Report to check Positions for a given Personnel Area

I'm looking for a report which could tell me all the positions ( filled and vacants) for a given Personnel Area. I have around 60 Personnel areas and I need to find all the positions under those.

I have already used S_AHR_61016509 - Vacant Positions, with Object Type- IZ and Object ID- Personnel Area.
I could find only 2 evaluation path A* and B*. But there is nothing coming up in the report.

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    Hello All,
    There is a customized screen with sales area(Sales org, distribution channel and division), material and sold to party. There is buttton when we click it has to display the pricing conditions. The problem here is it is not displaying all the conditions some conditions like ZB02 and MWST are missing. The Function module used is PRICING.
    Whereas in VA03 tranaction for a sales order created with this sales area, material it is showing all the conditions for a item.
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    The BP's created for one particular sales area are not getting replicated into CRM, though before sometime it was happening.
    DJ>>  Hope the required sales area is available in CRM.
    The BP with the "general data", and "role of sold to party" only flows but not with the sales area. There is no BDoc error in the SMW01 either. While displaying BP for the role of sold to party, it shows "Sold-to-party(maintained)" but the sales area entries though maintained for this sales area in the ECC, do not flow to the CRM.
    DJ>> Please check the following -
    1. Create a BP in CRM (with the sold-to party role) with the required Sales area and see if this customer when replicated to ECC has the relevant Sales Area.  Ideally it should get replicated if all you middleware settings are fine.
    2. See you have not set a filter for a specific Sales Area and becuase of that BP is getting replicate but not the sales area.
    Hope this will help

  • Copa report will be show for a given period

    We have created the report for Apr to Mar. Input selection option available for period is there.
    the client wants if he give for a period lets say AUG, report should show only August column only not 12 columns ( remaining 11 months shows with zero values). Please advice

    Hi Azeem
    Copy your report form and hide or delete other 11 columns...
    Do not hard code the char value for "period" in the column.. This way, Whatever value you specify in the selection screen, the report would display the values for tat period alone
    Also, if your report definition allows it, enter From and To period as same and check if it results out values for other periods or not...
    Ajay M

  • BI Publisher report output is inconsistent for a given parameter?

    Hi All,
    Thanks in Advance
    I have developed a BI publisher report with P_LOCATION, P_ZONE and etc columns.
    However data in P_ZONE column is inconsistent.
    The report output should be based on the parameter provided for P_ZONE say “3rd North Zone”
    The output of the report should be for that particular zone only, however report output is showing all other zones as well, when i give filter condition like “3rd North%Zone” or “3rd North% Zone” which means if I include ‘%’ with or without space in my filter condition then the report output is correct, why search criteria is correct when I give ‘%’ in the parameter value.
    I have checked running the query, but it works fine when I run in the backend.
    However P_LOCATION parameter is working fine which is quite similar to P_ZONE!
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    Arjun SM

    based on the prompt value the report column header should also change. You want to change the value of the column heading dynamically based on prompt.You will get this by using the Presentation variable.So,you have to integrate both the bi publisher+rpd.
    Link to use the Prompts in bi publisher
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  • Headcount report when multiple position for an employee at particular time

    I have to develop a headcount report which will show the employee count by each personal area. Now i can simply bring in headcount data from the R/3 by standard source system. My problem is that one employee can have multiple position at a time. In standard routine every record is assigned headcount by 1. Now problem is that there are multiple records for an employee as multiple position are assigned at the same time which will lead to wrong headcount.

    Hi Kamal,
    Can you write your report off of 0EMPLOYEE or did you change the key to include position?  Just include employee group and employment status to determine who your active employees are. 

  • No "Execute Report Immediately" check box for Custom Reports

    I need a report to be executed immediately within a homepage and due to the documentation a check box should be there when defining "My Homepage Custom Report".
    There is not!
    Can anyone be so kind and illuminate me?
    Thanks in advance
    Edited by: 872161 on 16.08.2011 06:57

    If that option is not appearing for you, contact On Demand Customer Care to have that option enabled.

  • Standard reporting for personnel areas per org. unit

    Hi all
    An HR colleague asked me for a tool to display a selected organisational unit and then show what personnel area it belongs to. They are cleaning up our master data and need this kind of cross checking but I cannot come up with any list to show this.
    How would you do it? Do I have to build a query for it or is there an easier way?

    Try this out
    Step1.s_ph0_48000510 adhoc qurey  or pqah
    Step2.Go to org assignment folder
    Step3.Select organizational unit for output
    step4.Select personnel area for selection
    Give input for Personnel area
    and Execute Output
    you get the results of orgunits belongs to given personnel area
    all the best
    keep sharing andlearning

  • To find whether the reports are in use or not for a given period

    Hi Basis Gurus,
    We have an requirement here that the client wants to know that the whether the reports for a given period are in use (working) or not.
    I think we can do it when we have audit logging activated ,but now we dont have audit logging activated now.
    Let me give you an example below
    Suppose for past 1 year 100 reports are prepared and out of 100 reports 95 reports are not working and remaining 5 reports are working.How can i get the detials from the SAP system without audit logging activated.
    Please help me

    See if ST03N helps you.
    Switch to expert mode in ST03N. Naviagate to Workload > Month > month . Click on the available month. Then in the " Analysis Views" visible on the lower LHS, Select transaction profiles > standard. See if you have your 'Z' report in that.
    Thanks and regards,

  • Changing personnel area/subarea (IT1008) from org unit to position

    We are live with PA and Org. Mgmt, but have been advised to change the infotype 1008 data - personnel area and subarea to be stored on the position instead of the org unit (where we have it now).  A big reason for this is we have cases when we need to overwrite the personnel subarea at the position level.  For example, a position belonging to an org unit with subarea ABCD, may really be in subarea WXYZ.  Therefore, even though the org unit is ABCD, it will be overwritten at the position level to WXYZ.  My understanding is that the RHINTE30 program will not work approrpiately if we are maintaining the data this way. 
    In transaction PPOME there is an account assignment tab on the org unit with cost center (filled in) and personnel area/subarea (which will be blank moving forward since that data won't be maintained on the org unit).  Then, there is also an account assignment tab on the position with cost center inherited from the org unit (sometimes needing to be overwritten at the position level), and the personnel area/subarea data.  My question is how should I handle the view of PPOME for this data?  Can I hide the personnel area and subarea on the account assignment tab for the org units only so it is not confusing for the users?  The problem with having it this way is that personnel area and subarea are blank on the org unit and filled on on the position.  They are conflicting and both visable/maintainable to the User.  Any advise please?  Thanks!

    Hi Nish,
    I gave you my input on your other related message and now will go for this one.
    As I commented on the other message, RHINTE30 will not integrate infotypes 1008 and 1013. So you don't have to worry about using this functionality (first part of your message).
    On the second part (personnel area / subarea on position rather than org unit): there are some considerations here that are more functional / process driven than technical. From a technical point of view, everything can be done. You can hide data from infotype 1008 on the tabstrip for your org. unit using dynpro handling, even via customizing. You can even transfer the data from infotype 1008 on the org. units to the positions or delimit it on the org units. There are some quite easy ways of achieving this using the LMSW tool (have you used it? I can forward some documentation).
    But personally, I would not recommend to do this from a process point of view. Everything in SAP HR is about the inheritance concept, and I think this works very well when it comes to org. units and positions. It is normally advisable to record personnel area / subarea on the org. unit level. This will be inherited by positions (even if you cannot see it at position level in PPOME) and thus defaulted for the employee. At position level you should handle only the exceptions, which will be in turn also defaulted for the employee holding the position. In this way, data maintenance is minimized. If you delete (or do not use from now on) information about infotype 1008 on org. unit level, your HR department will have to maintain this every time a position is created, and even in cases in which a position is shifted from one org. unit to another one.
    In my opinion, you should address this with your HR department and explain the concept and the consequences of maintaining all at position level. It would only be advisable to do it if the org. unit structure is very cross-personnel areas and subareas. If it is a matter of handling exceptions, again, I would recommend to continue recording this data at org. unit level. All in all, if the data is not recorded on the position and you need to see which is its personnel area, you just need to double-click on the org. unit above.
    Just wanted to let you know my opinion, of course it's your decision. By the way, I'm of course not aware of other possible implications like home-developed reporting and so on.

  • Attendee List with Personnel area and position

    Is there any report which gives the attendee list with personnel area and position. Tried to get it through adhoc query with set operationss. But the booked date is missing. 

    You can change what is displayed using the layout once you have run the report.  This is from the report documentation:
    "You select the data you want displayed under Change layout.
    When you choose this function, a dialog box appears with the columns that are displayed on the list screen in the left table, and the hidden columns in the right table.
    The arrows let you determine what columns are displayed. To transfer the changed layout, choose Transfer.
    To save the layout, choose Save layout. You can call this layout as required by choosing Choose layout."
    We don't actually maintain attendees in our system, so I can't run the report.  But hopefully if you change the layout you can get the additional fields that you want.
    - April

  • Missing shared feature Reporting Services Sharepoint and Reporting Services Add-in for Sharepoint products

    Hi, when I try to install SQL Server 2012 SP1 (ISO from Microsoft Download website) on a Windows Server 2012 and try to select the shared feature options: 
    - Reporting Services Sharepoint
    - Reporting Services Add-in for Sharepoint products
    They are both missing from the list.
    How do I solve this? Help!

    Did you download the SQL Server 2012 Express with Advanced Services edition from the Microsoft website? If so, this edition did not support SharePoint Integration mode.
    Just as Alberto post above, Business intelligence features are not all available in all editions of SQL Server 2012. You can refer to the following link about support features in Editions of SQL Server 2012:
    Fanny Liu
    If you have any feedback on our support, please click here.
    Fanny Liu
    TechNet Community Support

  • Restrict Personnel area for executing personnel actions

    Guys I need your help on the following issue. Any help will be appreciated.
    The project Which i am working on has 67 Personnel Areas (PA) and 24 personnel actions.
    I need to create a role in such a way the the user will be accessing some 4-5 actions for 1 particular PA. Now I know this can be done in the authorization object P_ORGIN. But i can only give one value of PA to one particular role.
    Now the long and tedious solution for me is to create 67 different roles. I need a simple and easy to maintain solution for this.
    Again any help will be appreciated.

    Hi sikandar,
    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    I am already done with the infogroups using user groups. What the client now require is to restrict a user in executing personnel action for one particular personnel area.
    I know this can be done through roles but there are 67 Personnel areas and 7 different levels of user (you do the math)
    Is there a easier way out??

  • HR mini master-Personnel area change

    How can we configure to change the personnel area in HR mini master record if an employee changes site?
    I tried in PA30 and PA40 but not able to change the same.

    IF your Error is this than check the procedure
    Organizational reassignment not permitted."
    The organizational reassignment is not possible because
    The previous and new personnel areas are assigned to different country
    groupings (MOLGA)
    The organizational assignment (feature IVWID) and the employee have
    different infotype view indicators.
    System response
    The organizational reassignment is rejected.
    Check the attributes of the personnel areas, the settings in feature
    IVWID, and the employee's infotype view indicator in the Payroll Status
    infotype (transaction SE16, table PA0003, field VIEKN).

  • Pending  GR / IR Balances report  for a given period

              How can you  check  pending  GR / IR doc's  for a given  period ?  In  MB5S there is no date field in selection sreen as well as output  layout. 
    Please  give  suggetions .
    Thanks &  Regards,

    Check ME2l, ME2M report..use Selection Parameters as "RECHNUNG" for pending IR and "WE101" or "WE103"  for open GRs and ur required selection of vendor, material and document date

  • Passing values to subreport in SSRS throwing an error - Data Retrieval failed for the report, please check the log for more details.

    I have the subreport calling from the main report. The subreport is based on MDX query agianst the SSAS cube. some dimensions in cube has values 0 and 1.
    when I try to pass '0' to the sub report as the parameter value, it gives an error "Data Retrieval failed for the report, please check the log for more details".
    Actually I am using table for storing these parameter values. In the main report I am calling this table (dataset) and passing these values to subreport.
    so I have given like [0],[1] and this works fine. when I give only either [0] or [1] then it is throwing an error.
    Could you please advise on this.
    Appreciate all and any help.

    Hi Divya,
    Based on the current description, I understand that there is no issue if you pass two values from main report to subreport, while the issue occurs when passing one value to subreport.
    To narrow down the issue, I want to confirm whether the subreport can run if there is only [0] or [1] in the subreport. If so, it indicates the query statements exist error in the subreport. If it’s not the case, this shows the issue occurs during passing
    values from main report to subreport. To make further analysis, please post the details of query statements of the subreport to the forum.
    Heidi Duan
    Heidi Duan
    TechNet Community Support

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