Touchpad locked in Gnome [Solved]

I really don't know what's going on with my touchpad in Gnome. I use Gnome, so when I'm in GDM the touchpad works ok but when I login in Gnome it locks with no apparent reason. If I plug a usb mouse it works again so I know the one it is not working is the touchpad. My laptop is a HP Pavilion dv2000. In KDE the touchpad works fine.
If I try to open System-->Preferences-->Touchpad it can't be opened either.
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I had the same issue and managed to track it down to gsynaptics... which I deinstalled and now it works right.
I didn't continue searching for the error, as I didn't really know I had gsynaptics installed or what it is good for. I expect is a gnome interface for the synaptics options.
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    The touchpad on my satellite has locked itself. the locked symbol has lit up on the touchpad and I cannot unlock it, the fn-f5 shortcut does not work, the fn button seems to work with all other shortcuts.
    the touchpad works fine when the laptop is booting up but when the boot sequence has finished the touchpad locks out.

    Satellite P845t-101 (PSPJ5E-00C00JEN)
    the fn-f5 shortcut does not work
    There's a setting which changes that to work with just F5.
    You can also disable/enable the touch pad by double-tapping the indicator light. This is on p. 2-9 of the User's Manual (attached)
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    Hello guys
    My major problem with gnome 3 is that I'm unable to lock my screen.
    I tried every possible alternative such as locking after suspend via pm-suspend, the gnome-menu or closing the lid.
    Even lock screen via the gnome-menu doesn't work.
    Furthermore I changed my dconf and gconf multiple times ( especially the lock-use-screensaver setting) and tried every solution posted in the web. But nothing solved my problem.
    I also tested using GDM in stead of SLIM ( which I prefer ) but this solved my problem neither.
    My laptop is an Acer Aspire 3820TG Timeline X running the newest kernel ( 3.0 ) and Gnome 3.0.2.
    If you need more information don't hesitate to ask!

    I'm not sure what is "ridiculous".
    When on a call using the iPhone's earpiece - holding the iPhone up to your ear and face during a call, the iPhone includes a proximity sensor to automatically turn the screen off or lock the screen when doing so - there is no need to press the sleep/wake button while holding the iPhone up to your ear and face during a call. When pulling the iPhone away from your ear and face during a call to look at the screen and to use the iPhone for something else during the call or to hang up the call, etc., the screen turns back on. This is done automatically.

  • HP Touchpad Locked

    No device
    I powered down my touchpad and then tried to fire it back up.  When I turned it back on the logo for connection to a USB came up.  I can not get it to come up again. As a matter of fact it is locked with this logo present.  I have tried connecting to my laptop using the USB port but I am still getting nothing.  Can anyone help with this?
    《Broken links removed by Moderator》

    Try rebooting the device by holding both the power switch and the center button together for around 15 seconds.
    Booting into the USB symbol is done by powering down the device, then holding up volume switch and inserting the USB cable from your PC. When the USB symbol appears, let go of the volume switch.
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    I'm with the following problem when I enable wifi some keys of keyboard and the buttons of the touchpad is locking.
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    >>please try doing uninstall and reinstalling the keybaord drivers form device manager
    >>and also try doing updates from HP support assaistance
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  • TouchPad lock key does not work anymore on Dell XPS L401X

    Hi everyone,
    On my Dell XPS L401X laptop, there is a key to lock/unlock the touchpad. It used to work fine on Windows and on new fresh install ArchLinux, but now it does not work anymore. If I remember correctly, I did not change, configure any shortcut so far.
    Any hint to fix this problem?
    Many thanks!

    Try mapping the button as shown here: … are_Toggle
    I'm sorry i can't help more.

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    A session inserts a line in a table and it does not make commit.
    Another session makes another insert in the same table, with the same value for primary key and, because of the Lock, it is waiting for one commit or rollback of the first session, and only after this it's get a error message.
    Exists some way to make with that the error message is shown immediately, without waiting for commit or rollback of the other session (first session)?
    But I need to continue with READ COMMITTED (statement) isolation level, because the SERIALIZABLE (transaction) would generate many locks.
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    Using a sequence for a PK will not solve your problem since I believe that you would still need a unique index (perhaps unique constraint) on the business value to prevent duplicates. Using a sequenced generated value for the PK would just move the problem to this second index unless the current PK is just a sequential number in which case why can't the value have gaps?
    I know a system that uses a sequence generated value for its invoice numbers assigned at shipping time. There are gaps. When the auditors questioned it (after 8 years of being this way) it was pointed out that a sequential set of invoice numbers does not prove that an invoice that should have been generated was not skipped or that the invoices themselver are complete. The real audit trail is the report that show for every item on a sales order every item was shipped and invoiced. The cross reference report is the validation. The invoice numbers are meaningless. Sequential numbers are a false sense of security.
    Possible alternates are to use a sequence as the PK (or a UK) and to update a second key column sequentially via batch (update table in sequence value order assigning sequential value via function which adds one to previous value on each use) Since only one process will perform the assignment there will be no gaps.
    HTH -- Mark D Powell --

  • Touchpad lock failure

    Hi there. I'm using a probook 4520s with windows 7 professional 32bit. The touchpad is giving me problems in that it won't lock. This happened unexpectedly after windows declared it had "updated a driver." I tried to uninstall synaptics touchpad under the programs and features thing, and it gave me this error:
    An error occured while attempting to uninstall.
    The Synaptics Pointing Device driver will not be uninstalled.(9)
    I tried to uninstall the driver in Driver management, and this was successful. However, windows replaced the driver with "Unknown device" and since then it makes no difference uninstalling it, it just lingers there (or gets instantly replaced, i'm not sure. 
    I've attempted to update it (successful, but no change) and i downloaded an old version of the driver that somehow it accepted rolling back to. There is no change, 
    The software still persists. I have changed UAC as well, scanned for viruses, screamed at a wall
    Does anyone have any ideas?

    by "lock" im referring to setting it so that it doesn't register being touched. It's not quite disabling it as in through software... there's this LED in the corner of the touchpad which, when tapped twice, turns on, and the pad "locks" ie: it no longer registers being touched until the led is tapped twice again.
    Some further information: with the touch pad, there's two separate things: One is the software, which is registered in the programs and features section, and the other is the driver, in the driver management. 
    What happened was, It refused to delete the software. so I deleted the driver, and tried to delete the software then. It didn't work, the "software" still lingered in the programs and features menu, but the driver was replaced automatically by windows as an "unknown device," and the same problem still stood.
    So, some progress (or not): I entered windows safe mode, and attempted to delete the software. it WORKED. I also deleted the driver. it WORKED 
    BUT NOW:  when trying to reinstall either, i get the error "incorrect parameter" for any driver version i attempt to install
    Needless to say, the pad simply does not work now. it's completely disabled.
    any thoughts? much appreciated

  • No sound in Gnome [SOLVED]

    Need help with sound. I setup Gnome and when I want check sound it says:
    audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Internal GStreamer error: state change failed.
    Please file a bug at
    Maybe something needs to be put in rc.conf?
    What I must to do for the fixing this? Any advices would be apreciated
    pacman -S alsa-plugins (additionally to alsa-utils alsa-oss)
    afterwards: alsaconf
    and sound appeared!
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    Just tryed playing a wav with aplay and it didn't give me any errors, but I didn't hear anything if that helps anymore. Running a amixer set MASTER 70% unmute also gives me the unable to find simple control 'MASTER',0 error too, though I can change the volume fine with alsamixer so I'm not sure why that is. The correct module is loaded (snd-hda-intel). Otherwise I'm at a complete loss.
    edit: amixer set MASTER 70% gives me the same error on an ubuntu livecd where sound does work so that seems normal. I don't know what changed, but I can now open the volume control so the gstreamer error goes away, however I still can't get any sound, be it with aplay or something else. I'm starting to think the solution may be to pass on arch and move to something better.
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  • Touchpad settings in Gnome

    I would like to have my touchpad settings set so that when I make a three-finger drag it's the same as pressing the Super-button (to open the activities overview). Have looked in the settings for Mouse & Touchpad, but no such setting seems to be available. So I don't know where to go from here. Or if it is even possible. I have the 'xf86-input-synaptics' driver installed. When I run
    xinput list-props "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad" | grep Capabilities
    it says
    Synaptics Capabilities (298): 1, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1
    which evidently means that three-finger detection should be supported, but I can't seem to find any info about how to set it up..
    Please help!

    ooo wrote:
    Dowefu wrote:As it turned out, it's needed to install the xf86-input-libinput package. This returned the touchpad setting back to the GNOME configuration tool
    This worked for me as well.
    Interestingly, having it installed or not makes no difference here, i.e. the button to re-enable the touchpad disappears. I'd say this is a GUI bug.
    Bugs are filed for the button disappear easter-egg:
    and a crash with using hotkeys:

  • My un-dead dvd writer: "/dev/sr0 is locked via O_EXCL" [SOLVED]

    i tried burning an image and the progress bar got stuck at 16%.  i then closed the program using the gui but it hung.  i then issued a "killall xfburn" which completed.  however the drive is still spinning away and becoming quite warm. i have a new and confusing message:
    [[email protected] ~]$ ps aux|grep sr0
    root 2247 0.0 0.0 17780 1220 ? S Aug25 0:02 hald-addon-storage: no polling because /dev/sr0 is locked via O_EXCL
    au 20456 0.0 0.0 7772 940 pts/1 R+ 22:26 0:00 grep sr0
    what on earth does this mean?
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    thats possible, but ill never know since it ended up getting so bad that when i rebooted, i couldnt even login anymore (the passwords for all users were completely inaccessible).  no choice but to wipe everything.  the strangest thing was that i had some music files stored on an lvm volume, which was recognized by the live cd that i used to reinstall arch on A COMPLETELY NEW DISK, however when i experimented with mounting this old volume on the root partition of the new disk, /arch/setup crashed (the only warning that i had was executing vi on /etc/rc.conf during configuration and getting an empty file).  the location of /etc/rc.conf was given as /mnt/etc/rc,conf so apparently even chrooting failed in /arch/setup. 
    the following statements are commonly appreciated by morons:
    "it takes a village"
    "cancer will be solved"
    "no new taxes"
    one of these statements is true, heheh <winces in pain>
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  • [gnome SOLVED] menu not refreshing

    Hello everyone, seems I am experiencing a problem with my gnome menu, when I add or remove a new entry I have to manually pkill the gnome-panel process for the new entries (or the removed to be actually removed) from it.
    Anyone else experiencing the same?
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    Ok solved it, after rebooting I am not experiencing the problem.

  • Probook 4530s Touchpad locked in "OFF"

    my hp Probook 4530s touchpad somehow gets locked to the "off" position and then i cannot get it to turn on?
    Are there any other ways to activate other than double-tapping the upper left corner fo the touchpad?

    Hey gmarrano,
    I see that you're having a issue with your touchpad.
    Please follow this document showing multiple ways how to disable the touchpad.

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    As the title says, is anyone using testing seeing compiler lock-ups? I've been seeing them for about two or three days. Sometimes the system will hang for a few seconds at "Starting make" with 100% CPU usage, then will continue normally. Other times it will stop in the middle of compiling and CPU usage will drop to 0. Also, I've been seeing small hang ups with patches. Maybe four or five seconds when simple patches are being applied. Bringing MAKEFLAGS down to the default 2 from 3 seems to help a tiny bit.

    fakeroot would put it in the right time frame. I linked to your bug report Anarconda as it seems like the same problem. As always if anyone has anything to add, please do:

  • Hp DV6 TouchPad Lock Button Not Working Please Help.?

    I just bought my hp dv6 6c4se entertainment notebook. but the touchpad on and off button is not working.please help.yes there is a little white sqaure in the left up corner of the touchpad.but it doesnt work.please help somebody

    Try a Hard Reset to gently "kick" that TouchPad back into operation.
    HP Notebook PCs - Use a Forced Reset to Resolve Hardware and Software Issues on Notebook with a Seal...
    Removable Battery:
    HP Notebook PCs - Use Hard Reset to Resolve Hardware and Software Issues
    Kind Regards,

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