Removing Items from Gridview and refreshing the gridview without redirecting to the same Page.(Windows Phone 8.1 Xaml)

I have a gridview with a Usercontrol as its itemtemplate. In the Usercontrol I have a flyout attached to it using which the user can choose to delete the entry. After deletion how do I remove the entry from the gridview without redirecting to the samePage
and removing the backstack entry?
Please note that I am deleting/modifying the itemssource in the usercontrol's codebehind.

Hi Rajiv,
Where you have attached flyout. Which UI control. Is it border?? What type of UI control inside the DataTemplate?
As normal, when user clicked on the delete item, you can retrieve the selected entry as single item of an observablecollection and pass into your ViewModel class and remove it. 
The item will be removed at Runtime without refreshing or redirecting and there will a animation (transition) in the GridView when it removing.
If this content doesn't match your answer. Please ask me again.
Thank you

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    why don't you use the master/detail table option when dragging the master VO ?

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    I think when you go back the listPage, the ADF framework will execute the query automatically.
    When you go to the update page, are you just updating the current row or creating a new row and then filling out the attribute values?

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    Greetings for the day!
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    Thanks & Regards,

    <IfModule mod_weblogic.c>
    MatchExpression /app1
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    Try something like this ...
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    DebugConfigInfo ON
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    SetHandler weblogic-handler
    DebugConfigInfo ON
    where /app1 and /app2 are contexts of your weblogic applications.

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    Any pointers??

    Hi Devina,
    Try using IUrlGeneratorService to generate the URL to the required iView, instead of EPCM.doNavigate().
    doNavigate sometimes refreshes the whole page while loading the required iView.

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    You can set the Integer pref <b></b> to "<i>1</i>" on the <b>about:config</b> page.
    The pref uses the same values as this pref for JavaScript calls.

  • How do i get the selected index in jsp from a select "in the same page!!!"

    i dont if it si possible but i want to get the selected index form a select implmenting javascript jsp an html something like this:
    html:select property="slcLocation" onchange="updateList(this.form)">
    <% for (int i=0; i< user.getNumLocaliza();i++)
    out.println("<option selected>" + user.getLocation(i,1));
    </html:select> </div></td>

    i try it in the same page but it fails, the code is:
    <html:select property="slcLocation" onchange="document.location.href='cajaApertura.jsp?slcLocation='+this.options[this.selectedIndex].value">
    for (int i=0; i< user.getNumLocaliza();i++)
    out.println("<option>" + user.getLocation(i,1));
    <td><div align="left"><font size="1"><strong><font color="#FFFFFF" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Caja:</font></strong></font></div></td>
    <td bgcolor="#C4B4F3"><div align="center">
    <html:select property="slcCaja" onchange="document.location.href='cajaApertura.jsp?asdf='+this.options[this.selectedIndex].value">
    int caja;
    if (request.getParameter("slcLocation")!=null)
    //for (int i=0; i< cajaLocation.getNumCajas (request.getParameter("slcLocation"));i++)
    for (int i=0; i< 3;i++)
    caja = i+1;
    out.println("<option> Caja p " + caja + request.getParameter("slcLocation"));
    for (int i=0; i< cajaLocation.getNumCajas (user.getLocation(0,1));i++)
    caja = i+1;
    out.println("<option> Caja " + caja);
    is this correct? what is my mistake?
    tnks for your help

  • Removing keyword from multiple images at the same time

    None of the documented methods seem to work for me.
    1     Select all the images. Go to Metadata > Remove Keyword [my keyword] - the keyword is only removed from the image that is selected in the batch - i.e the one that has the yellow border round it to show it's the active image.
    2     Select all the images, enter [my keyword] in the Add Keyword field when Keyword Controls is visible and press Shift + Enter - does the same thing as 1 above (removes it from the active image only).
    3     Select all the images, Shift Click on the keyword that I have in my Keyword Controls in the Control Bar - does the same things as 1 above.
    So all these methods, which are supposed to work, do not work for me. The removal of the keyword is only applied to the image that has the yellow border showing it to be the currently active image in the selected batch - the remaining selected imaged still retain the keyword. I can remove it "one at a a time" but it would be great if I could find a solution as to why this isn't working.
    Any ideas?
    If it helps, I'm running Aperture 3.1.3 in OS X 10.6.8.

    Based on the frequency with which this trips up users, the Aperture team is going to have to add a much stronger visual indication that "Primary Only" is active.  Marching ants, anyone?  Or a pink selection marquee?
    At least in the Viewer when multiple Images are selected the thin white selection marquee is dropped when Primary Only is active.  There is no such change in the Browser.

  • How to remove Bean from session upon leaving the web page?

    I got the following problem
    I promote a user with a Datatable filled with data, each time the user enters the webpage with the table I go the DB and retrieve all relevant data again (so each time the user gets an OnLine representation of the DB)
    to archive that I defined the bean that pulls data from DB in Request scope. and it worked well... but now i added an option to export the table into Pdf made by a servlet.... now to be able to get the bean from the servlet i had to change the scope of the Bean to Session Scope... and all works fine.. BUT... now the page not showing OnLine representation of the DB.. cause its only created once , cause its inside Session Scope...
    My question is how can I remove the Bean from Session scope upon the user leaving the page (I don't want to remove the bean from session scope on the next called bean of the other page) i want to remove the Bean upon leaving the current web page... Or maybe force the constructor to be executed each time the Page is loaded (as if it was a Request scope bean)....
    Any ideas?
    Thanks ahead!

    When you are moving to another page, you are performing an action right ?
    (i mean the request moving to Server side), if you do so, then clear the bean object values list.
    for example :
        private List<Integer> intList = new ArrayList<Integer>();
      public void clear()
    store a new object in session, when ever u moved to the second page, so that the old object will be no longer
    in use, so it will be garbage collected.Regards,

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    i bought my iphone 4S from apple while i had an att account, then changed to verizon with the same phone.
    verizon said they unlocked the phone from their network so i could return to att, but the iphone 4S won't recognize the att sim card.
    is there anything i can do to use this apple store phone purchase and return to an att network?

    Thank you.
    I'm a little muddy's not a verizon phone,
    not bought from or through Verizon, but at the Apple store.
    Does that make any differerence?
    On the original box, it says that it supports CDMS & GSM
    I spoke with Verizon this morning. 
    They re-activated the phone to the verizon account,
    unlocked it, and released it.
    Should this make any difference at all?
    My thinking to purchase the iphone through Apple
    was not to dedicate it to either ATT or Verizon network.

  • Inserting sequence value from JDBC and getting the same value back

    Hi: Gurus I have a table whose primary key is a sequence. I wonder how to make sure I get the same sequence value back for current transaction so I update the other table whose foreign key is the sequence value from first table.
    E.g lets say I do this
    String query_insert = INSERT INTO table1 (column1, ....) VALUES (HIGHLIGHT_ID_SEQ.nextval, ...);
    pstmt = con.prepareStatement(query_insert);
    How I make sure no other transaction update the sequence value so I can read the last inserted sequence value and update the second table with this value
    String query_select = "SELECT HIGHLIGHT_ID_SEQ.currval FROM DUAL";
    pstmt = con.prepareStatement(query_select);

    <rant>No version again. I wonder why people requiring help want to stay anonymous and never want to type their version, only 4 digits. In this case, jdbc, not only the version of the driver is important, but also it's type. Waving a magic wand again? </rant>
    Look up the returning into clause of the insert statement in the sql reference manual for your version.
    Sybrand Bakker
    Senior Oracle DBA

  • Is the raw output from JSP and XSQLServlet the same?

    Is there is difference between the raw output from XSQLServlet and JSP? For example, assuming the same content is being generated, is there some additional header information emitted by XSQLServlet that is not done by JSP?
    I am using software that successfully consumes generated content from a JSP OK, but the same content (using the same XML/XSL) generated from XSQLServlet is being rejected. I am puzzled by this. Maybe this is due to some differences in servlet output or an encoding issue? The content is not HTML but XML-like with an "application" contentType, like Steve's SVG example.
    It seems that XSQLServlet is showing some data prior to emitting the actual content, i.e. HTTP version, responding server version, content type and date, e.g.
    HTTP/1.0 200 OK^M
    Server: Resin/2.0.5^M
    Content-type: application/x-sky; charset=UTF-8^M
    Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 06:45:34 GMT^M
    (then the generated content)
    Is this preamble usually generated by a JSP also?
    If not, can this information be turned off, or put another way, can XSQLServlet's raw output be set to be exactly like JSP? If not, is there a workaround?
    I have tried setting the following XSQLConfig.xml
    <suppress-mime-charset> for the mime-type &
    also, but to no avail.
    Please help! I really want to use XSQLServlet!

    Yes, just less fine control over the process but the same engine.

  • Item with many values in the same page

    This is how ma page will look :
    item 1 : textfield
    item 2 : textfidl
    item3 : list1
    ... list3
    button add item3
    item3 can take mutiple values (1 or more) for the same
    values of item1 ans item2.
    the user has to click on a button in order to add a value to item3
    I am looking for how can I do that ?
    thank you for help

    Sorry Kglad, I didn't mean to be rude. With "No coding
    errors" I meant the animation itself runs with no errors. I'm sure
    you could run the 20 instances with no freezing (that's why I put
    the post :) ) But I'm affraid it is an animation for a client, so I
    cannot distribute the code.
    Perhaps I didnt explain the situation clearly enough (in part
    because of my poor english...).-
    - By 20 instances I mean 20 separated embedded objects in the
    - The animation is relatively simple. A turned on candle, in
    each cycle I calculate the next position of the flame (that
    oscilates from left to right). The flame is composed by 4
    concentric gradients. There is NO loops, only an 'onEnterFrame'
    function refreshing the flame each time.
    - It's true that I got plenty variables at the _root level.
    If that could be the problem, how can I workaround it?
    - It is my first time trying to embed so many objects at the
    same time too. No idea if the problem could be the way I embed the
    object from the html :(
    - The only thing I can guess is that when a cycle of one of
    the object is running, the other 19 objects must wait their turn.
    That would explain why the more instances I run, the worst results
    I get. In that case, I wonder if there's a way to run them in a
    kind of asynchronous mode, just guessing...
    Any other comment would be appreciated. Anyway, thanks a lot
    everybody for your colaboration.

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    Hi all, I am using a transaction CJR2. At the end of this transaction I get a Log. I want to read this log into an internal table. How will it works. Please suggest. Thanks Sanket sethi.

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    We have a WebCenter Spaces PS4 (upgraded from PS3) env on Linux64 OS and we are trying to migrate our policy store from the file-based store (system-jazn-data.xml) to an Oracle DB using the OPSS schema. Issue: When migrating the policy store to Oracl