Regarding upgrade of web report\web templates functionalites BW 3.5-BI 7.0

hi all,
         I m working on a Upgrade study from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0 for Web Templates,web items and java scripts.
Below is the scenario of the client system:
New web templates are created from the 6 master web templates available for publishing to a custom Portal (created using BSP and hosted on the WAS). TOOLBAR and FOOTER are custom web templates used in all Master Templates and contain various JavaScript functions and footer code respectively.
TOOLBAR provides the Toolbar, header and buttons functionalities in the Master Templates via the contained Javascript functions. FOOTER displays the date and time of issue as well the logged in user.
FOOTER1 and FOOTER2 are web items derived from FOOTER web template. They have different set of web item properties and are used to create web templates used through the custom Portal.
It is observed from BW Tables that out of 100 unique Web Templates available in the system, 90 are using TOOLBAR template and 95 are using FOOTER template.
No external Javascript .js files are used in the Web templates. Most of the Javascript functionality is contained in TOOLBAR and no other custom javascript in master templates. However, there are some derived web templates where custom javascript is contained.
Following is the process to create custom Web Templates in development server that are eventually transported to QA and Production:
1)     The appropriate master template is identified and saved with new name in developer role.
2)     Dataprovider is added to corresponding web items.
3)     From the library, properties are transferred from master template to the custom template.
4)     Report title is added in HTML tab.
5)     No changes are needed in the Web Templates Properties except change of value in  “Show Jump Target in” field to the portal Frame ConPortal or _self in case RRI is to be used.
6)     Some properties like Title, Width in Pixel, Affected Data Provider, etc. needs to be adjusted. Changes can be done to web items seen in Overview tab except the FOOTER and TOOLBAR web items. These web items are saved as reusable components in Library.
7)     After all the changes the web template created is transported from development server.
To summarize, all master data for creation of web templates like reusable master templates, web items in library, web templates containing Javascript code are stored in dev. server. Custom web templates created from these are transported.
I want to validate the sequence of migration as below:
Following sequence has to be followed for the Web Templates and Queries Migration in development BI 7.0 Server:
1)     Migrate the Individual BEx Queries first and perform functional testing.
2)     Migrate the TOOLBAR template manually (create as new in BI 7.0 Toolset) and FOOTER template automatically (using Migration Tool).
3)     Manually migrate the JavaScript code in TOOLBAR. Please refer to section ..for more details.
4)     Migrate the library of reusable web items, if any.
      (What to do if web item is custom or is not supported in BI 7.0)
5)     Migrate the Master Web Templates manually (create as new in BI 7.0 Toolset) and automatically (wherever possible) and perform functional testing.
6)     Migrate the custom web templates automatically (wherever possible) and manually, if automatic migration is not possible. Perform functional testing and data provider binding.
7)     Perform jump target binding wherever applicable.
8)     Transport custom templates, TOOLBAR and FOOTER to QA and Production subsequently.
Also i have the following questions:
1. How to migrate functionalities accessed thru web templates like jump queries, general navigation blocks with filter, table interface, and are data providers automatically linked to web items or have to be done manually post migration.
2. Do we need to migrate the library of reusable web items also.
3. After migrating the master  web templates and javascript containing templates to BI 7.0, can we migrate automatically the custom webtemplates derived from master templates and containing the custom javascript that is now avaialbe in BI 7.0, will they pick up the custom code automatically.
thanks in advance

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    Best Regards,

    You have two options, change the ICM HTTP service port using the profile parameter icm/server_port_0.....
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    Create an additional category called MobileDesigned assign your document to both categories Mobile and MobileDesigned. After this Web Intelligence will not automatically re-arrange your tables and charts. If it is still creating a next page, then your table and chart is oversized for an iPad, scale down.
    Please check the free mobile tutorials at:
    Best regards,

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    Is the Adaptive Processing server used for Scheduling Webi reports?
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    When i check for the SAP Note 1679045, however there solution refers only to the Webi Processing servers and not APS.
    So not sure if it is applicable to APS as well.

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    yes, it is possible in BOEXI:
    You just have to edit the related defaultConfig.xml file on the BO Server:
    Windows based BO installation:
    <BO folder\Tomcat55\webapps\AnalyticalReporting\webiApplet\AppletConfig\defaultConfig.xml
    Unix based BO installation:
    Can we create Templates in WebI?
    In XI R2 there is no support for Webi templates as there is with Deski. We worked around this by creating a Webi report with all of the standard components, header, footer, etc. and saved that to a templates folder. The report was marked read-only so no one could change it and any new reports were created by copying the template report.

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    I tried to create a Web-Template (WAD). By executing the report, I get the selection screnn, but by confirming the selection I get the following message:
    Web Item Report Error
    Web template error in specifications for the Web item report
    Parameter REPORT for the Report Web item in the Web template is empty or missing
    Use the BEx Web Application Designer to add parameter REPORT to the report Web item in the Web template, and assign a report name to the parameter
    Contact your system administrator. This error was recorded
    What can I do to solve this error?

    As DP_1 Type Query_view_Data_provider, I have assinged a Query Designer Query wich works fine, if I execute it as QDR.
    The entry Query_view_Data_provider makes sense for me, but what do I need to maintain for the type "Filter"?

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    Do you have the Associated object on layout?. Drag and drop in a column and if you dont want to display hide it.
    Also , did you check the Extended Merged dimension option in properties?.

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    Hi Experts,
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    I was wondering if is there any way to apply a master template and minimize the effort because for while the unique solution for this is change the xml file.
    Any ideas?
    thanks in advance, 
    Eduardo Moreno

    Hi Eduardo,
    Master template or Template is npt possible for Webi reports in BO 4.0..

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           Many ways to do that....
    1. Its helpful to have know the basics of reporting before going in there. If you ahve BW reporting made easy, that helps. If you don't have the doc, give me ur id. I will send you.
    2.Then learn about web templates, performance etc..
    3. Go to, click on Web Application Designer, there are many docs that help you.
    4. Search in SD forums with the key word "BEx WEB REPORTING" or "WEB APPLICATION DESIGNER"
    Hope this helps....

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    Check these documents. You will get a clear idea.

  • Regarding web report

    Dear all
    I hav created web report in SE 38 . While executing this report it will cal the adobe form using this function module...
    In the foreground its working fine.. I have created http link for my report.. if i execute that link it will not come the adobe form..
    In the foreground if i execute it will ask the output device  -  zlex610 its working fine. But in the web it will not come.
    Kindly give the solution

    What is the error from the link?
    Try putting the output device using the parameter inside the function module.
    What FM are you using when calling your form?
    Thank you.

  • Regarding Filter in Webi Report which is based on BEx query

    I am developing Webi report, in which using universe which is baed on BEx query.
    Suppose BEx query contains filter on fiscal year 2010.
    And I am developing Webi report on that query. So I want to know, whether my Web i report output will contain data of only fiscal year 2010, as filter is applied in BEx query.
    Pradip Nikam

    if this is a fixed filter the data will be filtered.
    if this is a variable in the BW query the user will get prompted.

  • Print button on Web report.

    Hi gurus,
    We were trying to add a print button on Web report for printing the result area on the Web report.
    We followed the steps which has given in the How-to-guide How To Web Printing with Microsoft
    Excel document.
    In the document it has mentioned that
    1. Support package should be above 19 for BW 3.5 version
    2. Add HTML code in the WAD Template
    3. Import Transport file into the System.
    4. Apply OSS notes 736568 and 737082 to BW
    We upgraded the support package to 22, added the html code in the WAD template, imported the transport file into the BW system and applied the OSS notes as per the mentioned in the document.
    The transport file contains the Package u201CZPK_WEB_PRINTING_WITH_EXCELu201D and ABAP Classes u201CZCL_RSR_XLS_GRIDu201D,
    After import the transport file into BW, some of the objects in the ABAP Classes were not activated. I was trying to activate manually but those were not activating.
    Please guide me how to resolve the above issue or is there any way to get the printing the web report?
    Thanks in advance.

    If you want to print the web page directly then you can define a button using Java script and you can do it.
    Define java script code to print the page
    for ex define a button and call function for print.
    i cannot attach the code. but you can solve with java script
    Edited by: M.A on Jul 24, 2008 4:22 PM

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