QM cycle related to batch with class and characteristic

Dear all
Plz expalin me one QM cycle related to batch with class and characteristic.

Master Data
Create a characteristic of type Num or Char (CT04)
Create class by using class type as 023 (CL04)
Assign characteristic to class
Assign class to Material master in Clasification view
Create MIC by using above class Charecterstic and all the relavent data is copied to MIC.
Assign MIC to Quality plan
Note :  Unit of measure for MIC and class Char. should be identical.
Transactional date
Run  QM cycle
Do result recording, While UD update Char result to batch ( MIC data flows into batch)
Check the batch result in MSC3N it should get updated

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    Note : the class and characteristic values are already created in the system, my purpose is to assign them to material while creating. so please give me the field and segment details in idoc basic type matmas05.

    I  try to do the samething. I see the fields E1CUVAL : CU: Characteristic valuation in the structure of MATMAS05 but when I run the IDOC, these fields never appear even they exist for the material.
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    public class Store
        //private data
        private Person list[];
        private int count;
        private int maxSize;
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             count = Person.count(); //sets count to 0     
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             Person list[] = new Person[maxSize]; //set tne
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        public int getCount()
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    am sending the code again                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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  • Equipment search based on Class and Characteristic data

    Hello Experts,
    We are looking for some inputs on how to get index created on Class and Characterstics for Equipments.
    We are using Embedded Search , TREX Version,  Changelist 323327 (710_REL),   InstallationType ESH along with ECC 6.0/Ehp4.
    We can't see any standard template available in our cockpit(ESH_COCKPIT) for Class and Characteristic but we can see a template on Equipment(EQUI).
    We have the following software components available : EA-HRGXX, ESH_COMMON_OBJECTS and SAP_APPL however class and characteristic are missing.
    We tried to import it but unavailable in the import queue. Hence it seems we need to create it manually.
    Is it available in some patch or something from where we can import it? We assume these should be definitely available somewhere since these are standards templates.
    From where we can get the technical details if we want to create these manually?
    How to configure the index to get the relevant field data from ECC-->TREX for these new indexes(Class/Characteristic) created?
    What extra coding required to do this? Where we can find the details on how to program and run this?
    Any other related info around this will be really helpful.
    Many Thanks

    the standard templates are only delivered with EHP5 and NW 7.2 as part of the standard delivery.

  • Which Table, can I find the class and characteristic assigned to equipment.

    Hi all,
    I have assigned a characteristc to a class.
    And assigned this class to an equipment.
    Now in which table can i find the class assigned to this equipment.
    What is the logic to find the class and characteristic.
    Thanks in advance.

    As per above post, you can find classes. To find characteristics, Give EQUNR value in OBJEK field in AUSP table & get the ATINN value.
    Give ATINN value in ATINN field in CABN table & get ATNAM field value.
    In AUSP table, you can get the values against each characteristics as well.
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  • Batch classification class and MBC3

    I am a bit confused with the batch determination (i.e. how the R/3 searches the correct batch). Kindly please correct me on the following steps.
    1 u2013 Base on OMCG setup, R/3 pulls the batch search procedure base on the movement type in IM.
    2 u2013 R/3 searches through the strategy types listed in the search procedure to search for a search strategy.
    Letu2019s say there is this strategy condition type consist of access sequence and a class (to be used in batch classification)
    I am a bit confused here when come to the relationship between the classification and the access sequence. How does the R/3 find the correct batch when the R/3 can uses the characteristics from the selection class of the search strategy to look for batches with suitable specifications, in that case does the R/3 still have to access sequence to find the batch again in MBC3?
    If R/3 can find the batch through the batch determination from the classification, what is the MBC3 use for? I am confuse here because unlike batch determination, the pricing determination can just go find the right price value for a condition type base on the access sequence and later grab it in MEK3.
    The batch classification and MBC3 confused me? Are they both finding the same batch object or redundant to one another? Please explain with an example.

    Hi Jurgen,
    So, can you tell me which of the following sequence correct base on what you said.
    1 u2013
    Movement Type >> Batch Search Procedure >> Strategy Condition Type >> Batch Classification found the batch >> Go to batch condition table (i.e. base on the Access sequence in the strategy type) and get the final batch?
    2 u2013
    Movement Type >> Batch Search Procedure >> Strategy Condition Type >>  Go to batch condition table (i.e. base on the Access sequence in the strategy type) and get the batch >> Go to Batch Classification found the final batch?
    Which of the above is correct? And it seems my wording explanation is not quite correctu2026. Am I?

  • Automatic Batch Determination - Class  and  Classification - SD only

    What Is use of Class  and  Classification in Automatic Batch Determination ?
    E-Mail id : [email protected]

    Hi Lakshmanan.S
    please refer to the steps below to implement this functionality:
    1. create characteristics to reflect the attributes of your product.
    2. create new class(with class type batch) to group those characteris.
    3. assign the class to your material master.
    4. in IMG, make sure batch determination procedure is properly assigned to sales area and order type.
    5. activate the auto. determination for item categoty.
      (IMG->LO->batch management..->..in SD->..)
    6. as it uses conditon tech. also, make sure your strategy record is maintain.
    I just delivered the workshop of this topic in my office today Hope u find this useful.
    Best regards,
    David Wang

  • Problem with Class and Classpath

    Hello ME Windows Users, now before you place a wry smile on your face, I have a problem with path and classpath. Stop it, I can see you smiling!
    By visiting the the last 10 pages of the forum and reading Sun installation notes, some tooldocs and by given some answers by some nice people, I have become an expert in turning off my computer, about 10 times/hr. I still am trying to make my first cup of java.
    With the ME computer,
    I'm unable to right click on the desktop and go to properties, advanced,
    I'm unable to go go start, run, sysedit,
    I'm unable to change the ms-dos window of autoexec.bat, it just shuts down.
    Now before you tell me, I should of bought a different computer, the only place I can find to modify the path and classpath is in the environment which is in system configuration under tools. Here I have placed numerous configurations, like
    C:\java>set path=%path%;c:\j2sdk1.4.2\bin
    C:\java>set classpath=%classpath%;.;
    ;java_dir\bin where ;java_bin is c:\j2sdk1.4.2
    .; java_dir\bin; %path% where ;java_bin is c:\j2sdk1.4.2 and the list goes on.
    But, I know you are still smiling, the % signs comes up in a dialog box, saying too many, and will not convert the text to the environment to be saved when I close down for the tenth time in the last hour.
    Can someone help me before I make a real cup of coffee and accidentally drop it on the ME box.
    Have a laugh on me Mik.

    C:\java>set path=%path%;c:\j2sdk1.4.2\binGood
    But it is no good because it has to many % and a dialog box appears, saying you have too many parameters.
    Are you saying I have to shutdown again to answer your ?
    From the HELP menu-
    To confirm startup commands line by line
    Click Start, and then click Shut down.
    Click Restart, click OK, and then press and hold the CTRL key until the Windows Startup Menu appears.
    Enter the number for Step-by-step confirmation, and then press ENTER.
    For each command you want to run, press Y.
    If the command runs successfully, you are prompted with the next command.
    If the command does not run successfully, you receive an error message.
    To skip a command, press N.

  • Assign Class and Characteristic to equipments

    I have uploaded class and characteristics with values in to the system. Now I have to assign several Equipments to Class and Characteristics with values.
    How can I achieve this other than recording method.
    Is there any standard Direct input method or any BAPI to do the same
    Please assist me in uploading the same.

    You can use IBIP transaction on SAP to assign classes and classification values on equipments or Functional Locations on SAP.
    Transaction IBIP use standard SAP BAPIS to upload information
    Please review the link below to have additional information
    Best Regards

  • Transport class and characteristic definitions

    I know it's not really an abap general question, but I couldn't find better forum for this.
    Does anyone know, how can I transport class (created with CL02 transaction) and characteristic (CT04 transaction) definitions?
    Thank you

    Hi Tamás,
    Transport Class and Charecterstis
    hope it helps you.

  • LSMW - create equipment with class/characterisctic assign

    Dear all,
    I'm create LSMW with below setup. I would like to create an equipment with class and characteristic assign to it.
    There will be 3 upload file to be used. How I can do a linking between Equipment data with Classifcation/characteristic data? Some equipment in upload file may not contain class.
    Object: 0400 (Equipment)
    Method: 0001 (Create BI)
    Program name : IBIP
    Data Source structure
    IBIPEQUI (Equipment )
             |_ IBIPCLASS (Classification)
                      |_ IBIPFEAT (Characteristics)

    I'm using standard batch program. I managed to create equipment. However, I'm not able to assign/link each class/char to each equipment stated in equipment upload file.
    Object: 0400
    Method: 0001
    Program name: IBIP

  • Classes and methods in BW 7.0

    hI ,
    I wrote some peice of code in rule and activated in development system .
    It was activated and transproted into Test environment .
    It went with errors .
    The error is : 
    BI 7.0 is totallly OOABAP with classes and methods .
    for each and every rule BI 7.0 will create Class definetion and class implementation .
    I have declared glaobal variables in
    CLASS lcl_transform DEFINITION.
    and i used those variables in  methods
    CLASS lcl_transform IMPLEMENTATION.
      METHOD compute_ZRELALLOC.
    when i tranasprorth this rule , the golabl declaration in Class are not going .
    Thatswhy my transport failed and it says that syntax error .
    how to transport this class ........
    Please help me

        Try look for any SAP Note or create Customer Message to SAP. It's clearly Program Error. We can't collect  "lcl_transform" class into Transport Request Independently as it was local Class not Global Class.
    Try transporting Transformations again, if it still gives problem. Contact SAP.
    Let us know if you implement any SAP Notes.
    all the best.
    Nagesh Ganisetti.
    Assign Points if it helps.

  • Trasporting classification, classes anche characteristic

    Please help me.
    We need to trasport from developer system to test system and then to production system classifications classes and characteristic.
    Could you help me?
    I think that it is possible to do with trasport system.
    I found for example that R3TR plus RCCH "Property for Classification" .
    did anybody already tried to transport these type of object using trasport system?
    thank you very much.

    You can transport classes and characterstics through regular request transport
    Your characterstics values will not get transported with this request
    You will have to maintain characterstics values  in the receiving system after
    trasport in QA and Production
    Hope its clear
    reward if useful

  • Want to know more about class and class type and characters in batch determ

    hi ,
    i want to know abt class functionality and how it is related to batch mgt,means functions of class type , characters etc.
    ok thanks

    Hi ,
    Find the Class and Class Type for Batch Determination.
    Create Class for Batch Management
    In this step, you define two classes for use with batches. One class contains the characteristic LOBM_VFDAT: Expiration Date, and the other class with three characteristics:
    LOBM_RL: Remaining shelf life for batch,
    LOBM_LFDAT Batch determination delivery date, and
    LOBM_VFDAT Expiration date, shelf life.
    Access the activity using one of the following navigation options:
    Transaction Code: CL02SAP R/3 Role Menu     Installation ® Create Class for Batch Management
    2.Choose Create and maintain the necessary master data manually. The relevant data can be found in the file:
      Class     Class type     Description     Characteristic        Characteristic     Characteristic
    023_001     023     Products with Expiration Date     LOBM_VFDAT     
    023_002     023     Search class with expiration date     LOBM_RLZ     LOBM_LFDAT     LOBM_VFDAT
    The materials are later assigned to class 023_001 in the material masters. 023_002 is used in the batch determination search strategies for SD and PP/PI. 

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