Reporting agent setting to drill down

My requirement is that I want to create a reporting agent setting.
When executed the report it should drill down a particular characteristic to the lowest level.
Is there any setting I can do?

you need not need reporting agent to do this
lets say you have characteristic Country and hierarchy for it with sub levels 4
you want the country hierarchy to display to its level 4 by default
set this property in query designing , open to node 4
this way it will always drilldown to sub level 4

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  • Not able to see negative exception in reporting agent setting.

    Hello Gurus,
    I created a query with exceptions on top of a multi-provider. This multi-provider is built on top of a DSO and a remote cube.
    Exceptions is the query
    1. range from -1,00,00,000 to -0.1
    2. range from 1 to 1,00,00,000.
    When I created a reporting agent setting for this query, i was able to see the positive exception but not negative. Please help me regarding this.

    Hello Aarthi,
    Have you checked the dataprovider contains the negative values.
    Do a list Cube on the multiprovider and confirm it.
    Have you defined single exception for both or seperate exception. If 2 then check whether exception is active?

  • Hierarchy in Reporting Agent setting

    I have partner profit center (PPC) as a reference object of Profit ctr(PC). I have 2 hierarchies on PC.
    I am using those 2 in a query. (One with PC and one with PPC.)
    The problem is here:
    I have a reporting agent setting on this query. I use PC and PPC in it along with their respective hierarchies.
    But the hierarchy on PPC always shows the leaf nodes as output in the spool no matter what level I maitain. I want to have a higher level but certainly not the lowest level (leaf nodes).
    The hierarchy which i use in PPC is recently created. Has it something to do with the masterdata where is brings from or with the reporting agent setting itself.
    Please help with this.

    Hello Aarthi,
    Have you checked the dataprovider contains the negative values.
    Do a list Cube on the multiprovider and confirm it.
    Have you defined single exception for both or seperate exception. If 2 then check whether exception is active?

  • Linked report from second level drill-down level

    I have a report with two drill-down levels, Dept Id and Job Id.
    The requirement is when I am on Job Id drill level; I have to call another report when I click on any of the Job Id. This Job Id is passed to another report and the report is filtered based on that Job Id.
    I created a hyperlink on Job Id drill down level successfully. But the problem is I am unable to go to the first level i.e Dept Id. Actually the hyperlink is displayed and the up arrow is not visible to go to the first level.
    Is there any way where after creating a link on second level and opening the report in a new window, the drill up functionality can be maintained?
    I am using Business Objects XI 3.1 version.
    Thank you.

    there is another way to drill down the report of web intelligence.for that we have to customize in the universe level create a folder in custom hierarchy and add your two objects to that folder, i.e empid. and deptid. the order of these objects should be in the way the drilling happens that means if you want to drill down from empid. to deptid. then empid. should be the first object of the folder,save and export the universe to the CMS.Then it ready to use for webi report.Build the query for the report and enable the drill option in the report.Now the report is ready for your requirement.
    thanks & regards
    Sreekanth K

  • How can I delete a Report Agent Setting

    We are on B/W 3.5 and have several Report Agent Settings under Reporting Agent --> Exceptions.  These are no longer used and have no settings defined under them.  When I right-click the report, there is not delete and there is not trash can in the toolbar.
    How can I get rid of these entries?
    Regards, Dean.
    Edited by: Dean Hinson on Feb 17, 2009 4:03 PM

    What operating system do you use? Where do you store the files?

  • Report to report interace ( Need to drill down to Sales Order Transaction )

      Report to report interface is working fine when I am jumping from Cube to ODS( Example Sales Order item). However  now I want to jump from the ODS data in a query ( Sales order level) to the transaction system and want to view the sales order detail info
      What I did is define a REPORT TO REPORT interface in the BW from the from the 2nd query and defined the interface as the following
    Report type : Transaction
    Target system : choose the CRM system from the drop down
    Report    : CRMD_BUS2000121 ( as this is the transaction for sales order).
      The whole thing works fine and the transaction opens. But the way the transaction works is that you will need to go to the menu and then Open and put the Sales order number and can only display after that. This is not very user friendly and I want the user to directly launch the sales order transaction in display mode.. from BW.. Is it possible?

    hi Anurava,
    take a look this doc, if you haven't
    as Ashish mentioned you need to maintain the 'detail' assignment, choose infosource '0crm_sales_order_i (i guess for your case), choose 'field table' for type, and field possibly OBJECT_ID or CRMT_OBJECT_ID ... you may get the field info by go to crm system, position on cursor the info and F1 ....
    Special cases: For most transactions sender-receiver assignments function without you having to make further specifications. However, it is necessary for some transactions to make detailled assignments. One reason for this may be that the transaction uses an unseen first screen and the parameter is not filled by the memory ID of the data element. After having created the sender-receiver assignment as described above, proceed as follows: ...
    1. Select your sender-receiver assignment ans choose Assignment Details.
    2. Select Table Field as the type. You are then able to make entries in the Field Name, Data Elements, Domains and Set/Get Parameter columns.
    3. Specify the field name, data element, domain, and parameter ID for the receiver transaction.
    You need to know this information as no input help is available. You can normally find the parameter ID in the ABAP Dictionary under data elements. If it is still not possible to jump to the transaction, it may be necessary to program a short ABAP start program. Read SAP Note 383077 (RRI: Transaction call unsuccessful) on this

  • Reporting Services Error after Interactive sorting and drill down in pps

    i have a report  that has a drill down option that shows all workgroups within a specific  parent group and an interactive sorting ass well on both columns  parent group &  workgroup 
    This is displayed  in pps combined with a SharePoint
    ---the problem is that after sorting the parent group column by name   i then press the drill through icon  (+) next to it hopping to see all workgroups related to each parent group
      - but instead 
    i receive this Reporting Services Error  :
    The value for parameter 'SortItem' is not specified. It is either missing from the function call, or it is set to null. (rsMissingParameter) Get
    Online Help       
    If I don't press the sorting and just drill through it works fine. the sorting itself also works fine. 
    any suggestions ?

    Hi Hyaron,
    I am unable to reproduce the issue in my test environment. How did you add the drilldown feature? Were you doing that by setting visibility of the column or of the group? Please ensure to add the drilldown functionality by set the visibility of the workgroup
    from the Grouping Pane in the Report Designer.
    How did you add the Interactive Sorting on the headers of the two columns? Based on the drilldown functionality, the Interactive Sorting on the second column doesn’t work. So, you can move the Interactive Sorting on the second column. When configuring the
    Interactive sorting on the first column, you should set the parent group to sort, and sort by the field that the parent group groups by.
    Hope this helps.
    Mike Yin
    TechNet Community Support

  • How to setup the drill down on union report

    I'm setting the union report.
    I want to set the drill down to another report.
    But I can't setup it.
    Would you please tell me how to setup.
    Thank you.

    Hi Hemlatha
    In Crystal Reports, to prevent the ability to drill down into a subreport when published on the Web, add a text object that is filled with blank spaces, created by pressing the 'Space Bar' and 'Enter' for line returns, to eclipse the subreport.
    This workaround is applicable only to subreports that does not grow in size. For example, subreports that display only a chart or graph.
    Steps to Add a Text Object over a Subreport
    1. In the Crystal Reports Designer of the main report, insert a text object over the subreport.
    2. Resize the text object to be the same size or a little larger than the subreport object on the main report.
    3. Fill the text object with blank spaces created by pressing the 'Space Bar' and 'Enter'. This is necessary because resizing a text object without
    the blank spaces will not maintain its size when it has been published on the Web.
    You can format the text object with a hyperlink to another report, another file or a URL.
    Now, when the Crystal report is previewed on the Web, the text object that fully eclipses the subreport will prevent the ability to drill down into it.

  • Drill down into a report

    I've been working on a report to be able to drill down into another "detailed" one, and I was able to do it but not exactly the way i needed.
    I created an action link for the column values, but my problem is that for EVERY value, i always drill into the same exact report, and my idea is to drill into the same report for all of them, but with different parameters for each one
    Sales representative revenue
    John 230K
    Mark 100K
    Martin 500K
    I've set a drill down for the revenue column, but all 3 values are obviously drilling into the same exact report, and I want to set it in a way I can tell the sub report "give me the detail report but only for the corresponding sales representative"
    If i click on 230K, I want to see the "detailed report" only for John's oppties. If i click on 500K, I want to see the "detailed report" only for Martin's oppties. And so on...
    That's the whole deal. I don't know how to do that.
    Thanks for your help,

    Hi, thanks for your answer
    I'm navigating from a master to a detailed report, and i have already set the attribute as "is prompted" but Its not enough. Let me try to explain why
    Lets say I have this example report:
    Prompts: Primary position
    Primary position | forecast
    John | 768687
    Paul | 200000
    George | 923882
    then I drill down on "Paul" to the next position level, so the report changes to something like this:
    Primary position | secondary position | forecast
    Paul | Jane | 100000
    Paul | Martin | 100000
    So, now... I want to drill into Martin's 100.000 forecast (drill into a detailed report) and despite I have the primary position set as "is prompted", I have no prompts for second, third, or n-position... So If I drill down from martin's 100000 forecast, I will only be able to pass the primary to the detailed report, and It will only be able to show Paul's 200000 forecast details
    I want the detailed report to pull Paul for primary, Martin for secondary, and show only the detailed report for that 100000 forecast value
    That's the issue
    I hope I was clear enough

  • Vendor wise drill down in Trial Balance or Balance sheet report

    Dear Experts,
    Is there any report for Trial Balance or P&L/ Balance Sheet report where vendor wise drill down of amounts is possible?
    Please suggest.

    Hi Dear ,
    You can use F.08 for Trail Balance  and Vendor details - S_ALR_87012082 - Vendor Balances in Local Currency
    You can get cumulative balance for the vendor.

  • How to get the 'hand' cursor on an ALV drill down report?

    I have a drill down on PO # going to trans ME23N that is working great.
    But I have noticed on my other drill downs (E.G for billing doc VF03) that when the report is displayed the drill down field value is a) underlined and b) has a 'Hand' appear when you place the cursor over the billing document field.
    This does not happen on my PO # - it is not highlighted with an underscore, nor do you get the small hand  - but it does work when you double click the field.
    The field I am using on the ALV report is RSEG-EBELN.  This is not a KEY field in the table - perhaps that is why it does not have the underscore and the 'hand'.

    Here it is.
    When you build your field cat use the below code.
    DATA : x_fieldcat TYPE slis_fieldcat_alv.
    * Single click on the field will trigger double click event.Also, a hand
    * will appear when the cursor navigates to the field

  • Drill down report...

    HI abapers,
    How to create drill down report in alv.
    When i double click the particular field, another report has to pop up and display the details of that particular field.
    for eg,
    When double click the amount spent field other report has to say, For which material the amonut has spend.
    Thanking You

    hi arv,
    for me your scenario is not clear..
    you want to drill down the alv .. and show the report in the same program or you want to call another program when u try to hit the alv report..
    well for drilling down the same program.. you can use the following method
        I_INTERFACE_CHECK                 = ' '
        I_BYPASSING_BUFFER                = ' '
        I_BUFFER_ACTIVE                   = ' '
         I_CALLBACK_PROGRAM                 =  GV_REPID
        I_CALLBACK_PF_STATUS_SET          = ' '
         I_CALLBACK_USER_COMMAND            = 'TOP1'     " drill down
         I_CALLBACK_TOP_OF_PAGE             = 'TOP2'
        I_CALLBACK_HTML_TOP_OF_PAGE       = ' '
    perfrom itab2_operation. " in this form you will write the code to get the data for drill dispplay
    now defing fieldcatalog again : example :
        GS_FCAT-COL_POS = 1.
        GS_FCAT-SELTEXT_L =  TEXT-001.
        GS_FCAT-FIX_COLUMN = 'X'.
        GS_FCAT-OUTPUTLEN = 13.
    and  call alv display again :
      I_INTERFACE_CHECK                 = ' '
      I_BYPASSING_BUFFER                = ' '
      I_BUFFER_ACTIVE                   = ' '
        I_CALLBACK_PROGRAM                =  GV_REPID
      I_CALLBACK_PF_STATUS_SET          = ' '
        I_CALLBACK_TOP_OF_PAGE            = 'TOP2'
      I_CALLBACK_HTML_TOP_OF_PAGE       = ' '
      I_CALLBACK_HTML_END_OF_LIST       = ' '
      I_STRUCTURE_NAME                  =
      I_BACKGROUND_ID                   = ' '
      I_GRID_TITLE                      = ''
      I_GRID_SETTINGS                   =
        IS_LAYOUT                         = GS_LAYOUT
          IT_FIELDCAT                     = GT_FCAT
    and if you want to call another progam when u hit..u have to use..submit key work

  • Drill Down Report in screen painter

    Hi Experts,
    I have a requirement in dialog programming/screen painter to create a 2 level drill down report. for eac page of the report, it should only contain 10 entries then to view the other entries (11 and up), the button for next page should be click (there is also back button).
    First question is how will I have the drill down report (alv list type?) in screen painter?
    Second question is how should I process the logic mentioned above (next and back) in screen painter/dialog programming?
    Thanks in advance for all teh support. Points will be rewarded.

    Go thru this Threads u ll get an idea,
    Drill down report help
    Re: regarding Drill Down Reporting
    drill down capabilities for an alv grid display field using oops concept

  • How to create drill down reports

    pelase help me step to create drill down reports
    Find the manager and their employees Manager names are abc, def employees are abc manager employees are john, lilly.
    def employees are mark,syam
    How can i acheive below format.
    Pelase help me
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    pelase help me step to create drill down reports
    Find the manager and their employees Manager names are abc, def employees are abc manager employees are john, lilly.
    def employees are mark,syam
    How can i acheive below format.
    SyamSounds like homework.
    How to Create a Drill Down Report
    Don't see the relevance of this format to "drill down reports". What is drilling down to where?

  • Drill down reports from Before Report Trigger

    I am using reports 6.08 and I want to run several subreports from the parameter form of a master report. However when I call srw.run_report() from the Before Report Trigger with batch=no I get the error message ... When I use batch=yes I cannot use destype=srcreen. When I use the same call from a button trigger it works fine.
    How can I call a drill down report from the Before Report Trigger?
    The master report should not create a report itself; only the drill down report should be visible. How can I exit the master report without raising an exception after running the drill down report?
    Thanks a lot - Ulrich

    The only place where it is valid to call a report using srw.run_report() with a destype=Screen (or Preview) is from a button of an already run report (to provide drill down capabilities).
    In your situation where you're really only using Reports as a parameter form (in the master case) I would suggest that you look to use a real Oracle Form as the master driver, and run_product calls to generate the required reports.
    Hope this helps,

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