Trigger an exception in BPM ( Control Step )

Hi everyone,
I have a BPM which has a switch with three branch, one of them has a transformation to generate a mail structure and a sender to send the email, now I need throw an exception after send the email, I have think use a control step to do it, but I don't know how use the control step to throw an exception.
Could someone please help me?
Thanks, in advance.

Please refer to the following url
Also refer to the example scenarios in the Design: Integration Builder.  For example
<b>Software component</b> SAP BASIS
<b>Software component version</b> SAP BASIS 6.40
<b>Integration Scenarios and Integration Processes</b>
<b>Integration Processes</b> BpmPatternReqRespTimeOut

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  • Dynamic alert messages in BPM control step not getting created

    Hi All,
    in transaction ALRTCATDEF, i have specified dynamic text for my alert category...........
    in my BPM there are 3 control steps.....and i am using this alert category in all of my BPM 3 control steps..... but the alert messages in my 3 control steps are different.........But these alert messages(which i am giving in BPM) is not coming in the alert mail in alert inbox but it gives the common message in long text(which i gave in long text while defining the alert category)......
    <b>So can anybody suggest me why my BPM alert message is not coming in the alert generated by BPM control step in the alert inbox of runtime workbench.</b>
    Rajeev Gupta

    Hi Rajeev,
    Please check if you have done the following steps:-
    check the dynamic text box available in alrtcatdef transaction, while creating the alert.
    In the bpm, create a variable of simple type in a container
    Included the container operation and the control step.
    For the container operation - give the right simple type variable container
    For the control step, specify the correct alert category (this should be the one for which the dynamic text is enabled)
    The alert message that you specify here should have text which will be seen when the alert raised
    *To capture the dynamic alert in the alert message, which is caught by the container step in the will have to give the name of the simple type variable
    between two ampersands(&).
    "But these alert messages(which i am giving in BPM) is not coming in the alert mail in alert inbox but it gives the common message in long text(which i gave in long text while defining the alert category)......"
    On checking the dynamic text option in the alert category defined, you will not have the option of giving a message in the long text. So, there is no way that the long text can be seen - 'cuz you are not defining it in the first place! Hence, either you have given the wrong alert category in the bpm or have not cheked the dynamic text option.

  • Handling Java Mapping Exception in BPM Transformation step

    Dear SDN members,
    I have developed a File to File scenario using BPM as follows.
    Step 1:
    Sender file adapter picks the file from FTP server and using file content conversion mapped to XML structure.
    Step 2:
    BPM will recieve the XML payload , immediately in the block a transformation step is called with an interface mapping. In the interface mapping a Java mapping will be executed with certain data validations on the XML payload. If found any invalid data is there a suitable excptions will be raised . Here the transformation step should be catch the error and control should be sent to exception block to place the recived file as a error file.
    else if the transformation is executed with out any issues, the file will be placed in success folder.
    But in the transformation step, though java mapping thorwing exceptions, the control not going into exception block, instead it is continuing to next step i.e the file is placing in the success folder.
    Can anybody tell me, how to handle the exceptions raised in java mapping in the BPM transformation step?
    I have refered all the SDN blogs, forums related to this issue, but could not able to find the answer. Please help me?
    Thanks & Regards
    Vijayanand Poreddy

    Hi Abhishek,
    Once the file is picked from FTP server then sent to BPM,
    the BPM steps
    Step 2:
    Block Starts
       ---Block Start: New Transaction
       ---Block End : New Transaction
       ---Exception : Error
    Step 3 
    Inside the Block
    Transformation Step
       --Interface Mapping: <IM Name>
       -- Check box ticked for Create New Transcation
       -- Exceptions
          --System Error: Error
       --Source Message: Message recieved in Recieve Step (Step 1)
    Step 4:
      --Source Maessage: Output message from the Transformation Step
    Block End
    Inserted a Exception Branch for Block
    Steps inside Exception Branch
        --Throw Alert
       --Alert Name
    In the above scenario
    The transformation step is not throwing error even my interface mapping going to error. The same transformation step if i place outside the block next to recieve step, then the transformation step is throwing error and BPM stops the process.
    Also, when transformation is inside the block, i have used the exception handling on the send step inside the block. here it is throwing error as the source message payload is empty. because in the preceding transformation step the interface mapping is failed due to which there the target will not be filled. But even though it is not entered into exception block.
    Vijayanand Poreddy

  • BPM Control step issue

    We have had a BPM scenario that was working in the XI3.0 and we exported and imported the same into another environment PI7.0
    In the new environment - there is a control step that raises time out after 2 minutes, that doesnt seem to happen. The infinite loop goes on for ever and we have to delete the workflow manually.
    The BPM is very similar to the standard collect pattern based on time.
    Any ideas?

    Hi RK,
    I think you need a special background job running to handle the dedlines. Please check with the XI Basis guys to see if this job is running or not.
    To my knowledge, the program RSWWDHEX should be scheduled in a job for any of the BPM deadline to trigger.
    Hope this helps,

  • Control step for exception in BPM

    i am tring to learn exception in BPM.
    i inserted this Send step (Synchronous) in exception branch in block. and then inserted control step in exception branch.
    i created Errorsend as abbreviation on exception in block.
    and assigned this to system error under exceptions in send step. and then defined on Exception handler,
    and now <b>i could not define anything</b> on exception in control step for action as Throw Exception, i am not looking at Throw alert.
    i made receiver jdbc error and also mapping error in intentionally. when i see sxmb_moni, i can see jdbc error as normal process like not using exception branch.
    i would like to complete exception branch and control step for finishing touches.

    send step is for synch and jdbc,,,
    abaproxy to jdbc (sync)
    i made receiver jdbc error intentionaly. can i send back exception log to sender system program or send email to someone?
    when have you been using this function in bpm? if i am not right way.

  • Alerts or Exceptions from BPM

    I have BPM where there are multiple send steps ( Files ) and Sych Sends as well.
    I would like to send alert if Send step fails. We donot have CCMS. I would still be able to send alerts to list of Users I guess. How can I achive this.
    BPM steps:
    Start - Receive - split - (8 Async sends in Parallel ) - Send Sync - Send Async - Stop
    Do I have enclose all 8 Async Sends in a block and add Exception branch ?.

    Correct You have to use On block step with exception handle step with 8 send steps..
    in exception handle .. put control step , ..
    in alrtcatdef.. add users specific .. whatever you want list..
    Here all 8 steps with exception name in each send step..and put in fork and this should be in block with exception .. if any one fails raise exception.. by control step in exception handler..
    and if you want to stop the execution / process then put another control step to cancel the process..
    Else if you eant to continue after raising the alert , you have to use tranformation step and do not put second controlstep..
    see some links here to get an idea..
    After createing an Alert Category using ALRCATDEF. The next step will be to define an ALERT RULE.
    To define an ALERT RULE, just go to your RUN TIME WORKBENCH, and select ALERT CONFIGURATION, and after that , select your ALERT CATEGORY and
    and create a rule for that category.
    Just check this blog by michael for a complete scenario,
    Now, when you use the report RSALERTTEST under SE38, you will find your ALERT CATEGORY, and will be able to trigger it.
    This same ALERT can now be used in your BPM.
    The links below on Alert Management (ALM) will be of good help to you:
    Also go through these blogs: [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken]
    Meanwhile look at these forum threads also:
    Alerts not getting triggered from Adapter Framework
    Alert  Configs...

  • Assigning Exceptions in BPM Integration Process

    Does any body have an idea regarding how to assign an exception in the control step.
    I want to raise an exception in the BPM
    Thanks in advance

    If You still have the question unanswered then:
    1) In a surrounding block you must define names for exceptions.
    2) In the control step you can then pick one of defined exceptions...
    3) For the surrounding block you must add "Exception Branch" from block context menu and assign it to the same exception.
    Then You can handle the exception there.

  • BPM Exception Handling control step

    Does anybody have any idea, whats the variable we need to pass in the control step of exception handling  in BPM? and how to map the error message back to the RFC Response.
    I had Transformation step, in that mapping is also there.
    Is there any ideas??.

    The requirement was to send the exception that occured to a target (say file).
    <i>insert a block for the exception</i>
    You cannot place an exception step without a block right... thats what i mean by the above statement.
    Now, just after the exception has taken place, if i put a transformation step, and a send step, you will be taking care of sending the exception message to the target.
    <i>how to build the exception message ? It should map from what?</i>
    You could build a data type for the exception.
    In the mapping, you could map it to constants. For ex:
    if you build your DT as
    You could map the description to a constant string "timeout".
    After this, the send step will send the message to the file, through the abstract interface that you create.

  • Timeout in control step(raise exception) of BPM

    Does timeout in the above control step means
    > The typical inactive timeout i.e. while using collecttime pattern, if IDOCS keep coming, the process is going to be active until the point there are no more IDOCs coming and then the exception time window starts kicking in (inactive)
    > No matter what, the system simply shuts of the inbound channel when the time expires i.e. even if IDOCS are continously flowing and a timeout=1 min is set, the BPM instance will unceremoniously shutdown the instance?
    If #2 is true, I am sure this is load dependent (a 1 min timeout my as well become 2-3 mins correct??)
    Thanks - this is not very clear anywhere

    Im supposing here your scenario is multiple IDOCs to 1 receiver, is that so? For example, n IDOCs to file.
    So, suppose you define, in BPM, the max number of loops (as per CollectPattern example) and also you define a deadline in surrounding Block step. After the block, you have relevant steps (for example, transformation step to execute mapping to file expected structure; and async send step, to send the message to file receiver).
    While an instance is running, it will be receiving IDOCs which satisfy the correlation you set in BPM. As soon as max number or deadline is reached, the IDOCs in that instance will be mapped into a file and that file will be sent to receiver system.
    Whenever new IDOCs arrive, they will be gathered in another BPM instance, and hence they will be sent in another file to receiver system.
    Hope I made myself clear this time.

  • Alerts in Control Step for BPM

    Is it possible for me to use the Control Step in a BPM to trigger a indication of a error in sxmb_moni?
    Fo example. My BPM handels a message that fails in a mapping. In the exception bransch I have a control step thattrigegrs an alert. Will this alert show up in sxmb_moni?
    If so is there anybody out there who has a blog or guide on how to setup that configuration?

    Is it possible for me to use the Control Step in a BPM to trigger a indication of a error in sxmb_moni?
    In transaction ALTCATDEF create an alert category and do not forget to check the Dynamic Text checkbox......then go to RWB ---> Alert Configuration and creat an alert rule for Integration Engine ....this willl give you all the alerts that happen in Integration Engine or in your SXMB_MONI

  • Use a control step in BPM

    hi all
    Is it necessary to use a control step in BPM while using exception handling.
    If yes then is it to be used in the exception branch?

    >>is it necessary to use a control step in BPM while using exception handling.
    You can use control step only if you want to
    ·        Terminate the current process
    ·        Trigger an exception
    ·        Trigger an alert for Alert Management

  • IDOC send step not running with exception in BPM?

    hope this is a simple question, but we are running with a problem here which is not answered well in SAP help or sdn. Possibly I didn´t find the right blog.
    We created a BPM with a send step (IDOC receiver) in a block (after a receive step starting the BPM) (That´s simple so far!).
    The send step (async IDOC) in the block is connected in its attributes in field "system error" to an exception branch defined in the same block.
    In this except.branch the process should send back to sender system a message via RFC and the last step in this exception branch is to interrupt the proces.
    But now we tried to do a test. In this test we modified the receiver address of the send step (IDOC reciver) so that the receiver could not be reached, which results in a system error in SXMB_MONI (Service unavailable).
    But this doesn´t work. The BPM starts the send step to the unavailable receiver, SXMB_MONI shows a system error step, but then the BPM continues with the next step after the block without starting the exception branch.
    Any idea why the exception branch is not called?
    Best regards

    Hello again,
    we are one step further now.
    We did the same with an RFC instead of the IDOC send step.
    Same result:
    The service is not reachable. So the step results in an system error.
    But as we could see in the monitoring SXMB_MONI the block with the exception and this send step (RFC) is passed before the step gives back this error!
    So it looks like connection problems do not trigger an exception?
    Any help is welcome!
    Best regards

  • Problem with the control step in a BPM

    Hi All
    My BPM is :
    There is a block , the first step is a Receive,  the second is a  Send(synchronus) step after there is a switch step. Depending on the result of Send step the switch step  goes to an other send step or it goes to a control step and  throws Exception .
    Checking the  BPM  a warning message occurs  , it says "Exception APError will not be caugnt" as APError is the exception defined in the Block .
    Running the BPM , the control step does not work
    Does anyone has an idea what is the problem ?

    Just defining the exception in the block step is not enough.
    You also have to "catch" it in an exception branch.
    That message usually occurs when the Block does not have any Exception Branch associated to that exception.
    Make sure you have at least one exception branch in your block step and that it is associated to the APError exception.

  • Add 2 container variables in control step BPM

    Hi All,
    I have a scenario where I need to add 2 container variables in control step under AlertMessage and I am using under exception branch
    Control Step
    StepName: XXXX
    Action      : XXXX
    AlertCategory: XXXX
    AlertMessage: ?
    I am successful putting one container variable in alert message with &AAAA& but I want to add another variable values &BBBB& as well.
    When I tried to keep variables as &AAAA& and &BBBB&..I can return code 99 in sxi_cache.
    How can I achieve this with BPM..I am using sap pi 7.0

    may be i need to explain more clearly..
    I have 2 container variables with simple type which holds 2 different payload values.
    Under exception branch I have a control step to throw alert. In this I need to pass alert messages with these 2 varaibles.
    As I said earlier I am able to pass successfully one container variable value but when I insert the second variable it is not picking up and when I check sxi_cache the IP return was 99 which means some error occured while assiging these values.( I tried in different ways)
    But when I inserted has &AAAA& and &BBBB& then reuton code was 0 but whn I run scenario it is not populating both values
    Can anyone please help me how I can populate 2 variable values in alert message under control step.

  • Problem with RFC exception in BPM

    I have created control step for RFC exception. Assigned the alert catagory and given alert message.
    i have below steps:
    Transformation-control-send RFC-cancel process.
    while trying to test i changed ip address of rfc channel and tested but i am not receiving any alert but messages are getting stucked in BPM with error -
    permanent error in message proccessing
    could you please suggest how to trigger rfc execption

    refer  BPMPatternReqRespTimeout for triggering exception.
    Basically you might change the sequence of steps as follow
    Create Block with deadline branch where you use control step to trigger exception and have another branch exception handler  and in that branch you have transformation and senderror.  This will help.

Maybe you are looking for

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