Tax code AA related issue

Hi All,
I am facing an issue while posting a customer invoice. It is displaying an error msg " Tax code AA does not appear in any G/L account item."
Please advise what to do
Thanks in advance,

After you create the Tax Codes in FTXP ,
we must assign the 0%(A0 & V0) tax codes for non-taxable transactions -
>OBCL and
in OB40 -
>Define Tax Accounts we must assign sale tax account to the Tax Code AA and
in FS00 , select the sales account , under control data tab , give the tax category * (all tax types allowed) and select posting without tax allowed.
while doing sales invoice posting select the calculate tax check box and give AA.
This will resolve your problem

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  • Error--tax code-taxinj..issue

    hi guys
    I  raised or,lf,pgi and f2 and after that when i release to accounting. Error message appears.
    I am now working on CIN.. Even I done revenue account determination. for my sales org with account key - EXD.
    Error Message:
    Tax code  in procedure TAXINJ is invalid
    Message no. FICORE704
    The tax code entered is not defined in the country for this company code.
    System Response
    Check and, if necessary, correct the entry.
    Procedure for System Administration
    If it is not an input error, check and possibly change the system settings.
    To do this, choose Maintain entries (F5).
    1. Check whether the required tax determination procedure is assigned to the relevant country. the Procedure field is in the detail screen.
    2. Create a new tax code if required.

    Dear chandra
    Please dont post the same question again and again.  Check the response for your earlier thread
    [Releasing to Accounting Issue   |Releasing to Accounting Issue;
    Do post in case still problem is not solved.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Use of new tax code in PO of Earlier Period

    We have an issue in Purchase order related to tax code. We created a new tax code with the validity period from 01.03.2015. Now the PO's which are of earlier date means document date of PO is earlier than 01.03.2015, validity period of Tax code causing the issue. I know this error coming because of validity period of Tax code. Now my concern is how we can use this tax code for earlier PO's.

    You have maintained the condition records validity as from 01.03.2015 to 31.12.9999, then you should not expect that condition record will be valid for earlier than 01.03.2015.
    If you want to use the calculation for earlier date than 01.03.2015, then of-course either you need to change the validity of the existing condition record or you need to create a new condition record which will be valid for the PO document date.

  • Issue with document created with a tax code related to a different Company Code

    we need to clear a document created with the tax code "YY" which is associated to the Company Code Espana even if the vendor of this document belongs to the Country Portugal.
    When we try to clear this documents we get the follow error:
    Tax code YY for Country Portugal has been deleted or incorrectly changed
    The problem is the tax code exists but it is associated to Company Code Espana and not to the Portugal one
    In order to cleare this document should we activate the tax code for Portugal, as well?
    Thank You

    Hello, Are you trying to post entry having Plant in Portugal? Thanks, Deepanshu

  • Cenvat related tax code cannot be used with freight

    Error Cenvat related tax code cannot be used with freight . When i am try to save A/R Invoice i am getting this error.
    Scenario is
              Amount = 389000
              Packing Charges = 12000
              Sub Total = 401000
              BED = 64080
              CESS/Others = 1923
              Vat 2 % = 17340
             Total = 884343.

    Create packing charges in Freight
    Administration --> Setup --> General --> Freight
    and when u will create Tax code, there is one check box in right upper side (Freight),
    unable the check box so you can use the tax code in freight.
    I hope this will solve your issue.
    Kamlesh Vagal

  • How to handle "Validation failed for the field - Tax code" issue?

    We had mass uplaod the order that create on Mar with tax code effective date on Apr. Now we would like return on this order  and getting error of "Validation failed for the field - Tax code". How to handle this issue?

    You will have to check if the Tax_Code of RMA being received is the same as the one in the related sales order.
    If not you will need to use the same tax_code.
    Refer below document : Doc ID 1584338.1

  • Calculation of Tax Issue from FB60 (Tax Code Issue)

    Dear All,
    Normally when we purchase or received any services we post following entry.
    Purchase Ac Dr   1000
       To Vendor                   900
       T o Tax                         100
    But our requirement is that
    Purchase Ac Dr   1100
       To Vendor                  1000
       T o Tax                          100
    System should add cost of TAX  in purchase instead of reduction form vendor balance as we have to give 1000 RS to vendor.
    Can we create TAX code in this manner.
    This is not even possible form function available in Edit Option in FB60 (Calculate tax on Net Amount)
    Not even from TDS (Withholding tax)

    Apologized for that Atif.
    Withholding Tax Type does not control Vendor line item.
    My issue is that system should not reduce value enter in vendor  amount field.
    System usually reduce amount which is payable to vendor
    Please see my example once again. I also mention that it is not working from Withholding Tax nor form Tax code(FTXP)
    Edit option in FB60 is also not useful in this case.

  • Invoice not released to accounting: tax code issue

    Hi All,
    Iam getting an error while i released my invoice to accounting. No accounting document generated. the error is " Tax code V0 does not appear in any G/L account item Message no. FF753"
    we have various condition types in our invoices. Only  TAX condition type ZWST has tax code V0. rest of the condition types like basic price, cash dicsount, rebate condition etc do not have tax code assigned to them which is right since only tax conditions have tax code assigned to them and which is ZWST only.
    My question is why the above error comes " Tax code V0 does not appear in any G/L account item Message no. FF753" . if I double click on the error message, system shows me the following
    """"""""""""""""tax code V0 does not appear in any G/L account item
    Message no. FF753
    The document entered contains a customer or vendor item with tax code V0. This does not occur in any of the G/L account or asset items.
    If you have not entered the cash discount base manually, the system will set it to zero in this item.
    If this item was paid with cash discount deduction and the cash discount amount contains a tax portion, the tax code entered is used for the backdated tax calculation. An automatic breakdown does not take place on the basis of the offsetting items.
    Check whether the tax code was set correctly. If necessary, correct it or enter "**".
    There are, however, also situations in which it makes sense to enter a tax code manually which differs from the offsetting items, for example, during data acquisition.
    Effects on Customizing
    You can define when this system message is to be issued in accordance with your requirements.
    In Customizing, choose Cross-Application Components -> Bank Directory -> Change Message Control.
    The application area and message number can be taken from the technical documentation """""""""""""
    I do not know what system is saying.Could anybody help.

    Hi Sonu,
    Please refer SAP Note 112609.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Non Dedutable tax code issue

    Hi Gurus,
    I have one issue, User Created PO with non dedutable tax code and Did GR and while doing IR
    Invoice Account Details
    Posting        Accounting        G/L Code             Act/ mat/Ven             Amount
    1                   K                        220000               Vendor code               5050.02-
    2                   S                        230000                GR/IR Clearing Acc     4449.39
    3                   M                        110950               Material code               600.66
    Issue is tax amount is 600.66, Why it is posting Accounting Key M as this is non dedutable tax code, so as per my understanding
    System shoud post 600.66 to GR/IR clearing account, so why it is posting to M.
    Please suggest where it is went wrong?

    as in your case you are not availing the cenvat credit, instead you are loading the same on the inventory as you could not avail it.hence the system has loaded the cenvat credit on the material that why you are getting sepearte line item in the accounting doc.
    in the tax procedure you would have assign NVV accounting key against the condition type. you define the details of NVV in OBCN trx where you would have mentioned as seperate line item(2) against the posting indicator. if you have maintained (3) against the posting indicator then it would distribute the expense /revenue item.i.e nothing but your GR/IR account

  • BAPI relating to Withholding tax codes

    Hi all,
    I am currently using BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST for flow of information from SAP to J2EE.When J2EE calls this BAPI, its not taking the withholding tax data which it is ought to take.  J2EE which is interfaced with SAP doesn't have the option of entering tax codes. It needs to take withholding tax data from SAP by calling the respective BAPI. What i want to know is that " Is there any BAPI which takes the master data of customer/vendor ( which should take withholding tax information) ?" J2EE is taking all the necessary data except the withholding tax data.
    How do i resolve this issue?

    I am facing the same problem with this BAPI. /BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST/
    This BAPI checks the classical withholding tax codes in table T059Q.
    The company codes are normally set up with extended withholding tax types and codes which are in table T059Z.
    So the BAPI should check the tables according to which withholding tax (classical or extended) you have customized in R/3 to the company code.
    Hope I could help you,

  • While doing ABZON,i am getting the tax code related error

    When i am doing the transaction ABZON,i am getting the below error.kindly help me to fix this issue.
    Tax code I0 doesnot exist for jurisdiction code LA0000000
    Note:Initially i have created the tax code with the combination of 9 digits Tax jurisdiction code.after that on client request,i have deleted those 9 digits tax jurisdiction codes and created with 10 digits tax jurisdiction codes.
    Kindly help me how to fix this issue.

    Hi Supriya,
    This is in continuation to my previous reply.
    There should not be any open items using old tax codes. This error is due to the fact that there are still old open items using those tax codes.
    Tranaction SE16. Run table BSEG and find out all entries with the old tax codes which are still open.
    Try and reverse those and post the entries with new tax codes. In case the system does not allow you to reverse. You may have to recreate these old codes, reverse the entries, delete the codes, create new codes, repost these entries and run ABZON.
    Do let me know if you have any further issues

  • Tax code issue

        Creaged a tax code, but changes are nor reflecting in the target system. I have even done the export and import in the source system, but even then the tax rate and accounts are not update in the target system.
    Do we need to do anything else.

    I think so u r working on either ECC5 or ECC6.0. You cann't transport the same rates to production. Because it is depend upon the condition table.You can asign same rate to VK19 condition chnage transactioncode. select tax code
    Best Rgds
    Mani Kumar

  • Issue in MIRO for inventorized excise tax code

      I have created a PO with excise tax code, but the excise amount to be inventorized,
    PO price   : 100
    EXCISE         10
    ECESS          0.20
    SECESS        0.10
    VAT              13.79
    Total net amount   100  and tax amount  24.09
       now as the excise condition are mark as non deductible so after GR the material and GR account are posted with the amount 110.30, base price + excise tax amount which is OK.  But when I am doing the MIRO  I enter the total amount as 124.09  on the miro screen  then selected the tax code as per PO  then material it is showing with amount as 100 insted of 110.30,  because of this it is showing some balance differene , which i need to correct manually.
       Is there any option for this I want to create PO with same procedure with excise tax code which is to be post to inventory  but in MIRO i want to avoid this manual correction.

    But when I am doing the MIRO I enter the total amount as 124.09 on the miro screen then selected the tax code as per PO then material it is showing with amount as 100 insted of 110.30, because of this it is showing some balance difference , which i need to correct manually.
    why 124.09 vat also want to inventories ?
    try this click on calculate tax icon in MIRO and check it 
    Kailas Ugale

  • Tax code mapping issue

    Would like to know how tax code mapping can be set with respect to the below three cases:
    Case 1:Creating a PO release order manually based from the contract.  I have a contract with a tax code A0 ( correct one) which is the one which I need in my PO. There is no PREQ. Tax code 30 is maintained both in Vendor master and in the info record. I create a PO ( release order) based on the contract. But the tax code available in the PO is 30. What changes should I make so that the PO always picks up the tax code from the contract and not the one from vendor master or the PIR?  Any customizations or only program change?
    Case 2: Automatic PO creation from a PR with a contract link.  There is a contract with tax code A0. PREQ has been created by MRP. Source of supply( Fixed vendor) and contract/line is displayed in the PREQ. Now PO created by PO-PREQ auto conversion. Tax code available in the PO is 30 instead of A0. The PIR in the PO has the tax code 30. How do we ensure in this case that only tax code( A0) in the contract should only defaulted to PO and not the tax code 30.
    Case 3: Automatic PO creation from a PR without contract link: There is a contract with tax code A0. PREQ has been created by MRP. Source of supply( Fixed vendor) and contract/line not displayed in the PREQ. Now PO created by PO-PREQ auto conversion. Tax code available in the PO is 30 instead of A0. The PIR in the PO has the tax code 30. How do we ensure in this case that tax code( A0) in the contract should only defaulted to PO and not the tax code 30.

    The only expense available to set is Freight which is set correctly to Shipping. We are not using the Webtools interface so no way to look at the Tax. In the Sync Manager it is set to a Default of exempt. We need to pass CA for any California orders and set this in the BP record so the tax is calculated. For shipping we have tried passing the shipping type number with no luck.
    Thanks for the feedback.

  • PO tax code issue

    When i create auto PO,i get an error "enter tax code"
    I am procuring this material from warehouse and info record does exists fot the same.
    there is no tax code maintained in info record
    and when i create auto PO for outside vendor ,i m not getting this error....eventhough i have not maintained any tax code in info record.
    kinldy give inputs.
    Thanx in advance

    Hi manish,
    i want to know from where it is picking up the tax code and why i am getting error when i procure material from warehouse.
    and from where system is taking tax code in other case evenethough we have not maintained tax code in info record.

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