Thumbnail previews in OSX

Hey guys
I'm having alot of issues with thumbnail previews in Finder ever since I updated to Mavericks. Basically, any TIF-files that include layer masks won't show a preview at all in Finder. I just get the static TIF-file graphics, but no actual preview. Has anyone else encountered this issue? I have enabled to maximise compatability in Photoshop CC, and all the files are either 16 or 18 bit files.

I'm getting the exact same issue since upgrading. They seem to come and go occasionally though which doesnt make sense. These files are 8 and 16 bit. Its really starting to impact on productivity too, not good.

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  • CS5 Bridge thumbnail previews suddenly stopped working

    My Bridge very suddenly stopped displaying thumbnail previews - it only displays the default file type icon.
    I have spent a lot of time googling this and have tried the following:
    Clearing the cache
    Updating Bridge and assorted Abode Products
    Resetting Bridge to factory settings
    Nothing has made any difference. I need the thumbnail previews for Bridge to be useful to me. Any help is highly appreciated.
    I'm running CS5 on OSX Mavericks (10.9.1). Thanks!

    Every file type (DNG, JPG, CR2, etc) except for PSD, but PSD looks distorted. It's all images, old and new, including ones I could preview perfectly before whatever happened happened. Thanks for responding!
    Edit: Okay, so I did more digging and for some reason it shows TIF files, but nothing else.
    Also, I am trying to view our photo library over our network, none of these files are on my local HD.

  • How can I print with a wider left margin in Preview? (OSX 10.5)

    How can I print with a wider left margin in Preview? (OSX 10.5)
    To punch Binder Holes.
    Should be easy ... Make a Custom page with a wider left margin ... easy to set up, but it does not actually work for any printer I am connected to.
    Info so far:
    Found an older post from 2002 ... "Make a custom page"
    Mac Help has a limited, simple, incomplete answer: "Make a custom page"
    Tried three printers. One Postscript Level 3 One Level 2 and one non postscript
    Switching between page types in the drop down shows a change in the print preview, and the floating information shows the correct page size and larger left margin... but the "Custom Page Size" does not show a larger left margin, in the preview, no mater how it is set.
    There also appear to be a relation ship between the radio Buttons for scale and the margin settings.
    Test prints have simply cut off the left side of the document, and scaled the document from the right side in and the top down.
    Printing a PDF from Preview
    MacBook Pro
    OSX 10.5.6

    Thanks ... tried the Paper Handling, but no lock.
    Based on the fact that any scaling, "moves" the image down and to the left on the paper ...
    Th only "work around" solution is to ...
    Rotate the PDF page 180, then scale slightly (90% or so ...)
    This pushes the upside down page, down and to the left.
    While this is the opposite of what is desired, the print is then correct when
    it is punched and placed into a three ring binder.
    Assumption is the application that creates the documnt, needs to have the paper margins set. The reality is, an application like Preview, that does not "create anything", needs to handle existing documents PDF, JPEG and print to Custom Page configurations.
    ie: In Preview, Custom Page does not work correctly,
    Thanks allfor the comments and help ...

  • Adobe thumbnail preview does not work in adobe acrobat 8.0

    Hi ,
    I have user login using his profile and suddenly his not able to view thumbnail preview of PDF file using navigation panel but the thumbnail preview
    work in administrator profile.
    Si, I guess some settings blocking in user profile to view thumbnail preview.
    I have checked the settings that I know but it still does not work.
    Please advise.
    It is adobe acrobat 8.0 professional using win XP SP3

    Thanks for answering my queries.
    Could you please let get me the following details as well:
    1. The version of Adobe Reader installed on your system.
    2. The default PDF viewing application on your system. You can find the same by double clicking on a PDF on your system and see which application is used to render the PDF.
    3. The value of the following registries:

  • Acrobat Pro 9 - Disable thumbnail preview in PDF file icons on Desktop

    After upgrading to Acrobat Pro 9, the file icons of PDF files on my Windows 7  desktop changed to showing a thumbnail preview. I want to get the standard PDF file icon back for all PDF files. Can someone please tell me how?

    Did you ever find an answer for this??? I had the same issue and was searching for an answer. I saw this and since I fixed mine I thought I would tell you what I did. Also, in case someone else finds this and needs an answer.
    Opened Windows Explorer -> Tools -> Folder Options
    Go to the View tab
    Check "Always show icons, never thumbnails"
    Hit Apply
    All your PDF files on your desktop should now show with the generic PDF icon.
    Reverse this to get the preview icon "thumbnails".

  • Display thumbnail preview for images in a Document Set

    I have a Document Set with Images in it.  I would like to show a thumbnail preview of the images in the view of the files in the document library.  I added the Thumbnail Preview column but it just shows a large File Icon.

    According to your description, my understanding is that you want to display the picture of the images in the document set.
    I recommend to create a hyperlink type column and format URL as picture to show the images in documents set.
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  • Is there a plugin to view .sgi file formats in preview on OSX 10.6?

    As the subject line indicates, is there a plugin (free or non-free) that will allow me to preview .sgi file formats in Preview on OSX 10.6. The functionality previously existed  by default but with Snow Leopard, it appears it was removed.
    Thanks for any replies. 

    The problem with Finder plugins like this, is that if Apple changes the operating system, the implementation may have to change, and many developers have lagged behind trying to hack the operating system. is one that has done many hacks that have varying levels of compatibility depending on the operating system.  I say if it isn't known to be compatible, don't upgrade until it is, if the function is important to you.

  • Thumbnail Preview for RAW Files Not Appearing in Bridge

    I'm running Adobe Bridge 5.1 on a Mac OS 10.9.2 (recently upgraded to Maverick) and I can no longer see thumbnail previews for my RAW files (which include .NEF, .CR2 and .RAF) though as of a few days ago this wasn't a problem. Not sure if it's related to the Maverick upgrade... but FYI, I do see thumbnail previews for .TIFF and .JPEG files.
    I've already purged my cache generally and have also as a test chosen a local file to purge - that didn't work.
    I've restarted Bridge at least 2x by pressing and holding the Option key.
    I've also checked for Bridge updates - everything is up to date.
    My Cache Options (within Preferences) are set to "Keep 100% Previews in Cache" and "Automatically Export Cache to Folders When Possible" - both checked.
    Also downloaded the Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter 8.3, installed it but that didn't work.
    I can't seem to find my Bridge cache folder or at least what's in the Library's "Caches" folder doesn't include anything for Bridge - see screenshot below.
    Please help! Thank you in advance.

    To me it seems related to your Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) converter. Clue inhere is you only miss the Raw files and have no problems in seeing other formats like jpeg and tiff.
    The screenshot you delivered is from the wrong library, however, this same library (the one on system level) also is the location where you should be able to view the correct version of your ACR plugin. The path: library (same as per your screenshot)/Application support/ Adobe/ Plug ins/ CS6/ File Formats. inhere should be only one version of Camera Raw (called: "Camera Raw.plugin") and this should show version 8.3 (141).
    I'm not sure about your bridge version number, Bridge 5 comes with PSCS6 but my most recent version of Bridge is
    Anyway, if you have only one ACR (8.3) installed in the above mentioned path then you might want to try to delete the Bridge plist file and Bridge cache file manually.
    For this you have to Quit Bridge and find the user library (by default hidden, use menu Go in Finder and press option key to reveal).
    Inhere find the plist file (user(your user name) / library / Preferences  and inhere find and manually delete the file called: "com.adobe.bridge5.plist"
    The in same user library find Bridge Cache. User/Library/Caches/Adobe/Bridge CS6. Inhere are 2 files, the adobe Bridge plug in cache and the folder called Cache. delete (or move outside libray) both items.
    The restart Bridge (If needed also again hold option key to reset preferences) and this will create fresh files for the previous deleted items, leaving you with an almost out of the box factory set version of Bridge.

  • (SOLVED) Taskbar thumbnail preview disappears quickly

    I have windows 7 RC on my laptop, Dell 1501.
    When I start one or more programs from the taskbar and hover my mouse pointer on them I can see thumbnail previews.
    The problem is that thumbnail previews disappear too quickly even though my mouse pointer is still on the opened program in taskbar.
    I have to move my mouse so I can get another quick preview.
    I notice that if I click on an empty space on the taskbar with the left mouse button, and then point to an opened program the thumbnail preview stays for as long as my mouse pointer is on the program.
    Does anybody have that problem?
    I notice something else,
    if I open regedit or computer management and one of them is active, all other opened programs on the taskbar have long thumbnail preview.
    But if for example windows explorer is the active window on taskbar, thumbnail previews stay for a short time.
    SOLUTION: dell 1501 specific and may be bios version
    1. shut down the laptop
    2. remove the power supply and the battery
    3. press and hold the power button (I pressed it 2-3 times and kept it pressed for about 1 second) --- obviously the laptop will not start.
    4. plug in the battery and the power supply, start the laptop and check if the problem is gone.

    teeqeela: "I can't believe it! Same dell, same problem, same solution. Thanks man!"
    If that was for me, my pleasure.
    Noel Carboni: "I'd be curious to know whether you've found the reason it was happening"
    I'm curious about the reason, but not prepared to spend the time to find it; I don't think we'd learn enough from it to justify the time. Back pre-Windows pre-Internet I spent weeks painfully debugging. It's
    hugely more complicated now, the Internet finds most things quickly anyway, and the tedious tracing doesn't bring many useful insights. I can't give answers, I'll just repeat the facts - any proposed answer must address them. Some details in the numbered points
    I made a few messages back. The problem first manifested (for me, and I believe for others) some months after installing Win7 on Inspiron 1501 (specifically that machine). It's cleared by removing all power, and by a couple of software tricks (disable gadgets,
    registry hack). Once cleared by power removal, it stays clear for weeks (not months) then recurs (don't yet know how permanent other fixes will turn out to be). One thinks of things such as some bit in system memory that gets set somehow, and never reset until
    power is removed (it might be a memory location always alive and watching for a wake-on-lan or other wakeup event), which Win8 expects to find reset. But why the month's delay? Win7 (32- and 64-bit) works fine on Inspiron 1501, but is not officially supported,
    and some non-Dell drivers must be used; they work fine. I could go on till the cows come home, but I've got myself a usable machine, and told others about it, so that's it.

  • Zoom the images in asset library thumbnail preview column in display form

    I have a requirement is:
    i have an asset library with 1000 of images and on search of it in the results page, we customized to display the thumbnail preview of that image with title link which links to display form. in the search results on click of thumbnail image it will zoomin.
    we need to have the same functionality on display form also. how to achieve it?

    How are you doing this?
    If you delete in iPhoto and empty the iPhoto trash then all versions of the photo are gone
    If you use the finder to delete photos then you trash your iPhoto library and will ahve to start over
    As to faces - that is not an option so all iPhoto users have face thumbnails
    And it is very strongly recommended that you simply stay out of the iPhoto library - there are NO user servicable [parts in it and going into it endangers your photos and other data

  • Thumbnails & Preview filenames do not match Master filename

    Hi - can't find any threads regarding this...
    Basic problem is that Aperture is not renaming the Preview & Thumbnail filenames when it renames images on import - anyone else experiencing this problem?
    I have a managed Aperture Library (2.1.3). I rename my image files on import using the Import dialogue set to Custom Name & Counter and Apply to Master filename checked. However the Preview file, the Thumbnail file and the Finder folder holding the images do not get renamed.
    Since the Media Browser uses the Preview files rather than the Master files when importing images into other apps (eg. Pages or uploading to a blog) the files used all have the wrong names.
    For Instance:
    I have a canon image file named IMG1234.JPG.
    I import this file to Aperture and use the import dialogue to rename to Custom Name SUNSETNEVADA.JPG (with apply to Master Filename checked).
    In Aperture what I see in my project is SUNSETNEVADA.JPG as the Version Name and the Master filename - as expected.
    However the Thumbnail & Preview files are still called IMG1234.JPG - you can't see this directly from within Aperture you need to open Finder and drill down thru the Library package where you find that your Master file is called SUNSETNEVADA.JPG but it lives in a folder called IMG1234.JPG with a Thumbnail file called IMG1234.JPG and a Preview file called IMG1234.JPG.
    I then open Pages and open the Media Browser.
    I select Photos, and then my Aperture library, find my project and select SUNSETNEVADA.JPG.
    The file that gets imported into Pages is the preview file called IMG1234.JPG.
    The same happens in any situation where I use the Media Browser to browse the Apertuer library and import images, because the Media Browser always uses the Preview file.
    The only work around I have is to export images directly from Aperture and then browse the Finder to import them to other apps - avoiding the Media Browser and Preview files altogether.
    I have notified Apple Pro Support who claimed to be unaware of this error.
    If you have seen the same problem please notify Apple Support.
    Any thoughts or solutions welcome. Thanks

    I am seeing the same thing, as I have lost all my masters and can only get my pics by copying preview files, which all have the old names.

  • Upgrade to 2013 leaves "Images" library without Thumbnail Preview working

    The issue I am seeing is occurring after an update from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. The library is a publishing library created in 2010. These features are enabled in 2013. Looking at the "Thumbnail Preview" column in any view shows the
    generic sheet of paper icon. Viewing the images in the "Thumbnail" view shows the thumbnails correctly. The images for the list in question are all .gif. As far as I know those are the only ones failing, but we could have missed some other filetypes. 
    I've tried moving a document to a newly created Images library and the preview shows as expected. So I believe I've pretty easily demonstrated that the actual image is not a problem and that SharePoint 2013 can render it. However, it's not a workable solution
    to move these files.
    If I open the library with Fiddler, I get a 404 error for 256_icgif.gif. From there it's been sort of a dead end as I wouldn't know where to test and see if that's part of the issue.
    This is our dev environment before upgrading to 2013 so we're looking for a fix we can perform during or before the upgrade.

    Hi Christopher,
    Casting my mind back to the Beta, I hit something similar during a test upgrade and if I remember rightly it was to do with the content type mappings that came across. There are two content types Picture and Image which behave differently, so try swapping
    the available content types in the library and changing that.
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  • How do I change the thumbnail preview picture

    How do I change the thumbnail preview picture?  I've got a 3d model and I want a particular view to be the thumbnail picture as well as the default view.  I believe I've done that before but cannot figure out how I did it.

    I'm working with pages that are comprised only one picture of a 3d object (a table).  I really believe I was able to change the thumbnail to a particular point of view but can't remember how I did it.  It's been so long that I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure I was able to.

  • Thumbnail Previews in Mac InDesign CS5

    In Mac InDesign CS5, the thumbnail previews are no longer saved as a PICT resource.  The previews seem to be embedded within the InDesign document.
    I have an XCode Cocoa application that can preview CS2 - CS4 documents by importing the PICT resource as an NSPICTImageRep.  Is there any way to extract the preview from a CS5 document programatically?
    Thank you!

    ..  no longer saved as a PICT resource ..
    Were they ever? InDesign documents are platform-independent, and Windows wouldn't want to use PICT resources. I don't think ID documents have ever had native thumbnails -- perhaps you had a Finder utility that did it for you.
    In any case: in CS5, and, to a lesser extent, also in previous versions, JPEG previews are saved at the end of each document in an XML format. If you search the Scripting forum for "XML preview" (or something similar), you might find scripts that can extract them for you.

  • Movie thumbnail previews in Coverflow and Grid view...not there

    I'm using Snow Leopard and have both QT-X and QT 7 Pro on my MacBook Pro.
    In Finder, I have a folder containing several movie types including mpeg, avi, mov, qt, m4v, mp4, flv and wmv
    I've noticed that I don't see thumbnail previews for any of these movies and wondered if anybody else can see their thumbnails, either in Grid View or Coverflow
    In 3-column view, the thumbail appears once the file is highlighted.
    In iTunes, the thumbnail also appears (for those that can be added to the Library)
    I also have the latest Perian and Flip4Mac apps installed.
    I've tried re-launching Finder after deleting the file

    I also tried this (deleting the Quicklook cache) and no luck, still the same issue.
    I did a clean installation and this works
    However, I did again the installation and imported my USER profile in FULL via the assistant when you first configured Snow Leopard (using an FULL BACKUP copy and/or Time Machine Backup) and then problem reappears
    I have reinstalled DivX, Desinstalled RealPlayer deinstalled Perian and still the same issue. I cannot see the Thumbnails or the Cover Flow of the video/movie file such MPG, MPG, AVI, WMV but it works for MP4 I have for my IPod
    I finally gave up and left this last installation and I did not have the energy to migrate my data, emails, settngs, etc manually.
    By the way, the upgrade from Leopard 10.5.8 towards Snow Leopard 10.6 was smooth but the performance was awful specially after installing 10.6.1. With the upgrade I had the same issue with my USER account or with any, NO THUMBSNAILs for most of my videos enough though they are played correctly in Quicktime and Quicklook....
    Any help????

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