Quick selection tool only wants to make angular selections

I'm using PS CC on a Mac, OS 10.9.4 . My quick selection tool suddenly decided to be heavily biased towards making angular selections. It REALLY does not want to follow curves.  I have restarted the computer and checked that the brush size and other options are set to values that have been working for me: no luck. I'd appreciate any hints as to how to get my quick selection tool back to behaving itself, TIA.

Found the answer. I fixed the problem by checking "Sample All Layers"

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    I'm using Windows7.
    Previous Adobe Reader versions worked fine on this computer; and when I first updated to Adobe Reader X it seemed to run correctly, until recently. Now everytime I try to open a .pdf file or the Reader X application, the screen goes black briefly and a "User Account Control" warning box pops-up with the message, "This program wants to make changes to your computer."
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    I am having the same problem! 
    Ever since I installed the latest update to Adobe Reader 10.1.3 (around the end of March) AR brings up the "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes..." whenever I open the reader.  NO OTHER applications do this except those that really need this permission.
    I have not changed any UACs and in reading Pat's suggestion on changing the UACs above, I would only want to make changes if they could apply only to the Adobe Reader program.
    It seems to me that something in the recent update changed Reader to cause this alert.
    I sure would like to get AR to run like it used to.
    Thx for your help.

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  • Why does Quick Select tool make the edges all jagged?

    My Photoshop Elements Quick Select tool is great for selecting an item, a shirt say, and then I copy it and paste it onto a new page with a white background, thus eliminating the background I had before.  The only thing is that it makes the edges of the item all jagged and then I have to go with the eraser tool and smooth everything out.  This is not easy because my hand is not that steady.  Also it is very hard on my eyes.  I've already had to get new glasses.   The original image, a shirt for example, has sharp delineation all around it.  How can I copy it so that when I paste it onto a new background, it stays sharp and I don't have to spend ages, sometimes half an hour or more, trying to smooth out its edges?  Thanks.

    Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for your answer about using Refine Edge.  It works very well.  Thanks so much.  Is there a way that I can get the edge really sharp but not jagged?  I've tried Smooth 8 and Feather 0 but the garment still doesn't have as sharp an edge as the original photo.
    Many thanks also for your answer to Jane regarding Fill or Unfill Workspace.  I couldn't find it even after a laborious task of copying every option screen in my original Photoshop Elements 6 and then comparing each photo to every option screen on my new Photoshop.  It never would have occurred to me to look in Application Frame.  I, like Jane and others, do not like working with my entire Workspace blacked out.
    Thanks again.   Would you have a suggestion re. my first paragraph herein?  Thanks.

  • When I have selected multiple paths using the pen tool, I can't make a selection out of them all, but only of the last one I created.

    I want to make a selection with both paths in the selection. But it's only allowing me to select one, if I try both the paths just dissapear.

    Similarly to what @JJMack said, if you use the direct selection tool (shortcut: A), you can either select all of the paths, or select a blank area of the canvas (which will deselect all paths) and then selecting the 'convert path to selection' button should convert them all simultaneously.
    This is one of several bothersome changes to the path selection functionality in CC.

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  • When working with quick selection tool (and not only) the whole psd file gets damaged.

    Hello there,
    Since I first tried Photoshop CS6 on PC I encounter the following problem: when I use quick selection tool at some point the selection gets completely random and I see parts of my artwork disapear. Even after closing the file without saving the changes I see the artwork completely corrupted, without any possibility to recover. As if parts of the image were deleted.
    The problem persisted after I changed to Creative Cloud on Mac (I'm running OS X 10.8.5.)
    I have just seen that it also happens when I work with regular layer masks.
    I desperately need to fix this problem because I cannot keep using hours of retouching work again and again.
    Hope someone can help.

    I am also having the same exact issue. This is the third time this has happened in about six months. I use the quick selection tool and I see a alpha mask that looks truncated and it show random parts of the image in the mask which has nothing to do with the selection. But the worst part of this is that my retouching layer the only other layer comes back completely empty even if I try to save the file in various other file types like tiff and it comes back empty. I'm losing a lot of retouching time here. I also hope some else has an answer.

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    I am heading to Mexico for a quick business trip, I only want to receive texts and make a call or two. What do I need to turn off to avoid ANY additional charges? Cellular Data/Data Roaming/MMS/visual voicemail? And should I turn wifi on and leave it on?
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    wifi is not something you can be charged for

  • CS6 Quick selection tool

    I am using CS6 and trying to do figure cutouts with the quick selection tool, everything works fine with refine edge etc but I am doing many cutouts and they are dancers wearing crowns which is very time consuming and it is driving me crazy. Is there a better way to select something like a crown that is better and/or faster than what I am doing?  Here is an example of what I am doing: WJY Photography | Studio 2014 | Photo 39
    Thanks Bill

    Make sure you are on the layer you want to select, as it will only work on the current layer, or make sure you select "All Layers."  It will also just select a mask of a layer.

  • Quick Selection Tool won't deselect

    I can't seem to deselect an area that mistakenly was selected. I pressed the Alt key but it won't deselect the area. Am I not doing something I should? Also where can I find some tutorials on using the Quick Selection tool. I am using CS5.

    If you've just selected something, and it's not what you wanted, you can use Ctrl-Z to step back one step in the History (i.e., to before the selection was made), then try again with a different Tolerance setting or by clicking on a different point.
    With the Quick Selection tool current, make sure you review the settings at the top of the Photoshop main window.  They affect how the tool will work:  A smaller Tolerance value will select fewer pixels, Anti-alias makes edges smoother, Contiguous will only select one block of contiguous pixels (vs. selecting similar pixels all over the image), and Sample All Layers will allow you to select based on what you see in the composite multi-layer document vs. just what's on a particular layer.

  • Quick selection tool - counture left when deleting

    When I use the quick selection tool to remove something, I am always left with a shadow counture of the area that I want to get rid of. I guess I have to make another kind of setting or something, but I cannot find any that works.
    Photoshop CS6 W7
    Thanks in advance!

    Hi everybody, thanks for your help.
    I will try to find the "Refine edge dialog" (I have a swedish version, so I first have to find what it is called in swedish...:) )
    I have enclosed a screen shot as requested. This is how I have done:
    I made a selection on the picture
    Cut and then paste in same picture in new layer.
    Removed the shirt and the surrounding white background
    And - left is only the arm BUT also the countours of the shirt...
    Hope this can be solved by you!
    Thanks in advance,

  • OpenGL seemingly deactivates after use of quick selection tool (PS CS5)

    Before using the quick selection tool, I am able to smoothly zoom in and out by holding Ctrl+Space and dragging with the mouse.
    If I use the quick selection tool, however, the marching ants line turns into a strange box. I no longer am able to zoom smoothly but instead with the technique above I draw a rectangle which I zoom into. This indicates to me, that OpenGL has been deactivated. I want my smooth zoom back!
    I noticed that the preferences always show OpenGL as active, no matter which of the above "state" I'm in. I tried updating my AMD graphics card's driver without success. I found a post describing similar OpenGL problems on the same graphics card and installed the linked driver; the post was 2 years old, but it worked. Re-installing more recent version (Catalyst-Version 12.6) brought the problem back. Newer versions of the driver seem all to suffer from the same problem.
    I'm using
    Windows 7 64-bit,
    64-bit Photoshop Extended from CS5 Production Premium,
    AMD Radeon HD 4600 (currrently Catalyst-Version 13.1).
    I tried:
    "Downgrading" the driver (only really old version worked, as mentioned above),
    reseting Photoshops preferences (Ctrl+Alt+Shift at start),
    deactivating OpenGL (reactivating only works after restart and problem reappears) but I miss the smooth zoom.
    I hope I could clarify the problem and thank you for reply!

    I seriously can't download version 13.4...
    This is my input for the driver search on their homepage (I'm German, that's why some words are German...):
    This is the result I get from the above input:
    I have not a single clue, how I am supposed to download another version than the current. AMD makes it really difficult for me.
    Maybe someone could post a link to another version? That would be really nice!
    Also I tried the "Driver Autodetect". Catalyst-Version 13.1 is now installed...
    This actually seems to be a thread for the AMD-Support, but maybe someone knows a workaround?

  • Quick Selection Tool Crashes CS5?

    Hello, Recently when I've gone to use the Quick Selection Tool I see no "marching ants" and CS5 crashes a couple of seconds after finishing the brush stroke.  I've replaced the graphics card and installed the latest GPU driver.  I uninstalled Photoshop and reinstalled it.  My system description is below my sig.  Has anybody seen this behavior?
    Thanks, - Dave
    ASUS P5Q Deluxe LGA775, P45/ICH10R
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 LGA775
    ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro HS (Stock heatsink for now)
    Mushkin 4GB Ascent (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 1066 P/N 996619 (only one stick installed at present)
    Corsair CMPSU-750TX 750W PSU
    ASUS EN8800GT/HTDP/512M GeForce 8800GT GPU  == ORIGINAL GPU ==
    Zotac 288-2N115-000ZT GeForce 9800GT 512MB DDR3 256B  == NEW GPU ==
    HDD (C) WD740ADFD SATA1 74GB HD 10K RPM 16MB for OS
    HDD (D) Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 SATA2 1Tb for Data
    HDD (E, F, G) WD740ADFD SATA1 74GB HD 10K RPM 16MB for Apps; Photoshop temp file; Web Development; Windows Pagefile
    Lite-On ATAPI iHAS124 A DVD±R DVD SATA DVD Drive
    MS Windows XP Professional SP3 32 bit
    Monitor NEC MultiSync LCD2190 UXi

    Hi Noel,
    Yeah, I kind of made a long story short.  I have a display anomaly as well.  Two different display cards, two different driver families.  Here's the URL for that thread:
    Removing all remnants of drivers usually includes editing the registry.  I haven't come across instructions of what to do in that regard.  I uninstalled CS3 (my most recent PS version) and uninstalled all plugins except Portraiture by Imagenomic.  Portraiture crashes Photoshop a lot when I use it.  After installing CS3 I defragged my drives then ran CCleaner and cleaned the registry.  After uninstalling CS5 I defragged again and reinstalled it.
    There is something badly wrong with my system, but it only shows up when using PS CS5.  Is there a diagnostic for driver conflicts?
    This is my last system running Windows XP.  I plan on retiring it as soon as I can bring my latest build up to snuff.  I'm dreading installing Office 2007 on the now PC and having activation problems.  I want to make sure Office works on the new PC before decommissioning the one this thread is about.  I'm also waiting for Dreamweaver CS5.  DW 8 won't run on the new Windows 7 64-bit PC.  I ordered it four days ago and can't get a response from Newegg.  I should have had it today, but my order is still showing "charged"!
    Computers-R-Fun, aren't they?
    - Dave

  • Quick selection tool not working correctly

    I am trying to extract a portion of a photo...i tried using the selection tool to extract the portion on another picture, and it worked GREAT!
    Now i'm trying to use it in another photo and the refine image tool isn't extracting it into a new layer like it did with the other one!
    is there something that i may have clicked or turned off that is preventing me from making this extraction??

      Could you be more specifc as to what you are doing here?
      You mention using selections tools, including the Quick Selection tool, but these tools only create selections, they do not extract the material you have selected. A selection is like highlighting text in a word processor, after you have highlighted the text you can copy/paste it or modify it, but simply highlighting it doesn't do anything. Same with selections, once you have created a selection with a tool like Quick Selection you can how copy/paste it to a new image or perform adjustments to just that area.
      I'm not sure what you mean by the "refine image tool", we don't have anything by that name. However, we do have a Refine Edge option that helps to make cleaner edges to your selection.

  • I have several issues that I hope you can help me out with. I am a professional photographer with a Mac with OS X 10.9.4: - I can only make ONE contact sheet in CS6 (from AUTOMATE) from pictures indicated in Bridge. If I want to make another contact sheet

    I have several issues that I hope you can help me out with. I am a professional photographer with a Mac with OS X 10.9.4:
    - I can only make ONE contact sheet in CS6 (from AUTOMATE) from pictures indicated in Bridge. If I want to make another contact sheet I need to shut down and restart CS6.
    - Camera RAW: if I change any setting in Camera RAW (except exposure), having first optimized the exposure, the exposure will automatically return to zero. Sometimes when I've set exposure and cropped the picture in Camera RAW Plug-In, the effects are lost just by opening the picture in CS6.
    - Sometimes if I crop a picture in Camera RAW, it may be impossible to open it again from Bridge!
    - I cannot do lens corrections in Camera RAW, at all. The Camera RAW comment is that "it cannot load the correct lens type". Why?

    Are you writing that when you select  a large number of images in the bridge  like a hundred thumbnails  when you then use Bridge menu Tools>Photoshop>Contact Sheet II that Photoshop only produces a single contact sheet for the first few thumbnails and fails to produce additional contact sheets for the other selected thumbnails? Photoshop contact sheet II script should create as many contact sheet as needed  for the numbers of thumbnails selected.  Perhaps the script is hung or you have exhausted  your machine resources.
    ACR Crop tool does not crop the RAW file it records crop settings to be used during the conversion process.    Camera RAW DATA is not altered.  The only changes made to RAW Files is ACR Metadata may be added.  Anything you do in ACR can be un-done in ACR.    If you can not open a RAW File in ACR the Files is either corrupt or from a new camera ACR does not support yet.  ACR should not corrupt RAW files.
    If you do not have a lens profile for ACR I think you should still be able to do lens correction manually in ACR.
    Some of what you write I don't follow could you post some screen captures of your problems often a picture helps.

Maybe you are looking for

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    My iphone 5 camera is not working how can i fix this problem ?

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