Transfer Balance from Cenvat on hold account to ceenvat clearing account

Dear All,
Though the new year from excise point of view has begun....
Now i want to utilised the capital amount which was in cenvat on hold account in last year.
How do i move further so that i can utilise that 50 % amount this year.
Am i need to transfer the amount from cenvat on hold account to cenvat clearing account?
Please guide me with step by step.
Thanks in advance.

Dear Shailesh,
You can use the T.code J2I8 for transfering the On hold Credit by giving the Company code, Excise group & posting date. When you execute it you can see the balances per Vendor as line item entries. Select it & transfer. In the Accounting view you can see that Your cenvat clearing will get Credited & your Onhold A/c will get debited.
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Thanks & Regards,

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  • Transfer balance from one g/l account to corresponding profit cente

         in our client newly implement profit center accounting so. my question is how to transfer balance from one g/l account to corresponding profit center
       G/L ACCOUNT NAME : SHARE CAPITAL BALANCE :500000. how to transfer this balance to particular Profit center
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    Edited by: maneeshpandey on Nov 14, 2011 4:22 PM

    Hello ,
    This is possible if you are using  Time-independent management of organiz. units
    Please review the following menu path:
    Please start IMG -> Financial Accounting (New) -> Asset Accounting
    -> Master Data -> Specify Time-Independent Management of Organiz. Units
    Indicator- > Time-independent management of organiz. units
    If you set this indicator, the system manages the organizational units
    'business area' and 'cost center' (and thereby 'profit center') as not
    time dependent in the asset master records in this company code.
    Any change to these organizational units during master data maintenance
    then automatically generates a transfer posting document.
    If the indicator is not set, you have to create a new asset master
    record, and manually transfer the entire asset, when the business area
    changes (and you are using business area balance sheets).
    If you set this indicator, and then change these organizational units in
    asset master data maintenance, the system replaces the business area and
    cost center (and profit center) in all existing time intervals by the
    new assignments. After that, it is no longer possible to report on these
    organizational units for past time periods in Asset Acccounting! This
    applies even if you later remove the indicator!
    Hope this helps,

  • FB01 transfer balance from Customer to Venodor profit center not appearing

    Client want to transfer balance from t.code FB01 customer 14 posting key to 24 posting key to Vendor.
    But profit center field is not appearing. please help

    There is no such way to transfer the balance of the profit center from customer to vendor.
    If you can explain what you are going to achieve and describe your business process, it would be helpful to give you the answers.

  • G/L Account for Bank Clearing Account

    Quick question: when we post TBB1, Treasury creates payment requests (table PAYRQ) with entries in field BKHBK, data element PRQ_BKHBK. This field is normally empty and F111 should pickup corresponding GL account from T042Y (FBZP: Bank Determination). But in our case, because Treasury passes this account during TBB1, it's being picked up and conflicting with T042Y.
    So my question is: how do I deactivate Treasury to not pass this account to payment request? Or how do I change it's value within treasury so it would match with Bank Determination value?
    This field in PAYRQ is called G/L Account for Bank Clearing Account.

    Yes, it does not post to GL but it does identify Bank Clearing GL account when it's posted which is recorded at BKHBK field of PAYRQ. F111 gets 'confused' and throws error message when this value does not match with corresponding entry in T042Y. How to deactivate it?
    Other way of solving this problem would be if I can identify separate Gl account for incoming and outgoing payments bank clearing account. I know it's defined in Account Determination (table TRACV_ACCSYMBREP). It's Account Symbol 3 (Bank Clearing). There we have masked GL account as "++++3". This account is used for clearing of incoming payments. And for outgoing payments we use "++++5"
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  • Error -Account 'Down-payments clearing account' could not be found for area

    When I am trying to pass a down payment entry by debiting vedor and crediting bank with asset it is giving an error as follows.
    Account 'Down-payments clearing account' could not be found for area 01
    Message no. AU133
    Please help me to rectify the same.
    Thanks in advance

    Please pay attention at  the possible causes of message AU133:
    1. Error AU133:
       a) You have not defined a contra account for acquisition value postings in the Asset Accounting Customizing settings (Transaction AO90).However, this is required as of Release 4.6C because, as is the case for all other integration postings in Asset Accounting, invoice receipt postings have to be displayed in Asset Accounting via the new posting kernel to ensure an identical document
       b) You have defined the account in Asset Accounting, however, it is not created in the affected company code.Check whether the account is correct and create it for the company code, if necessary.
    2. You have entered an asset reconciliation account for the "Contra account: Acquisition value posting" (for example, the same account as for   "Acquisition:Acquis. and production costs" account).This is not  permitted.Check whether your account determination is correct               
       (Transaction AO90) in Asset Accounting Customizing. The same applies
       for the 'Contra account: Down payment posting'.
    3. As "Contra account: Acquisition value posting" you entered an asset G/L account. If necessary change the automatic posting indicator in the G/L account master record.
    4.Check if you need  revaluation accounts in depreciation areas involved   (AO90):
      -Revaluation acquis. and production costs
      -Offsetting account: Revaluation APC
    Please run also programm RACKONTO where missing or wrong customizing
    the accoutn determinations per company code is displayed
    Also have a look at note 7595 in this regard.
    Please assign points if it useful.
    Ravinagh Boni

  • Transfer balance from one GL account to another, then restict posting

    Hi Gurus,
    We have an GL account (650045) showing balances ($ 4656)  and client wants to this balance to another GL account ( 650198) and close then 650045 and see that no postings are allowed in 650045.
    Can you please let me know how to do this transfer and then i need to close and resist postings to 650045.
    Thanks for your help, i will assign good points.

    Dear Prashanth,
    You can use a transaction F-02 to transfer the balance. Follow the steps below:
    open a new GL account where th bal has to be transfered.
    take out the exact balance from old GL to be transfered
    Considering that u have a debit bal in old GL & have to transfer the same, the the entry u will pass thru F-02:
    'New GL' A/C   - Dr  - xxxx (posting key - 40)
       To 'Old GL' A/c          - xxxx (posting key - 50)
    This will pass on ur bal from one GL to another.
    Once done go to FS00, open the old GL. On the top right hand u have a symbol of 'lock'. click on to that. A screen will open with details as ... block for posting, block for creation, block for planning ...
    tick the option of block for posting in both chart of accounts & for company code.
    Hope this will solve ur pob.

  • How to transfer balances from Gl to another GL ??

    Hi all,
    How can we transfer open items balances from GL to another GL ?? When that need arises to the company ??
    Thank you..

    We transfer GL account balance from one GL a/c to another GL a/c in the following situations.
    When the GL a/c need to be maintained in Open item Management, say GL a/c belongs to a Balance sheet item but you have forgot to check the Open Item Management check box and made entries to that particular GL a/c.
    In this situation you can’t activate the Open item Management when the A/C is having balance, so first u need to make the GL a/c zero balance and than check Open item Management check box, follow the following steps.
    Create another dummy GL a/c, say ABC and the GL a/c which you want to make zero balance is having Dr Balance. Now make a posting using FB50 or F-02, you Dr the ABC GL a/c and Cr the other GL a/c so that the GL a/c balance becomes zero, now go to GL master and check the Open item Management check box. And again make posting through F-02 Crediting the ABC GL a/c and Debiting the other GL a/c.
    Hope this helpful, reward points in the way of expressing thanks

  • Re: Transfer balances from Recon GL to WTX GL

    Hi All,
    We had one problem with user exist .
    The user exist is replacing the recon account instad of Withhdoing tax account for clearing document(F110), After that we found mistake and corrected user exist now it is quit. WITH_ITEM table is updating correct GL as per WTX determination.
    The problem is already posted document how we can correct?
    We given below option to user.
    1) Reverse the clearing document rerun the F110, but reversing also not possible because document got posted with Recon account . We did this debug mobe has sucessfully reveresed . But the user is not accepted this because of payment document already sent to banker. and TDS certification  also generated.
    2) We are trying make the updation program to correcting GL in BSEG, that means  where ever incorrectly Recon GL account updated replacing the WTX GL account.  Updating tables is (BSEG,BSIS,FAGLFEXA). but after updation FS10N balance are not getting change.
    3) Is there is any other to rectification of Recon GL balance transfer to WTX GL account.
    Awating for your reply.

    You should not directly update the BSEG tables and replace the accounts because the values are affected in many other tables.  FS10N takes values from the Totals records or FAGLFLEXT table.  Also, updating tables directly in any situation is a very bad solution which will cause inconsistencies.
    Your only option is to transfer the balances from Recon Account to your WTX Account. For this, you'll have to make the Recon Account open for direct posting.  Then transfer the balance from Recon Account to WTX account and later remove the indicator.

  • GL account error Valuation Clearing Account for multiple valuations

    I am trying to configure multiple valuations. There is one path:
    IMG --> Controlling --> General Controlling --> Multiple Valuation Approaches/Transfer Prices --> Level of Detail --> Define Valuation Clearing Account
    I created in chart of account 1000 (assigned to company code 1000) GL account 490000 with PL account tick in FS00 and i created cost element as 01. Further i entered trading partner 100001 which is assigned to company code as a 'company' and in the GL account in trading partner. Now when i entered the GL account in above path, it gave following error:
    Account 490000 is not a profit/loss account
    Message no. KM125
    Please let me know why its giving the error.

    I have maintained indicators for PRITEMX then I got error maintain services or limits.
    here I am passing values for SERVICELIMIT table like DOC_ITEM, OVERALL_LIMIT & EXP_VALUE.
    here I have doubt , have to maintain indicators for PRACCOUNTX & SERVICELIMITX ?
    please suggest me.

  • Assignment of key for tax clearing account to tax clearing account

    I need a tax clearing account for gross display of down payments. In order to do so, I set a key for tax clearing account in OBL3 t-code but, afterwards, I am unable to link that key to the account that I need. Where can I assign the key to the clearing account?

    Go to spro-> MM -> purchasng ->condition->define price determination process->define transaction and Event key
    Reward if helpful,

  • Transfer balance from one recon account to another one

    Hi Guru
    One vendor was assigned by wrong recon account but 4 postings happened in MIRO with out changing the recon account in that vendor . After this they changed the recon account and reversed those 4 documents(which is posted in wrong recon account) in MR8M , now what happend is reversed documents are effected in new recon accounts . so my client is asking to to transfer the old recon account balance into new recon account . Is it possible because that is recon account ?

    Will you please share solution with others..

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    I have a friend who has a first generation ipod that was synced with another itunes account.  He no longer has access to it and forgot login and password.  I bought him another ipod touch 4th generation.  I opened up a new itunes account for him.  He has 470 songs on the old ipod that we want to put on the new ipod touch.  How do we do it with two different itunes.  We wish to use the new account.  Thanks for any help

    Copy the music for the old iPod to his computer by:
    Recovering your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device: Apple Support Communities
    Then sync the new iPod to that computer.

  • I need to transfer content from my ipod touch to a NEW itunes account without deleting the content! help me please!!

    A friend and I shared an itunes account, as we both had ipod touches. I no longer have access to that account. I have created an account of my own but I need help tranferring the content that is on my ipod touch to my new itunes. I am scared to update my ipod or syncing it because it might delete my content. I have spent A LOT of money on apps and music from itunes, and i need help! PLEASE!!

    The photos are on the ipod.  Photo sync will erase them.  I need a way to extract them from the ipod, or to.extract them from the ipod backup that is who knows where on my PC.
    I've been searching for an app to do that with no luck.  They all seem to want a newer OS than is on my ipod yet I have the most recent update installed.

  • How to transfer balance from Paypal Credit?

    So I have a balance on Paypal Credit (formely Billmelater). I want to transfer that to my chase card but it is asking for an address and other information that I can't find on Paypal Credit website that I could easily find through billmelater website. Anyone have any information on this? Would like to get this done before balance incures interest charges. Thanks

    Laredo59 wrote:
    Laredo59 wrote:
    Sauk wrote:
    So I have a balance on Paypal Credit (formely Billmelater). I want to transfer that to my chase card but it is asking for an address and other information that I can't find on Paypal Credit website that I could easily find through billmelater website. Anyone have any information on this? Would like to get this done before balance incures interest charges. ThanksSauk wrote:
    So I have a balance on Paypal Credit (formely Billmelater). I want to transfer that to my chase card but it is asking for an address and other information that I can't find on Paypal Credit website that I could easily find through billmelater website. Anyone have any information on this? Would like to get this done before balance incures interest charges. Thanks

  • Transfer money from one account to another one

    Hi all
    I am using EBS 11i, and i have the following modules: General Ledger, Account Payables and Cash Management.
    I have different bank accounts in the system and now we want to transfer money from one bank account to another one.
    How should i do this in the system. What type of document should i register to reflect this transfer. I know that it can be done by registering a journal with a clearing account and then reconcile this journal to the cash management module.
    My question is: Is possible to register in the payables module this kind of transactions. Can i solve this by registering payments in this module. On payment the supplier is mandatory, but i do not have any supplier in this case. I have a payment from a specific bank account and then a refund to the other bank account but not involving any specific supplier.
    Please advice if you have any suggestions.
    Thank you all and best regards

    Hi Ernest,
    This is what you can do.
    1) Whenever there are bank transfers, there is Cash-In in one account and Cash-Out from another account.
    2) When you enter the bank statements for these bank accounts, associate the transaction type codes of Misc Receipt and Misc Payment to these statements. Setup the bank transaction codes so that when you perform AutoReconciliation, the system creates Misc Receipts in AR for these statement lines. (You associate a Receivables activity with the transaction code).
    3) When you will run AutoRec, the Misc Receipt is created for the Bank account where funds are received and the Misc Receipt (with negative amount) which is equivalent to a Misc Payment is created for the Bank Account from where funds are transferred. The offset to the bank account is the clearing account in both entries which becomes zero at the end.
    4) With this workaround, there is no need to setup Dummy Supplier or run any payment process in AP.
    Hope this helps.

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