[Q] Loading one external JPG file into different MCs & Downloading

Hi, I was wondering if I set few MCs to load the same
external JPG file, would users need to download thme few times?
Or only need to download once?
I am having trouble loading long 700*8000 jpg files due to
limited pixel size of 2300(?).
I was thking of making them into 2000 * 2000 square pictures
by cutting long picture into short sigments and putting them side
by side.
and using AS to make them appear as single long picture by
using 2 MCs with same image but at different x position of loaded
square Picture.
Anyone have better idea?
I am bit hesitated to make jpg to swf files cuz I have too
many pictures
Plz spare some time for me..
Thank you for your time~!!!!

thank you, kglad..
I was thking of making 700 * 8000 image into 2800*2800 image
this square picture works as four (700*2800) images.
So that i can use 2 set of same jpg MC with differnt Masking
to make them
appears as continuously long images
eg. 1st Mc will be showing _x: 0-700
at the bottom of the first MC, 2nd MC will be showing _x:
and so on so on..
so..when user is scrolling down..these MCs will makeing
sqaure image
as long portrait image..
I dont beleve myself it is a good solution..
Probably most suitable way would be what you just suggested
Its just that it will be quite a time consuming job to make
jpgs into swfs...
Thank you again for your kindness..:)

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    But nothing works. I'm still getting a blank screen. Is there any way to add the swf file manually into the descriptor file cause flash most likely messes it up? I don't really want to use through command line.

    Read this article, especially the bit about loadercontext and currentdomain:
    http://blogs.adobe.com/airodynamics/2012/11/09/packaging-and-loading-multiple-swfs-in-air- apps-on-ios/

  • Loading external (PDF)file into BLOB colum in the table.  Need urgent help.

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    I've currently been working on loading many external binary files (PDF) into BLOB column. After some digging, I learn that the SQL*LOADER can be used to load data from external files into table. I also got help from another forummate mentioning to use PL/SQL procedure to do so. Since I have not done anything like this before. So, my question is what is the simple approach needed to upload PDF files into a table(there is only one table containing BLOB column in my database). In addition, the LOBs can not be query-able, I wanted to list the contents of the LOBs column to make sure that I did successfully upload data into the database. How can I do that?. I do need your help. Please direct me step by step how to do so. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Once the PDF file is inserted in the PDM table, i am not able to read the PDF data from the below code, This code converts the binary data into the Character data i.e BLOB data into the CLOB, but still the data is not proper which is getting inserted PDF is proprietary format of Adobe. And you cant just read it from pl/sql. You need Adobe software installed in your client machine to view it.
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    Is there a way to load external .jpg files on the fly or do
    they have to reside in the swf file?

    Hi Persons,
    macrofireball is correct as always, but I'll just add a
    thought to this thread because I suspect "rfull" isn't actually
    asking what he/she
    appears to be asking.
    No photo can ever be displayed "by itself". That is, image
    files are always "opened" in some sort of vehicle. It might be an
    image editor, or it might be a document like a *.DOC or a *.HTM ...
    something must "contain" the image.
    So you can access a photo at any time you wish by putting it
    on a web page, then linking to the web page (for instance). Is
    something like that what you really had in mind?
    Have a good 'un folks!

  • Loading data from .csv file into existing table

    I have taken a look at several threads which talk about loading data from .csv file into existing /new table. Also checked out Vikas's application regarding the same. I am trying to explain my requirement with an example.
    I have a .csv file and I want the data to be loaded into an existing table. The timesheet table columns are -
    timesheet_entry_id,time_worked,timesheet_date,project_key .
    The csv columns are :
    project,utilization,project_key,timesheet_category,employee,timesheet_date , hours_worked etc.
    What I needed to know is that before the csv data is loaded into the timesheet table is there any way of validating the project key ( which is the primary key of the projects table) with the projects table . I need to perform similar validations with other columns like customer_id from customers table. Basically the loading should be done after validating if the data exists in the parent table. Has anyone done this kind of loading through the APEX utility-data load.Or is there another method of accomplishing the same.
    Does Vikas's application do what the utility does ( i am assuming that the code being from 2005 the utility was not incorporated in APEX at that time). Any helpful advise is greatly appreciated.

    Hi Anjali,
    Take a look at these threads which might outline different ways to do it -
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    you can create hidden items in the page to validate previous records before insert data.
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    M Tajuddin

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    SQL> create user myphoto identified by myphoto;
    User created.
    SQL> grant connect,resource to myphoto;
    Grant succeeded.
    SQL> create table myphoto.photo_table
    2 (photo_id varchar2(10) primary key,
    3 photo_content blob);
    Table created.
    I would like to build an Oracle Form with a Text Item to enter the full path and filename to be uploaded and inserted into the photo_table; and a Push Button to insert the jpg file into the photo_table.
    Can any one give me details on how this could be done?

    have a look at webutil on otn.oracle.com/products/forms ---> Webutil
    Webutil has the capability to load files into the database.

  • Load a  external jpg in BitmapData

    Hello Everybody,
    I search a way to load a external jpg from my server in my
    swf to use
    it with the BitmapData-Class.
    The Method loadBitmap only works with images from my internal
    What do you think is the best way to solve this problem.
    For me it seems to be a little bit stupid to load the image
    in a MovieClip.
    Then Scan the Mc to write it in a BitmapData-Object.
    To Filter it. And then write it back to an MC.
    Do you know a way, where I can load it directly to and
    like this:
    1) load Image in BitmapData-Object
    2) Filter - Image
    3) attachBitmap to MovieClip
    I am a noob with Flash 8 and my english is very bad.
    So sorry and thanks for you help

    //import BitmapData
    import flash.display.BitmapData;
    //stop movie so it doesn't repeat over and over
    //load a pic into an mc on the stage
    content_mc.loadMovie("flash.jpg", 1);
    //create a function that runs every frame (only for this
    example, it keeps running and you won't want that
    _root.onEnterFrame = function() {
    //this is the interesting bit, basically the next line is
    your preloader 100% action, the pic has to actually have been fully
    loaded before we can do this
    if (_root.content_mc.getBytesLoaded() ==
    _root.content_mc.getBytesTotal()) {
    //create a variable to hold the bitmapdata info
    myBitmapData = new
    flash.display.BitmapData(content_mc._width, content_mc._height,
    true, 0x00FFFFFF);
    //copy the bitmap into the bitmapdata variable we just
    //now attach it to a different mc for the sake of example
    _root.content_mc2.attachBitmap(myBitmapData, 1, "auto",
    //rotate both movieclips so you can see the difference
    _root.content_mc._rotation = 30;
    _root.content_mc2._rotation = 30;
    supplied by myFlash83

  • How to add one poi jar file into webdynpro project

    Hi all:
        We would like to add one poi jar file into one webdynpro project, however, what should we do ?
        Its one external 3rd party jar file.

    To add a jar file you need to have an external library DC.
    Hope the below link will help you:
    thanks & regards,

  • Load Multiple Dynamic Text Files in Different frames on Maintimeline

    I have managed to load an external text file in one place one the maintimeline. I would like to do the same thing on other frames. When I go to duplicate the same thing that I did on the first one I get a duplicate textReq request. Do I need to give the textReq a more specific name for each section? When I did this the movie wouldn't even recognize and of the code that was working before.
    Can anyone help me with this code? Thanks in advance
    I am attaching link so you can see sections I am talking about. Also you will notice that the swf file I loaded won't go away. That's another problem...ugh.
    Here is link:
    Here is code on maintimeline:
    import fl.transitions.*;
    import fl.transitions.easing.*;
    import flash.net.URLRequest;
    import flash.display.Loader;
    import flash.events.Event;
    import flash.events.ProgressEvent;
    function startLoad() {
        var swfLoader:Loader = new Loader();
        var swfRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest("endlessCoclico3.swf");
        swfLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onCompleteHandler);
        swfLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS, onProgressHandler);
    function onCompleteHandler(loadEvent:Event) {
    function onProgressHandler(swfProgress:ProgressEvent) {
        var percent:Number = swfProgress.bytesLoaded/swfProgress.bytesTotal;
    //handle events for buttons...
    collections.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickSection);
    raison.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickSection);
    stores.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickSection);
    news.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickSection);
    contact.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickSection);
    home.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickSection);
    function clickSection(evtObj:MouseEvent) {
        //trace shows what's happening... in the output window
        trace("The "+evtObj.target.name+" button was clicked!");
        //go to the section clicked on...
    Here is code on actual frame where the dynamic text is working:
    //Loaded exteranl text fields
    var textLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
    var textReq:URLRequest = new URLRequest("text_philosophy.txt");
    function textLoaded(event:Event):void {
        philosophy_txt.text = textLoader.data;
    textLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, textLoaded);

    Textfields:  What I like to do, mainly for peace of mind, is to have a layer that I dedicate to actionscript that only has code in frame 1 but it extends the full length of the timeline so that this code is available to every frame on any other layer.  In this frame I put variables and functions that can get used/shared wherever they happen to be needed.  I usually create another separate layer for actions types of actionscript... stuff that happens at the local frame level, like stop();, or like assigning a variable a new value, etc... things local to being at that frame/location.  So with that in mind
    In frame 1 on my shared-by-everyone layer, I'd probably declare the variable....
    var textReq:URLRequest;
    And when I get to a particular frame where I want to load a new textfield with data, I assign that var its value on the local actions layer...
    textReq = new URLRequest("text_philosophy.txt");
    along with the rest of the local execution regarding loading the file, etc...
    Yeah, pretty much, and it becomes an object that has a home on the timeline, so if you move away from that frame the swf doesn't follow.

  • Trying to load pre-2006 lso files into Logic 8 on my new intel Mac Pro

    I'm trying to load pre-2006 lso files into Logic 8 on my new intel Mac Pro, but they crash the app every time. files saved 2006 and later load OK. Anybody shed any light on this or know of a fix (other than the laborious work-around of re-saving all early lso's in logic 8 on the PPC and physically moving them via a portable drive to the new machine)?
    (BTW, those files also crash the Logic 7 installed on the intel Mac.)

    Upon further work with my migration, I find I was incorrect in the time frame assertion of these failed files: apparently, the creation/modification dates have nothing to do with it and the reality is that some files fail at random, while others load just fine. right now it looks to be about 50/50 Beats me why this is.
    Anyway, for those interested, I've discovered a very helpful key to the quick processing of file data for a plethora of files (i. e. re-saving the "bad" lso files as Logic 8 projects on the older CPU and moving them over to my new machine), and that is the 'control key/launch' of the app. I hadn't realized that Apple had added this feature to Logic to enable easier work on multiple song files when one does not require the audio.
    For those who don't know about it, the 'control key/launch' provides an option to disable the core audio at app start-up, thus allowing files to load instantly without loading the plug-in library files associated with tracks - great for copying MIDI data between song files, or in this case, re-saving a batch.
    Still puzzled, though, as to why so many older lso files crash Logic when they attempt to load on my new CPU.

  • Load data from XML files into BI

    Hi All,
    Can any one guide me through the steps which involve in loading data from XML files into BI?

    Hi James,
    I have followed upto step No: 12 .
    Please could you let me know how to link the XML file on my local drive to BI,
    I am not able to find figure out where to specify the path of the XML file to be loaded into BI.
    Thanks In Advance
    1. Create a Infosource(ZIS), with transfer structure in accordance with the structure in the XML file. (You can open the XML file with MS Excel.This way you can get to know the structure).
    2. Activate the transfer rules.
    3. After activation ;from the Menu Bar , Select Extras>Create BW Datasource with SOAP connection.
    4.Now Activate the Infosurce again, this creates an XML based Datasource(6AXXX...)
    5.These steps would create two sub nodes under the Infosource(ZIS).
    6.Select Myself system and create a data package and execute it run in Init mode(without Data Transfer).
    7. This would create an entry in RSA7(BW delta Queue)
    8. Again create another Delta Infopackage under it, and run it. Now the Datasource(6AXXXXXX..) would turn green in RSA7.
    9.In Function builder(SE37) select your FM( do a search ,F4, on the datasource 6AXXX....) .
    10.Inside this RFC based FM , from the Menu Bar select Utilities>more Utilities>Create Web services>From Function module.
    11.A wizard will guide you through the next steps .
    12.once this is done a Web serrvice would be enabled in WSADMIN. Select your FM and execute it.
    13.From here you can upload the data from XML file into BW delta queue.
    Edited by: Santosh on Nov 30, 2008 2:22 PM

  • Cut vedio file into different frames using java

    Hi friends,
    I would like o know how we can cut the vedio file into different formate using JMF.
    Given an input media file, the object is to cut pieces from the file and generate an output file from that.
    i want to cut vedio from X time to Y time.
    If any one is work on this please help.

    Why "split" the file? Just write a packet with a DataOutputStream(GZipOutputStream()), send it, and then read it back with a DataInputStream(GZipInputStream()) ...
    1. The GZip*Streams take care of compression.
    2. The Data*Streams take of byte order and so on.
    3. Your DatagramPacket handles the transport.
    The hardest part is figuring out what buffer size works best for your network... there is no "right" answer to that.

Maybe you are looking for

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