Quantity missing in schedulign agreement

Hello Experts,
I am unable to replicate a scheduling agreement in development client, while i am trying to use all the info that is there in the scheduling agreement which is in production client.
Being more specific, I have one scheduling agreement in production client.while creating/entering quantity, the same scheduling agreeement, the quantity is not displayed in the fast data entry screen or in the line item qty/sales screen. what are the possible reasons for this error?
there is no configuration problem in the document type as I checked, also the development client is a copy of the production client.Hence data flow/copy control missing may not be the case here
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Dear Raj
Really this is a strange issue that you could not see the quantity.
Not sure but go to VOV8, select the scheduling agreement both in development and production and compare the following fields:
-  Screen sequence grp.
-  Display Range
Also are you able to see the item code ??
G. Lakshmipathi

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    This is Repititve Manufacturing.
    After creation of basics (BOM,Rate routing etc), I have done standard cost run, Marked & Released.
    Then Backflush is done for the Header material and material document posted several times.
    When I Validate the quantities in CK13N with Material document MB03, I'm getting quantity miss match for the components of type Packaging.
    In BOM, the quantity of the component is 14000 for which header's base qty is 1000.
    The component has scrap of 2.2%.
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    Are you using separate costing BOM.Coz looking at your scenario either it should consider scrap or not. Means it could hv value either 1400 or 1431.But, the value which you are getting is different.Whats the costing lot size & price unit in accounting view?

  • Order more that the quantity in the schedule agreement

        Is it possible to order more that the quantity in the schedule agreement ?
       If yes the please explain in detail.

    I hope its not possible to create schedule lines more than the quantity mentioned in scheduling agreement.

  • Rounding quantity field in scheduling agreement not considered in JITK

    Hello ALL,
    I would like to consult to you a scenario I am facing when it comes to creating a scheduling agreement (VA31) and maintaining a Rounding Quantity (field ABLFZ) in it.
    When using the standard LZ type scheduling agremeent, the Rounding quantity is considered when creating a delivery in VL10.
    However, when using the LZJ type of scheduling agreement, the Rounding quantity is NOT considered when creating a delivery in JITK.
    Can you please tell me what causes the case in LZJ scheduling agreement?
    Thank you all in advance.

    This field is not available for Scheduling Agreement. It is only available for Purchase Order.
    Even you will not get this in Field selection also.

  • Restrict the Quantity in the Scheduling Agreement

    Dear All,
    I have a scenario where the client wants to restrict the quantity in scheduling agreement for particular customer.
    Scheduling Agreement(Valid: 01.04.2011 to 31.03.2012) should be created for XYZ customer with target qty as 3000 per year or per qtr.(User enters the schedule lines manually only.)
    Schedule lines:
    Date                             Order qty
    01.04.2011                   500
    01.06.2011                   500
    28.07.2011                   100
    31.12.2011                   900
    01.01.2012                   500
    01.02.2012                    700 
    Here when the user enters the 700 qty,system has to give error message as it is exceeds the target qty.
    Is it possible in standard or do we need to have to do any development.
    Kindly share your inputs
    With regards

    Try with badi BADI_SD_SCH_GETWAGFZ or user exit SDTRM001
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Few condition types missing in Outline agreements

    In PO, I am getting all conditions but in outline agreements (either contract or sch.agreement) few are missing. How to get all conditions in Outline agreements?

    dear sattuj 
    check inforecord tab , wether it is getting field or free , if it is rffering any inforecord than make sure that info record have all the condition type ....
    reward points if helpfu
    thanks and regards
    ravikant dewangan

  • How to modify item quantity in an scheduling agreement

    I'm trying to modify target quantity (ekpo-ktmng) in an item of a scheduling agreement (you can see it in me33l transaction).
    When the users tries to modify, using me33l, the quantity of an item in an scheduling agreement, I need to pick this value (ktmng) and modify it according to some rules.
    To catch the value I use EXIT_SAPMM06E_016 user-exit, and when the user modifies a value in the i_ekpo register of the user exit I see the new value that the user introduced. But I need to put a new value and it isn't enough with modifying this structure (i_ekpo).
    So I think in a bapi, first of all I've tried with BAPI_PO_CHANGE but I receive the following error:
    "Not possible to process a scheduling agreement using this function"
    How can I change the target quantity of an item in a scheduling agreement?
    thanks in advance

    Thanks for your reply, I'm trying with the following piece of code:
    DATA: w_ekko TYPE ekko,
      FROM ekko
      WHERE ebeln = '5500000001'.
      SELECT * INTO TABLE t_ekpo
      FROM ekpo
      WHERE ebeln = '5500000001'.
      t_ekpo2[] = t_ekpo[].
      READ TABLE t_ekpo2 INDEX 1.
      t_ekpo2-ktmng = '69'.
      MODIFY t_ekpo2 INDEX 1.
          i_ekko_new       = w_ekko
      I_EKKO_OLD       =
      I_LOGSY          =
      XEKBES           =
          xekpo            = t_ekpo
       YEKPO            = t_ekpo2
      XSVAB            =
    But I receive a dump from SAP.
    In t_ekpo I put all the items of the scheduling agreement, the I modify one of the (first) and store it in t_ekpo2, but I'm not very sure of this is the good way of working.
    Any help would be very appreciated.
    Thanks again

  • BizTalk 2013 choice for "999" file type missing in Party Agreement configuration

    Ok guys--this makes no sense. In BizTalk 2010, we were able to select the 999 file type in the party Config/Agreement section, specifically in the "Envelopes", "Local Host Settings" & Transaction Set List" sections under
    "Transaction Set Settings". I could see if this was a 997 file type as that should be deprecated under 5010, but this is 999, the new format.
    Since my experience with 2013 is limited, can anyone tell me if there is a service pack or CU we missed when this was setup that might include this? A setting somewhere perhaps?
    Any assistance is appreciated--thanks in advance---

    Confirmed as bug / oversight in Biztalk 2013 -Ugh
    Hello Scott,
    We did an in-house repro and realized that this does not work.
    It seems in BizTalk Server 2010, we had 999 listed under the
    supported transactions list, but it is somehow not listed in BizTalk Server 2013.
    We have raised a ticket to the Product Group to review this and make the required change. However, we do not have an ETA by when this change will be implemented.
    Scott K Berger

  • Outbound Delivery Creation without OPEN quantity in SD scheduling agreement

    We have a customer requirement, where user 's should be able to create
    outbound delivery irrepective of open quantity in Sales document.
    In Vendor Direct Ship scenario where vendor ships goods to customer directly and sends Inbound 856 EDI message which creates Inbound Delivery, GR, Outbound Delivery, picking, Goods Issue automatically and outbound ASN is sent to Customer. At times, when there is open quantity in SDSA, the I/B IDOC fails in status "51". In such cases, user needs to update the open quantity in SDSA manually and then reprocess the IDOC. In order to avoid manual intervention, business wants to create outbound delivery even though there is no open quanity.
    Please provide your valuable inputs.

    Not solved

  • Target Quantity / value for Rebate agreement

    When we create a Rebate agreement like in the Customer specific agreement, we consider sales value as the basis. Where do i record the target sales value in the Rebate agreement? I want to record a rebate discount of 3% if customer achieves the target of sales value as Rs 20,00,000 over a period of time. How do i do this?
    Thanks in advance for answers

    Hi Narasimha,
    You should use the condition scales in the condition record.
    When you are creating the condition record for the rebate in VBO1, select the scales from the Goto menu and enter the From scale value as 20,00,000 and give the rebate rate as 3%.
    This should help you.
    Please reward points if useful

  • Schedulign agreement issue

    Hi all,
    I created a scheduling agreement for a vendor in ME31L. After saveing when i went to ME33l not able to display the created SA.
    When i create for another vendor it is working fine.
    When i check in the table teh SA for the particular vendor not updated in table.
    Any clue

    The above issue you have encountered is because of database update termination.
    Please create one more SA document for the same Vendor/Porg/Plant combination and save the document.
    After saving the document goto the SAP easy access screen by entering /n then you will get update termination message which you can also check in SM13 transaction.
    Sometimes this can happen due to wrong output message settings.
    Take the help of your ABAP person to explore further.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Process Order Cost Analysis Target and Actual Quantity Missing

    This is related to Process order costing .
    Issue : Before activating  Material Update field in Costing view 1 of Material master , we have created few process orders and Delivered .
    Hence cost analysis shows Actual and target cost fields  Empty in COST ANALYSIS  report of  order  . After Updating field in Material master , New Process orders are calculated with Actual and Target cost .
    Solution needed : How to do Actual and Target cost estimation back in cost analysis report  for old process orders which are created before Material Update field ?

    You have deleted the Component in the BoM.
    Then you have created a production order, check if the start date of this order is after the date change in the BoM..... Can be that the component stills exists in the order ? Have you tried deleting the compoent in the order BoM ?

  • Delivery Quantity missing

    Hi to all
    I would like to know about the delivery
    For ex: a customer has ordered for a volume of 500 materials and the delivery document has been saved, and out of which they have done PGI for 100 materials, and when we try to deliver the remaining the system is picking 370 materials, when i check the stock and the stock is 650 is available in unrestricted use, and there are nearly 30 line items in the order, and also i have checked all the deliverys done before for this order, i icould not find the reason why the system is picking that value instead of 400 it is taking 370, can any body explain me in breif about the deliverys and  also in the business scenarios wise if possible, apart from the standard one, and also how to identify the document number in the document flow like when there number of documents in the due list.
    If any one can brief me in details how deliverys to handeled according to the requirements, like changes at delivery level, plant and storage locations etc
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    If for those 30 items  there are some orders from some other customers order and delivery saved pgi not done stocks will bereserved for those deliveries
    In OVZ9 for the combination of your checking rule 01 (sales order )and checking group in MMR if include sales requirements is ticked then if you save an order for some customer itself the stocks will be reserved for him against that order
    You can check all these in MD04 as suggested by the other friend

  • Viewing Target Quantity in Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines

    Hi Experts,
    Can I view the Target Quantity in the Scheduling Agreement Line Item in the Schedule Lines Screen?
    Thanks for all suggestions

    After  maintaining Schedule lines in ME38,click on the line and  details button on the top of the screen,Here you will get Target
    quantity and open Target quantity.

  • 2LIS_02_SCL  Missing POs and Schedule Agreements

    Hi Experts,
    We have a problem of Data mismatch between BW & R/3 while loading data from 2LIS_02_SCL :
    While running setup for 2LIS_02_SCL with Document date range..... we missing some schedule agreements even though they fall in the same document date range...!!!!
    If we run the setup with specific missing  PO numbers , we were having the documents for that run?
    Please let me know is there any functional issue ... we missing to figure it out this behaviour ?
    Any  ideas on this above issue please post to this thread , your help appreciated ,
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Purnend,
    I'm not sure if you are user from China or Chinese speaking. If you'd prefer answer in Chinese, please let me know.
    Back to your question, do you mean for a specific PO number, if you run OLI3BW upon only this one, it will be
    filled into setup table. But if you use document date range, it will be filtered out?
    Frankly speaking, without debug into RMCENEUA, it would be a bit difficult to find the root cause. My suggestion
    would be set a break point at FORM LIS_VERBUCHUNG_NEW.
    You could also activate TMCEXLOG.
    By the way, which date of the PO did you use to let it fall in the date range?
    Thanks & B.R.

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