Tracking iPhone without internet connection..

Is it actually possible to track iPhone without internet connection? I mean, the iPhone which I am tracking has no internet connection... (Example, has been lost in a foreign country and  the roaming data is not ON) Anyone has an idea how to do the tracking?

Short answer: no, it's not possible. Longer answer: The cellular carriers could potentially track the phone if it's on. However, they'd most likely only give that information to law enforcement with a proper subpoena.

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  • How can I transfer all of my music library from my iTunes library on my PC to my iPhone without Internet connection will filesharing for home sharing allow me to access my iTunes library from my iPhone if I do not have Internet access on my PC

    How can I transfer music from my home PC in my iTunes library to my iPhone for without Internet access will home sharing allow me to access my iTunes library from my iPhone 4 without Internet

    Why don't you just sync it to your phone?

  • Restore iPhone without internet connection

    I have an iPhone 5s for a while now. I changed my passcode and rebooted my iPhone. After the reboot, I realized I forgot the passcode. I tried to unlock it with my fingerprint but it wouldn't allow me to due to it being right after restart. I tried to restore it, yet it didn't allow me due to find my iPhone being on. I went on iCloud to turn off find my iPhone but my iPhone has no internet connection as simcard is locked and even though wifi is on, it doesn't connect. How should I get out of this?
    Thank you.

    You need to put the phone into recovery mode and restore it using a computer with iTunes that has an Internet connection.

  • May I know other application that can still locate my iPhone without internet connection

    Someone stolen my Iphone5 in the office. I tried to locate the location of my iphone with my MAC AIR using icloud but I cant locate my gadget because Its already block and dot have internet connection. Now, just wanted to know if there are some application that can still locate with an internet connection?

    Unfortunately the iPhone needs to be connected to the internet to get located.
    Technically, it is possible to locate it if the phone based on it´s IMEI number when it is switched on. But only your carrier on request of the police will be able to do it. Being realistic, I doubt that they will do the effort
    Maybe by chance the thief connects to the net....that´s the only way.
    Sorry, I fear that´s bad luck!

  • Accessing Music without internet connection?

    Will I be able to access my music without internet connection if all my music on my iPhone is coming from iCloud?

    Do you know how to do that? 
    Also, I just purchased the additional 10GB (so now I have 15GB) for the iClound on my Phone.  What exactly is that doing for me?  I understand it must be usefull because I no longer am getting the pop up message telling me I am running out of space. 
    Thank you!

  • If I download Mountain Lion on my MBP , can I use the same installer file on a different computer and continue the installation without Internet connectivity?

    Hi Folks,
    I have just downloaded Mountain lion on my  Macbook Pro(haven't installed it yet) . My question is, can I copy the same downloaded Mountain Lion from the Applications on to an external hard drive and use the same on a different computer? I am having problems with internet connectivity right now, it would be amazing if it can be installed on the iMac without internet connection.
    So is that doable?
    Thanks in advance

    And the 2nd installation would not require internet connectivity? Except , of course during the set up and the configuration of iCloud and location based services, which I can skip at the time

  • I am unable to open my html files saved from mozilla firefox without internet connection...........each time it shows the error message as follows:-

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    Firefox can't find the file at jar:file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/Mozilla Firefox/omni.ja!/chrome/browser/content/browser/undefinedgoogleads.g.doubleclick.netpagead/ads?client=ca-pub-7133395778201029&format=468x60_as&output=html&h=60&w=468&lmt=1346242109&ad_type=image&flash=11.3.300&url=file:///F:/UJJWAL/C%20TUTORIAL/c_arrays.htm&dt=1346323041583&bpp=19&shv=r20120815&jsv=r20110914&correlator=1346323042092&frm=20&adk=4203423324&ga_vid=377128990.1346323043&ga_sid=1346323043&ga_hid=232002736&ga_fc=0&u_tz=330&u_his=1&u_java=0&u_h=768&u_w=1366&u_ah=728&u_aw=1366&u_cd=24&u_nplug=11&u_nmime=30&dff=helvetica&dfs=12&adx=457&ady=211&biw=1349&bih=664&oid=3&fu=0&ifi=1&dtd=952&xpc=R193iApDeg&p=file://.
    Check the file name for capitalization or other typing errors.
    Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted.
    can anyone fix my problem please?

    What extensions do you have installed? To get a full list, do the following:
    In order to be able to find the correct solution to your problem, we require some more non-personal information from you. Please do the following:
    *Click the Firefox button at the top left, then click the ''Help'' menu and select ''Troubleshooting information'' from the submenu. If you don't have a Firefox button, click the Help menu at the top and select ''Troubleshooting information'' from the menu.
    Now, a new tab containing your troubleshooting information should open.
    *At the top of the page, you should see a button that says "Copy all to clipboard''. Click it.
    *Now, go back to your forum post and click inside the reply box. Press Ctrl+V to paste all the information you copied into the forum post.
    If you need further information about the Troubleshooting information page, please read the article [[Using the Troubleshooting Information page]].
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Connect time capsule via ethernet to Mac for back-up only. Is it possible without internet connection ?

    Connect time capsule via ethernet to Mac for back-up only. Is it possible without internet connection ?

    Hi Bob,
    I'm not certain the post I sent was posted correctly, as I added it as a reply to a 3-year old thread. Since this is a recently-active thread, though not specific to the issue at hand, I thought I'd post again:
    Three years ago you helped me set up a roaming wireless network in my home. It's been rock-steady and I'm forever grateful to you for the time and guidance you gave me. I'd now like to swap out my AirPort Extreme base station for a time capsule. As I understand it, I should be able to unplug the base station and replace it with the TC without problem, so long as I use all the same settings on my TC... network name, security protocol, password, etc. Given the complexity of my network, I thought I should check with you first for any advice you might have. I don't want to set up a new network or make any changes to the existing one-- with the exception of using the TC in place of the AE. I'm already using Time Machine for backups. As a refresher, my current setup has the AE as base station and 3 expresses hard-wired with Ethernet connections elsewhere in my home. I have a 4th express set up wirelessly to use with my stereo system at the front of the house. All AXs are 'n's and are set up, as per your instructions, in Bridge mode to extend the existing network. I'm running the most updated version of Mavericks on my MBPro. Any suggestions you might have will be, as always, very much appreciated! Sincerely, Phyllis Sommers

  • Laptop to internet ok. Iphone to internet "connection to server failed"

    Laptop to internet ok. Iphone to internet "connection to internet failed" can someone help me fix this?

    I think bluetooth should be upgraded to allow to use
    iPhone to connect to the Internet with any laptop
    (i.e. Powerbooks or MacBooks), this is the only
    feature I am really missing with the iPhone! Do you
    think will be any software upgrade or third party
    software allowing to do that? Thanks for sharing.
    Wireless access from the iPhone is $20 a month. AT&T's unlimited access for laptops is $80 a month, and for other devices (PDAs, Blackberry, etc; the TOS forbids you to use the PDA as a wireless modem for a laptop) is $50 a month. Thus, if the iPhone COULD be used as a modem it would undercut all of the other wireless data services.
    Anyway, you wouldn't really want wireless laptop access over EDGE; believe me, I've tried it. If you really need wireless access get a 3G aircard with a separate data plan. It's really worth the price to have DSL speeds over the cellular network.
    Lenovo T-60   Windows XP Pro   Intel iMac, Dell Ubuntu Linux

  • Labwiew 8 won't start without internet connection

    I have Labview 8.0 installed on a NI PXI-1050 chasis with Windows XP and Service Pack 2 installed.  The problem is that Labview will not load up (it locks up at finishing initialization) if I do not have the chasis connected to the internet via ethernet connection.  When I connect to the internet and reboot the computer, Labview is able to start fine.  The chasis is installed in a mobile vechicle and cannot always be connected to the internet.  I've read that Labview 8 needs to connect to the internet to make sure the copy it is running is legitimate?  Is this copy protection messing me up?  Is there a way to run Labview 8 without internet connection?

    biqbal wrote:
    I've read that Labview 8 needs to connect to the internet to make sure the copy it is running is legitimate? 
    Where did you read this? There's an initial activation that you do when you first install LabVIEW. but there's no "phone home" each time you launch LabVIEW. I can start up LabVIEW without an internet connection.
    More than likely what's causing it are services that run and/or MAX. Software firewalls installed on a computer can block this communication even it's happening on a loopback, but you said that the problem goes away once you connect to the internet, so it's likely not a firewall issue. Is the PXI chassis normally connected directly to the internet through a modem, or is it connected to a router (when it's connected)? Are you using a static IP address on your PXI chassis?

  • Failing to install Domain Services on a Windows 2012R2 without internet connection

    i have a windows 2012r2 server without internet connection.
    when i try to add the Domain Services role it failed in the Feature installation phase
    i even tried to provide an alternate location from a ISO source but that didn't help either 
    im lost here what should i do?
    i attached the fail screenshot

    What error is shown in Event Viewer when the install fails?
    Is it the first 2012 R2 DC in a lower level domain?
    Try installing ADDS via PowerShell:
    Import-Module ServerManager
    Install-windowsfeature -name AD-Domain-Services –IncludeManagementTools
    The other thing that it could be is an issue with the WID (Windows Internal Database)
    Check in the Event Viewer for anything to do with Service: MSSQL$MICROSOFT##WID and perhaps try this:
    Adjust your domain (or domain controller if appropriate) security policy to allow “NT SERVICE\MSSQL$MICROSOFT##WID” to log on as a service, a GPO setting that can be found under Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings
    > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment.
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    Michael Coutanche
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  • Installing Arch on PC without Internet Connection/Slow Connection

    Arch Linux requires a fairly good internet connection to set up. How can one install it on machines which don't have any internet connectivity? Is there any way to make a DVD of Arch on a computer connected to internet and having Arch setup(DE,Media Players,Codecs etc) which can then be used on machines without internet connections This would come useful for me to install at my friends place. Does anyone even has a remote solution on this? … f_Packages … ory_HOW-TO
    and, of course:
    You could also install on a computer with a connection, then use something like Clonezilla to deploy it.

  • Create local wifi network on OS X without internet connection

    is there anyway to create a local wifi network without internet connection to play multiplayer games like call of duty on macbook pro ?

    Is it safe to assume that you are connecting your MBP to a wireless router already?
    If you are then all the other LAN machines should also connect to that same router even if internet access is turned off.
    LAN parties are fun and they require the computers to have certain port setups for certain games.
    It is possible, though I don't play COD (I'm a Battlefield man) and I can't help with the details of COD.
    When my son has his friends over we  use a wired hub setup and we  make the laptop guys use the wired connection - it's  more stable. I admit that we always use the internet. The last LAN party we had without the internet was a Battlefield 1942 setup with one computer hosting the local server (and that was years ago.)

  • How can i use Siri without Internet connectivity?

    Siri doesn't work without Internet.
    I was in a situation yesterday, when i was driving and have to call my Dad.
    Due to the bad weather, data services were down and when i used Siri to call my Dad's number, its just said "Siri not available, please connect to Internet"
    I can understand, that for Weather details, Web search etc, Internet is required, but at least Siri should handle in-phone features like "calling, Texting etc", without Internet connectivity.

    Even though it seems like Siri should be able to handle things such as dialing a number or dictating a text, an internet connection is required for Siri to function. There is currently not a way to get Siri to do otherwise.

  • HT4095 Can I watch rented movies in my ipad 2 without internet connection.  I will be travelling by air and highway.  Ty

    Can I watch rented movies in my ipad 2 without internet connection?

    If you use iTunes to rent movies, then yes.
    iTunes movies downloaded and stored directly to your iPad and if you don't start playing a movie, stay on your iPad for 30 days.
    If you start to play a downloaded, rented movie on your iPad, then it will expire in 24 hours.
    Other services, like Amazon, Netflix and Hulu need an Internet connection to stream their content.

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