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Sudddenly I cannot send mail through Apple Mail using Comcast account on either iMac or Macbook Pro using 10.8.3.  Oddly, neither iPhone or iPad is affected.  Incoming is fine, but I get the message that mail cannot connect to server when attempting to send message.  Connection doctor gives green light to all connections.  I have done soft and hard resets of modem and router, cleaned caches, and repaired permissions.  I have gone through the scripted Comcast routine with 3 different foreign Comcast agents.  We can find no problem with settings and have tried numerous ports with no success.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Wow. That sounds frustrating. You sound like you have already tried just about everything. Probably I don't have to tell you that it is likely the Comcast people you worked with are not very expert with macs.
If this were happening to me I would be trying things like: recreate the mail account from scratch, and experiment with the SMTP ports.  Out of sheer desperation, I would even go so far as to reset the PRAM/NVRAM and reset the SMC.  To help rule out bizarre third party software conflicts, I would try from a different mac user account (i.e., create a new user account on your computer via System Preferences, Users & Groups - not with comcast), and I would try it in Safe Mode (hold shift while starting up).
About NVRAM and PRAM
Resetting the System Management Controller
starting up in Safe Mode
Mail: Troubleshooting sending & receiving email messages (OS X ...

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  • IPod Touch 4 will not send mail (Comcast POP account)

    I'm having an issue sending mail (Comcast) in a new iPod Touch. I sync'd it with iTunes and the mail settings are configured exactly as my iPhone (which works sending & receiving). The iPod will receive mail but will not send. It's also able to get online through our wireless network at home.
    The only thing I can think of is that it required me to update iTunes to 10.1 (from 10) before it would even be recognized in iTunes. I haven't sync'd my iPhone to the updated iTunes and really am afraid to, if that's what's causing the issue.
    Here is the message:
    "Canot send Mail"
    The connection to the outgoing server "" failed. Additional outgoing mail servers can be configured in settings...."
    I can't understand why the iPod's mail settings would be configured any different than the other 4 macs and 1 iPhone in our household.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks for your help. After further trouble shooting I found that the iPod was conflicting with other outgoing mail servers that were listed as "Other SMTP Servers" in the mail settings. I deleted them and kept only the one that is used for this one email account.
    "Authentication" continues to change from "password" to "MD5 Challenge-Response" on it's own. I don't know what that is, so I'll need to check into it to make sure it isn't an issue.

  • Problems with Macbook Pro, Outlook sending mail, Comcast ISP

    I have read several threads, but don't have a solution that works for me as of yet. I am new to the Apple community, and have a Macbook Pro using OS-X and Mavericks updates.  I also use Outlook for the MAC, but this problem occurs with Apple Mail as well.  I use Comcast as my home ISP.  I can send and receive email while at work with no problems.  At home, I can receive with no difficulty but cannot send.  My work email is a POP account.  I have tried overriding the outgoing server (default port 25) with ports 465 and 587, with SSL set and not set, yet I continue to get authorization or server not identified errors.  I can sign in to the same webmail account through Safari with no issues on the same computer and using the same ISP, but I cannot find a way to configure either Apple mail or Outlook to send!
    I've been to the Apple Genius bar and on one occasion they were able to send email, but when I got home to my Comcast ISP, that ceased working.  Everything still is perfect at work, but nowhere else.  Any other information needed so that I can get some help?

    when I got home to my Comcast ISP, that ceased working.
    If you have not already done so, call Comcast tech support and/or post in their "Mac" forums.  You need to confirm that the problem is not on their end.  If you call, ask to speak w/someone in tier 3 tech support for Macs.

  • Cannot send mail-Comcast port?

    I can recieve mail, but cannot send it.
    I synced my phone 4.0 last night and I believe it changed my email has done this in the past, and I think it had something to do with the port number.
    My number(995) matches my computer....I have tried 465/SSL and 500-something(I can't remember now) and it does not work.
    I have turned the phone off and back on.
    Please help:)

    Port 995 is for the incoming mail server. By default with a POP account, the incoming mail server port is 110. If the email account provider for the account supports SSL which is for security/encryption, the default port is changed to 995 for the incoming mail server.
    This has nothing to do with the account's outgoing mail server or SMTP server which is used for sending messages with the account and is separate from the account's incoming mail server.
    If Comcast does not have an authenticated SMTP server, you will have problems sending messages with the account's SMTP server unless you are connected to an available wi-fi network that has Comcast as the internet service provider for the wi-fi network.
    Do you have sync mail accounts selected under the Info tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes? If not, the email account settings on your iPhone are not touched when syncing your iPhone with iTunes.
    If this is selected, deselect this followed by selecting Apply.
    Follow this by deleting and manually recreating the account on your iPhone. If successful, do not reselect sync mail accounts under the Info tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes.

  • Sending Mail to a Comcast SMTP server

    Have a MAC PRO and MacBook Pro on the same network both running OS 10.8.2 with two identical email accounts having identical settings.  MAC PRO email accounts work as expected; able to send and receive emails.    However on the MacBook PRO, unable to send emails from either account, only receive emails. I have the same email problem when using the MacBook PRO on different networks, like a Hotel.
    Consistently get an error message stating “the sender address [email protected] was rejected by the server”
    Tried deleting the accounts, restarting and entering new accounts; reinstalled OS 10.8.2; but no difference in the problem.
    Worked with several layers of Comcast support, trying all sorts of Port and SSL settings, and confirmed my password works on Comcast webmail, but cannot determine why I cannot send email from one Apple computer when the other Apple computer works as expected. All they could do is blame Apple.
    What is different about the MAC PRO (early 1998) and the MAC PRO (15-inch Late 2011}?

    What was the SMTP error?
    Comcast has messed up their outgoing server somehow.  I got a message about "The sender address [email protected]" was rejected by the server" This of course is absurd, since YOUR E-mail address has nothing to do with sending mail.
    If that's the problem, you're going to have to call Comcast and repeatedly escalate the case until you can find someone with even a basic understanding of how E-mail works.  I had to get a "supervisor" involved, and this person was still so ignorant that she had to call me back the next day after "researching" the problem and still proposing asinine attempts to resolve it.  And it never did get fixed, by the time I left the location at which I needed to use Comcast.
    You need to insist that your reply-to address is irrelevant for sending E-mail.  If you're connected directly to Comcast's network (which you are when you're connected through your cable modem), you should be able to send through their SMTP server.  Period.  That's how Time-Warner and Verizon work, for example.  The first thing you're going to hear is "Well, you're not using your Comcast E-mail account."  IRRELEVANT.  And why would anyone use the obscure Comcast-assigned E-mail address in 2013?
    Good luck.

  • Sending mail using Comcast Account

    Hi Guys,
    I am pretty sure I've set up the mail account on the Iphone right. Problem is that I can't send mail. It tries but then says:
    Cannot connect to ""

    Hello. Posted below is some info you can check on your end.
    Go to Settings-Mail- Tap on your account- Go to Advanced.
    incoming uses SSL needs to be "ON"
    Outgoing uses SSL needs to be "ON"
    Authentication needs to be selected for "Password"
    How do I check my Comcast email on my iPhone?
    You can setup your iPhone to check your Comcast email accounts by entering your Comcast account settings directly on your iPhone.
    If this is the first account you??re setting up on iPhone, select Mail. Otherwise, from the Home screen choose Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account.
    Under the email account type section choose Other.
    Select POP as the server type and enter your account information.
    Your email address: [email protected]
    The email server type (POP)
    Incoming mail server:
    Outgoing mail server:
    Enter your username and password. Your username is the part of your email address before the @ symbol.
    You may need to add your username and Comcast password to the Outgoing server settings. Where it says optional. Type username as your full email address. followed by your email password below.
    let us know how this works
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  • Mail program with yahoo account. Comcast as my internet provider. Can't send mail.

    I use the Mail program with my yahoo account on Mac OSX. I have Comcast as my internet provider. Can't seem to send mail from the Mail program. Comcast can't figure it out. Any ideas??
    Does anyone know the actual settings I should have in Mail Preferneces and what the incoming and outgoing ports should be?

    Yahoo incoming
    Yahoo! Mail IMAP server address:
    Yahoo! Mail IMAP user name: Your complete Yahoo! Mail email address (including "")
    Yahoo! Mail IMAP password: Your Yahoo! Mail password
    Yahoo! Mail IMAP port: 993
    Yahoo! Mail IMAP TLS/SSL required: yes
    Yahoo outging
    Yahoo! Mail SMTP server address:
    Yahoo! Mail SMTP user name: Your full Yahoo! Mail email address (including "")
    Yahoo! Mail SMTP password: Your Yahoo! Mail password
    Yahoo! Mail SMTP port: 465
    Yahoo! Mail SMTP TLS/SSL required: yes

  • User "null" with comcast SMTP, can't send mail with Mail 3.1

    it was kind of off and on, now seems permanent. When sending mail via comcast SMTP, the following error is returned: P*lease enter the password for user “(null)” on SMTP server “”*
    The mystery is how user got to be "null". Deleting the account and redoing it doesn't help. Changing port to 25 and 587 don't work. I get mail fine, just can't send. Yes, my user name is actually filled in on the accounts page. Gmail works fine...

    blanked out my username, but Mail insists on having a username. So on a lark I put back my username with the domain and it worked (one test message anyway). I left the password filled in 'cuz I hate having to fill my password in every time.
    So thanks for joggling the idea bank!

  • Suddenly can't send mail with Comcast.

    Just thought I'd add my experience to the chorus. Use Mail on a G4 PB running latest version of Tiger with Comcast as ISP. Few days ago kept getting the message that port 25 timed out. I questioned Comcast, and got a standard reply to try port 587, which I did, and which works. I can now send mail through port 587.
    Question though: Is this a Comcast problem, or an Apple Mail problem. It seems like it cannot be a coincidence that "can't send mail" seems to be a hot topic all of a sudden, and that it involves various ISP's and platforms. I haven't heard the word "virus" mentioned.

    In my mind, it's a silly attempt by ISPs to limit/cut off SPAM, not that that is a silly idea in and of itself, but changing the Port number isn't going to last very long, add to that not notifying Users/Paying customers before hand is negligent if not criminal!
    The Spammers probably knew and adjusted to the change before the first Customer figured it out.

  • Cannot get or send mail using Apple Mail on iPhone and iPad

    Everyone in my household cannot get or send mail on their Apple Mail for iPad and iPhone. We all get the same message: "The user name or password for [account] is incorrect." This just started happening yesterday afternoon. No problems before that. I called my hosting company and Apple, and both blamed the other. My Apple system is always updated, so I have the latest version of Maverick. Had no problems with it up until now.
    However, I awoke this morning to find downloaded emails in the same program, but when I go to "get mail," it says the same thing, and still won't allow me to send or receive.
    Here's the kicker. I also use Gmail with the exact same accounts (yes, I need both since Apple Mail does things that Gmail doesn't, and vice versa). No problem! I get all my emails and can send with no problem. So, my hosting company claims it can't be them (makes sense). It only happens using Apple Mail, and I have several email addresses. None of them work (other than the strange phenomena of suddenly getting some of them downloaded for no apparent reason).
    What do I do from here? I've changed passwords, deleted and tried to set up my emails, only to get the message that they probably will not work. And they don't. I have shut down and restarted my iPad and iPhone, to no avail.
    Thank god for my Gmail account, or my business would be closed.
    Again, this is happening on four devices in my home: 2 iPads and 2 iPhones.

    I have a comcast account I use on my phone and use it for receiving and sending mail. When you look at the account in settings, you need to check each of these
    incoming mail server:
    username: the part of your email address before the @
    password: your password
    outgoing mail server:
    Under Advanced
    Use SSL: On
    Authentication: Password
    Server Port: 995
    If you cannot make it work from changing settings in the account, delete the account and start over. Use the "Other" setting when starting the account. It is a POP3 account and make the entries I gave you. Once you do that, it should check the entries and validate the account. You shouldn't have any trouble from there. Those settings will work from either the iPhone on cell, or wireless. Mine will even work when I'm at home on my wireless there, which is on the Comcast network.
    Hope that helps you.

  • Cannot send mail from Iphone using Verizon e-mail

    I just switched from Comcast to Verizon as my internet provider, and although I can receive my Verizon e-mail on my Iphone, I can not send e-mail. I get an error "can not send mail"
    "The sender address was invalid". I have checked all the settings, and they are correct. I was able to send e-mail with the Comcast Iphone mail app, but I am unable to do so with Verizon. Can someone who is a Verizon customer and has an Iphone please shed some light on this issue?

    Verizon, like most ISPs, does not allow off-network use of it's SMTP servers (you would be able to send email when connected to your home Wi-Fi network, for example). When using 3G, you can use AT&T's SMTP server - go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > tap the account > SMTP > AT&T SMTP Server and toggle it to ON.

  • TS3899 Cannot send email from iPhone. Outgoing settings are correct. Checked against iPad setting which are OK and can send mail OK.

    Cannot send email from iPhone. Outgoing settings are correct. Checked them against iPad settings which are OK and can send mail. What can I do?

    For IOS7.02
    The user name and password are in two places. Make  sure they are correct in both locations.
    Settings>>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>>your email>>
    First spot is here under INCOMING MAIL SERVER
    Below this is OUTGOING MAIL SERVER
    Select: SMTP>> PRIMARY SERVER>>second location of user name and password
    Here is the second place that the user name and password must be checked.
    I had changed my password in the first spot, but not the second spot. I had been receiving the same error message. This fixed my problem.

  • Can't send mail... after 4 months of using it

    I'm stumped... help me out please.
    When i send a mail out, this message pops up, "Error : This Message could not be delivered and will remain in your Outbox until it can be delivered. Sending the message content to the server failed."
    So it's still in my mailbox. But then, it shows up in my gmail account and on my blackberry as a sent mail, but the receiver never gets it. Also, i can still send mail from both my blackberry and just not from Apple Mail.
    What's going on?

    Sometimes an ISP provider blocks one of your incoming
    Mail ports and "won't notify you". ( Why? probably it's their protection software )
    In my case Comcast blocked my Port 25 and my Outgoing kept bouncing.
    Incoming was fine.
    Make sure when you change your Port to 587,
    You also check "ON" the Secure Sockets Layer box right underneath,
    Then change Authentication: to Password
    Then enter your name and password
    and click OK.
    The reps at most of the providers
    are useless and won't tell you
    the second part of the solution.
    It took me 2 days and 4 reps
    at Comcast to find this out
    and 10 hours of trying to
    clean my Mac...
    which they will always
    Best of Luck, Tom

  • Cannot send mail & Connection error after 2.0

    Hey guys,
    I'm running 2.0 on an 8GB 2G iPhone. After updating to 2.0 in the mail app im getting two errors. The first one is "Connection to outgoing server "" failed" and the second (when I'm trying to send mail) is "Cannot send mail. The sender address was invalid".
    For the first error, I remember this being a problem when I first got the phone in January, but I cannot for the life of me remember what I changed in the settings so that it would work.
    The second error is new with 2.0.
    Any info or suggestions are greatly appreciated

    I am having the exact same problem. Can't send any emails. Get the message "Can't send mail. Recipient address invalid" or something like that. I have reviewed all the troubleshooting information. This did not happen until I upgraded to 2.0. I am using Edge with a pop account on an original iphone. Any help would be appreciated!!

  • Problem: Cannot send mail unless Password is transmitted insecurely & Port is set to 587.. Can receive mail but can't send..

    Problem: Cannot send mail unless Password is transmitted insecurely & Port is set to 587.. Can receive mail but can't send Code 501..
    Need help with T-bird.. My OS is Win XP-64..Have been using Mozilla for about 10 years with little or no problems.. This happened when I upgraded to 3.17.. Spent hours on T-Bird diagnostics web site.. Called Comcast & talked to a net tech.. he ran some tests on his end & had me log into my Comcast e-mail account & all worked well,, so he concluded the problem was in T-Bird.. He had me change my port to 587 & disable connection security & authentication to none & I was able to send mail.. That was all he could do.. Comcast was working.. the problem is in T-Bird.. Can any one help with this problem.. I don't want to send mail with my password transmitted insecurely..

    It was not intended to be "snide". You said two separate things that at face value would be out of the ordinary.
    I considered if it might be a typo for 31.7. Since 31.5 is the current formal release, I would have to thank you for volunteering to test a pre-release beta version. If it was truly 3.1.7 then it would appear that you have chosen, or have become stuck with a somewhat ancient version. In either case it's harder to reach out to you with any meaningful comments or advice. However I do watch various other sites and newsgroups and I don't see a clamour of distressed users, so it seems fair to suppose that this feature isn't actually broken in 31.7.
    And you said XP 64. XP is obsolete and no longer supported and if there is a 64-bit version, then again you have set yourself apart from the mainstream.
    I had a look at the comcast site and found some puzzling recommendations. Some users come here asking how to set up a secured connection in Thunderbird when it isn't offered by the server. Comcast are different, in that they mention the ports 143 and 587, and also 993 and 465. So far so good, in that security is actually on offer, but they also suggest that you enable SSL, regardless of which port is being used. It would be unusual and unconventional to offer TLS or SSL on ports 143 and 587. STARTTLS would be more credible on these ports.
    Have you tried IMAP on 993 and SMTP on 465? SMTP on 587 with SSL, or TLS, is not impossible, but is improbable.

Maybe you are looking for