Stretch(Zoom) in iTunes

I've loaded iTunes U video clip  and play in itunes  ,but I didn't see a zoom button to stretch that video on my macBook Pro.
It's only appear on Quicktime player .
I don't need a black bar on the left or right screen . for 4:3 clips.
How to solve this problem?  Just add a little button and some Quicktime feature.
It's useless to have a 16:9 screen display on macBook, if you cannot use .

Except in pretty rare cases, the people reading and responding in this forum are just other Apple product users like you and Apple probably won't see your comment here. Apple doesn't use the Apple Discussions forums for garnering product feedback or suggestions since this intended to be an end-user to end-user (i.e., users like you helping other users) technical issue support feature. You should send feedback via: - Apple products feedback links
You should realize you can already do what you wish.  OSX does have Universal Access (in System Preferences) which lets you magnify any view in any application, and you can adjust your monitor resolution to generally display a smaller area in a larger size.

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  • Stretch/Zoom instead of resize/realign?

    Wanted to know if (and how) to set up a flex application to
    not resize, but instead zoom/stretch (or however you explain it).
    For example, if I have a flash video that is 400 x 300, and I
    resize the browser, the video zooms/stretches to fit the browser.
    In a flex app, it resizes, but its not stretching/zooming, it is
    actually re-positioning the components (and they all stay the same
    Is it possible to make the flex app stretch/zoom insted? If
    so, how?
    Thanks -

    "OneNerd" <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:gd5dic$msb$[email protected]..
    > Thanks Amy. However, I have a sophisticated series of
    layouts etc -- what
    > I
    > really wanted to do is set the entire flex app.
    > For example if I do this:
    > <mx:Application
    > xmlns:mx=""
    > layout="absolute"
    > width="100%" height="100%"
    > everything in the app re-aligns/etc. Do I need to go
    back in and set every
    > object to an absolute position, take away the
    > sort
    > of things, and set every singe object to a %?
    There's no quick answer to that, without knowing what you've

  • Weird zoom in itunes.

    Is there any way to zoom out the text in itunes, or change its resolution. I got a new PC in July and the monitor is 1080p and its the first time I've noticed this. Here's a pic of what I'm talking about.
    You see I can't read most of the sentences fully and the search bar at the top right corner looks strange.

    This has fixed itself. Must have been a bug that was cleared up with one of the updates.

  • Video Menus Stretched/Zoomed

    I am exporting a HD video out of FCP for a background in a SD Project in DVDSP. I am exporting the sequence out of FCP to compressor and compressing it using the standard DVD: Best Quality 90 minutes - 16:9::: MPEG-2 6.2Mbps 2-Pass 16:9 setting. I have my menus in the inspector of DVDSP set to 16:9 and my project settings the same. However when i build and burn the project the menu's stretch way past a 4:3 or 16:9 tv...buttons as well. It is as if its being zoomed into the menu. ( and no I am not on Panscan). Any Advice?

    The standard presets should have the frame controls set to auto. This should automtically resize your video to fit the smaller frame size. You can check the setting on the output file in your batch to see if they are different than the default preset. Check the geometry tab to make sure the image is not getting cropped (at least not more than 4 top and 2 bottom to compensate for the 486 vs. 480 frame size).
    Do your mpeg files look correct if you view them with QT player, do they look right in the menu viewer in DVDSP, how about simulator? If they look right in all the places you can check them before you brun, but the burned disc is still cropping your menus, something weird is going on.
    You might also try nesting your HD sequence into a SD sequence in FCP. You'll lose a little quality this way, but it might slove your problem for the short term.
    Hope ths helps.

  • Can't get iphone to work due to zoom

    Can I disable zoom?
    iTunes does not recognize my phone... it asked me to respond on my phone, but the phone isn't working due to the oversized cover photo
    Thanks for any help!

    As for your 1st sentence "Question"
    Can I disable zoom?
    That answer is the first line item on the "Accessiblity > Zoom" page I referenced - but as your iPhone was unusable in its current state, I thought I would let you educate yourself - which you did, admirably! well done!
    buenos tardes

  • IOS7 iTunes crashes / won't launch

    I went to browse the iTunes Store today. When I launched the app I saw a brief glimpse of the search tab in the app followed by the entire screen being occupied by a stretched-to-fit iTunes logo. Then crash! Launched again; same thing - crash!
    iTunes finally launched after about 5-6 tries. I closed the all and re-launched - crash again! Another 4-5 tries later the app launched again.
    The last item I viewed in iTunes was an album I was linked to from Facebook. Then before that I was searching an artist.
    I'm not sure what caused this big but it is annoying. If it keeps happening I'll restart my phone. I don't know what else I can do.

    I probably shouldn't have marked as a question. I know about hard resetting the phone and it's something I will try if needed.
    There is something wrong in iOS7 that needs fixed. Hopefully this isn't something that happens often.

  • How to "un-zoom" non-native resolution screen?

    With older ThinkPads, I was able to display lower resolution output on the ThinkPad LCD at a 1:1 pixel ratio, instead of having it stretched/zoomed.
    On the W520, I don't seem to be able to do it.  And so, the result is that the BIOS boot screen, and Windows boot GUI look rahter "blurry".
    Anyone know how I can make the screen smaller again?

    Someone was asking a similar question:
    It's Point 4 under section "Unsatisfactory video display on the ThinkPad LCD display":
    How come newer Thinkpads don't have this option?
    Some people like the scretched look, some don't (me being in this group).  Especially in non-Windows environment, because text/fonts looks REALLY odd when stretched on a 16:9 display.

  • HT4623 Cannot turn OFF "Zoom" on iPad 4 with iOS 8

    Zoom will not turn off after installation of  iOS 8 on my iPad 4.

    Thanks.  Yes - your reference leads to the same place that I was taken to after calling an Apple tech.
    Turning off "Zoom" from iTunes worked.  It allowed proper use of another App - PAPER by Fifty Three which apparently has a bug (currently) related to the Zoom feature in iOS 8 and the iPad.  They're working to fix it and I'm sure they will shortly.
    Meanwhile, turning off Zoom from iTunes was a slightly more obscure way to accomplish it, but successful, where trying to turn it off from the General>Accessibility reference did not work.
    Appreciate your response.

  • Aspect Ratio - Black Bars Left and Right on Widescreen TV

    Hi - I have downloaded a couple of TV series to my laptop PC using ITunes. These playback on my laptop screen filling the screen. I got an Apple TV yesterday, synced it with my Laptop ITunes library and there are black bars on either side of my 1080 widescreen TV. There are no black bars with DVD or Cable. The apple TV splash screen fills the whole of my widescreen. I have tried playing with the resolution settings on the TV and on my Apple TV settings but as yet not figured out how to fix this. Any ideas?

    bear in mind that tv broadcasts are often stretched/zoomed/cropped etc to make it appear that it is widescreen, when really it is 4:3.
    also it is possible that your TV is simply stretching to make it fill your screen.
    your TV may be able to stretch it to fill the screen, but the appletv will always output it in the correct aspect ratio.
    also it is only recently that most of the tv output has been widescreen. 6 years ago when wire season 1 was produced, 4:3 non-widescreen was very much the norm, especially in USA.

  • G5 and HDTV

    I've been using a Panasonic HDTV as my G5's monitor for a while but the only drawback so far is the screen stretches beyond the visible edge... not by much, but things like the clock in the upper right are cut in half.
    I'm trying to figure out if it's the TV or the graphics card. The TV supports 1080i/720p with a res of 1366x768. The only res setting that works in sysprefs is 1280x720. Choosing other resolutions causes a distorted signal. The card is a GeForce FX 5200.
    The TV has settings for the size of the screen like normal, stretched, zoom etc. but these options aren't available for adjusting when I'm on the mac (HDMI input). But when I'm viewing cable (component input) I'm able to change the screen size or prevent it from stretching on non-HD channels.
    Could anyone help me understand where the likely problem lies? If it's a graphic card problem, is it possible to update its drivers? Would a new card help?
    Thanks in advance,
    PowerMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.3)  

    After fiddling around more I was able to correct some but not all of the overscan.
    In case it helps anyone else, here are my settings which are specific to my TV I'm assuming:
    Active Horiz/Vert: 1248/710
    Front Porch Horiz/Vert: 120/10
    Sync Width Horiz/Vert: 40/5
    Back Porch: 240/20
    Scan rate: 45/60.403
    I read that increasing Front/Back Porches while decreasing the Active Horiz/Vert by the same amount would work. So I started out at 1280 horizontal and increased the front porch and back porch for horizontal by 16 each. Then I subtracted 32 (16 front porch, 16 back porch) from 1280 to get to 1248.
    I tried the same method for vertical but I could not figure out how to get the top edge to come down into view. As I tried increasing the porches and decreasing the active vertical, the vertical height just kept getting smaller. So if anyone has a suggestion I'd love to hear it.
    I am able to correct all but the top of the overscan. The menus, clock, user etc. are still cut off, but somewhat legible still.
    I have no clue what any of these numbers mean, this was just a trial and error (rebooted about 30 times).
    PowerMac G5 Dual 1.8 Mac OS X (10.3.9)

  • I have an LG Smart TV and want to NAS to my Time Capsule

    I have an LG smart TV and am using it to access the internet for films etc...The question is, the TC is connected via ethernet not WiFi, so how can I access my iTunes and iPhoto libraries which are stored on the Hard Drive of the TC. My research says it is referred to as NAS, network attached Storeage...but the TV is asking for a connection via USB...SURELY this must be possible?
    Knowing Apple's 'uniqueness' from the rest of the IT world I am sure it is not plug and play but am certain someone must know.
    Please help? Do not want to attach another hard drive when it is not needed.

    You are right.
    Knowing Apple's 'uniqueness' from the rest of the IT world I am sure it is not plug and play but am certain someone must know.
    It is unique and not possible.
    The TC is now and always a network device. You cannot connect to it via USB.
    The TV cannot play media from itunes or iphoto libraries.. it requires DLNA.. TC is Apple product.. therefore it does not support DLNA.. nor does it support itunes to be clear.. the TC is not a media player. It is a dumb as a board hard disk in a router.. Calling it a NAS is stretching the language.
    iTunes must have a computer running to stream the library to anywhere.. you normally need an Apple TV to act as the streaming device on the TV.. that is how apple make things.. all one brand.. only works with that one brand. TC - Mac Computer (although a pc will work) - ATV plugged into the TV. 
    You can play media stored on a TC.. you must use standard video files.. and you need a media player.. eg WD Live TV.. because remember the TC is dumb as a board.  TC--WDlive--TV
    The TV has no way to play raw video files.. nor can it play itunes library on a network drive.. no matter what it is. 

  • Clips import with black edges left and right

    I viewed my clip (avi file) using quicktime to confirm that it was the right one that i wanted to import and it looked fine. Then i imported into imovie and it doesn't fit the whole screen. It's got about 1/8 inch of black along the left and right. The weird thing is that when i import photos it does the same thing but i scale them to 102 % to correct. How can I correct this?

    bear in mind that tv broadcasts are often stretched/zoomed/cropped etc to make it appear that it is widescreen, when really it is 4:3.
    also it is possible that your TV is simply stretching to make it fill your screen.
    your TV may be able to stretch it to fill the screen, but the appletv will always output it in the correct aspect ratio.
    also it is only recently that most of the tv output has been widescreen. 6 years ago when wire season 1 was produced, 4:3 non-widescreen was very much the norm, especially in USA.

  • 16:9 aspect ratio - export to DVD

    We want to produce some DVDs in 16:9 which play on a widescreen TV properly ie filling up all the screen and not warped in any way. also we would like the DVD to play on a regular 4:3 TV as letterboxed, and on a computer as 16:9
    We filmed the production in DVCAM 16:9, digitised in as 16:9, and edited in FCP as 16:9.
    At this point we have been trying with different settings and methods of exporting, we have tried using compressor, then to DVDSP, or as QT to Toast.
    Results so far - all warped in some way, either letterboxed, stretched, zoomed, pillarboxed or a combination of the above.
    Does anyone know of exactly what settings we need to use to get our project onto DVD in widescreen?
    The proj is 2.5hrs long, we work in PAL and we are using FCP Version 6.0.2, Compressor Version 3.0.2 DVDSP Version 4.2.1
    Thanks to anyone who can help

    This has always worked for me:
    FCP: File Export QTMovie... current settings.
    COMPRESSOR: 16:9 High Quality 90 minute (choose ac3 for your audio in here)
    Then, in DVDSP make sure the setting is correct in the above window.
    Also - check your preview (forgot what it's called)you can change it to widescreen also. Dbl check there that indeed all is good.
    Then, as said above also - run it on DVDPlayer in your applications folder. Don't watch it FULL screen, watch it as a window in your finder. There you'll get a read on EXACTLY what the dvd is sending... if you see a 4:3 window with letterboxing something is wrong. You should (SHOULD) see a 16:9 window with no distortion or letterboxing.
    Once you determine that, the issue will be your setup of DVD player and TV.

  • Ios8 phone screen is magnified

    iPhone 5s. 
    This morning I updated to ios8.  Sometimes when something touches my phone screen it goes into a magnified view and I am unable to enter my passcode to use the phone. with ios7 it was easy to fix by simply resetting the phone by pressing the power and home buttons at the same time, but this doesn't work with ios8. How do I fix it now? I cant use my phone like this because I can't enter my pass ode to unlock my phone?!!!!!

    Hello again,
    To turn off Zoom in iOS 8 you do the following steps that says on the article (iOS: Home screen icons are magnified or large).
    BUT when your at the accessibility part of the settings app, you select Zoom and there will be 4 settings that you will see.
    Just turn off Zoom by tapping on the toggle switch.
    If that doesn't work, you should try disabling Zoom via iTunes.
    Hope this helps,

  • How to open blade tool

    oh dudes i am really new with this i can't open my blade tool, i sent some audio from my FCP and it opens and i tried to split but i can't really find blade tool in editing tools it shows frequency Simple audio stretching zoom scrub tools NO BLADE TOOL can anyone help me

    The blade tool only exists in the multitrack editor.
    You're in the audio editor and you can select a section of audio and CUT, but not split.

Maybe you are looking for

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