemens SpeedStream 4100 several time, even with tech support from the big "A" DSL provider. Plug MacBook Pro directly into modem and works fine. Unplugged AirPort, even reset it, still no luck. A bad Express?? or am not looking in the right place to make connection. Was working fine up until Sunday.

    Connect the AirPort Express (AX) to the cable modem via Ethernet cable.
    In configuring the AX using AirPort Utility:
    Under Internet, set the connection to be Ethernet using DHCP.
    Under Connection Sharing, set it to distribute a range of IP addresses.
    Under AirPort>Wireless, set the Wireless Mode to Create a wireless network, and fill in the remaining settings in the same window. Until you get it working, you might want to set Wireless Security to None.

  • Problems with notes and mark ups in pdf

    I'm having problems with the Adobe reader for iPad.
    Whenever I modify a pdf file, adding notes or any other mark up, I'm not able to see any of the markups in the file when I open the same file with another application or I send it via e-mail.
    Only the digital signature is still visible.

    You are correct. When i open it with Adobe i get my mark ups etc. When i use Apple`s pdf view i do not.
    Problem solved.
    Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 10:46:22 -0700
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Problems with notes and mark ups in pdf
    Re: Problems with notes and mark ups in pdf created by Pat Wibbeler in Adobe Reader for iOS - View the full discussion
    Can you share what applications you are using to view the notes after emailing? You have to view the document in a Reader that supports annotations. Apple ships a built in pdf viewer (like the one used in iBooks) that many iOS developers use (e.g. Dropbox, email). This built in PDF viewer does not support rendering annotations. However, many other applications (like the Adobe Reader for iOS and the Adobe desktop products) do support Annotation rendering. Similarly, one of our competitor's PDF viewers (PDFExpert) supports this functionality as well. Annotations are part of the PDF standard and the specification is widely available and we would love to see more renderers support it!
    Please note that the Adobe Forums do not accept email attachments. If you want to embed a screen image in your message please visit the thread in the forum to embed the image at
    Replies to this message go to everyone subscribed to this thread, not directly to the person who posted the message. To post a reply, either reply to this email or visit the message page:
    To unsubscribe from this thread, please visit the message page at In the Actions box on the right, click the Stop Email Notifications link.
    Start a new discussion in Adobe Reader for iOS by email or at Adobe Community
    For more information about maintaining your forum email notifications please go to

  • Problem with the FOR statement.....again!

    Hi everyone,
    Well I'm still trying to do a car slideshow using external
    files and can't seem to see the end. The current movie is here:
    I also attach the code. My problem is I had originally set up
    an animation with 2 pictures sliding in with some text, and then
    wait 4 seconds before sliding out, and then next pictures and text
    would slide in and so on, using a setInterval.
    The problem is the FOR loop seems to skip the setInterval and
    the function "wait", so it just loops quickly and jumps to last
    picture, so on the example above, it just slides the last picture
    (i=9) and that's it!
    Can you not include another function within a FOR statement.
    Or is there a way to tell the FOR loop to wait until all motion is
    Any help greatly appreciated
    import mx.transitions.*;
    import mx.transitions.easing.*;
    for (i=0; i<10 ; i++) {
    var picLeft = "pics/"+i+".jpg";
    var picRight = "pics/"+i+"b.jpg";
    var txtToLoad = "text/"+i+".txt";
    leftHolder._x = -200;
    leftHolder._y = 15;
    var leftTween:Tween = new Tween(leftHolder, "_x",
    Strong.easeOut, leftHolder._x, 10, 2, true);
    centerHolder._x = 180;
    centerHolder._y = 250;
    var centerTween:Tween = new Tween(centerHolder, "_y",
    Strong.easeOut, centerHolder._y, 15, 2, true);
    text._x = 600;
    myData = new LoadVars();
    myData.onLoad = function(){
    text.carText.text = this.content;
    var textTween:Tween = new Tween(text, "_x", Strong.easeOut,
    text._x, 420, 2, true);
    myInterval = setInterval(wait, 4000);
    function wait() {
    var leftTweenFinished:Tween = new Tween(leftHolder, "_x",
    Strong.easeOut, leftHolder._x, -200, 1, true);
    var centerTween:Tween = new Tween(centerHolder, "_y",
    Strong.easeOut, centerHolder._y, 250, 1, true);
    var textTween2:Tween = new Tween(text, "_x", Strong.easeOut,
    text._x, 600, 1, true);
    ***************************************************************************************** ***

    There is no way to tell a for loop to wait. That is not what
    they do.
    The entire for loop will execute (if possible, and it doesn't
    enter some kind of continuous infinite loop) completely before each
    time the frame is rendered.
    If you want to spread things out over time you need to use
    the setInterval -- but not inside a for loop! If you do that you
    immediately set however many intervals as your loop has. In this
    case you will also assign the ids for those intervals to the same
    variable, effectively overwriting the value so you will never be
    able to clear most of those intervals.
    So you need to rethink you whole structure. Set up some kind
    of counter and limit like this:
    var slidesToShow:Number=10;
    var curSlide:Number=0;
    Then have your setInterval increment the curSlide each time
    it is called and check to see if it has shown all of them. That is
    where your "loop" comes in.
    As for the other part of your question -- yes you actually
    have two different issues going on -- again you cannot make a for
    loop wait for anything. So no there is no way to pause it while you
    wait for your tween to end. But you can be notified when a tween
    Check out the documentation about the tween class in the help
    files. There you will find the onMotionFinished event. So you can
    set up one of those to start whatever needs to be started when the
    tween has finished.
    You should also use the MovieClipLoader class to load your
    images, because you have no idea how long it will take to load
    them. Using that class you get a nice event (onLoadInit) that tells
    you when the asset is ready to be used.
    Finally I'm thinking you might want to use setTimeout instead
    of setInterval. It only goes once, while setInterval repeats
    forever. So I would think your algorithm would be something like
    1. load external asset
    2. when ready animate in and set onMotionFinished handler
    3. when motion is finished start loading next asset and
    setTimeout for 4 seconds.
    4. when 4 seconds is up or the clip is loaded (which ever
    takes longer) go to 2 and repeat.
    If this is going to be run locally on a hard drive or CD you
    won't have any problem with the length of time it takes to load the
    external assets, but if it is over the web it will take time.

  • Problem with Binary search statement

    I have problem with reading the internal with Binary search.
    I have two internal tables BSAS and BSIS. In BSAS I have 1,200,000 line items and BSIS 500,000 line items. I need to delete the line items if BSIS-BELNR NE BSAS-AUGBL.
    I am using the following code :
        LOOP AT gt_bsas .
          READ TABLE gt_bsis WITH KEY bukrs = gt_bsas-bukrs
                                      belnr = gt_bsas-augbl
                                      gjahr = gt_bsas-gjahr.
          IF sy-subrc NE 0.
            DELETE gt_bsas.
            CLEAR  gt_bsas.
    By this execution of the loop is taking long time. If I use the binary search it is fast but result is not correct.
    Please suggest me, how to resolve this issue.

    Try this way:
    LOOP AT gt_bsas .
    READ TABLE gt_bsis WITH KEY bukrs = gt_bsas-bukrs
    belnr = gt_bsas-augbl
    gjahr = gt_bsas-gjahr
    <b>BINARY SEARCH.</b>
    <b>IF sy-subrc eq 0.</b>
    ****Do Nothing.
    <b>DELETE gt_bsas sy-tabix.</b>
    CLEAR gt_bsas.
    1. Also make sure that the KEY mentioned in READ statement follows the same seqeunce of gt_bsis structure.
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  • Specific problem with buttons and states

    I first apologize for using Google Translate :-(
    I have a problem with InDesign not solve. It is for a digital publication.
    My goal is:
    A 'gallery' button is pressed and the ball image appears with three buttons: "Previous image", "Next image" and "close gallery".
    I do not want the gallery to be visible, or buttons that control, until the button is pressed "gallery", so I think all buttons except "gallery" with the "hidden until activated" option selected.
    I want the gallery, and buttons that control it, disappears when I press the button "close gallery".
    What I call "Gallery" is an image that fills the screen.
    After placing the image on your site have become the property button "Hidden until activated."
    Then convert this button in order to several states (what I will call "button states") and by the successive states with the images I want to show in the gallery.
    I think the interactions of the buttons.
    When button "gallery" I assign the following "I click the"
    - "Go to state"
    - Hide "gallery"
    - Show "close gallery"
    - Show "previous picture"
    - Show "next image"
    - Show "button states."
    The buttons "Previous Image" and "Next Image" are assigned, respectively, to go to previous state and go to the next state.
    When button "close gallery" I assign the following "I click the"
    - Show "gallery"
    - Hide "close gallery"
    - Hide "previous picture"
    - Hide "next image"
    - Show "button states."
    The buttons "Previous Image" and "Next Image" are assigned, respectively, to go to previous state and go to the next state.
    When button "close gallery" I assign the following "I click the"
    - Show "gallery"
    - Hide "close gallery"
    - Hide "previous picture"
    - Hide "next image"
    - Hide "button states."
    I put it up and working properly until I press "close gallery". Then I hide the buttons "close gallery", "previous image" and "next picture" but it keeps me visible "button states" showing the last image that was shown.
    Do not know how to fix this and I'm going crazy!
    Please can anyone help me?
    The solution may be another approach but without using "Folio Overlays".
    Thank you very much.

    I've moved your post to the DPS forum.
    I'm afraid the way you're doing this is not going to work with DPS.
    This should all be done with a multi state object. The first state would contain nothing but a button to go to the first state. After that set up each state with the proper buttons. Without seeing the file it's a bit difficult for me to envision exactly what you want to do.

  • Problem with not executed include

    Hi all,
    I've a problem with my include in production system. Whole story looks like this. We have product from 3rd company so this is not z-namespace. There are some places in which we can add our own code - function module with not existing z-include. This FM is called with CALL FUNCTION statement, not CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION, so there are no CMOD entries to modify. I've created this include and implemented my functionality. Unfortunatelly my code in production is sometimes executed and sometimes not. What I've observed is that when include is not executed debugger steps over it (it goes in to FM but ignores include) and what is more funny I'm not able to set breakpoint in this include (I'm getting a message that ithis is not possible). 2 Minutes later everything works (I can set break point and include is executed) although I didn't do anything (no activation). I've transported once more all transports from development to production without any change. I didn't observe this behavior in development or test systems, but to be honest I didn't do so many tests to be sure that problem is only in production.
    I suspect that there is something wrong with 3rd party product, but I'm not 100% sure. Did anyone has this kind of problem?
    Best Regards
    Marcin Cholewczuk

    I've transported once more all transports from development to production without any change.
    you could not  activate debugger because  . during transporting object from dev to prd  all the object where not transported correctly  .  and some times  the include  which gets created has there namespace registered in repository objects , so when you re transported that request  it corrected those entries  .

Maybe you are looking for

  • I want to open a directory only not a file

    Hai have a peace day. I have a question. I'm looking for a dialog box where the user can browse for a directory. All I can find is a dialog box where you can open a file. Is there one to open a directory? If not, how can I solve this so the user can

  • Handling property name with spaces in SQL query

    Hello, I have some JSON that looks like this:     "SystemId": "112234",     "Parameter": {         "Total Hours": [                 "timestamp": "2015-03-15T15:20:00Z",                 "itemValue": "0"                 "timestamp": "2015-03-15T15:15:0

  • Understand MIBC Output

    Hi Gurus, I have a question on MIBC result's output field "%". Based on my understanding, this field displays the percentage of a material's consumption value based on the total consumption value. I run MIBC with below options. With that said, the su

  • ABAP Web Dynpro isolation method

    Hello all! i have a scenario where i need to publish a ABAP Web Dynpro app to my outward facing portal. the issue is that i am using reverse proxy which allows me to secure the external portal.. When i create an ABAP WD Iview i am forced to have the

  • Biztalk message transmission issue

    Microsoft.ServiceModel.Channels.Common.ConnectionException: Details: ErrorCode=RFC_OK. ErrorGroup=RFC_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE. SapErrorMessage=Timeout.  AdapterErrorMessage=. ---> Microsoft.Adapters.SAP.RFCException: Details: ErrorCode=RFC_OK. ErrorGroup