'Send an email invitation' & 'Select a permission level' options are not visible when clicking "Show Options"

We're using a modified master page, which is 99% identical to the Seattle.master file. However, we are facing some JavaScript issues. This one in particular is affecting the event listener for the "Show Options" link while adding a new user.
If anyone knows what SharePoint OOTB JavaScript functions and/or file is directly linked to this event handler, please share. Thanks in advance!

Per my knowledge, the "Show More" link use the function as below:
onclick="EnsureScriptParams('foldhyperlink.js', 'ToggleFoldText', '4f7670f8b24440de93663a84177ebd88', 'ctl00_PlaceHolderMain_ctl03__moreDetailsLink', 'Hide options', 'Show options');ShowHideMoreOptions();return false;">
Linda Li
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    I have an IMAC 5.1 with OSX 10.6.8. When I restored a mailbox using Time Machine, the mailbox appears in Apple Mail however no emails are visible even though they are present in the folder in library/mail/mailboxes in Finder. Any suggestions on how I can make the emails visible?

    I managed to find the solution.  In Mail under Mailbox in the header there is a Rebuild button.  I pressed it and my emails are now visible.

  • Email clients other than Mail or Outlook are not visible to my apps

    I have been trying some different mail clients, such as Postbox, Thunderbird, Airmail and others. When I set any of these as the default mail client, apps such as Word and Pages are no longer able to send email from within the app itself. It's as though there is no default mail client.
    If I set the default mail client back to Mail or Outlook, sending mail from within apps works perfectly again. Is anyone able to provide some assistance?
    Thanks in advance

    Hello Edwin.
    I'm not aware of any other email clients besides Entourage that is compatible with OS X or Tiger and includes a built in or separate integrated calendar.

  • Tab in Top Level Navigation is not highlighted when clicked on

    Hi guys,
    We have 1 problem in EP 6.0:
    I create 1 iview(testiview), and attached to the role(testrole), assigned to 1 user, then login with that user. In top level navigation, i am able to see the role(testrole) in top level navigation, but after i clicked, the tab for this role is not highlighted, but the content of iview is displayed,
    Any one knows what happened?
    Guo Feng

    Hi Guo
    You have created one role and added one iView under it.
    now can u tell which one you made as entry point.
    if Role is the entry point are you getting the iView link in the DTN ?
    If you made iView as entry point and then you r getting the content in content area and the iView link in the top.
    i think the second one happens...
    Check the role and iView properties .
    Make the Role as entry point..
    Reward for helpful answers

  • Sending an email invitation doesn't work

    Hi there,
    I've been trying to send an email invitation to my brother to get himself on skype.
    He's not good on computers, so this would be an easier option to get him signed up.
    But your email invitation link doesn't work for days!
    Can technical support fix that please?
    Thank you.

    When adding a new contact I click on 'contacts' then 'add contact' then 'search skype directory'. I fill in new contact email and if no results skype gives me he option to send an email invitation. However when I click on this link it opens Internet Explorer browser to page http://www.skype.com/en/?SkypeName=&FriendEmailAddr_1=&FriendEmailAddr_2=&FriendEmailAddr_3=&FriendE...
    This is seems the same as the home page http://www.skype.com/en/
    I can not see any link whereby one can send an email invitation.
    I read somewhere that this was a bug in the new version of skype.

  • TS1506 My attachment symbol is not visible when I am sending an email. How do I get it back?

    Attachment option is not visible when sending an email through aol.com.

    When you are composing an email tap at the location you want to insert a photo or video. The option to insert comes up. Tap on that and select the photo or video you wish to insert.
    Alternately you can use the Photos app and select up to five photos to insert into an email. Tap select, select the photos and then tap the Share icon. Select Mail and an email will be created. You can then address the email, add a subject and type in content.
    To attach other things like a PDF, Word Doc, etc. you need to use the app that creates or edit seize items. Again select the item you want to email and tap on the Share icon in the appropriate app.

  • My wife and I share the same email address and Apple ID.  We are not able to send and receive Text Messages to one another.

    My wife and I share the same email address and Apple ID. We are not able to send and receive Text Messages to one another. Is the cause of this because we share the same Apple ID? Will we have to set up 2 separate primary email addresses to be able to  send and receive Tex Messages to one another? Like I said, we share the same email address and woul like to keep it that way to keep up with our email together. Is there a way to by-pass having to set up 2 primary emaill addresses if this is the problem?

    go to the settings and turn off imessage
    but that don't change the issue that you will never be able to facetime eachtoher
    the appleID is really meant as the handle that identify you it was not meant to be shared
    but can see that people may want to do not buy apps more then once

  • Check if Custom Permission level exists or not

    I have cretaed a custom permission level.
    On feature activation, i need to check if that custom permission level exists or not. How can i do that?
    Avni Bhatt

    Check if below helps
    SPWeb web = SPContext.Current.Web;
    // Validate the page request to avoid
    // any malicious posts
    if (Request.HttpMethod == “POST”)
    // Get a reference the roles that are
    // bound to the current user and the role
    // definition to which we need to verify
    // the user against
    SPRoleDefinitionBindingCollection usersRoles = web.AllRolesForCurrentUser;
    SPRoleDefinitionCollection roleDefinitions = web.RoleDefinitions;
    SPRoleDefinition roleDefinition = roleDefinitions["Full Control"];
    // Check if the user is in the role. If not
    // redirect the user to the access denied page
    if (usersRoles.Contains(roleDefinition))
       //Check if post back to run
       //code that initiates the page
       if (IsPostBack != true)
        //Do your stuff here
    Or check if it exist and then delete and recreate it
    string[] yourCustomRoles = {"Level1", "Level2"};
    using (var web = spSite.OpenWeb())
    var roles = web.RoleDefinitions;
    foreach(var levelName in yourCustomRoles)
    // web has no this role
    //Add code here

  • BW Field level Autorizations are not working in the WEBI Reports

    Dear All,
    1. I have created Authorization roles with Infoobjects Authorization Objects.
    2. In Bex Query Authoizations are working on the Infoobjects like for
    Ex: For USER1 I have given Company code = 1000 &
    User 2 I have given authorization for 1100.....
    3. Import those roles into Business Objects-CMC.
    4.Users were Imported.
    But in the WEBI Reports BW Field level Authorizations are not working i.e for USER1 authorization for Company code is 1000 , in WEBI report it is showing all the Company codes data for USER1.
    For USER2 also showing all the data in the WEBI report.
    Plz help me on this issue.
    Kiran Manyam

    For Authorization to work in BO you can check the following:
    1. You need to create authorization variables in your BEx query.
         Also these variables should not be input ready.
    2. While creating universe in BO you need to select "Single Sign On" option available in the parameters iwhile creating a new

  • "one or more of the items in your selection contains Aperture albums that are not supported in iphoto".

    I have some folders in iPhoto called 'Recovered Folder'. When I try to delete them I get this message: "one or more of the items in your selection contains Aperture albums that are not supported in iphoto".
    I don't use Aperture (did install it to try it out), and have deleted Aperture App from my Mac.
    How can I get rid of these fodlers?

    i finally figured this out:
    fyi, iphoto and aperture can now share (i.e., access) the same library. apple details it here:
    i use both iphoto and aperture, and i suspect something went amiss, at some point, while aperture was accessing my iphoto library.
    this is how i fixed the problem:
    i launched aperture, then (per the instructions linked above) switched to (i.e., accessed) my iphoto library. i was then able to delete the "recovered folder" and the album it contained. i then quit aperture and relaunched iphoto.
    NOTE: at that time, although i expected the "recovered folder" to be gone, it was still present. but this time, i was able to delete the folder from within iphoto without the "contains aperture items" error message.
    (Sparky030405, i realize you've since deleted aperture. while i can't say my method is the *only* way to solve this problem, it's the way i was able to solve it. so, you might consider reinstalling aperture in order to delete the folder, then uninstalling aperture, once again.)

  • When using pop up editor windows on a Joomla 1.0.15 website the URLs selected in the pop-up are not passed back to the main window

    The Joomla content management system version 1.0.15 provides a content editor which uses pop-up windows to select images and files. When using any of these pop up editor windows since 3.6.9 the URLs selected in the pop-up are not passed back to the main editor window.
    Up until FF 3.6.8 there were no problems, but FF 3.6.9 and 3.6.10 both exhibit this same problem, as does FF 4 Beta 6. (Support Question raised on this forum in early September when 2.6.9 was released but no response)

    Do you have that problem when running in the Firefox SafeMode?
    ''Don't select anything right now, just use "Continue in SafeMode."''
    If not, see this:

  • Content of second level TAB's not visible

    Hi All,
    I have designed a page have nested TAB's. When we click to on any first level tab, then the contents on the first second level tab is not visible. Neither there a Hyperlink to the title of that tab. How can the contents be made visible.
    I am using oracle portal version

    unfortunately the behaviour got even worse in 3089. The behaviour Girish is describing is still there in 307. By the way, the content can be made visible by click the second subtab and then clicking the first subtab again (nice workaround huh..) Another way is to add a subtab and display it as the first subtab and give it a label like 'Make your choice..'
    So I was anxiously waiting for 3089 because I too was told everthing would be fixed but to my astonishment in 3089 (upgraded and fresh install) the subtabs (displayed as a page portlet that is) do not work at all!!!!!!!!! Got TAR 1542074 logged for this. The only thing at this moment which gives an acceptable appearance is creating subtabs on the page itself (so without a subpage displayed as a portlet) and assign active/inactive images to the tabs. But this way you are spending more time working with Paintshop than with Portal. Please tell me that I am wrong about this (I hope I am...), but otherwise this really goes beyond my bug/new product tolerance level.

  • Getting Error - Dimension has multiple leaf levels which are not identical

    Hi All,
    While creating two hierarchies with in same dimension , i am getting error like - Dimension has multiple leaf levels which are not identical.
    Does this error mean , the number of levels in both hierarchies should be same or it has some thing else meaning.
    I was creating hierarchies like below -
    LE details
    - LRU Details
    - LRU's Registration Details
    - LE's Registration Details
    How should i create the hierarchy?
    Thanks ,Ashish

    Hi... Ashish
    Look at this... http://oraclebizint.wordpress.com/2007/11/30/oracle-bi-ee-101332-one-dimension-multiple-hierarchies/
    Thanks & Regards
    Kishore Guggilla

  • [38073] dimension has multiple leaf levels which are not identical

    I am trying to implement a time dimension with 2 source tables.
    The time dimension is from minute to year where logical table includes 2 source tables :
    Source table#1 : Year,month,week,day
    Source table#2: hour,minute (minute is a leaf level and chronological key)
    When i try to check-in i got the following error: [38073] dimension has multiple leaf levels with are not identical.
    Thank you.

    Hi RM
    i am able to create multiple hirerachy in time dimension and assigned time_id as chronological key which is at the dimension detail level and acting as shared child level for both of them......
    I have created AGO function for calendar year as
    AGO(Test."Fact".amount_sold, Test."Time Dim"."Calendar Year", 1)
    but when i have used AGO column in answers i am getting below mentioned error:-
    State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred. [nQSError: 22046] To use AGO function, the query level ('Calendar Year, Fiscal Year') must be a static level. (HY000)
    any suggestion would be appreciated to solve this.
    thanks & regards

  • How to select all the people that are not in any equipe  ?

    I have a nice SQL expression that gives me as a result all the "AGENTS" (people) that are working in an EQUIPE (a team)
    select a."AGENT_ID",
    a."NOM" || ' ' || a."PRENOM" "Nom",
    c.libelle "Equipe",
    a."DATE_EMBAUCHE" "Date embauche",
    a."DATE_DEBAUCHE" "Date débauche"
    observatoire.equipe_agents b,
    observatoire.equipe c
    where a.agent_id = b.agent_id
    and b.equipe_id = c.equipe_id
    order by nom
    Now, how to select all the agents that are NOT working in any "EQUIPE" (team) ?
    I have tried but could not succeed !
    Thank you for your kind help.

    Christian from France wrote:
    It is not working because the table EQUIPE_AGENTS does not contains a row if the agent is not into any equipe.
         "PRENOM" VARCHAR2(50 BYTE),
    The only way to "know" if an agent is not into any equipe (team) is to search into the EQUIPE_AGENTS table, and if we do not find the ID of the agent into this table, then we know that this agent is not into any EQUIPE (team).
    I don't know ho to translate this into SQL.And that's what my query does. It uses an OUTER JOIN so that a result record is returned whether or not there is a record in EQUIPE_AGENTS. And the check for EQUIPE_ID is NULL restricts the result set to those where there IS NOT a record in EQUIPE_AGENTS.
    A more traditional way would be to use NOT IN or NOT EXISTS clauses, but they can prove inefficient.

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