Saving color groups as ASE swatch libraries

Is there a way to save an llustrator color group as an ASE swatch library? When I try to do this, the entire library, including all the default swatches are saved, whe  all I want are the particular swatches I've added to a new colour group. I want to be able to save swatch libraries for various clients, then be able to access them in InDesign and Photoshop as well. Or alternatively, is there a way to remove unwanted swatches from a swatch library once it's been saved? Thanks! (Using CS6 on a Mac running 10.8.4)

Ask in the AI forum. Generally it works as it should, but there may some smart way or script to optimize your workflow.

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  • How to open swatch libraries on startup?

    I'd like my company color palette to be present when I create a new document.
    I've tried saving the a color group as .ase but when I try and open my user defined swatch library, it's not clickable. That's a workaround for what I want anyway.
    It seems like there used to be an option called "persistent" in older versions but how do I get my colors to automatically appear when I'm using CC?

    Doesn't your user defined swatch show here?
    If not you may have not saved in the defualt location,  use other library and navigate to where you saved the .ase.

  • How in Swatches I copy or cut one color from one color group to another

    how in Swatches I copy or cut one color from one color group to another? Can I, if no how to do it elsewise?

    Duplicate the swatch drag the duplicate swatch to the other color group.

  • Adding color groups to color swatch palette?

    does anyone know if a plugin exists for ID3 that will let you create color groups (like paragraph and character style sheets).

    I don't know of a plugin; but if all you're trying to do is keep a group of colors that you can load/reload together, why not keep them in a Library item?

  • Color Groups - Save/Export/Share without Kuler?

    Why can't i just save a color group that i created in Illustrator CS5 and import it into another document?
    Kuler only supports groups of up to 5 colors, and i don't think uploading a set of client-specific brand colors to the "Kuler Community" would do any good...
    Maybe i have overlooked an obvious option, but i had hoped it would be as easy as saving custom brushes etc in Photoshop...
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Ok it is simple create a document and delete all the colors swatches and and any brushes, symbols and graphic styles that use color. or if you wish all of the above stuff and save it as something like RAW file to the location that Mordy's blog located for you.
    Now make a new document using that profile from the New Document dialog.
    Now select swatches from the libraries available form the flyout or library icon on the lower left of the Swatches Panel.
    Make your own swatches from the mixer or from Live Color and save them as a library (ase) or as an AI file to Swatches Panel in the preset Folder of Illustrator and give it your clients name.
    Now make another document using the RAW File Profile you created before and then go to the swatches panel and from the flyout of from the swatch library icon on the panel select the Library with your clients name.
    If this is confusing I will try and make a movie describing it.
    I am trying to get them to add a feature so that when you make a color group you have an option to save it to this folder s well as with the document itself. I am hoping they will eventually add this to the Live Color feature would be a big help.
    Now when yo

  • Convert ase swatches to excel

    Is there a way to convert an exported .ase swatches file to an excel or txt file so I can have the swatches listed in a table form like for example:
    mycolour1 C=10, M=5, Y=25, K=0
    I've tried renaming .ase to .txt but that gives just a text file full of foreign characters.

    OK, here is final script
        if(app.documents.length > 0){
            Object.prototype.enumName = function(enumId){for ( var p in this )if ( this[p] == enumId ) return(p);return(FALSE);}
            myRound = function(myNumber, roundDec){var roundMulit = Math.pow(10,roundDec);return Math.round(myNumber*roundMulit)/roundMulit;}
            var docColors = app.activeDocument.swatches;
            var myCSV = Array(["Color Name", "Color Space", "Color Value"]);
            var colorName, colorSpace, colorValue;
            for(var i = 0; i < docColors.length; i++){
                try{colorName = docColors[i].name;}catch(_){colorName = "N/A";}
                try{colorSpace = ColorSpace.enumName(docColors[i].space);}catch(_){colorSpace = "N/A";}
                try{colorValue = docColors[i].colorValue;
                    for(var c = 0; c < colorValue.length; c++)
                        colorValue[c] = myRound(colorValue[c], 0);}catch(_){colorValue = "N/A"; continue;}
                myCSV.push([colorName, colorSpace, colorValue]);
                var theData = File(app.activeDocument.filePath + "/"
                    + " [Document Colors].csv");
       ('w', 'Text');
                theData.encoding = 'UTF-8';
                theData.write (myCSV.join("\r"));
                theData.close ();
    }catch(_){alert("Something went wrong! :-)");}
    And if it's working, give it 10 points

  • Create Gradient From Color Group

    I think it would be good to add a feature that allows you to drag a 'Color Group' to the Fill box or to the gradient window which then creates a gradient, evenly spacing each color in the group. This features is mainly for convenience and time-saving purposes. It allows for gradients to be created quicker as it saves the user from having to drag each swatch over to the gradient window.

    So that's a "no", then?
    Would it mean no if I said yes?

  • Can I view all the colors in an .ASE file?

    I would like to import all of the colors in an .ase file to view them together in a grid as data for research I'm doing.  Is there a way to access all the colors in a palette at once and import them into a Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator file?  (there are hundreds)

    As far as I understand it, the Script Render Swatch Legend might do what you want:
    But probably not. In that case please explain further.

  • Swatch libraries

    I'm on ID CS3 and I can't get any of the swatch libraries to open for me. From the swatch palette I go to load swatches, then in the presets folder, I find swatch libraries, but everything is grayed out in the folder. Can't access them. Also tried loading swatches from Illustrator CS3 and also thru Bridge, Color books. In every case, I can see the files, but don't have access to open them. What's wrong with this picture??

    If I understand correctly, the "Load Swatches" option allows you to import swatches from a separate InDesign file. The Swatch Libraries are already available when you're editting or creating a new swatch. The Color Mode menu lets you choose from RGB, CYMK, Pantone, Focoltone, etc.

  • Swatch libraries suddenly unavailable

    Having the strangest problem. When I want to edit or create a new swatch, two strange things are happening:
    1) in the pull down list of swatch libraries, the list repeats several times ... so it looks as if there are dozens and dozens of libraries, when in fact it's the same standard ones scrolling by over and over.
    2) no matter which one I select, Trumatch pops up. So I can select Trumatch colors to my heart's content (something I've never wanted to do), but cannot select a pantone, or even a CMYK breakdown.
    I've gone into Indesign's application folder and tried temporarily removing the Trumatch library, and then all the swatch libraries. Doesn't fix it. Neither does deleting prefs. I've restarted Indesign several times, restarted the computer, run all kinds of system maintenance routines. Nada.
    Any thoughts?
    If the answer is "re-install indesign," is there a simple way I can preserve some of my preferences, like my palette layouts?
    Thanks so much.

    You don't need to reinstall, just replace the prefs, but you do need to do it correctly. See Replace Your Preferences
    If you do want to backup your workspaces, keyboard shortcuts, find/change queries, and a lot of other things, you'll find them in your user profile/library.

  • Applying color groups to grouped art gets randomized

    Hey Guys,  I've been fighting with this issue for a bit over here.
    I have a collection of color groups, that I am applying to grouped objects,
    but every time I change out the color group, it randomizes the order which
    the colors are applied.
    In the kind of bulk work I'm doing, its really turning into an hours burner.
    The specific process I'm using (I've tried several different ways with the same result)
    1) Draw my art
    2) Group the art
    3) Create a new color group with my art selected.
    4) Double click the color group and recolor.
    5) Save the swatches
    ----- so far so good
    6) Double Click a different color group (or select from the Recolor panel)
    -- here the other color group (swatches) get applied, but every time I do it, the order of which color is applied to

    In Xara Designer Pro one can name colors, which means one can change the named colors--and all tints of colors associated with it, and change them. Not quite the same request as above, but it is an incredibly handy function. But I don't use it much as I don't do variations.
    A friend of mine does, though. He illustrates cars for large format printing to be framed by his customers. Ron Duke is the artist.
    Changing from the named colors is pretty quick. The above, with the exception of the roof and exhaust changes, takes seconds to change the body color and glass tinting.
    Take care, Mike

  • Image Trace colors don't match selected color group. (Mac, CS6)

    When I select the Document Library option when making a color image trace, the colors shift in the image but do not match the selected color group. I've tried multiple color groups, and the colors always change, but never match the selected swatches. Is this typical? Can anyone explain this?

    After some additional experimentation, I discovered the problem was with images dragged from iPhoto and dropped into an illustrator file. When I placed the files instead, the colors matched the selected color group. After trying several other images using both methods, it appears as if dragging and dropping from iPhoto is a no-no when wanting to image trace and change the colors.

  • Is it possible to upload color groups from Illustrator CC?

    Is there anyway to upload a color group from Illustrator to Adobe Cloud and have it appear as a Color Theme? I can only seem to upload individual colors. Alternatively, is it possible to group individual colors that have been uploaded into a Color Theme?
    I am running Illustrator CC 18.1.1 on Mac 10.9.5 (Mavericks.)

    Upload? You should be able to tap and hold down on an image until the Copy or Save Image options popup. Tap Save and it should be saved to the camera roll album in the photos app.

  • How to get color group from illustrator into flash

    I have difficulties with the color management between Illustrator and Flash.
    I have the original vector files in Illustrator and would like to use the color groups, I have in Illustrator, also in Flash.
    One way doing it is using the Kuler.
    But I can not get the colors from Illustrator into Kuler.
    Can someone advice how to manage that process?
    Many thanks in advance!

    I'm fairly new to this having only recently started using these tools again after six years, but will try to help! Go to "Explore", find a theme you like and click the "Edit" selection when you mouse over it. From there you can edit it or save a copy of it as is as whatever name you wish. In Photoshop or Illustrator, they will now show up in Adobe Color Themes (Window > Extensions > Adobe Color Themes) under "All Themes" in the drop menu. In these apps (and others that are Adobe Color Theme aware), any themes that you favorite on the site will show up under "My Favorites".
    If you're using Fireworks, it's different as it still uses Kuler (Window > Extensions > Kuler).  Themes you save or favorite on the site don't automatically show up there, however you can search for themes by name, and if you select "Custom" from the theme group dropdown, you can enter up to four names that will show up in that dropdown menu and produce as many results as the window can hold for an individual term. For instance, I saved a theme as "Copy of Industrial Calm" which if I enter in the search box, the "group" is a group of one. However, if I just type "Industrial", the window fills with options, yet there are MANY more results on the Adobe Color site and you would have to be specific to get the right one in that window.
    Hope that helps.

  • I saved a lot (100)custom swatches in Illustrator CS4 and want to transfer them to a new Mac book bu

    I saved a lot (100)custom swatches in Illustrator CS4 and want to transfer them to a new Mac book but can not find the user defined  folder location on my old I Mac. Anybody know how to find them?

    MacHD/Users?<yourname>/Library?Application Support/Adobe/AdobeAICS#/Presets/en_US/Swatches would be a place to start.

Maybe you are looking for

  • I quit, Im tired of signing in so much

    Im headed back to cs4. Im so very exahausted from signing in to cloud services so excessivly. I love adobe cloud, but I will not tolerate this behavior towards paying customers. I am one handed and it takes a while for me to sign in. I use Last Pass,

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    I keep getting the notice that there is a printer update ready from the app store. I don't want this update. How can I put this update alert on hold without stopping other update alerts that I may want to install?

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