Sharing ITunes files across multiple windows user accounts

How can my husband and I share our music files across two windows user accounts on the same computer.  As of now, when one of us buys new music, the other cant get it in their music library.  How do we get it to show up for both of us?

follow this link to support article.

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  • Sharing iTunes library across 2 Windows user IDs

    My Windows XP computer is set up with 2 user accounts. iTunes is installed and all of my music is stored in my Shared Music folder (this folder is in Shared Documents, which is accessible from each user ID).
    I want to be able to use iTunes from either Windows user ID. The problem is that iTunes creates and maintains 2 separate iTunes Music Library.xml files. When I'm logged on (user #1), iTunes uses the xml file in my My Documents folder. When my spouse is logged on (user #2), iTunes uses the xml file in her My Documents folder.
    This is problematic. If I add a new song to iTunes from my Windows ID (and the song file is placed in the Shared Music folder), it is added to my library and xml file. If my spouse logs on and launches iTunes, the song is NOT in her iTunes library. She has to manually add the file from the iTunes Add File to Library command.
    I'd like iTunes to use a single library that both Windows user IDs can use and maintain. I don't want to have to manually try to keep these in sync.
    I can't find any setting in iTunes for this, and the user guide doesn't even mention this topic. Any help is appreciated!!!

    I think it works like this:
    The setting you describe is where iTunes will store the music files themselves (.aac or .mp3, etc.) However, iTunes creates an index of all of your music, and it uses that index to display all of your music in iTunes. The index file is called iTunes Library.xml
    The index is stored in the My Documents\My Music folder of the user ID you log in as. Apparently, you cannot tell iTunes to store this in a different location.
    So if you create an iTunes library under one Windows user ID, the index is created in that user ID's My Documents\My Music folder. If you then log in as another Windows user ID, iTunes does not see the index that was created by the first Windows user. Thus you do not see any of the music listed in iTunes.

  • Combining libraries from multiple Windows User Accounts

    I've had a look through several pages in this section of the forum but couldn't find a direct answer to my here goes:
    We have a small network of three Win XP PCs and a Buffalo NAS drive. The main house PC has three Windows user accounts: Mum, Dad & Son. Each user account has an iTunes account of its own, so three iTunes IDs and three iTunes libraries.
    What we would now like to do is bring the three libraries together in to a central library that will live on the NAS drive.
    The central library will be accessed by some Sonos streaming music players. I've set up MS SyncToy to copy new music files over from each of the source libraries, but I'm not sure about handling the album artwork.
    Is there a better way of combining three libraries so that the albums and artwork stay together?
    Any help on this would be appreciated :-)

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Or is there another forum here or elsewhere on the web where I might get a response?

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    Dear all,
    We have an applet as part of an embedded device. I wish to share the jar files across multiple devices. i.e. Accessing shouldn't download the jar files again if the same jar files exist in the cache as a result of download from We are having very large applet jar files, hence reducing download times is a top priority. Is there some way to do that ? Will java web start help in this ?

    generally for avoiding applet downloading again the best solution is to use applet cahing, just add cache_archive in your html code (for full reference please go to the jdk javadoc ). Of course the problem are diffrent ips and, applet caching will work ONLY for one ip, when you serv second sever name/diffrent ip client jvm will treat this applet as something new and will download it . The best solution i think is to sever everything on one server page/ip etc, but as you mentioned it is not good solution.
    Well you can make it if you want to serve your big jar file on diffrent ips/severs, How? You should ctreate small certified applet jar , inside it should be code that will download your huge jar file from any location you want and store IT on CLIENT machine, becouse that jar will be certified so applet with file functions will not ask user to accept dialogs etc, so that applet will create locall on client machine little cache were all files that were downloaded will be stored. And again when user will acess your page that small certfied jar file will check if cache folder exist and if inside it is your huge file.

  • Problems sharing iTunes library across multiple accounts on one imac

    I have followed the Mac OS instructions in this article to share music accounts on the family iMac by putting the iTunes Media folder in a public directory. When I go to connect to this library the I cannot see the actual iTunes Media folder but the following file path is available: ~/Public/Automatically Add to iTunes.localized. Selecting this folder does not appear to make the library available.
    Has anyone had this problem?

    iTunes: How to share music between different accounts on a single computer - - relocating iTunes' media folder to a shared area but leaving separate library files - extra tip at
    Chris CA's instructions on sharing one iTunes music library between multiple user accounts - - Multiple users using a single library file - similar post at:

  • I am using Windows 8 with iTunes.  How do I manage iTunes with two different Windows User Accounts?

    I have recently bought a laptop running Windows 8 and downloaded iTunes.  I subscribe to iTunes Match and have a large amount of purchased music and imported CDs, along with some films purchased from iTunes.
    I have downloaded all of the music and the films to the laptop using iTunes Match when logged in under my User Account in Windows 8.  However, when we switch to my girlfriend's User Account, she can load up iTunes but all the music and films have the cloud symbol on them indicating that they need to be downloaded
    Is is necessary to download everything to the computer twice (I can't really believe this is the answer) or are we missing something in terms of using iTunes with two different User Accounts?
    Thank you.

    Step 1
    Create a new user account on your device. For Mac users, choose “System Preferences” from the Apple Menu and navigate to the “View” menu. Click on “Accounts” and select the “+” button to add a new user account to your machine. Edit the user information and grant any relevant privileges by following the on-screen prompts.
    For Windows users, click on the Windows "Start" button, select “Control Panel” and choose “Add or Remove User Accounts.” A new window will open. Click “Create a New Account.” Name the account and set any relevant privileges by following the on-screen prompts.
    Step 2
    Sign in to the new user account you created.
    Step 3
    Open iTunes and click “Sign in.” Enter your Apple ID and password and log in.
    Step 4
    Download purchases through the iTunes store. All files related to these purchases are stored under the separate user account, thus separating both iTunes accounts and their libraries on the same computer.
    Step 5
    You can share music from both libraries by dragging your music library to a publicly accessible location on your computer. Click “Preferences” from the iTunes menu and deselect “Copy files to iTunes Media Library when adding to library file.” Add the shared folder to your library from the “File” menu.
    Create more than one library from the same user account by deselecting “Copy files to iTunes Media Library when adding to library file” from the “Preferences” menu. Add the files you want to iTunes by dragging and dropping or by opening from the “File” menu and sync your device to that library. Quit iTunes after the sync and reopen iTunes while holding the "Shift" key in Windows or the "Option" key on a Mac.
    (tour du lịch nước ngoài)

  • Device syncing, multiple Windows users accounts

    I have an old iPod, an iPhone, and an iPad. I've been using only 1 account on my computer for a while now, but I recently went to 2 accounts with another computer. Both accounts are usually signed in at the same time. However, when I try to plug in and sync a device on one account, iTunes tries to open in the other account and throws a bunch of errors at me (iTunes cannot open because it is in use by another user x10). When I plug my device in, iTunes is not open on either account. When I launch iTunes to sync the device, it tries to open in the other account too. I tried unchecking "Open iTunes when this device is plugged in" but it does the same thing. Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening? Thanks in advance.

    The Desktop Manager only syncs with the default CICAL calendar on the device.
    Take a look at this KB article. It talks about merging multiple calendars into one
    If someone has been helpful please consider giving them kudos by clicking the star to the left of their post.
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  • Sharing static files across multiple WAR files in a single EAR


    Is there also a way to share the Session across multiple WARs in the
    same EAR ??
    Vinod Mehra wrote:
    Yes, we have Virtual Directories for this in 7.0.
    "Sam Smith" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:3d3f47cf$[email protected]..
    I have multiple web apps to be deployed to an intranet. I need to have acommon
    look and feel for these multiple webapps.
    I could place the webapps in a single ear file or deploy them without aear file.
    I wanted to know if there is any standard way to include static files likeimages,
    javascripts and css files (for a common look and feel) across multiple warfiles.
    Right now I am planning to keep a war file which just contains all thestatic
    files and point all the jsp pages in the other apps to the static files inthis
    common app. Is there a better way to go about this.

  • HT1203 Problems sharing iTunes library across multiple accounts on one imac

    I have followed the Mac OS instructions in this article to share music accounts on the family iMac. When I go to connect to this library the I cannot see the actual ITunes Media folder but the following file path: ~/Public/Automatically Add to iTunes.localized. Selecting this folder does not appear to make the library available.
    Has anyone had this problem?

    You'll likely get better assistance in the iTunes for Mac forum instead of the iTunes for Windows forum where you've posted.

  • Sharing iTunes Match across multiple devices

    Hi All,
    I have done some searching but I can’t find the answer to my question(s).
    Current setup:
    I have 1 PC and 2  Macbooks (my PC and my children have a Macbook each). Each PC/Mac has its own iTunes Library which is linked by my homeshare account. We share most of the music we buy across our libraries via homeshare
    We also have 3 iPhone 4’s mine and the children’s. Each iPhone 4 is linked to its own iTunes library on the respective devices and we have 3 separate iTunes accounts.
    I have just signed up for iTunes music Match on my PC/iTunes Account and want to know what the deal is regarding setting up my kids iPhones so that they are also linked to my Music Match account and how that can be done. I  also want them to be able keep their own iTunes account so that they can still buy music and apps and download them to their phone and synch to their Macbook iTunes libraries.
    Is this possible?
    In summary  - I don’t want to pay for 3 iTunes  Match accounts but want my kids to be able to take advantage (synch to thier iPhones) of the music that is now in the cloud via my music match account whilst keeping their own iTunes accounts.
    Hope this is clear and that someone can help…

    what makes it tricky is the individual itunes accounts for apps. 
    regarding music, my recommendation is to put each computer on the same itunes account (keep the files, but link the computers to the same account)  when you activate match on each computer, the software will add the files from each respective computer and will create a master library (each computer will be able to see ALL files from all three computers.  Then, I would put each iphone on the same itunes account (everyone share the same account). 
    as for apps:
    I'm thinking I am reading right that the three iphones are linked to separate computers.  I am pretty sure that an itunes account on a laptop or desktop can be "authorized" by multiple accounts.  One beauty of itunes 10.5 is the ability to sync an iphone on one computer for "photos" and use the same iphone to sync to another computer for "apps" and another computer for "podcasts" etc (if anyone had any use for doing such a thing).  What I believe this would allow someone in your situation to do, is to essentially be able to log each child's iphone into one itunes account for itunes match, but then use each individual computer to still sync the children's different app accounts.  One child can sync to one computer for their apps and another child to another computer for their apps, etc.  The difference, however, is i'm pretty sure there is no getting around what to do about future bought apps.  they might all have to be bought on one account.  If that is truely the case, you may not be able to do separate itunes accounts.  In such a scenario, i would add everything to the itunes account that has the most apps, and begin shareing apps among them in order to share itunes match

  • Sharing an iTunes Library across multiple user account and a network.

    Sharing an iTunes Music Library across multiple user accounts.
    Hello Everybody!
    Firstly, this was designed to be run in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. It will not work with earlier versions of Mac OS X! Sorry.
    Here's a handy tip for keeping your hard drive neat and tidy, it also saves space, what in effect will be done is an iTunes music library will be shared amongst multiple users on the same machine. There are advantages and disadvantages to using this method.
    • Firstly I think it might be worthwhile to state the advantages and disadvantages to using this approach.
    The advantages include:
    - Space will be saved, as no duplicate files will occur.
    - The administrator will be able to have complete control over the content of the iTunes library, this may be useful for restricting the content of the Library; particularly for example if computer is being used at and education institution, business or any other sort of institution where things such as explicit content would be less favorable.
    - The machine will not be slowed by the fact that every user has lots of files.
    The disadvantages to this system include.
    - The fact that the account storing the music will have to be logged in, and iTunes will have to be active in that account.
    - If the account housing the music is not active then nobody can use the iTunes library.
    - There is a certain degree of risk present when an administrator account must be continually active.
    - Fast User Switching must be enabled.
    A central account controls all music on the machine/network, this is achieved by storing iTunes files in a public location as opposed to in the user's directory. In effect the system will give all users across the machine/network access to the same music/files without the possibility of files 'doubling up' because two different users like the same types of music. This approach saves valuable disk space in this regard and may therefore prove to be useful in some situations.
    This is a hearty process to undertake, so only follow this tutorial if you're willing to go all the way to the end of it.
    Step 1:
    Firstly, we need to organize the host library, I tidied mine up, removing excess playlists, random files, things like that. this will make thing a bit easier in the later stages of this process.
    Once the library is tidied up, move the entire "iTunes" folder from your Home directory to the "//localhost" directory (The Macintosh HD) and ensure that files are on the same level as the "Applications", "Users", "Library" and "System" directories; this will ensure that the files in the library are available to all users on the machine (this also works for networks)
    Optionally you can set the ownership of the folder to the 'administrator' account (the user who will be hosting the library.), you may also like to set the permissions of 'you can' to "Read & Write" (assuming that you are doing this through the user who will host the library); secondly you should set the "Owner" to the administrator who will be hosting the library and set their "access" to "Read & Write" (this will ensure that the administrator has full access to the folder). The final part of this step involves setting access for the "Others" tab to "Read Only" this will ensure that the other users can view but not modify the contents on the folder.
    So far we have done the following steps:
    1. Organized the host library.
    2. Placed the iTunes directory into a 'public' directory so that other users may use it. (this step is essential if you plan on sharing the library across multiple accounts on the same machine. NOTE: this step is only necessary if you are wanting to share you library across multiple accounts on the same machine, if you simply want to share the music across a network, use the iTunes sharing facility.
    3. set ownership and permissions for the iTunes music folder.
    Step 2:
    Currently the administrator is the only user who can use this library, however we will address this soon. In this step we will enable iTunes music sharing in the administrator's account, this will enable other users to access the files in the library.
    If you are not logged in as the administrator, do so; secondly, open iTunes and select "Preferences" from the "iTunes" menu, now click the "Sharing" tab, if "share my library on my local network" is not checked, the radio buttons below this will now become active, you may choose to share the entire libraries contents, or share only selected content.
    Sharing only selected content may be useful if their is explicit content in the library and minors use the network or machine that the library is connected to.
    If you have selected "share entire library" go to Step 3, if you have selected share "share selected playlists" read on.
    After clicking "share selected playlists" you must then select the playlists that you intend to share across your accounts and network. Once you have finished selecting the playlists, click "OK" to save the settings.
    In this step we:
    1. Enabled iTunes sharing in the administrator's account, now, users on the local network may access the iTunes library, however, users on the same machine may not.
    Step 3:
    Now we will enable users on the same machine to access the library on the machine. This is achieved by logging in as each user, opening iTunes, opening iTunes preferences, and clicking "look for shared music". now all users on the machine may also access the library that the administrator controls.
    This in effect will mean that the user will not need to use their user library, it will be provided to them via a pseudo network connection.
    As a secondary measure, I have chosen to write a generic login script that will move any content from the user's "Music/iTunes/iTunes Music" directory to the trash and then empties the user's trash.
    This is done through the use of an Automator Application: this application does the following actions.
    1. Uses the "Finder" action "Get Specified Finder Items"
    1a. The user's "~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music" folder
    2. Uses the "Finder" action "Get Folder Contents"
    3. Uses the "Finder" action "Move to Trash"
    4. Uses the "Automator" action "Run AppleScript"
    4a. with the following:
    on run {input, parameters}
    tell application "Finder"
    empty trash
    end tell
    return input
    end run
    IMPORTANT: Once the script is adapted to the user account it must be set as a login item. in order to keep the script out of the way i have placed it in the user's "Library" directory, in "Application Support" under "iTunes".
    Here we:
    1. Enabled iTunes sharing in the user accounts on the host machine, in effect allowing all users of the machine to view a single iTunes library.
    2. (Optional) I have created a login application that will remove any content that has been added to user iTunes libraries, this in effect stops other users of the machine from adding music and files to iTunes.
    Step 4:
    If it is not already enabled, open system preferences and enable Fast User Switching in Accounts Options.
    We have shared a single iTunes library across multiple user account, while still allowing for network sharing. This method is designed to save space on machines, particularly those with smaller hard drives.
    I hope that this hint proves to be helpful and I hope everybody will give me feedback on my process.
    iBook G4; 60GB Hard Drive, 512MB RAM, Airport Extreme   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   iWork & iLife '06, Adobe CS2, Final Cut Pro. Anything and Everything!!!

    how to share music between different accounts on a single computer

  • Sharing site definitions across windows user accounts

    I'm trying to find out if there is a way to share the site definitions in dreamweaver across two different Windows user accounts. So that if one windows user makes changes to the site definition, the changes will be reflected in the other user's site definitions as well.

    Site definitions are usually user specific and you would normally export/import them between computers or user accounts.
    What kind of repeated tweaks do you envision to the site definitions?

  • ITunes setup on a NAS with multiple windows users - how?

    iTunes setup on a NAS with multiple windows users?
    I am very confused on what is the best way to handle this setup for my friends family.  Any help would be appreciated.  Sorry in advance as I know this is a long winded post - I have a feeling this will help others faced with the same issues or questions.
    I have three new Windows 7 machines networked (two desktops and one laptop) that have four users on each - as busy family with children who need the computers for homework, projects, games, etc...  The goal of this setup is that any user can log onto any computer and have there documents available to them no matter computer was free to use.  I set this up using the library function in Windows 7 and seems to work pretty well.
    I have put a Buffalo Linkstation NAS on the system as well.  This was going to serve two purposes 1)  run some backup software to protect the computers and 2) consolidate the iTunes content in one place for all users.  There is also an iPad in the home that I should would be better served by accessing the content on the NAS without requiring any of the computers being on.  Dave is thinking about getting some other playback devices like Apple TV so thought a NAS would be a good way to go.
    CURRENT ITUNES SETUP - I have created a new iTunes library on the NAS by holding the SHIFT button down while starting iTunes and pointed to that folder on a Share on the NAS.  There was no music on the system at the time as we are planning to copy this over from an OLD machine that is now not being used.  I have also authorized all the computers and turned on the home sharing feature (although I am not sure what good that does).
    This “shift” button trick seesm to also point the default directory there without point to it in the advanced setup tab of iTunes.
    I then synced one of the iPods with purchased content on it and synced that to the library after asking me to do so before an update.  All the content showed up in the library and was playable - awesome.
    I then logged into each user on each machine (yikes) and installed iTunes  and used the “shift” trick to connect each users iTunes to the database on the NAS.  Everything seems to work - but I have not tested it thoroughly.
    3 new Windwos 7 networked machines
    4 identical users on each machine
    1 TB Buffalo linkstation
    iTunes setup with the folder on a SHARE
    all user’s itunes connected to the iTunes folder on the NAS
    all computers authorized with home sharing turned on.
    one iTunes user account signed in on each machine
    multiple iPods and one iPad in the system
    Is there a better way to do this on a NAS?
    Would home sharing be better in some way?
    I understand the NAS should show up under the shared section in iTunes - I assume that would mean that would mean each user has an iTunes library on their documents?
    I have read that there may be corruption issues if users on the different machines try to access iTunes at the same time.
    Will there be any issues syncing that various iPods with?
    Ugh - sorry for the long post and all the questions.  I am just trying to find the best way to do this.  I wish Apple would put out a best practices document for setups like this.  Thanks in advance.

    This is a user to user support forum. Your fellow users can offer solutions or workarounds based on their experience with the application. If you think it should work differently drop a line to iTunes Feedback.
    For reasons unknown Apple haven't chosen to allow iTunes to be suspended in one profile and active in another. My recollection is that this applies even if each profile has a different library, although it is some time since I've committed a personal test.
    I'm not sure why my suggestion make less sense that your current approach?. As I understand it currently everybody is either signed into their own account when they can do something other than work with iTunes, or they sign into the special iTunes account where they can't access any of their other stuff. You don't have to disable fast user switching. Follow exactly the same steps, but make sure everyone closes iTunes before turning the computer over to another user. Disabling fast user switching helps to enforce that action.

  • Is there a way to have two different iTunes for two different iPhones on one Windows User account?

    Using Windows 7, iphone 4.
    I've read as many threads on these forums and as many kb's as I could find, but I sttill can't figure it out. I have 2 iPhones. Let's call them, "wife" and "hubby". I want to have two separate iTunes, one for each of the phones. Hubby is the Windoows User. I don't want to set up a different Windows User for wife.
    Hubby was the original iPhone. When I plug it in, iTunes recognized it has Hubby's iPhone. Then I unplug Hubby and close iTunes. I plug in Wife but iTunes stll comes up with Hubby under Devices and syncs Hubby's iTunes to Wife's iphone.
    I've tried using the shift key when I open iTunes to set up two separate .itl files to no avail.
    Is there a way to have two different iTunes for two different iPhones on one Windows User account?

    What happens if you rename the iPhone "Wife" when it shows up as "Hubby", then choose a different set of apps/playlists to sync with? iTunes is supposed to be able to manage multiple devices, each with their own selection of content. Perhaps you "restored" "Wife" with a backup from "Hubby" when you first set things up which is now causing confusion.
    To create a new library press and hold down the shift key as you click the icon to start iTunes and keep holding shift until asked to choose or create a library. You need to use the same technique to switch back.

  • Syncing multiple devices, user accounts, iTunes accounts one computer

    I have a question that I can't find a clear answer.
    I previous had one iPod touch and one iPad that I synched with my iTunes library. No problem. But now the wife has finally purchased a verizon iPhone and I want to be able to use my vast app collection for her phone.
    Scenario is we each have separate user accounts (so we can maintain our own calendars and contacts, ect.). We each have our own ITunes accounts and our own iTunes libraries by default. She will not be purchasing much on her account though.
    How do I, without creating a can of worms, create one library to sync to so I can put apps and music on her phone without erasing any of her separate information. I have read a lot on the subject and there does not seem to be a clear answer anywhere. Yes, I have read ht1495 but that does not seem to be exactly on point
    Basically, I have 3 devices, 2 user accounts and 2 iTunes accounts but one computer only. I want to be able to have all iTunes stuff available on both user accounts and be able to have both people be able to read and write to the same library. I am sure there are plenty of people running into this issue with more and more people getting iPhones with verizon. It seems that it is easier to do with multiple computers than one computer.
    So, I am looking for help or advice on the easiest way to accomplish this task.
    IMac   Mac OS X (10.6.6)    

    The easiest way to accomplish want you want is to transfer what content you want to the separate iTunes library under each user account. To transfer content from your library to your wife's library so that she can use it on her phone, do this:
    1. Launch iTunes under your wife's login.
    2. Sign her out of iTunes & then you sign in.
    3. iTunes>Preferences>Devices>Disable auto-sync when an iPod/iPhone is connected.
    4. Connect your phone, DO NOT SYNC!
    5. Store>Authorize this Computer(only have to do this once).
    6. File Transfer Purchases(all of the purchased content on your phone will be transferred to your wife's library).
    7. When complete, eject your phone, sign out of iTunes, sign your wife back in.
    You can now sync whatever content you want to your wife's phone. Just remember, all updates to apps obtained using your account must be done while signed in using your account: sign wife out, you sign in, update apps, you sign out, sign wife in, sync her phone.
    This way you can share content(permitted under the EUSLA) and still maintain your separate logins. Do the same under your login if you want to share content from your wife's library.
    Just load whatever content you want to share on each others phones, transfer the content, then delete it from the respective phone if you don't want to keep it there.

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