T61 external monitor permenantl​y in sleeping mode

I want to run an external monitor with my T61 for desktop extention.  It was working fine, until I once booted up my PC before having switched on the external monitor.  Since that day I have never been able to display anything on the monitor.  It is just showing black, and the power button light is just flashing, which I assume means sleeping/power saving mode.
 I tried changing things on the BIOS, did not work. I even bought a minidocking station now, hoping that the new VGA-out would deliver results.  It also does not work.
I cannot believe the Thinkpad cannot cope with an external monitor not being on when the Thinkpad starts up.  How can I fix this? 
It does not seem to be the VGA port, since the docking station option also does not work, right?
Please help.

Go into your display property, by right clicking your desktop, then select your second monitor and then tick the extend desktop box. 
Jin Li
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  • MacBook Pro won't stay asleep with external monitor attached.  When sleep is selected from the Apple menu the computer will go to sleep only to continually wake up...go back to sleep...wake up...etc. every few seconds.

    MacBook Pro won't stay asleep with external monitor attached.  When sleep is selected from the Apple menu the computer will go to sleep only to continually wake up...go back to sleep...wake up...etc. every few seconds.  This only happens when using the external monitor. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Mine does that too. The worst thing is when it goes to sleep, then wakes up and keeps running while the lid is closed and it is wrapped up in a case. I am afraid when the hot weather comes it is going to burn up. I am hoping Apple fixes it in the software or they may have a melted MBP to replace.
    Then when I open the lid it is crashed running at fill tilt, pumping out heat to beat the band. I am forced to hold the button down and reboot.
    I wiped my hard disk and reinstalled my OS, but it didn't help. I reversed my OS to 10.5.0 and it solved the DVI problem but still won't sleep. This post will probably be deleted by Apple, they did it a few days ago. I just don't know what to do, and I consider myself a real Apple expert. Just hoping you realize you are not the only one.

  • Macmini 2011 on lion, goes to a blue screen om monitor when awakening from sleep mode, last 3 or 4 seconds, can anyone help? Thanks

    Macmini 2011 on lion, goes to a blue screen on monitor when awakening from sleep mode, last 3 or 4 seconds, before desktop appears, can anyone help? Thanks

    Depending on the system configuration, this may not
    be unusual.  The Mini that I use for my home theater,
    which is connected to a receiver then to a TV, all via
    HDMI usually takes a couple seconds to come up just
    the way yours does.  Same happens when I switch sources
    on the receiver.  Actually, it starts with the blue screen and
    will sometimes flash before the desktop comes up.
    It seems that when HDMI goes dormant, there is handshaking
    that needs to be re-established, at least thats my SWAG on it.
    On the other hand, the Mac Mini Server that I use as a work
    station and is connected to a Thunderbolt Display, wakes to desktop
    in a second, maybe two.  On this combo, it just comes up to
    the desk top.
    It also probably depends on what processes were active when
    the Mini was put to sleep.  So it may take some time for it to get around
    to reloading the desktop.

  • After OSX.4.11 update external monitor unresponsive+problems w/sleep etc

    I've read some of the recent display problems. Here is my problem and what I've tried, my problem just started 6 hrs ago. I updated to OSX.4.11 a few days ago - eveything worked fine, yesterday I reinstalled epson printer driver as it was crashing and also yesterday I worked for several hours in iMovie 08. Nothing else unusual. This is STRANGE!
    Today went to wake my MBP, 2.4 GHZ, 4GB ram, Cinema display 20", wireless keyboard/mouse up from sleep to check mail. Cinema display flickered and then changed to dark blue solid - and unresponsive. Couldn't get external display to function. Never had any problems with it. Tried to restart everything, unplug all cords, etc. Everything started up I got the log in password screen on my external cinema display - typed in my password - then saw my desktop photo for a second and the cinema display flickered to dark blue again and wouldn't change. It was unable to mount the desktop.
    I went to my MPB while still connected got the screen on the MBP and saw the desktop but there were sort of black lines through the names of my folder files on my desktop. I then disconnected the cinema display, restarted just the MBP and the screen (of the MBP) that mounted was perfectly normal - no black lines through file folder names.
    Then I tried various things. I assumed my cinema display was broken (almost 3 years old). But then I hooked my MBP up to an old 20" cinema display (they kind with 4:5 ratio and plastic all around), I think it uses some kind of converter to the DVI port anyway my MPB worked with that old display fine, desktop fine, but it would not stay asleep - no matter what I tried. I've never had that problem ever before.
    Then I took the "newer" 3 year old cinema display (aluminum one) that I use all the time I I suspected was busted and hooked it up to my old Powerbook G4. And it mounted the desktop and worked fine!! The G4 just got updated to 10.4.11. Interesting thing is though when I closed the lid which usually made the G4 PB sleep it shut it down instead of making it sleep. Very odd.
    Then I ran down to Apple store and bought new version of Disk Warrior and ran it on my MBP. I've never had anything Disk Warrior couldn't fix. It rebuilt my directory. I then hooked the MBP back up to the cinema display (aluminum) and the same thing happened I got my log in screen after startup, logged in password saw the photo desktop for a second then the cinema display went back to a dark blue screen that was unresponsive. I then ran Disk Warrior again with the cinema display attached to see what would happen. Disk Warrior mounted and I saw the whole process on the cinema display. The cinema display will mount disk warrior but it will not mount the MBP desktop as of 6 hours ago.
    I then read these recent posts and tried a "safe" boot. I got my MBP desktop on the cinema display (aluminum) but as soon as I clicked on system prefs the cinema display went to dark blue unresponsive screen.
    But the same cinema display (aluminum) works fine with the Powerbook G4 except for some issue with sleep
    And the MBP works with an old plastic cinema display except again, it won't stay asleep.
    But the MBP and the aluminum cinema display that I've been using together for my photo/video editing for 4 months straight now and I've never had any problems with - they won't work together as of 6 hours ago. That is when I get the dark blue unresponsive screen on the cinema display (aluminum).
    Upshot is:
    1) Something is up with sleep mode and the OS X.4.11 update on 2 different machines (G4 PB and MBP)
    2) Something is affecting the way both the MBP and the Powerbook react with both my cinema displays. The MBP and the 20" aluminum Cinema display are the ones I need to work with and the ones that as of 6 hours ago just lock up in cinema display dark blue screen (almost black but not quite).
    Is this a problem with sleep, startup or DVI output and OS X.4.11?
    What can I do about it? I need to use my 20" aluminum cinema display it is clearly the better one of my 2 cinema displays. And even if I switch to my 20" older plastic apple cinema display the computer won't stay asleep any longer?
    Please, Please I need some help.
    Also since this is happening on 2 separate machines and 2 separate monitors there is something odd going on.
    Apple tech people, is there a major problem with .11 and sleep and external displays?
    Sincere Thanks, Carol
    PS Note, I tried all this numerous times with both bluetooth and regular wired keyboards/mice along with MBP and PB keypads.
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    Sorry please forgive me, I'm so exhausted I posted this in MacBook instead of MacBook Pro, I'll try to move it but if I can't I'll try to copy it and post in MacBook Pro, regardless I think there is a problem with the .11 update.
    Thanks, C

  • IMac always auto detects for external monitors after waking from sleep or from display off

    I've got a Dell 24" monitor (2408WFP) plugged into my mid 2011 iMac via DVI cord and thunderbolt attachment. Things work fine.
    When I need to leave my computer, I usually turn the displays off using the shortcut keys: CTRL + SHIFT + EJECT
    This works perfectly and both displays go black. However, when I return to my computer and reactivate the iMac, the iMac display will turn blue as if I have just plugged in a new monitor even the external monitor is still plugged in. It usually flashes blue twice before displaying the password prompt. I can usually just log back in as normal. I've never had this happen before using Snow Leopard. It's annoying but strange.
    However, even more strange is that sometimes when returning to the desktop, the iMac will do the auto detect display thing and then when I log back in, the external display just shows static as if there is no signal. I've checked the cable a million times and everything is as tight as tight can be and both ends are plugged in properly. Unplugging the displayport adapter from the iMac and then reattaching it restores the desktop on the secondary display although sometimes, it results in the secondary display showing a gray background picture instead of my normal picture. Replugging the secondary display seems to fix that too although sometimes it doesn't.
    Why is this happening?
    - Problem with the adapter?
    - Problem with the DVI cable I'm using?
    - Compatibility issues with my external monitor?
    I need to stress the point that this has never happened before with Snow Leopard.
    If I am the only one experiencing this then I suppose it may be an issue with the iMac or adapter or even the cable. But if anyone else can shed light on this problem, I'd really appreciate it.

    Hi Micheal,
    I've been experiencing the exact same issue with my new iMac I just bought.  I bought it refurb so I wasn't sure if it was a defect with the hardware or not.  Since I'm not the only one I will asume it's not for now.
    - iMac 27-inch 3.4GHz (Release May 2011)
    - Dell 2709W external monitor
    - Hooked in with mini display port to DVI adapter
    - Lion 10.7.3 all up to date to this day
    From what I've been able to gather the issue presents itself only when my Dell 2709W enters "Power Save Mode" after I do CTRL + SHIFT + EJECT or when the diplays simply goes to sleep by themselves.
    Although if I hit that combination and the displays goes to sleep but I don't wait long enough for my Dell monitor to actually "Power Save Mode" (wait like 2 sec) then touch the keyboard then the 2 displays (iMac and Dell) resumes from sleep without the issue presenting itself.
    I'm tempted to buy the mini-display port to HDMI just to see if the issue is still present with that adapter.  If I do I'll update my post with the outcome.
    If anyone else has any info to help with this issue it would be greatly appreciated.  It's very annoying when you resume from sleep and you find all of your windows that where opened on the external display before sleep squeezed into your main display (iMac).

  • External Monitor in causing Random Sleep and it doesnt wake up!

    Hi all,
    After recently buying a new 22" Asus monitor and hooking it up to my macbook core 2 duo (Late 2006 model) running Leopard it has been playing up. I have the computer in clamshell mode, so the top is down and i am using an apple bluetooth keyboard and mighty mouse. The problem is however, every so often my macbook goes into a weird unwakeable sleep. I wouldn't even call it sleep its like it freezes up and the screen goes blank and the light at the front is on, i can also still hear the fans and the hard disk doing their thing. When i try to wake the computer by lifting up the macbooks display the light goes off but nothing happens. The only way i can get the system to run again is by a hard restart. This is really annoying as i can not longer rely on my external monitor, which defeats the purpose of having it!

    I have this exact same issue, and am wondering what to do. I have a 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and am using 10.4.11 as software. I have a Dell monitor. Anyone have any thoughts?

  • T61 External Monitor Port Failure Question

    I have a Lenovo T61 8897-cto (purchased 4/2008) with what I believe is a failing backlight.  In dim environments I can still see the screen.  I've  been temporarily using an external monitor, but the external monitor just went blank and I can't get it back, (the external monitor works fine with another laptop which I'm using now).  My question is, does this new fault point to a system board failure?   I suppose it could be a connector but I don't move the system often and not recently.  The only other things that comes to mind is that the battery is dying and only has 50% of its capacity left, (but I always run it with the AC cable plugged in).
    I'm just wonder if it is worth putting any money into this laptop or to parts it out.  I've already ordered a replacement W510 which I should get in under 2 weeks. I was thinking about using the T61 as a backup or dedicated to Ubuntu, but I can buy a used one for under $600 so I don't want to dump $400 into to have it repaired.
    Any suggestions/prior experience with failing LCD displays and external video port?

    1400x1050 is the highest screen resolution, so I guess that is SXGA+ No, I've never spilled anything on the laptop. I'm running Windows Vista Pro latest Service Pack. I rebooted the system this morning and the external display was detected and used during the boot process. It started to work again under Windows. I'm starting to think that it was some sort of power saving mode that failed to re-initialize. The main laptop screen is still dim, but readable in a dark room. It does have a bit of a tint to it, which I've read is an indicator of a failing backlight. I've checked the warranty on the Lenovo website and they've indicated that it has expired.

  • Lion, external monitor, and wake from sleep - please help!

    For the most part I love Lion.  However, the changes they made to the external monitor support are not helpful for me.  Let me explain...
    I have a 13" 2009 MBP.  In my office I use a monitor stand that the laptop can slide into from either the left or the right, and the monitor sits on top.  Previously I would simply take my closed MBP in sleep mode, slide it under the stand, and plug everything in.  Once the power cord and monitor cable were plugged in, as soon as I inserted something into the USB or SD-Card slot (or I think even the ethernet jack) the laptop would wake from sleep and the monitor would come on.
    Now, however, this doesn't happen.  My only option is to plug everything in, open the laptop so it wakes up, then close the lid, then slide it into the stand.  This is definitely NOT an improvement!  Before I had my phone at the left of the monitor stand, and would slide the laptop in from the right.  Now, though, I have no choice but to slide it in from the left (after going through the above hassel), which means I had to move the phone off of my desk.
    The energy saving preferences have the "wake on network access" box checked, which would make me think that it would wake up as soon as the ethernet cord is plugged in - but no such luck.  I also have wireless in the office, but it's hard for it to recognize that when it's in sleep mode.
    Has anyone else had this problem?  Is there a solution I'm missing here?  I'm using a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, so of course those won't do anything while the computer is asleep.

    I'm beginning to hate Lion because of this one problem. It's great that Lion doesn't sleep when you close the laptop with external monitor connected. But I can no longer wake the external monitor with USB mouse movement. I have to open and close the lid. This is very inconvenient when switching between two systems with KVM. The MacBook is awake; it just won't wake the monitor.

  • MacbookPro + External Monitor wake up from sleep

    If I connect my mbp to external monitor and press sleep and then close the lid, 30% of the cases I cannot wake it up. I have all updates in Mountain Lion.
    Any thoughts about it? Software bug?

    But still, the sleep issue persists, so it is a more subtle timing issue. I upgraded my MBP with a Corsair 8GB kit ( http://www.corsair.com/us/corsair-mac-memory-8gb-ddr3-sodimm-memory-kit-cmsa8gx3 m2a1333c9.html ) and it indicated it had 9-9-9-24 CAS timing. It has worked flawlessly till now. Note that my Mac is a Late 2011, whose memory runs at 1333 MHz.
    As far as I can tell, the 13" Mid 2010 models used 1067 MHz memory with 7-7-7-20 CAS timing: http://www.corsair.com/us/corsair-mac-memory-8gb-dual-channel-ddr3-sodimm-memory -kit-cmsa8gx3m2a106c7.html

  • HP pavillion Elite HPE-541F ... system will not start and monitor keeps going into sleep mode

    Good Morning:
    Having an issue with my Hp Pavilion Elite HPE-541F and Monitor HP2311x
    Yesterday, thinking I was updating Java ... clicked on it and agreed to things being allowed on computer ... started adding icons to my desktop .... then pop ups kept coming up to register etc ... I assumed that something was wrong so I attempted to restore system to previous ... since then my system will not boot up ... will say "starting windows" and I can hear the fans working but thats it ... second part of the issue is that the monitor keeps going to sleep, so even if I try to restart the computer in "safe" mode or anything else monitor goes to sleep and there's nothing on the screen so don't know if anything is doing anything .... Very sorry I'm also not very tech savy with computers ... just trying to save time and money before I have to bring system to computer repair person .... Any help would be appreciated .... Thanks so very much

    I am sorry, but to get your issue more exposure, I would suggest posting it in the commercial forums, since this is a commercial product. You can do this at
    and for the monitor:
    I hope this helps!
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  • My monitor is stuck in sleep mode!

    I have an HP LV1911 monitor and my son is home schooled and it was on for a while and went into sleep mode and now wont turn on. I've tried turning it off, unplugging it, and nothing! It keeps saying going to sleep! I need it to work ASAP CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE??!!
    PS. It's a new computer straight out the box only have had it a month!

    Hi, sorry to hear that you are having issue with your monitor.  Here is a link that will give you the user guide.  http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c02594902.pdf       If this does not resolve the issue then it could be a setting in the computer.   Here is a link to Manage Power Options.  http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&lc=en&docname=c01837578
    If you are still having issue's, please write back and I will do more research on this issue for you.
    Thanks in advance
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    W a t e r b o y 71
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  • Time Machine crashes external HD coming out of sleep mode

    I have a new iMac OS 10.7.3
    I am using a SeaGate 1.5 TB external HD for backup.
    If I leave the computer on continous everything works fine. It backs up every hour. It has been running fine for over a week.
    If I set the iMac in energy saver mode, say 10 minutes,  when the iMac comes out of sleep mode there is a warning that Time Machine failed.
    I get the following errors messages:
    "Time Machine could not complete the Backup"
    "Error while creating the Backup Folder"
    There is no way to correct it or retry. I have to run disk utility and erase the external HD, re-format, then back everything again.
    I would prefer to use the energy save feature of the iMac if I could.
    I tried the Apple Support number and they just said leave the iMac in "energy saver NEVER" so the iMac stays on continous.
    Any ideas???
    Anyone able to let their IMac go in sleep mode with Time Machine turned on???
    It seems like a possible bug with 10.7.3???

    As far as I can tell the Seagate stays up. While the iMac is in sleep mode the Seagate is still running with all lights on.
    I will try contacting Seagate.
    I am still hoping someone else has an external HD that works with Time Machine. I did a search and several other people seem to be having similar problems like me.

  • HP 2509P Monitor is locked into sleep mode. I need help. Your support forum doesn't address it.

     My monitior is going into constant / perpetual sleep mode after about 2 seconds of turning it on.  I need help.  Your owners manual, support forum, etc. does not speak to this.

    Have you tested the monitor with any other PC or any other monitor with the PC to confirm whether the issue is with the monitor or the graphics chip of the PC. Please try with a different video cable also.
    Please post your observations.
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  • 2nd Monitor Not Detected After Sleep Mode

    This setup was working perfectly fine on Windows 8 Pro before the upgrade. I upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro and now when the laptop goes into sleep mode my secondary monitor will not turn on after I wake the system up.
    The only way to get it to work again is to reboot or unplug and replug the monitor back in.
    Windows reports all drivers are up to date.
    Lenovo x220t
    Intel HD Graphics 3000

    This issue can be caused by driver or your power plan.
    Please update the display card driver from Manufacturer website.
    If the issue still persists, please change Graphic settings as Maximum performance in power options to check the results.
    If we still fail to get this fixed, please find the event log of hardware and upload here for further research.
    Keep post.
    Kate Li
    TechNet Community Support

  • Monitor will only show sleep mode and nothing else

    monitor showing only sleep mode and I have turned off and I have tryed to restart but no scrren  but sleep mode.

    Could be different things: Cable, video-socket in computer, or the monitor itself.
    do you have the option of trying another cable or another monitor?
    Perhaps go to a friend and see if they can help you.
    In order to determine what's the issue, you'll need to do these tests.
    Please let me know the result of these tests so I can determine the exact error.
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