Seamlessly switching between iTunes for Mac and Windows

The path on a Windows machine to my iTunes is something like N:\My Music, where N is mapped as a network drive. On a Mac, that same Drive N is mapped as “fireserver” on the server machine. So on iTunes for the Mac, it would have to be //servername/fireserver/My Music or something along those lines.
Here’s the problem. The iTunes Library.itl and iTunes Music Library.xml are the files in Windows that store the information regarding which iTunes music is there, as well as the playlists and their contents. Therefore, if I move from one machine to another, as long as each has the server’s drive mapped as N, I can copy those two files from one machine to the other and it serves two purposes. First, it is a backup of sorts of my iTunes library. Second, I don’t have to update the information on two computers but rather one, and then copy the files to have an identical library, including playlists.
I would like to sync my iPhone and iPod(s) with my Mac, but I have a Windows machine, and need to continue to use that Windows machine to do other things with iTunes, such as port music to the backyard of my house. I don’t know how to keep the two iTunes libraries in sync since the xml and itl files refer to files and folders within N:\My Music. Even if I laboriously edited those files and did a global replace, that would be a one shot deal, and thereafter, I would have to update on the Windows side and on the Mac side.
So here is the question. Is there a way that I can set up my Mac so that when I refer to N: it knows that I mean //servername/fireserver (I’m not sure if I have the syntax right, but I think I’m getting my point across)? In this way, the files would point to N:\whatever and the computer would know that I mean //servername/fireserver/whatever.
This would solve a major problem for me.
Thanks in advance!

I have been really surprised by the lack of responses to this post. I'm thinking, this is such a typical thing that people would want to do - sharing their music with friends and family - I can't be the first to have the problem. Plus, I've always received such quick, expert advice on this forum to other questions since buying my Mac a couple of months ago.
But now I'm wondering whether there is something else going on that precludes the resident experts from answering. Is sharing music as I've described illegal? Maybe that's why everybody's keeping quiet, i.e., if you tell me how to share my songs with a friend then you're assisting in copyright infringement.
I didn't think it was illegal to share music with a friend in this way, as long as the songs you've downloaded from iTunes aren't shared on more than four devices or whatever. If it is illegal I'd sure like to know. That would also explain the radio silence.

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    It is simplest to have the HDD formatted to noe common to both Mac an PC.  ExFAT is one.  But to do that will erase all data on the HDD.
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    The stage displayState and scale properties are like so:
    // fullscreen
    stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN;
    // fullscreen with keyboard active
    stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE;
    // non-fullscreen
    stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.NORMAL;
    Note that changing the displayState is usually done after the first frame is rendered so adding in a listener for that before changing it is a good idea. The scale and align don't require this.
    addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, _onEF);
    function _onEF(e:Event):void
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    I have a 500GB external HDD which I had to format o Fat32 a while ago. I don't remember exactly how I did it, but I remember it was a pain in the *** and took forever (I was under Windows XP).
    So short answer to your question is yes. It is possible and as the above person said, you need to format to Fat32. Long answer is it will take some time and effort. Here are a few links to help you get started: k-into-fat32.html
    I haven't tried any of these (I believe I formatted mine downloading a third party app), but you might be lucky. Good luck.

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    Is it possible to have mi iPod formatted for both mac and windows? If so, how can I do it?

    Now you can be 100% sure, StarDeb!
    As another of the old windows guys, I had the same question when I made the change. Windows format works just swimmingly with Macintosh computers. Can't say the same for the other way around.
    In fact, the iPod I had at the time, a 15 GB 3G (the one with the red buttons, and still the best looking of the lot), is still formatted for windows even though I have not had a Windows computer for several years now.
    So enjoy the Powerbook (just bought a new to me G4 iBook, myself) without fear that the iPod will be a stumbling iBlock.

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    you can format as NTFS, which is read only by Mac.
    Your best bet is to format a different drive as FAT32 and copy these files to it.

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