Skip in import format

Hi Everyone
We have a requirement our source file is CSV file ( Delimter file) in that we have below records
Account     Currency        Costcenter          Amount
1001         USD              C001                  1000
1002         INR               C002                   2000
1003         EUR             C003                   3000
From the above data we want only USD  data records  to be imported in FDM .like this
1001     C001       1000
In import format i have used skip  and  i have written import script  for Skip like this
Dim strAccount
'Store first value of account
strAccount = strField
'Check to see if value is empty
If strAccount = "INR","EUR' Then
'Skip Line
End if
End Function
When i am importing its importing all the records . its not skipping INR and EUR records
Can anyone help me in resolving this

Thanks for the quick reply SH
We don't have currency dimension Filed in the import format. below are examples of our source file and import format
Currency column is in source file , but it will not be in import format
Account     Currency        Costcenter          Amount
1001         USD              C001                  1000
1002         INR               C002                   2000
1003         EUR             C003                   3000
Field Name            Field  Number    Numberof Fields           Expression
Account                    1                      4
CostCenter                3                      4
Amount                     4                       4
Skip                          2                       4                             Script=Skip.uss
After your reply i have corrected my script and written below script
Dim strSkip
strSkip = strField
If strSkip = "INR" OR strAccount = "EUR' Then
End if
now also its importing all the records it not skipping INR AND USD records data
Can you please explain me now how to resolve this issue

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  • "Skip" in Import Format not skipping some rows

    We are currently using FDM and we have a problem with skipping lines based on currency (which is our AccountDescription).
    We first extract 28392 lines from Oracle EBS (27921 CAD and 471 USD). No mather what we put in the skip condition, the generated .dat contains exactly the same data (file compared with UltraEdit).
    If we set our import format to skip USD lines, 11 of them are still imported. It's the same behavior if we set the import format to skip CAD lines (1136 of them are still imported).
    For example this line still load
    while this one don't
    ***(Skip is on field 36 (USD))
    I looked at some of the lines still loaded in hexadecimal to find any invisble character or differences in codes used to display characters but they are the same as lines that are skipped.
    Three persons has been searching for pattern in data that could lead us to the problem without success.
    Any ideas on why thoses lines are still imported ? Where should I look at ?
    This may be easy to solve, but I'm new at this stuff (I actually had to learn FDM by myself as all technical administrators knowing it left the company).

    Thanks for your help. It works fine with the script. Now it return only the rows I need.
    I only inverted the condition so if it's CAD, the function return the value, else it skip the line (to exclude USD, EUR or any other currency it may encounter in the future).
    Thanks again.
    My script looks like that :
    Function SelectCADLines(strField, strRecord)
    'UpStream WebLink DM DataPump Import Script:
    'Created By: Francois Robineau
    'Date Created: 2/19/2013 10:35 AM
    'Purpose: Select only CAD (skipping USD, EUR or any other possible currency)
    Dim strAccount
    'Store first value of account
    strAccount = strField
    'Check to see if value is CAD
    If strAccount = "CAD" Then
    'Return line
    'Skip line
    End if
    End Function

  • Skip a member in import format

    Hi All,
    I'm creating an import format for a location to load a csv file.
    In that I need to skip an entity(actually 20+ entities) related data while importing.
    But "SKIP" is not working here.
    Skip                         3                              4                                        2219
    Above combination is not working while import. All record with 2219 got loaded and failing at validation.
    Is "SKIP" mentioned for the same purpose?
    Is there any possiblity to skip a particular combination member as well using SKIP? (EX:- abcdxx1234, ijklxx5678 - member contains xx should be skipped)
    Target is Planning Application, Adapter ES 11x-G4-H
    Facing one more issue.
    This is first time i'm using essbase adapter.
    When I try to import map, import completed successful from excel. But no map got updated.
    Map not getting updated even with a single member.
    Thanks in advance.

    Those entities should be skipped as long as the value 2219 is found in Field3 so it must not be matching 2219 against any values in that field. Are you sure there are no whitespace characters in the source field? Another option would be to map the Entity 2219 (and other entities you are not interested in to a target of IGNORE in youe Entity mapping. You can Skip based on a particular combination but this would require an import script to define the more complex criteria and execute the skip.
    In terms of your mapping import issue are you sure that the Location ID specified in your Excel mapping template actually corresponds to the Location ypou are trying to import the maps to? 

  • Import Format for Separte Debit and Credit Columns (comma delimited file)

    I have a file that is comma delimited with a sparate debit column and a separate credit column:
    ,110010,another test,,100
    My import format is this:
    Comma delimited
    Field Number Number of Fields Expression
    Entity 1 5 SGB_ABC
    Account 2 5
    Amount 5 5 Script=DRCRSplit_Comma_Del.uss
    I've tried writing the following script to pull the amount from the debit column into the credit column but it just skips the lines with no amount in field 5.
    'Declare Variables
    Dim Field4
    Dim Field5
    'Retrieve Data
    Field4 = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, 4, 4, ",")
    Field5 = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, 5, 5, ",")
    'If Field4 has a value then fld 5 is to equal fld 4.
    If IsNumeric(Field5) Then
    Field5 = Field5
    Field5 = Field4
    End If
    'Return Result into FDM
    SQFLD5 = Field5
    End Function
    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

    I got it to work using this script:
    Function DRCR_Comma_Del(strField, strRecord)
    'Hyperion FDM DataPump Import Script:
    'Created By:     testuser
    'Date Created:     7/22/2009 9:31:15 AM
    'Purpose: If Amount is in the DR column move it to the CR amount column.
    Dim DR
    Dim CR
    DR = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, 5, 4, ",")
    CR = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, 5, 5, ",")
    If IsNumeric(DR) Then
    strField = DR
    strField = "-" & CR
    End If
    DRCR_Comma_Del = strField
    End Function

  • Amount from 2 different columns. import format?

    Hi all,
    Im trying to import amounts from 2 different columns. If accounts are "123" or "234" or...etc
    Then pull from column
    else use column 9
    can this be done in one import script? I want to know if I can assign import format amount to column 5 but only get the accounts asked for. else use column 9.

    I made something like this, and assigned it to an amount column with all the amounts. Does it make sense?
    Function This_Code (strField, strRecord)
    Dim Account
    Dim Ammount
    'Field instead of strRecord
    account = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strField, 12, 5, ",")
    Amount = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strField, 12, 11, ",")
    If Account = "123" or Account = "456" Then
    Amount = This_Code
    End If
    Edited by: tyson33 on Jun 28, 2012 10:11 AM

  • FDM Fixed-Width Import Format & Multiple Accounts/Periods Issue

    Hi FDM experts,
    I have an issue that I wanted to reach out to you on regarding fixed-width import formats and how to cater for my current scenario for export to Hyperion Planning.
    I am working with a flat file (.txt) I need to import to FDM with the current format;
    Jan-MTD-Account 1
    Jan-MTD-Account 2
    These are all fixed in width so the field lengths will need to be defined in the import format. The requirement for loading to the system is only a speciifc Month YTD value for both Account1 and Account 2.
    If my chosen Month is 2013 Jan, I will only require columns F and G to be loaded. These are the issues I have identified;
    Can a fixed width import format cater for loading to multiple accounts in the same file? Or would I need a separate import format per account?
    Can a fixed width import format cater for loading to a variable Actual Month period? Or do I need 12 import formats/locations per month?
    Your help is much appreciated!
    Many thanks

    Hi Aaron,
    the solution you are looking for needs pivoting your source file.
    Think that FDM, by default, only accepts files with one single column for amount. You have to pivot your file based on your logic and import the pivoted file.
    For example:
    Year     Channel     Product     ... Jan-YTD-Acc1     Jan-YTD-Acc2 ...
    2013     CH1          PR1               1000                    2000
    If your POV is Jan-2013, your data imported will look like:
    Year     Channel     Produc     Account     Amount
    2013     CH1          PR1          ACC1          1000
    2013     CH1          PR1          ACC2          2000
    All this process can be automated by playing with Import Scripts.

  • Multiple FDM Import Formats for One Location

    I want to import trial balance data directly from the Oracle Financials database. I'm creating an import integration script to pull the ledgers directly via a SQL statement. My issue is that I also want to be able to write scripts to modify each individual field on the import, similar to a delimited import script where I can have a script for each dimension. Do you know if it's possible to combine import integration and delimited scripts in a single location? I'm guessing it may be a combination of the Import Format and Integration Options settings on the location, but I'm not sure which one should go where. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    This is not possible. Any adjustments to the data would need to be done within the integration script.

  • FDM Import Format Spec with multiple Amount Fields

    I'm in the process of setting up an Import specification for one of our sites and the source extract consists of the following fields:
    Source Account Description BegBalDR BegBalCr YTDDR YTDCR
    01-511-5110     Inventory Adjustment     1,754.00     0     0     14,844.76
    I'm am trying to Import Field 5 & 6 and net them if necessary (example: YTDDR - YTDCR) and I continue to get an error. I have tried several diffrent ways but it seems that I can only import one or the other. After reading the FDM Admin guide I am wondering if I need to create a custom Script to accomplish this task.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you,

    This might be slightly complicated, but I think its the most direct solution ........
    Step 1 -
    In your Import Format, assign the Amount as :
    FieldName, Start, Length, Expression
    Amount, 1, 1, Script=NetAmounts5and6.uss
    Step 2 -
    Create an Import (DataPump) script called NetAmounts5and6 with the following code :
    Function NetAmount5and6(strField, strRecord)
    'Hyperion FDM DataPump Import Script:
    'Created By:     cbeyer
    'Date Created:     2/13/2009 5:57:14 PM
    'Get the last two fields
    Dim tmpRecord
    Dim strCurrentChar
    Dim strYTDCR
    Dim strYTDDR
    Dim x
    'Initialize fields
    tmpRecord = strRecord
    'Ensure we have data
    If Trim(tmpRecord) = "" Then Exit Function
    strYTDCR = ""
    strYTDDR = ""
    'Get YTD CR
    'One could use the replace command to change all spaces to a delimittable field and then
    'split out the string into a one dimensional array using the split command; however,
    'This would only work best if there is an exact number of spaces between the two numbers
    'Since I do not know if this is true, instead i'm looking for numeric/numeric like characters
    'and splitting based off of that.
    For x = Len(tmpRecord) To 1 Step -1
    strCurrentChar = Mid(tmpRecord,x,1)
    If (IsNumeric(strCurrentChar) Or strCurrentChar = "$" Or strCurrentChar = "." Or strCurrentChar = "," ) Then
    strYTDCR = strCurrentChar & strYTDCR
    Exit For
    End If
    'Trim down temporary record holder to remove the previous found amount and white space at the end of the string
    tmpRecord = RTrim(Left(tmpRecord,x)) 'Remove the first number from the string and white space
    'Get YTD DR
    For x = Len(tmpRecord) To 1 Step -1
    strCurrentChar = Mid(tmpRecord,x,1)
    If (IsNumeric(strCurrentChar) Or strCurrentChar = "$" Or strCurrentChar = "." Or strCurrentChar = "," ) Then
    strYTDDR = strCurrentChar & strYTDDR
    Exit For
    End If
    'do the math
    If IsNumeric(strYTDCR) And IsNumeric(strYTDDR) Then
    NetAmount5and6 = strYTDDR - strYTDCR
    NetAmount5and6 = 0 'This will cause the record to fail on import
    End If
    End Function

  • Proper Video Import Format

    Currently - I am importing some home movies from VHS using a canopus into iMovie. I have chosen the import format = DV STREAM ...
    - I will import the movie - do some editing - and then export it to iDVD5...
    - then I modify the template settings and then save as a disk image...
    - basically - it has to render all the video - I am guessing to compress into DVD format... this takes a long time
    * Question: Since my only concern is to create a DVD ONLY - of this content ( and not to ever save the high-quality dv stream) - would it save me any time to import into iMovie as MPG4 or any other format that is closer to a DVD quality rather then to import as a DV stream? The rendering time in iDVD is where I am trying to save time ... and I am guessing that if it was in the correct format to begin with ... then maybe it would not have to re-render...?
    Any time saving suggestions would be appreciated...
    Thanks - RevDave

    * Question: Since my only concern is to create a DVD
    ONLY - of this content ( and not to ever save the
    high-quality dv stream) - would it save me any time
    to import into iMovie as MPG4 or any other format
    that is closer to a DVD quality rather then to import
    as a DV stream? The rendering time in iDVD is where I
    am trying to save time ... and I am guessing that if
    it was in the correct format to begin with ... then
    maybe it would not have to re-render...?
    Any time saving suggestions would be appreciated...
    The answer to your question is NO. Stay with DV stream.
    Creating DVDs requires patience (a virtue, right?) and lots of free hard disk space.

  • Excel Expression in Import Format

    Has anyone used Excel Expression in Import Format? Trying to figure out how it works, appreciate any help.

    The Expression Field of the import format is limited to one of the built in FDM Expressions such as (FILL=EurotoUS), a hard coded value, or a import script name

  • Import Format Audit FDM

    I have a few questions around import formats as I have recently seen some new approached that I have not seen before:
    Firstly are Import Formats auditable? Can the changes etc be tracked?
    Secondly the formats I see are concatenating GL accounts and a few things from the GL to create a new "unique" account that is then mapped in FDM.
    in the GL
    GL Account
    810000 - Revenue $10,000
    GL Attribute1
    BL - Blue
    GL Attribute2
    T1 - Dakota
    FDM Import
    Then creates a source GL Account of
    FDM mapping
    810000BLT1 = TO_00001
    TO_00001 $10,000
    Has anyone seen this before, where effectively a new account is created from the import format ?

    1. I can't make a comment on FDMEE, but what is now 'classic' FDM does not audit the import format table. However if it is a requirement, then i am sure your DBA could sort something out
    2. Yes, this is quite common, but perhaps more for the other dimensions rather than the account dimension.     

  • Import format error when importing journals

    Hi All,
    In an attempt to save our users time at month-end, for recurring journals our previous admin loaded a template to a "Recurring" journal location for each future month.  That admin is gone, and now I am trying to do the same, with the following result:
    "Error: An error occurred importing the file.
    Detail: Location: [JE_Recurring] has not been assigned an Import Format"
    We do not use import formats for our journals, so I don't know why it won't let me import the journal.  I am an admin in FDM, and I even tried adding that location to myself in security.
    Thank you in advance.

    I was trying to do it via the workspace import option since that is how our users post journals.  I tried using the Activities / Journal option and it worked.  Thank you!
    Could you explain the difference?  Why it will only work using method 2?
    Thank you again.

  • Import format for trial balance sheet

    Hi All,
    The source file for our FDQM app is in the below format(CSV file) consisting of 7 fields:
    ENTITY          ACCOUNT          DESCRIPTION     Opening Balance          DEBIT          CREDIT          Closing Balance
    Can you please provide inputs on how the import format should be?

    The information you need to start with is in the FDQM admin guide, or alternatively consider an FDQM training course.
    Without knowing the dimensions you plan to use, how the file contents map to each dimension, and to a lesser degree the target application, then we would need a crystal ball to try to provide any assistance on the import format.

  • Import Format: Copy source account into UD1

    The Source G/L Account is used for both the HFM Account and HFM UD1 (Custom1). The mapping for FM Accounts and FM UD1 is set-up based on the GL Accounts. UD1 is not included in the GL extract file.
    How can I easy copy source Account into UD1 through the import format that can be used for several locations with different import formats?
    GL Account: 1000 -> HFM account: 1000 > HFM UD1: FinS
    GL Account: 3000 -> HFM account: ctrl_Logic -> HFM UD1: Stat
    Currently I use for UD1 a script like DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord,4,2) to do that and it works. Unfortuntely I have at least many different locations with different import formats that would require this script to be adjusted for each import format.
    Any idea? Thanks for your help!

    Good day
    To get this working for different import format layouts you need to make use of the Res.PVarTemp1,,5 FDM variables, you can store information between different fields in the import fields. There are also workarounds if you need to store more than 5 values.
    So you need to create two scripts, the TempPut is attached to the account import field and the TempGet is attached to the UD1 import field
    Function TempPut(strField, strRecord)
    Res.PvarTemp1 = strfield
    TempPut = strfield
    End Function
    Function TempGet(strField, strRecord)
    TempGet= Res.PVarTemp1
    End Function
    Hope this helps

  • Import Format with Invalid Character

    I have accidentally created an Import format with an & which is bad character for FDM. It let me create the import format but now I am recieving a page error everytime I try to access the Import Format screen. This is preventing me from deleting the problematic import format. I have tried to export the import formats, delete the bad one from the xml file and re-import but this did not work.
    Any idea of how to delete this import format?

    You'll have to fix this through the database. Below are some SQL commands that will work in SQL Server.... Oracle is probably the same idea, but I won't claim those work in PL/SQL as I don't focus on it....
    If it's in the Import Format details, you should find it by executing the following SQL :
    Safe way (just to double check what you are going to change)
    select * from tBhvImpItemfile where ImpfldFixedtext like ('%&%')
    Update tBhvImpItemfile set ImpFldFixedText = 'new text here' where ImpSeq = <number(s) returned from first query>
    You know what you're doing and don't want to see what records you might impact first
    update tbhvImpItemfile set ImpFldFixedText = replace(ImpFldFixedText, '&', '-') where ImpFldFixedText like ('%&%')
    If the & is in the Import Format (Name, Description, etc), then you would apply the same idea, but look at the table tBhvImpGroup and most likely the fields ImpGroupKey / ImpGroupDesc......

Maybe you are looking for

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