Trouble with flash preview of PDF documents, embedding.

Yesterday, I noticed that the embedded PDF documents that I have posted on my blog weren't loading. The message in the embed window reads: 'Unable to Create Flash Preview. Please download to view in the native application.' In, when I try to open the file for viewing it has a message that says: 'This file cannot be previewed. Please download instead.'
Thinking that there might be a problem with my PDF files, I uploaded a Word .doc, and used to create the PDF. That PDF wouldn't preview either. I signed into my wife's account, and had the same problem.
Any help would be appreciated! Cheers, Chris. I will attach a copy of the PDF I am trying to upload and embed, in case there are problems with the file itself (?)

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. It's weird, eh? I tried the flash update, tried opening everything in FireFox... Same problems. I am attaching a few screencaps so that you can see what it is doing.
#1 - This is what it looks like when I click on the file of -
#2 - Here's a working PDF that I uploaded two days ago -
#3 - Uploading a new PDF, displays this before going to #1 -
#4 - Here is a PDF that I uploaded two days ago, embedded (and working) on my website
#5 - Here's the failed embed in iWeb. (Looks the same on the page.) -
I attached the PDF file to the previous post. It's strange. I also logged in to my wife's account and got the same problem.

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    I have Adobe Acrobat X, and I have a PDF document of around 700 pages. Inside, I have several pages I've downloaded from different websites, some of these pages have flash animations (I mean adverts with flash), when I click in a certain page of my PDF document that has a flash animation inside, booom it crash automatically.
    How may I disable flash in my PDF documents?

    Realistically you can't. Flash is enabled in the Acrobat X Family via embedded code, as it not only runs content within a PDF but also runs several elements of the user interface, such as the Share Pane.
    If you know of a particular PDF file that is causing crashes, please submit it via a bug report.

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    having trouble with inserting pages in a document in indesign

    You're going to give us more information for us to help you.
    What operating system? What version of InDesign? What happens when you insert a page (and how are you choosing to insert a page)? Does it happen with just one file, or does also happen on a clean new file?

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    HI all,
    I had a problem with print preview of billing document which contains two output types ZR1 ZR2..
    For the footer text of billing document I maintained the font size as 7,5 pts, But when i go for print preview from output type ZR1 the font size of footer text is very small and looks good for output type ZR2.
    If i change the print options-->logical destination of output type ZR1 same as Output type ZR2, the footer text looks good.
    I think there is some issue with logical destination in print options for the output type ZR1, how can i resolve  it.

    for both the output types , r u using same sapscript or smartform?
    if yes then, u can control it in output options of smartform and also in sapscript , you can control through if condition.
    and if differect sapscript or smartform then you should not get such problem.
    you can check the sapscript or smartfrom in TNAPR table.

  • Having trouble with Flash Player in regards to youtube

    Recently I started having trouble with Flash Player in regards to using it with youtube. Sometimes all I see is a blank white screen and sometimes I do see the video with no surrounding youtube webpage or suggested videos etc. Nothing has changed on my computer as far as I know except the usual updates etc. I have tried uninstalling Flash Player and reinstalling with no luck. I even tried an older version. I am running windows XP and IE and have McAfee for my anti-virus. I am not the most computer savy person in the world and could sure use some help.

    Thanks for the links. I am pretty sure it is not a problem with Flash Player itself but something else that is causing this. I don't know how to do a "screen shot", but even if I did I don't know that it would do anygood to show that because the youtube video screen and surrounding webpage only show for a second and then it goes totally white.
    Here is what I found:
    Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family
    Driver Provider          Intel corporation
    Driver Date               6/8/2005
    Driver Version
    Digital Signer               Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatability Publis
    This morning after doing some further reading and research on the Internet I tried running youtube in the  "InPrivate Browsing" window and youtube worked fine. So thinking I should delete my Internet Browing History, Cache, and Cookies, based on what I read I went ahead and did that but it still doesn't want to work. I think I did the deletions correctly? As I mentioned above I am not very computer savvy but can get by on the basics. Where should I go from here based on this info?

  • I am having trouble with the preview of songs on itunes it will not play the 1:30 preview

    I am having trouble with the preview of songs,I am not getting the full 1:30 preview of the music

    Close your iTunes,
    Go to command Prompt -
    (Win 7/Vista) - START/ALL PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES, right mouse click "Command Prompt", choose "Run as Administrator".
    (Win XP SP2 n above) - START/ALL PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES/Command Prompt
    In the "Command Prompt" screen, type in
    ipconfig /flushdns
    Hit "ENTER" key
    Restart your computer.
    Now try your preview music again.

  • Anyone else having trouble with flash player over working the processor since the security update?

    Hi everyone-
    Since the last security update (flash player version 11.7.700.169) I have been having trouble with flash player beating the daylights out of my processor. My OS is Windows XP. This only happens on some sites, not all. For example netflix and amazon are fine, but acorn and huffington post videos send the processor into overdrive. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance :-)

    I have XP on some machines, and I do not experience any such problems with 11.7.700.179.  If I were, I would try two things
    update the graphics drivers; see
    update to the latest Flash Player beta, or wait until the new version is released later this week

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    I can't install, it gets to 30% downloading and stops.  I deleted it completely from my computer to no avail, same problem happened when I tried a clean install

    madgaxed *Is anyone else having trouble with Flash Player in Mac OS X
    Yosemite using Safari.*
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    I have the same problem!!!
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    using Safari.  created by sofd5928497
    <> in Installing Flash Player
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    I want to embed a pdf in a webpage, where the drop-down menu needs to be displayed on the top of the pdf. I am using iframe to embed the pdf.
    The drop-down menu is not properly rendered (border-radius and box-shadow) in Firefox at

    *[ bug 779435] - the drop-down menu is not rendered properly with iframe where a pdf is embedded
    It is usually best to attach a minimal test case to the bug report.<br />
    In that case the code doesn't get lost if the page is removed from the server.

  • Preview corrupts PDF documents when saving

    There appears to be a serious bug in Preview and/or OS X's PDF creation libraries, that causes PDFs to be "invisibly" corrupted.
    My situation is: I have a number of PDFs that have been created using Windows-based OCR software. They are standard PDF/A documents, and when I open them in Preview they display fine. More importantly, I can "copy" the text from the document to the clipboard and it works as you would expect.
    However, if the PDF document it edited in any way - page order changed, a page from another document moved into the document etc - and then saved, the resulting PDF is corrupt. Although the text appears on the screen normally, any text copied to the clipboard is garbled: for example, the displayed text:
    appears in one of my documents. However, highlighting it and copying it results in
    *)﴿*%&(﴾'"!# $ 
    in the clipboard.
    I now have hundreds of documents that are effectively useless, as I cannot accurately copy the document text. I know others have had the same issue (see the posts in this thread for examples). The issue would appear to go as far back as Lion and possibly before then.
    Is this a "known issue"? And has anyone come up with work-arounds - other than re-OCRing the files (usually by exporting as TIFFs, reOCRing etc)?

    This issue is still happening on Mavericks and it also happens with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you highlight some lines on a PDF text and then save it, the OCR becomes unreadable. If you try to redo the OCR on Acrobat Pro, this is impossible because the pages 'contain renderable text'. The only solution I can fathom is not to use annotation on any PDFs. The strange thing is that I cannot find any solutions to this, or any bugs submitted on Acrobat's forums, where they should also be, because this is not just a problem with Apple.

  • Preference Menu flash inside a pdf Document

    I'm using Captivate 4 -- while I publish the swf and html I also generate a pdf file.
    Inside the pdf is a flash movie.
    When I open the pdf-file with Acrobat reader 9.x I see infront of the flash movie
    the Menu : Prefernces for Adobe Flash Player
    This is the Menue where you can switch on/off the Micro, Camera etc...
    Is there any way hide this menue ???
    So I just see the flashmovie inside the pdf and things work like it would do inside an html-page...
    anyone an idea how to fix this???
    Thanks a lot!

    this is the little menu displayed on top of the pdf-document,
    it shown in all flash-pdf's I made:

  • Issue with web links in PDF document using adobe reader 10.1.1

    We are creating the PDF documents that contains website links. The problem that is occurring is whenever we click on the website links in the pdf file, it opens up IE browser but just show connecting message without actually showing the link and its content. This is ocuurring when we open the PDF using adobe reader 10.1.1 . However it seems to be working fine with Adobe reader 9 . Moreover the length of the URL is bit large and seems like links work fine when we have 253 characters in the URL and if they are more than that then it is not working.Since it is working fine in Adobe reader 9 is there any constraint imposed on the length of URL with adobe reader 10.1.1 . Anything regarding this will be of great help.

    Try removing a plugin...
    Quit Safari.
    Open the Finder. From the Finder menu bar click Go > Go to Folder
    Type this exactly as you see it here:
    /Library/Internet Plug-Ins
    Move the Adobe PDF Browser plugin (or just PDF Browser plugin) from the Internet Plug-Ins folder to the Trash.
    Relaunch Safari to test.

  • Insert PDF with Flash into another PDF and it does not display.

    When attempting to insert an Adobe Acrobat file with flash elements into another Adobe Acrobat file, the latter will not display the file on screen. Instead it shows this message "For the best experience, open this PDF portfolio in Acrobat X or Adobe Reader X, or later." Please help.

    Yes I would have thought so. Adobe Acrobat and Reader have the ability to view flash content items however this is not the case. I will explain step by step what I am doing. I have done this for years before and I have recently formatted my computer and had to reinstall the software.
    Here is a little background information:
    Windows 7 Professional 64bit
    AMD-FX 4100 Quad Core CPU
    8GB RAM
    250GB free on HDD
    Software Installed:
    Adobe Acrobat X Pro
    Adobe Reader XI
    Adobe Flash
    Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010
    Steps taken:
    Open Outlook
    Select a few messages
    Click on Convert to Adobe PDF
    Save the new file "toInsert.pdf"
    Open "main.pdf" file
    Click and drag "toInsert.pdf" file from desktop into the thumbnail area of the "main.pdf" file to insert.
    Attached Error. Please advise. Thank you.

  • Help With Creating 'Hi-Res' PDF Document?

    I am needing to meet a deadline tomorrow in supplying a magazine publication with a trade advert for my business.
    The magazine editor tells me he requires my advert to be emailed to him in 'HI-RES PDF FORMAT, 300 DPI'.
    Currently, my advert is a simple MICROSOFT WORD document, which is printed out for flyers etc. It is acceptable quality for my needs. I have very little knowledge at this point of making my advert into 'HI-RES PDF'.
    However, I do have access to ADOBE ACROBAT V9.0 PRO EXTENDED, and understand I can use this to create the document that is required?
    My main questions at this point are, where do I begin researching how to turn my current WORD document into the '300 DPI HI-RES' picture that is required? What is the process involved? How do I go about 'creating a hi-res picture' from my humble Word document?
    What I don't understand at the moment is, the difference between me emailing the magazine my Word document in its current .doc form, and needing to involve Adobe Acrobat to achieve 'best quality' HI-RES/300 DPI. Do I need to make my Word document into PDF to improve its quality?
    Totally new to this, would greatly appreciate any help/advice.

    I wish I had more time to spend getting up to speed on these issues, unfortunately the deadline looms tomorrow [new business, urgent last minute advertising and all that]. I expect to have a genuine hi-res advert ready for next month's issue - in the meanime, Aandi, how would you recommend I best go about things from what I have, or can modify/recreate fairly quickly?
    Guidlines given by magazine publication: 'Hi-Res PDF Document, 300DPI, 12cm W x 9cm H
    OK, my advert in Word is mostly black text on a white background, and there is a colour picture in it [to help illustrate my services]. So the picture is not 300dpi hi-res, I accept that, and I accept it will not be printed in the magazine necessarily any better than I can manage from my inkjet printer.
    But considering the magazine is a glossy, hi-res publication, surely the picture will not be printed in any WORSE quality than I can get out of my cheap £80 printer? If I know what to expect, I know how I can play around with the current lo-res images I have at my disposal.
    There are a number of options I currently have to replace the picture in my advert, and some have a deliberately 'hazy' look to them already - I am thinking perhaps pictures with this kind of styling which are far from 300 DPI anyway would be a better choice? At least in the printing reproduction, the degrasion would not look like a cheap 'error' but rather simply the style of the picture?
    And what about my Word TEXT? Forgetting pictures for the moment, will the all important text parts of my advert reproduce as good as I can get them in 'best' quality from my printer?
    What I am aiming for this evening, is once I have decided upon the kind of lo-res picture [if any] I am including in my advert, allowing for degrasion because it is not 300 DPI, can I then concentrate on the TEXT information and still work on this within MICROSOFT WORD before submitting it to Adobe Acrobat and producing the PDF document? I do not have to do anything special to the text at any point to make it 'high resolution'?
    Thank you again for your help so far.

  • Problem with sending and archiving pdf document

    Hello experts,
    I have created the following SAP PI scenario:
    First a pdf document will come from our partner to a specified directory. The ftp adapter sender get this file and also set the filename in the adapter specific messages. Then a udf mapping starts to read the filename of the pdf document, because the filename includes a ordernr for a sales order in sap. So the filename will be mapped to an easy rfc structur, afterwards the RFC Adapter will be called. After this I have to archive and delete the pdf document in the origin directory. But this will not work. I tried following steps.
    After calling the rfc adapter another receiver determination will be called. That means a ftp adapter receiver is called that gets the filename and copies the pdf document to another directory. This works, but if I try to open the pdf document then it does not work, because the pdf document includes the structure of the rfc function module, filled with the filename param.
    Furthermore the archive function of the ftp adapter sender does not work. Everything is correct set, but the pdf document will not copy to the right folder. Before I create a Java adapter module for the file adapter sender, that copies and deletes the file in the origin folder,  another solution would be better.
    Kind regards,

    Ideally the processing mode Archive should work for your case.
    This works, but if I try to open the pdf document then it does not work, because the pdf document includes the structure of the rfc function module, filled with the filename param.
    Why are you using the RFC structure  for the other receiver in receiver determination. Use some dummy name in the Interface name and interface mapping and still the scenario will work. In the receiver channel, use the File type as binary.

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