Reasons why iCal Server can't be my company's calendar server

I want to believe. I don't want to use Exchange. But after testing iCal server and iCal 3 for a few days, I've found it's not going to cut it for us- a 60 person creative agency. Here's why:
-There's no concept of "blocks time". So, let's say I don't want the office to know that I'm going to a job interview, but I do need to block out the time so nobody tries to schedule me to a meeting. In other systems, I can make a private event, and have it block time. In iCal, locally stored events (which are therefore private), are invisible to the network. I can't have my time reserved without announcing why. Sneaky code phrases are possible, but shouldn't be needed.
Similarly, I can't define if an "all day" event keeps me busy or not. I'd be inclined to list a week's vacation as an all day event starting on Monday and ending on Friday. But for co-workers to see that I'm gone in scheduling, I have to list it as an event from 8A on Monday to 5P on Friday.
-There isn't any group support. Perhaps I have a project team of the same 6 people. There's no way to group those 6 under a heading, and check their meeting availability all at once- you can only invite individuals. The Address Panel has 3 of the 4 headings of, but no Groups. Every time this project team gets together, I have to add the same people.
I would think I could make a group in Address Book, but that's not working.
-Delegation is all or nothing. I can't delegate that co-workers can see one of my public calendars, but not the other.
-The Availability Panel can't show what events are blocking someone's time. You have to have them turned on in the iCal view to know that.
Please, please tell me there are just things I don't get about iCal3/iCal server, and if I just did things differently, I'd be OK. Is there something I'm missing, or is this really how it works?
(This was also submitted to, and [email protected])

Maximilian Reiss wrote:
Hi - haven`t looked yet at point 1 and 4, but also dislike point 2 and 3. Actually, afaik point 2 (individual delegation) is just a iCal (client) GUI limitation. I think the server would support it.
Group support regarding the client side is more or less there, just not in the new address panel. If you type the group name in the invitee field while editing an event you get the group.
I hope you filed bugreports for that at
OK, here's another one. Window: Address Panel magically changes format for reasons I can't see. When I started this thread, I was in "Open Directory Lookup" mode of Address Panel. When you're here, you're only pulling addresses from OD.
When I returned to playing with iCal this morning, Address Panel was bringing back Address Book entries. When it's this way, yes, you can have a group defined in Address Book, and use that group as a shortcut to invite multiple people.
During the process of experimenting, Address Panel somehow reverted to Open Directory lookups. I'm not clear what controls this behavior.
So, yes, you can use Window: Address Book to pull up, and drag a group from there into your invitee window. But is there a more integrated way (where leaving iCal isn't required) to invite a local group?

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    Sometimes LR can be "nudged" into showing folder relationships which better match the file system, by using the "show parent folder" command. When existing folders appear as if they were "top level" in the drive, we can see a more or less virtual picture of the situation, rather than anything real. So newly added folders can sometimes present themselves as if independent of what is already there.
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    If you are getting the error message "Unable to check for update" when you try an OTA (over the air update)
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    CFv8 is our version (if you need more I'll get it) We have Exchange Server 2003 Enterprise, on Windows 2003 Server Enterprise.
    From what I understand... someone is filling out a form on our CF8 Server... this form is then "sent" to the "forum administrator"  (through our Exchange 2003 server) ... This person is "outside" of our Exchange server... [email protected]
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    I have the CF server "allowed" in the SMTP,  Virtual Server,  Relay Setting, (and allow all authenticated servers to relay.. also) 
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    <cfmail to="#recipEmail#"        from="#sendersEmail#"        subject="You've got an ePostcard from Our Company!"> #recipName#,     #sendersName# sent you an ePostcard from! You can view your card at  Your card will be available for 30 days. Delivered by Our Company Send your OWN ePostcard now at </cfmail>
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    Our Answers below them... I scrubbed out the "real servers and email addresses" from the answers..
    I know most of this has been sent in an Adobe Ticket by the CF admin, but I see something isn't right!.
    Some questions, based on that assumption:
    1) Does the connection to the Exchange server verify in CFAdmin?
    2) Have you switched all the mail logging options on, and set to DEBUG?  Anything useful being logged?
    "Error","scheduler-4","10/26/09","16:20:25",,"Invalid Addresses"
    3) Is the email failing to send from CF, or is it failing to be forwarded by Exchange?
    It’s being sent by Coldfusion but getting stuck in the undeliverable dir.
    4) Can Exchange log failed / refused connections, and is it logging attempted connections from the CF server?
    I trolled all the logs for Exchange, found only one line in months of logs:
    A non-delivery report with a status code of 5.1.8 was generated for recipient rfc822;[email protected] (Message-ID  <[email protected]>).
    8:39:45   PM
    A non-delivery report with a status   code of 5.1.8 was generated for recipient rfc822;[email protected]   (Message-ID  <[email protected]>).
    5) Are the messages getting stuck in the spool dir on the CF server, or being placed in the undeliverable dir, or vanishing (suggesting they're being sent)
    They are getting stuck in the undeliverable dir.
    6) What happens if you set up a simple, stand-alone, test rig with a hard-coded <cfmail> test mail to an email address within your own Exchange system?  If that works, try changing it to an "outside world" one.
    Tried this and works fine with and address with in our Exchange system and when it is switched to an outside world address it gets stuck in the undeliverable dir like always.
    7) Anything in the CF or JRun logs?
    This is what we are getting in the Log files as the problem (but anID @ is a valid email):
    "Error","scheduler-0","10/06/09","15:59:24",,"Invalid Addresses"
    javax.mail.SendFailedException: Invalid Addresses;
       nested exception is:
         com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPAddressFailedException: 550 No such domain at this location ( anID @
         at com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPTransport.rcptTo(
         at com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPTransport.sendMessage(
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         at coldfusion.mail.MailSpooler.deliverStandard(
    Caused by: com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPAddressFailedException: 550 No such domain at this location anID @
         at com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPTransport.rcptTo(
    Thank you for your time in looking at this with us!

  • In iCal, how can I back up just one calendar?

    I have several calendars set up. How do I back up just a particular one?

    Click on the Calendar that you wish to save/backup, and select iCal>File>Export...
    Save the file to your desired location.

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    First off, my setup: A server running 10.5.4 Server; a MacBook Pro running 10.5.4 client; an Airport Extreme Base Station-N/Gigabit.
    The problem is that from my server neither Airport Utility or the RADIUS service can see or config my Airport, but from my MacBook Pro, Airport Utility can see it just fine whether wired to the same network as my server or when connected via Wi-Fi. The version of Airport Utility is the same on my server and MBP. All three –– the Airport, the server, and the MBP –– are connected via the built-in switch on my router, so there should be no reason why my MBP can see the Airport but my server can't. I've also tried pinging the Airport from my server and did so successfully, so I know there's a good network connection (besides the fact that no other service is having trouble talking to my server from either inside or outside my network).

    Airport utility on my Mac (10.7.5) doesn't see AX although it is connected to the internet through it.
    Apple uses the AX abbreviation for the AirPort Express. The AirPort Extreme is known as an AEBS.
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    Apple does not officially support Time Machine backups to a drive at the USB port of the AirPort Extreme, so your results may not be to your liking if you try this. It does seem to work for some users....while other users (like me) have nothing but problems when they try this.
    If you happen to have the older "round" version of the AirPort Extreme, the USB port on that version will only support the print function.

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    In both the cases, we will be using the DS 5.2p4 in schema I

    IHAC, who uses Sun Calendar Server 6.0 -What version exactly? Calendar server 6 covers a wide
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    Sun Calendar Server V6.0 (Rev. 2003.
    1. Can we upgrade to the latest 2005Q4 (on the same
    host) or
    Depends on the exact version you are coming from. I
    suggest you read the manuals with regards to upgrades
    for calendar server.
    2. Can we export the required data/configurationand
    import it to the new server with 2005Q5 installed I don't see why not. Of course you would need to test
    this thoroughly. I am assuming of course that the
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    migration.It will be Sparc-Sparc
    In both the cases, we will be using the DS 5.2p4in
    schema I Shouldn't be an issue.

  • Why does calendar server have an inbox?

    It has inbox, dropbox, notifications, outbox. Just wondering if inbox and outbox were for email or just calendaring. I'm trying to figure out what email server most of you use with your calendar server.

    The CalDAV protocol supported by the calendar server using the Inbox and Outbox resources to do scheduling operations. That feature is only used when you setup a CalDAv account in iCal (or other scheduling capable CalDAV clients).
    There is no tie in with an email server - you are free to use whatever email infrastructure you like.

  • How do I add Holidays to my Calendar Server?

    How do I add Holidays to my Calendar Server?
    Adding Holidays to your Calendar Server is done via the Netscape
    Calendar Client by going to the Edit|Holidays pull-down menu.
    This option can only be accessed by those users who have been given
    the admin rights to add holidays.
    If you wanted to give "John Smith" admin rights to add holidays on
    a Calendar Server with a node id of 10000, you would do the
    o Login as 'root' or 'unison' to your Calendar Server.
    o Change directories to /users/unison/bin.
    o Run the command:
    uniadmrights -e "S=Smith/G=Bob" -hday -n 10000
    Now the user John Smith can add/delete/modify holidays on the
    Calendar Server.

    Include birthday in your contacts using the Contacts app.  Then in Calendar go to the list of calendars (touch the red Calendars at the mid bottom of the screen), scroll down until you find the Birthday calendar, and touch it so that it has a tick mark beside it.  Not only will the birthday show up every year, it will even tell you how old they are!

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    I'm knowning about the  calendarserver_* commands.
    I can backup and restore the entire calendar server. Can I restore calendars of one user only?
    Deleting a user in Serveradmin does not delete its calendars (I tested it).
    How do I delete orphaned calendars of not existent users? If I know its GUID, I can delete
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    Thank you.

    petrahu wrote:
    How do I delete orphaned calendars of not existent users?
    Command to get all GUIDs having a calendar in calendar server:
    /Applications/ -h /Library/Server/PostgreSQL\ For\ Server\ Services/Socket/ -U _postgres caldav -c "select * from calendar_home;"
    List all valid GUIDs:
    calendarserver_manage_principals --list-principals {groups|users|resources|locations}
    Then compare and delete calendars from non-existent GUIDs:
    calendarserver_purge_principals 'non-existent GUID'

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    Dear All,
    I have gone through all the SBO SDN Threads (related to SBO-Common) to know the role of SBO-Common data base in SAP B1, but the following case is still not clear to me. Please help.
    Suppose I have two SBO servers (of same settings) as follows u2013
    Database                Company
    SBO-Common          N/A
    SAP_Abc_Co          Abc Co.
    Datebase               Company
    SBO-Common          N/A
    SAP_Xyz_Co          Xyz Co.
    Now I want to transfer the above said Xyz Co (database-SAP_Xyz_Co) from Server2 to the Server1 (keeping all other companies in Sever1 intact). How to do it?

    SBO-Common, also acts as the license server.
    To transfer a company from one server to another you can do like Steffen said.
    You don't need to backup SBO-Common.
    Dan Souza - EasyOne Consulting

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    Calendar resources

    I assume you mean iplanet calendar server 5.1.1 to the latest calendar server (6.3). If so, I suggest you start by reading through the calendar server admin guide which goes through the steps involved and tools to use to migrate from 5.1.1 onto calendar server 6.3.

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    We installed an OCS onebox 90411 on Win 2000 Server in january. Since last week calendar server does not start:
    unistart: Oracle Calendar Server 9.0.4
    unistart: Copyright (c) 1993, 2003, Oracle.
    unistart: All rights reserved.
    unistart: Starting the Calendar Lock Manager
    unistart [error]: Error starting the Calendar Lock Manager
    unistart [error]: More details can be found in 'D:\ocs_onebox\mtier\ocal\log\unistart.log'
    unistart [error]: and in 'D:\ocs_onebox\mtier\ocal\log\lck.log'.
    Last entry in lck.log is from january.
    Last entries in unistart.log:
    DATE = Wed Apr 14 21:44:02.718 2004
    PID = 5336; TID = 5332
    ERROR CODE -> 0x50B05
    FUNCTION NAME -> ADM_Service::Start()
    SIS_ServerStart failed ((unilckd) SIS_ServerStart: StartService error :1069,Der Dienst konnte wegen einer fehlerhaften Anmeldung nicht gestartet werden. )
    DATE = Wed Apr 14 21:44:02.734 2004
    PID = 5336; TID = 5332
    ERROR CODE -> 0x50B05
    FUNCTION NAME -> Unistart::ProcessLocalStartServer()
    Error starting the Calendar Lock Manager. (unilckd) SIS_ServerStart: StartService error :1069,Der Dienst konnte wegen einer fehlerhaften Anmeldung nicht gestartet werden.
    Any idea ?

    Please log a TAR for this issue.

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