Scroll two-up documents as single page

I have Adobe Acrobat 8.1 running in Windows 7 and I would like all of my documents to open as two-up page view but I need them to scroll as single page.  Is there any way to make this a default setting?I dislike viewing a single page at a time just so I can scroll one page at a time.  I want to see two pages while scrolling at the one page setting so that when I scroll I would go from pages 1-2 to pages 3-4, if that's understandable.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Off hand I dont know the answer to your question. But since no one answered your question, here are my 2 cents worth:
I suggest all your JSP pages have one and only one form tag. Re write your JSP page. Make sure all your variables your submitting have unique names. (no duplicate names). As far as I know, having multiple forms on a JSP page is not normallly done and makes it difficult to alter by another programmer after you leave the company.

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  • Integrating two iviews in a single page in Portal

    Hello all:
    I am trying to integrate two iviews into a single page, in portal, but i am able to see one iview running fine and for other iview it says serivce not found.
    But when i preview the iviews seperately they work fine.
    please suggest me if i am missing something.

    In second view properties, please select ENTRY POINT as Yes, then let me know

  • What's a good app to use to put two photos on a single page like Windows Paint?

    I have a OSX Lion with an iPhoto app. I would like to put two photos on a single page like Windows Paint. What's a good app for this? Is there a Windows Paint app for Mac or something similar?

    You can print two photos on a single page with iPhoto, you can put two photos on a single page with Pages, Word or any word processor. Or are you trying to edit two photos together?
    In order of price here are some suggestions:
    Seashore (free)
    The Gimp (free)
    Graphic Coverter ($45 approx)
    Acorn ($50 approx)
    Pixelmator ($50 approx)
    Photoshop Elements ($75 approx)
    There are many, many other options. Search on MacUpdate. You can set Photoshop (or any image editor) as an external editor in iPhoto. (Preferences -> General -> Edit Photo: Choose from the Drop Down Menu.) This way, when you double click a pic to edit in iPhoto it will open automatically in Photoshop or your Image Editor, and when you save it it's sent back to iPhoto automatically. This is the only way that edits made in another application will be displayed in iPhoto.

  • How to Append two  word documents into single  using   java

    How to Append two word documents into single using java
    we tried this but it's not append the one word document to other
    source code:public class AppendTwoWordFiles {
         public static void main(String []arg)throws IOException
              FileInputStream fi=null;
              FileOutputStream fo=null;
              try {
                   System.out.println("Enter the source file name u want to append");
                   BufferedReader br=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
                   File f1=new File(br.readLine().toString());
                   System.out.println("Enter the Destination file name ");
                   File f2=new File(br.readLine().toString());
                   fi = new FileInputStream(f1);
                   fo = new FileOutputStream(f2,true);
                   byte b[]=new byte[2];
    System.out.println("Successfully append the file");
              } catch (FileNotFoundException e) {
                   // TODO Auto-generated catch block
              } catch (IOException e) {
                   // TODO Auto-generated catch block
    plz reply me quickly ,,,what can i follow

    Use this code ..
    and give the path of the both file like this.....
    source file ---- C:/workspace/Practice/src/com/moksha/ws/test/practice.text
    destination file ---- C:/workspace/City/src/com/moksha/ws/test/practice1.text
    public class AppendTwoWordFiles {
         public static void main(String[] arg) throws IOException {
              FileInputStream fi = null;
              FileOutputStream fo = null;
              try {
                   System.out.println("Enter the source file name u want to append");
                   BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(
                   File f1 = new File(br.readLine().toString());
                   System.out.println("Enter the Destination file name ");
                   File f2 = new File(br.readLine().toString());
                   fi = new FileInputStream(f1);
                   fo = new FileOutputStream(f2, true);
                   byte b[] = new byte[2];
                   int len = 0;
                   while ((len = > 0) {
                        fo.write(b, 0, len);
                   System.out.println("Successfully append the file");
              } catch (FileNotFoundException e) {
              } catch (IOException e) {
              } finally {

  • Is there any way to scroll two different documents simultaneously?

    Hi all, scroll two different documents simultaneously  - it will be helpul while doing corrections / checking documents. Is there any plugin available for this?

    I use two computers (don't laugh). I set up the laptop next to my desktop monitor and use one hand on each keyboard.
    Consider using (if appropriate) compare tools as well. You can export both documents to RTF and use Word to compare them if all you care about is textual differences. You can export both documents to PDF and use Acrobat to compare them if you need to see graphic differences as well.

  • How do I display PDF document as single pages on iPad?

    I have a company catalogue in PDF format, 20 pages long. We use Issuu to allow customer to view the catalogue on their PCs and mobile devices.
    In Issuu you can customise the embed widget to show single pages, and this works fine when viewing the catalogue on a PC. The problem arises when trying to view the catalogue on an iPad. It appears that the iPad automatically sets the PDF to view as a Facing Pages document. It doesn't matter if I'm using Safari, or the Atomic browser we have installed (so that we can hide the URL bar).
    I've created the document in inDesign as a single page document but the iPad still merges pages 2-3, 4-5, 6-7 etc.
    The iPads will be used in our retail stores so it's important that the set up and navigation is as simple as possible. The catalogue is placed within an iFrame on the page so that I can but a navigational banner at the top that easily takes customers back to the main menu page. It's important that the catalogue opens within the page. The Issuu embed widget for Tumblr, etc only creates a preview of the catalogue which then opens in a separate tab, which unfortunately will not be suitable to our needs.
    You can view the page here:
    I've tried a number of different options, I've written to Issuu but they were unable to help as it only seems to be an iPad-related problem.
    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards,

    The PDF viewers on the iPad do not understand customised widgets.  They understand the PDF format, exactly as it was designed by Adobe.  Instead of trying to use a custom solution, use the features which are provided by the PDF format.  Custom solutions work only for the situations that the company that wrote the custom solution wants them to work and they are a corruption of the normal way PDFs are used.
    In your situation I'd remove all dependency on any custom widgets from your PDF document.  Instead you can use links which allow you to click on a piece of text or an image in the PDF and the PDF software will take you to a different page.  This is part of the PDF standard and will work on all software capable of showing PDFs.  It is all your users should need to navigate from one part of your catalogue to another.  Whatever software you're using to create your PDF should give instructions on how to create links in your PDF document.
    Similarly your use of iFrames is a little stange.  If your material is on a web site, put it in web pages where you can use all the features web pages give you, including blue-underlined links to other pages.  If, instead, your material is in a PDF then put all the navigation in the PDF.  Don't try to depend on a strange interaction between the PDF and your web pages.

  • Is there a script for CS5 to export a multi-page InDesign Document to single page InDesign documents

    I am having trouble finding a script or utility that would allow me to export each page of an InDesign CS5 document as multiple single page InDesign documents. I have found one script that does this for CS3, but nothing for CS5. Thank you for any help.

    Generally speaking, if a script doesn't run in a later version, you can put it in a subfolder withteh correct version number as the name and it will work. For CS3 that would be "Version 5.0 Scripts" without the quotes.
    That said, if you have Acrobat pro, it's probably easier to use the extract pages command...

  • Multi-page InDesign document to single-page InDesign documents script?

    I'm looking for a script that can take a multi-page Mac InDesign CS2/CS3 document and split it into single-page InDesign documents. Any ideas or comments?

    Sorry I'm coming in at the end of a discussion, but there was not enough input from the O.P. Mike. Are we working on a folder of multiple ID files, or just one? Do we need to export all pages of documents or just a range? What platform is needed? Generally how many pp per document, how many documents? Cleanup needed on master pages or swatches etc?
    I'm talking in Applescript here.
    Do master pages really need deleted? If not, then no problem, just leave them in. My guess would be to just have your original ID docs in a folder, and an output folder. Start a script, select your input and output folders. Script grabs first document, counts number of pages. Repeats X number of times. Delete pages except the page of current loop, do a Save-As into output folder with new doc name. Reopen (or undo) and repeat page deletion and Save-As with new name. Go to next loop with next original document.
    I've written a bunch of loops that do some of these basic functions. I can't see that trying to duplicate the page structure on a new document would be very efficient in any language. Seems like too many pitfalls that could snag you, like master page items or locked items or document preferences you have to account for.
    Even with my script there may be text flow issues with linked boxes.
    Mike, any additional input on what you need? Thx

  • Exporting a multipage InDesign document to single page PDFs but with unique filenames using scripts

    I'm using InDesign 5.5.
    My goal is to export a multipage InDesign file into single page PDFs but each single PDF must be uniquely named.
    For example;
    ...and so on.
    I've spent a great deal of time searching online and the closest I have found is  software called Output Factory which works fine.
    The way Output Factory works is by placing a script label within a textframe on the master page in InDesign. Then whatever is typed into the text frame on each the separate pages defines the file name of each separate page.
    However if I can solve this problem without any investment costs my boss will be very happy
    I found PEU5 which works great for exporting into single pages, it's now a case of naming each single PDF but I know nothing how about to create a script but I get the gist of what they do. My understanding is that a script could solve the second half of my problem.
    Can anyone help?

    Thanks Peter but but I don't think this is what I'm looking for.
    I did find this post but I can't seem to get the script to work.
    This is the error message I get when I run the script... any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

  • Save a cs4 multi page document as single page cs4 files?

    Is there any way to save an InDesign cs4 file with multiple pages as single page cs4 files?
    I do not want to save them as PDF's, or any other file type. I need them to stay as a cs4 files.
    Thank you!

    Not that I am aware of... Try scripting it - or you may find a one already online. Check out You'll find a wealth of resources there as well.

  • Can two people update a single Pages document at the same time like with Google docs?

    Is it possible for two different users to concurrently update an iWork document (pages/numbers/presentation) that resides on the iCloud?

    That I don't know swithout testing.
    My suspicion is that both users probably can open the same document but there will be conflicts when saving. Last one in gets to overwrite the others work.
    There is nothing in place that I know of that arbitrates access.

  • Two billing documents against single invoice No

    Hi experts,
    Please suggest the ways/possibility to post two vendor bills against the same Invoice no. generated by system.
    like an Invoice has been posted with No 123 agaisnt a service entry X and now it is required to pass one more bil for the entery sheet within the same Invoice document 123
    Thanks & regards,

    The only way of posting an additional invoice is by subsequent debit.In the transaction MIRO select the document as subsequent invoice.Rest of the procedure is normal.
    Only difference to the original invoice with the subsequent invoice is that system will not propose the quantity and values in the subsequent debit.You can post more than one subsequent debit to a purchase order.
    But a subsequent debit can be posted only after the invoice posting.

  • Struts : Validating two forms in a single page , on a single submit

    In my JSP page, i have two forms, with modifiable feilds. I'm using submit button of the 2nd form to submit both forms (ie. <form action="" onsubmit="return firstForm.submit();"> )
    Two forms have different actions which is specified in structs-config.xml. Validation(server-side) is done using validation.xml file.On success/failure, both these actions are mapped to the same (input) JSP page.
    Problem is that, validation errors in second form only is displayed. This is because, as soon as 1st form returns validation errors, the second form gets submitted. How can i specify that 2nd form should be submitted only if the 1st form doesnot return any validation errors. I know its possible using javascript at client side, but i want this validation on server-side.
    Can any one please help me out. Thanks

    Off hand I dont know the answer to your question. But since no one answered your question, here are my 2 cents worth:
    I suggest all your JSP pages have one and only one form tag. Re write your JSP page. Make sure all your variables your submitting have unique names. (no duplicate names). As far as I know, having multiple forms on a JSP page is not normallly done and makes it difficult to alter by another programmer after you leave the company.

  • How to update when i have two updateable report on single page

    I've two updateable report created using pl/sql procedure. I really don't know how to update both reports at the same time. I report contains only one row and second one contains multiple rows.
    For the second one, i use
    UPDATE table
    end loop;
    how to update the 1st report. Please help me

    when you use the htmldb_item api to render form elements to your pages, those values end up in the htmldb_application.g_fNN arrays. i'm not sure how you defined your first report region, but you seem to be populating the g_f01 through g_f04 arrays with your second. if that's the case, try populating g_f05 with your first region. a query region like...
    select htmldb_item.text(5,ename) from emp
    ...would do it. you should then be able to access those submitted values in the htmldb_application.g_f05 array.
    hope this helps,

  • Recordset paging with two db in a single page

    I have two table to be show in a page, I can create a
    recordset paging for a table(A), but when i try create another
    recordset paging for other table(B) it changes all my other
    behaviors for my table(A). so is there any help for this?

    Create the rs for table A on one page, then create the rs for
    table B on another page, then go to the code for table B and copy
    it from the second page and paste it into the first page with table
    Have you got a connection string for both db's? If you have
    two db's, then you should have two connection strings at the top of
    the page after the first line of code.
    I have a site with three db's on a couple of pages!

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