Small, cheap NAS box that supports nfs/rsync/ssh ?

Hi all,
for my personal backup needs, I'm looking for a standalone NAS box ("networked hard disk/raid solution").  I need to have support for at least one of rsync/nfs/ssh.  (smb/ftp is not enough for me)
It shouldn't be too big (eg not the size of a regular pc.) and it shouldn't cost more then 350 euro or so without disks. 
If I can mount one or two sata 1TB disks I'm happy.
Bonus points for solutions where I have total control over the "OS" on it, where the hardware platform exists of standardized easily replacable parts and if it's powerfull enough to do encryption. (I'm prepared to throw in extra cash for these features)
I guess my options are:
1) a product that supports what I want out of the box.  I couldn't find that (unless ridiculously expensive, eg 500 euro or more without disks)
2) a product that *almost* does what I want, but where you can install a small Linux distro/freenas over the original firmware so you can do what you want.  Basically any appliance (be it a storage device, embedded platforms, network equipment, ...) that can host hard disks and where you can overwrite the OS is worth looking into.
3) building something myself.  I've seen some really small motherboards based on Atom cpu's, or even embedded stuff can be enough (something like soekris, pc-engines, etc).  But it needs 2 sata ports then, I need to find a housing, a psu, etc. SFF-pc's such as shuttle's etc can also be good options
Any tips, pointers, ideas ?
Here is a list of some devices/urls/thoughts/questions I'm working on.  Work in progress! I'll update.
Interesting url's … S_devices/ off-the-shelf-nas all stuff mini-ITX all stuff epia mini-itx and SFF resource mainboard matrix review of 5 Atom mini-itx boards with power comparison between the 2 intel chipsets … lator.html power calculator (not prepared for Atom though) power comparison atom vs C2D
TDP's taken from … 309219.pdf page 399,
type - TDP - usage - url
945 GM  /GME express - 7 - used with atoms? - … erview.htm
945 GMS/GSE express - 6 - used on some atom boards who are not available yet (eg the MSI 9830/9832) - … /index.htm
945 GC - 22.2 - used on nearly all current atom boards -
945 PM express - 6 - ?
943 GML express - 7 - ?
940 GML express - 7 - ?
945 GT express  - 15 - ?
ultra mobile 945GU express - 5 - ?
G45 - 24 - "rich media" socket 775 boards -
Q45 - 17 - "business" socket 775 boards -
P45 - 22 - ?? -
TDP's of complete systems
type - TDP idle - TDP loaded cpu - TDP loaded cpu+video - source url
945 GSE setup without HDD - 15 - 17 - ? -
945 GC  setup without HDD - 25 - 27 -  ? -
945 GC (and ich7) full setup - 27 - 31 - 38 -
G45 Express + C2D E6400 65nm full setup - 49 - 97 - 98 -
G45 Express + C2D E7200 45nm full setup - 35 - 64 - 65 -
Off-the-shelf NAS
* LaCie Ethernet Disk mini: needs to connect to internet to activate? or is this only for the remote feature? can you run custom OS on it?
* ximeta ndas seems to need special/proprietary drivers/calls to be able to use it?
* linksys nas200
seems pretty customizable. some 3rd party firmwares … hp?t=60232 … ecid=40380 (nslu2 firmwares)
slow: 3MB/s over 100Mbps
slower then dlink and qnap. see … -NAS200/p2
* intel SS4000E or something?
* qnap ts-509 or other qnap? -> 480euro -> 800 euro
* iomega storcenter
* netgear readynas: they have decent pricy ones who are big and consuming as much as an atom based server or something.
   they also have smaller ones.:
   2disk 310euro
   4disk -> 1000 euro … od=RND2150 -> 300 euro
   6disk … d=RNDP6610 -> runs on an intel C2D -> 1500euro
* dlink
* thermaltake muse looks pretty cool 390 euro … -wit).html
* synology has lots of stuff. eg -> 285 euro -> 510+ euro -> 800+ euro
* hp … martserver
DIY-style (TODO: look up motherboards, enclosures, etc) miniITX, arm, via, intel atom,...
* info/tutorials
** … _the_intel
** (note: the 5disks into 3 bays thing is discontinued)
* complete boxes/barebones:
** Asus eeebox: perfect except that it can only contain 1 disk, of the format of 2.5"
** 5x hotswap sata. Celeron, 2x Gbps,... looks great although very hard to get in EU apparently + you're bound to custom motherboard etc
** Shuttle XPC X27D dualcore atom, 1x 2.5 hdd. but 645GC
* motherboard/cpu combos
** … ard_id=610     Via C7 1.5Ghz, 4-8x sata, padlock engine, via gigabit controller. CF and miniPCI slot, 1xddr2
** … erview.htm . Atom 230 1.6Ghz. 1x IDE, 2x sata. only 100Mbit/s, 1x PCI, 1xddr2
** MSI MS-9830. fanless. 2x Gigabit. 2x sata. available yet?
** MSI MS-9832. 2x Gbps, 4x sata. 1x ata. expected 1/20/2008
** Intel D945GCLF2 -> like D945GCLF, but dualcore,Gigabit.
** Intel DG45FC … erview.htm socket775, 4x sata, 2x Gbps,... -> based on intel G45 "media center" chip (eg more media features), but same price as DQ45EK !
** Intel DQ45EK … erview.htm socket775, 4xsata,Gigabit.  -> based on intel Q45 "business" chip. perfect for the chenbro case, except no 5th sata (unless i loop the esata back in) or ide for the 5th 2.5" disk
** … odelmenu=1 Similar, but more media-features and 6x sata
** Jetway J7F4K1G5D-PB. Via C7. 2X Gbps, 2x sata 150, 1x ata 100
** Epia SN xx -> various epia boards with 4x sataII
* cases
** … ?serno=100 (nice mini ITX server case with 4x hotswap bays and PSU) (just make sure you have good AHCI suppport) 170euro
** Lian-Li PC-V350B , 2x 5,5", 2x 3.5", microATX
* I heard via Epia is rather expensive especially for it's quite low performance
* Via nano might be a good platform (must google more for this, stable?)
* There are no Atom boards with more then 2 sata ports.  (the msi's still are to be expected)
* Taking an intel board with a slow celeron / amd with sempron can be an option, it will be fast , stable and not expensive.  I'm told it wouldn't pull too much power either. (although more then atom/epia)
* "ready-to-go" SFF-pc's/barebones can be found in the <300 euro price range, making this a good target for a simple 1/2-disk NAS
* AHCI problems with AMD/ATI RS400-200, RS480 HBA and Nvidia nForce 560. see … _Interface
* An intel G45/Q45-based system would be sweet, they have
- … _Factor.29
- … C_45_nm.29
with very low TDP, but they don't fit in socket 775
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deadrabbit wrote:I recently bought an MSI Wind desktop, with pretty much the same thing in mind. I ended deciding against a NAS enclosure, since I wanted to be able to install a conventional Linux distro, and have complete control over it.  The Wind is cheap, and all the hardware is Linux compatible ( … 6856167032). I ended up installing the OS on a CompactFlash card, so the hard drive would have to run constantly. As a result, it's nice and quite, uses little power, and the OS on the CF card is automatically backed up to the hard drive. I wrote up a detailed description of the project here: … sktop.html.
Thanks, looks quite good.
Except one thing: the 945GC chipset has a TDP of 22.2W.. that's stupid imo, and defeats the whole purpose of a low-tdp cpu such as the Atom.  Right now I'm still doubting between waiting for an Atom board based on the 945GM(S)/945GSE chip (TDP 6Watt) (eeebox has that one, some MSI mini-ITX boards should be available in january) or going for a socket775 board with an intel core2 45nm cpu, which would consume not much more then Atom+ 945GC chipset (when idle, loaded is much more but I don't plan to load it ).
Nvidia is also working on an Atom chipset but I don't think I'll wait for that.

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    Hey u2sweetestallie,
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    Matt M.

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    My name Eric Moyers. I am an Engineer in the Small Business Support Center.
    Thank you for the question. Currently all of our Small Business Wireless Access Points support Management accounts, fixed ip's and vlans.
    Here is a link for some model comparisons.
    If you have any other questions or some specific questions, I am most happy to answer them. You can repost here or if you mouse over my picture you will see my email and can email me directly.
    Eric Moyers
    .:|:.:|:. CISCO | Cisco Presales Technical Support | Wireless Subject Matter Expert
    Please rate helpful Posts and Let others know when your Question has been answered.

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    Also, every time I try to print the connection to the server is lost (as in I cannot access the files on it in the finder).
    My flat mate tried printing over the server with windows 7 and it worked immediately.
    Any help would be very welcome!
    PS: I've tried Guten-print but the MP190 is the one printer that they don't support...

    Hello and welcome to Apple Discussions.
    The Canon driver for Mac OS X cannot be used when you have the printer connected to a print server other than an Airport device. For these types of connections, you need to use a CUPS based printer driver like those offered through Gutenprint or PrintFab.
    Since the MP190 is not yet supported by Gutenprint, you could look at using PrintFab, however you will need to buy this software after your trial period. Or you could wait until the next version of Gutenprint is available - maybe this version will support your model.

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    You can try to upgrade your L520 with an i7, but it will void the warranty. Also the 4core i7s which can use faster memory need more current to run and warm up more, so you will have to be very careful (use a 90W power supply, check for temps often). The cpu itself is not cheap either at around $250 used, so if you really need something faster, maybe you should go for another laptop alltogether.
    I hope this helps and clarifies the situation.
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