Q10 contacts not available to BMW Bluetooth system....​..........

I have a (roughly) four month old Q10.  When I originally paired it to my MINI Bluetooth system, it worked fine and my contacts were available in the MINI's display dialog.
A couple weeks ago, I added a Microsoft Hosted Exchange Server email account to the Q10's account list.  From that point forward (give or take) the only data displayed in the MINI's phone book display was the corresponding phone number for the contact.  No other data.
A couple days ago, I acquired a new BMW X5.  The MINI and BMW Bluetooth systems are very similar (both BMW systems) and I'm still experiencing the same problems.  Nothing but the phone number is displayed in the X5 dialog.
Anyone else have a similar experience?

I have made progress on my original issue, but it took some time to figure things out.
The problem on my Q10 started while it was still connected to the MINI that I was driving at the time.  After the software update that was downloaded to the device, around early September sometime, the MINI Bluetooth display began showing only numbers, no associated names.  Since I was about to trade the car, I ignored the problem.
I did try syncing the phone with BB Link on two different computers (one office, one home office), but only wound up with two duplicate contact lists on the device.
When I acquired the X5 on October 1st and paired the phone, same display issues.  So I contacted RIM tech support and spent about an hour sitting in the vehicle, trying different actions, to no avail.
Being kind of fed up with the problem, and all the time it was using up, I responded with the usual email message to the open case log with my usual "since you can't fix the problem, thanks for the brick" dialog.
RIM responded with a detailed message advising me to do a security wipe (after backing up of course) on the Q10, then add back my Microsoft Hosted Exchange email account credentials.
This fixed the problem.  I have not reentered some of my other email accounts, which I thought might have a negative effect.  Since most of my correspondence and calendar are on the Hosted Exchange account, I'm in pretty good shape and don't want to do anything to screw it up again.

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    Welcome to http://supportforums.blackberry.com
    I suggest the following
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    Teonlee wrote:
    My BMW dealer told me to downgrade the software. Can anyone tell how to do that?
    tell him to stick to what he;s good at - selling cars - as you cannot downgrade.
    3.1.3 works fine on a 2005 X5 btw.

  • "Available" contacts NOT available

    Why is it that my contacts that say are available are actually NOT available?  Whenever I log in it's the same set of people that are said to be available.

    Your apps are contained in an iTunes backup.  They should be in your iTunes library and can be transferred to your new phone by syncing with iTunes.  If they aren't, connect your old phone to iTunes, click on the name of your phone, then go to File>Devices>Transfer Purchases to add them.  If you don't have your old phone, you'll have to redownload them http://support.apple.com/kb/ht2519.
    As for your contacts, if you don't have them backed up anywhere else your only option is to try restoring to your backup again or sync them from your old phone to a supported program on your computer (such as Outlook, Windows Contacts or Mac Address Book/Contacts).

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    I just received a Q10 five days ago.  It is a corporate activation on BES10.  All my Outlook Exchange info has sync'd with the phone (e-mail, contacts, calendar) and, for the most part, the phone works well.
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    Message was edited by: Sweatha Mohan

    Hi Sweatha,
    When we are transporting data source, did you know that we should first transport the data source from R/3 DEV to R/3 QA (Source Systems) and replicate them to BW QA later on?
    Because if we transport BW Objects first, we will get similar errors such as what you have experienced.
    Hope it helps and if it did, award me points...

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    I own an iphone 5. The facetime on my phone is not working. Every time I try to make a video call it just shows that 'the person is not available for facetime' even though she actually is. I wasn't having this problem before, been having it only for the last week. What should I do to rectify this problem? Thank you.

    Try a reset: Hold down the home button along with the sleep/wake button until you see the apple, then let go. If this doesn't work, try Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings

  • "Import contacts" not available?

    we got a new Exchange 2013-setup running and customers are asking were to find the import contacts function in OWA. We did nothing related to this on the servers, no change in config, nothing. There's an old thread on the forums that tells this function
    is available for Office365 only, the online help of OWA 2013 doesn't mention this in any way.
    See http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/exchange/en-US/de2424a4-6c34-4bab-88aa-5a36010941c0/how-to-make-import-contacts-available
    Could anybody please help me?
    Kind regards,

    Hello Norbert,
    That feature seems available in Office 365 OWA interface only, not on in-premise Exchange 2013 bits...
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    Get Your Exchange Powershell Tip of the Day from here

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    Hello Everybody,
    After going through number of posts, I could not find a solution to my query.
    I've created a query, assigned it to a role. Collected the necessary objects into a BEx Tranport Request. Assigned it to the correct package. Now after the TR has been imported into BW QA system, I dont see the query in BEx BWQ (Quality System). Do I need to transport the role too, to the BW QA system again (Role already exists in BW QA as well as PR systems)

    This has been reported in many threads...
    This usually happens when some element of the query is not collected properly / does not get generated in the target system properly.
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