TS2755 I have iphone 4s and ipad.  Imessages are not sending or being received on the ipad but the iphone works.  All this happened after installing the new ios 6 a few  weeks ago.  I have tried others suggestions..still nothing!

IMessages are working on my iphone 4s but not in ipad since I installed the new ios 6.  I have tried various fixes others have mentioned but i still cannot send or receive messages on the ipad.  Help?

I should have explained further. The game opens in a new window over to the upper left of my screen, leaving the original page underneath. I tried minimizing it so that I could get to my toolbar and did the View > Zoom > Reset. This has no effect. The lower portion of the game is still not showing. Using other browsers the window or frame of the game is much larger, therefore everything shows.

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