on the TV I have it connected by Hdmi to the receiver and now I plugged in the BlueRay to the receiver by hdmi and I put it to the port of the hdmi and that works fine now I am trying to get the hdmi from the TV to the receiver to work and it says no signal found. I don't have a cable box I have a coaxial cable to the TV now how do I change it so it can show a signal

Can you connect the coaxial to the receiver? If not, you would want to get an optical cable if your t.v. has an optical out and run it from the tv to the receiver and then set the receiver on that audio setting. What is the model of your tv and receiver? just to clarify, you are just trying to watch t.v. right? If so, set the t.v. to the input for the coaxial, so just cycle through the inputs til you have a picture. To get the sound through the speakers, do what i posted first.
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  • How do you get sound on your Apple TV when connected to a SS receiver?

    I have a new Marantz Surround Sound receiver and a fairly new Samsung HD tv.    I connected my TV, Blue Ray player, and cable box with HDMI to the back of the receiver as specified in the connection directions.  Great picture and sound for TV and BD player....but when I try to connect my Apple TV, picture is great...but no sound.    I connected the HDMI to the back of the TV (as specified in the Apple TV directions) and used an optical cable for sound (connected Apple TV and back of the receiver...only one optical port available.)
    According to the reciever set up, the only source port with OPT set as default is the CD port (I will not be attaching a CD player to the receiver) when I turned on the TV and receiver, I put the receiver on CD as the sound.   I made sure that the volume should have been high enough to hear.   I moved through all the sources that include TV, CD, BD, Aux, DVD, Game, and SAT (cable box)....nothing on any of them. 
    I saw the suggestion to go to Audio on the Apple TV and change the audio output from auto to 16 bits....did that.   No change.
    Any other suggestions?  I know there must be a solution....

    The iTunes/iPod software isn't set up to let you sync songs from more than one libray, but if you manually manage the iPod you can add tracks from multiple computers without removing the existing content. Personnaly I think syncing with a library is a much better way to manage your iPod, so I'd suggest you just copy the stuff you bought at work onto a memory stick, then take it home and import it into your iTunes library there.

  • Line Output From Audio Interface Mutes When Connected To HDMI

    Hello Apple Community,
    As my first post to the community, I would like to shed some light on an issue I have found no answer to on the internet or support lines. I have spent a great deal of time self-diagnosing and over the phone with technical support for all devices in question.
    I have no sound when connected to HDMI. The problem is not exclusive to HDMI, as I bought two Mini DisplayPort adapters (HDMI & VGA) -- neither of which resolved my issue.
    MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) - Intel i7, 8GB RAM, GT 650M Graphics
    Audio Interface - Started out with a PreSonus AudioBox 2-In, 2-Out. Now it's a Yamaha Steinberg UR22 (2-In, 2-Out)
    Powered Studio Monitors - Yamaha HS7 (Pair)
    External Display - Vizio 37", 1080p TV
    At first glance, it may sound like my problem is simply that I'm not set to the correct audio output when I'm connected to HDMI. However, this is not the case. With both audio interfaces, I double-checked that the output did not swap to HDMI when plugging in. Many communities believe this is a ground-loop issue with anything from my interface / speakers, to the HDMI cable itself. When I spoke to an audio specialist from Yamaha, he assured me that grounding issues were not the case. He said that ground-loops will only cause noise (hiss, static, hum, etc.), not a complete mute.
    Thank you,
    Matthew Morris

    Okay, so Steinberg responded after 6 days to set up a call time. Three days after that, I finally received the call. Yes, 9 total days.........
    Jeff from Steinberg went over all of my issues and went through a whole diagnosis. At the point where I got rid of the stock Yamaha XLR to TRS and used some unbalanced instrument cables I had laying around, the monitors worked! Jeff and I narrowed it down to either bad cables or (more than likely) bad XLR ports. I believe the ladder because the possibility of receiving 2 bad cables is less likely than possibly a single XLR port having a faulty ground or something--which would lead to the above issues.

  • Apple TV optical out to DAC plus HDMI to receiver?

    I currently have my Apple TV connected to my Denon AV receiver via HDMI which then outputs 5.1 audio and video to the TV.
    My hope is to also stream my lossless iTunes music library to Apple TV (from my Mac Mini) which would take the audio from the ATV's optical out to my Peachtree Nova DAC, also connected to my AV receiver.
    Is this possible? Or would the HDMI out from the ATV supersede the ATV's optical audio out?

    Hey guys, I know this is an old thread but...
    Try running your ATV to both sources. In my setup I have it running to a Yamaha Rx - V373 via HDMI for movies and tv. I also have the optical output from the ATV running to a Rotel preamplifier, which is connected to a pair of speakers that are great for music.
    If I don't want the music to come out of the 5.1 receiver, I simple turn of the 5.1 receiver. Same way for movies, I will turn off the Rotel amp so the sound only comes out of the receiver.
    By doing this you will take advantage of whichever component you need when you need it, reaping the advantages that it provides.
    And Peachtree stuff is highly thought of in many audio circles. Very affordable for what it can provide. Can sometimes be found a little cheaters in eBay so try their first.

  • SPDIF output is disabled when connecting a HDMI device

    Hello, hope someone can help.
    I've got a Toshiba SAT U500 with Realtek audio driver. I want to send the video to the TV (via HDMI) and still send audio via SPDIF to the digital receiver. By some reason it is automatically enabling HDMI audio when I connect the TV, and on the SPDIF output (icon on Windows 7 -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound) a telephone sign appears.
    What does that telephone sign mean? How to make the system not to disable SPDIF output when connecting a HDMI device?
    Thanx in advance!!!

    Howdy Gdad_Edw,
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    Take a look at the article linked below, it provides information and troubleshooting tips that can help you resolve the no video issue with your Apple Digital AV Adapter and your iPad.
    About Apple Digital AV Adapters for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Apple Support
    If you encounter an issue using the Apple Digital AV Adapter or VGA Adapter:
    Disconnect and reconnect the adapter from the iOS device and display.
    Connect directly to the TV, projector, or external display using a known-good VGA or HDMI cable.
    Remove any VGA or HDMI extension cables or converters.
    Note that accessories that convert a VGA or HDMI signal to other video formats (DVI, Composite, Component) are not supported.
    Ensure that you are using the latest version of iOS. Some Apple Digital AV Adapters require iOS 5.1 or later.

  • Connection mba to av receiver pioneer VSX-322

    I'm trying to connect my mac book air (late 2011) to my av receiver pioneer VSX-322 trough a LMP "minidisplayport to hdmi converter" and hdmi cord
    My av receiver will be later connected to a projector with hdmi connection. (my actual one has only a VGA connection and cannot be connected to the pioneer receiver
    I want to transfer the image and audio signal from the MBA to av receiver (with sound played on the connected speakers) and the image from there to a hdmi connected projector
    But the sound keep to be played on my mac book air...
    Could somebody help me?
    Thanks a lot

    I get the answer
    I only had to go into "preferences" -> "sound" -> "out" and choose hdmi instead of the mba speakers....
    that was it!

  • Can not select TV speakers when connected via HDMI

    I have a MBP fully updated connected to a Sony TV vis HDMI/miniport.  Up until today this configuration was working fine.  Suddenly, I can no longer select the HDMI speakers in my audio preferences.  They are recognized and appear on the list but when I select them it has no effect.  Before today, when the TV was connected the HDMI output would be automatically selected and I could not access the volume control from the menu bar, which is the way I prefer it. 
    I have restarted with no success in changing this behaviour.  If I open/close the lid, the sound goes to the proper settings for about 2s but then the HDMI speakers are de-selected and the built-in speakers are highlighted.  I can manually select the TV speakers but the setting has no effect.
    However, I *am* getting audio output through the TV but can not control volume from the mac or any app.  I slide the volume slider on the menu bar and the audio output does not change.  The sound is also playing from the laptop speakers which is highly annoying.

    and now there is no audio through the TV at all.  TV works fine with other inputs such as PS3.  Any help?

  • How to connect an HDMI monitor as 2nd display?

    I want to connect an HDMI monitor to my MacBook Pro to use as my second monitor. I need to know what type of cable to use? I use iPhoto and iMovie extensively and it would really help to have a second monitor. Which port on the MacBook would I use?

    If your MBpro has a MiniDisplay port or Thunderbolt port then you buy a MiniDisplay port to HDMI adapter and a HDMI cable. (The adapter will plug into the Thunderbolt port). er
    If you have the new retina model, it has a HDMI port built in.

  • My connection via hdmi to my TV is no longer working. Even if I use a thunderbolt to hdmi converter

    Hi, the day before yesterday I turned on my tv which was connected via HDMI out on the mac mini to HDMI in on my TV. Everything was working fine, however I have been trying to set up dual monitoring on another monitor using an HDMI to VGA adapter to my second monitor but nothing was working. I was about to watch a film from the mac to the TV wen I thought it might be the resolution on the hdmi out why it wasn't working on the monitor but was on the TV so I changed the settings and the hdmi to the TV cut out. My main monitor is connected by thunderbolt to VGA adapter and works fine. I can change all the settings for screen resolution on the main monitor and have tried every setting on it then unplugging and plugging in the hdmi cable from the mac to the TV. I get the blue flash on the screen so I know it is being detected but here is where it gets weird.
    I figured I would try the thunderbolt to HDMI converter I originally bought for my iMac and again the blue screen flashes up but there is no blue flash or any sort of detection on the TV.
    The whole time there is nothing showing up on the screen, even when I unplug my main display from thunderbolt to VGA (the main monitor) and connect the thunderbolt to hdmi adapter and plug in the hdmi to the TV.
    I know it's not the hdmi cable as I have tested it on my youview box to my tv and it worked fine.
    I also know its not the tv as iv connected my friends windows laptop to the TV using the same cable so it must be the settings on the mac.
    I have tried doing a time machine restore to the day I bought it and have had no problems so far until I changed the settings. Why oh why did I mess about with it!!
    If anyone can help please let me know ASAP.
    It doesn't show up the HDMI output in audio anymore either, however like I say it flashes blue wen I connect the hdmi but seems to have no idea that the HDMI is connected in the display settings! It's so frustrating. I'm going to call the mac support today but if anyone on here hash as any similar problems n fixed them please let me know.
    Btw I'm running Mac OS X 10.8.4. I know I can connect via a long VGA cable but that's not really the point. I, at least would like to get my mirrored desktop on my tv back from HDMI!

    Ok so I happened to figure it out while on the phone to apple support. Even though the guy was very nice, I think I knew more than him! He was explaining very basic resolution principles I played about. I had the second option in displays resolution. All I did was unplug the HDMI cable, click on 'best for display' then plugged the HDMI in and my resolution on the normal monitor changed to the normal blue, then went black momentarily and then changed to a strange resolution but another window appeared that said SONY BRAVIA HDMI at the top! Hey presto! Don't know why it didn't do it yesterday - I probably left the HDMI cable in or something! Oh well. Problem solved!

  • Every time I open an app a box appears saying I need to connect to iTunes to receive push notifications. I go to iTunes and I'm already logged in,so I'm not sure what to do. Can anyone help?

    Every time I open an app a box appears saying I need to connect to iTunes to receive push notifications. I go to iTunes and I'm already logged in,so I'm not sure what to do. Can anyone help?

    Use Lion Recovery to repair the startup disk if necessary, or reinstall the Mac OS X.

  • Hi, I have a latest Macbook Pro Retina. I connect its hdmi port to a DisportPort of HP Compaq LA2205wg external monitor, but no signal at all. Could anybody help me

    Hi, I have a latest Macbook Pro Retina. I connect its hdmi port to a DisportPort of HP Compaq LA2205wg external monitor, but no signal at all. Could anybody help me

    I could be *very* wrong but did not know you could output from HDMI into displayport consistently with no issues.
    Try a mDP to DP cable like this (the mDP end will go directly into the thunderbolt port of your laptop) q=1&format=2

  • Would connecting the HDMI port of my 15 Macbook Pro Retina to the DVI input port on my Dell UltraSharp 2434 LED HD Monitor work?

    Would connecting the HDMI port of my 15 Macbook Pro Retina to the DVI input port on my Dell UltraSharp 2434 LED HD Monitor work?

    Hi Wizard0705,
    If you have questions about connecting an external display to your MacBook Pro, you may find the following article helpful:
    Apple Support: How to use multiple displays with your Mac
    - Brenden

  • HT1454 iPad connection to HDMI TV

    I have an iPad 3 and Sumsung HD TV with an HDMI input.  Is their a cable out there that will allow me to connect my iPad to my TV so I can stream video/pictures, etc. to my nice big screen TV?  My iPad has the lightning jack and I don't see any HDMI to lightning connectors to support this connection.  Thanks for your help with this.

    Here is the lighting digitial av adapter that will allow you to connect an hdmi cable from your iPad to your TV. a

  • How do you switch output sounds   set to my external monitor that is connected via HDMI.

    How do you switch output sounds   set to my external monitor that is connected via HDMI. 

    Hello gail from Ajijic,
    If you'd like to change the audio output of your Mac, you can do so by accessing the Sound preferences in your System Preferences.
    Before you start, open the Output pane of Sound preferences (choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Sound, then click Output).
    Choose a sound output device
    From the list of sound output devices, select the one you want to use. All sound output devices available to your Mac are listed, including the computer’s internal speakers, devices plugged into your computer’s sound port (), USB speakers, and AirPlay devices.
    For any device plugged into the computer’s sound port, choose Headphones.
    OS X Yosemite: Adjust your computer’s sound output settings
    Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities!
    Alex H.

  • Connecting a HDMI cable to my D20

    Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone has had problems connecting HDMI cables to their D20 via an ATI FirePro 5700 cards.
    I seem to not be able to get the cable to fit allthey way, and they keep popping out.  It appears that the rails on either side of the video card back (i.e. where you connect DVI/HDMI cables to the back) seem to keep the cables fom going in all the way.  I've been looking on the Inernet for HDMI connectors that might have longer connectors or thinner plugs, but have not been successful.  I was thinking about using my Dremel to cut/sand  the rails to create more room for the entire plug, or to sant some of teh casing of the plug to make it thinner, but both seem to be bad ideas, especially with regard to voiding warrenties.
    Does anyone have any ideas. 
    Kind Regards,
    Go to Solution.

    Is your ATI FirePro 5700 from Lenovo, namely the option number 51J0510? If this is the case it has two Display Ports and one DVI, it doesn't have HDMI. Using the Lenovo Display Port to DVI adapter cable would be one option for you, another would be a Display Port to HDMI adapter.
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  • Problem with JFrame class.

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    Hello fellow Arch users, I've been struggling with trying to get Arch running on my Macbook Pro 8,2 (Early 2011) for the past couple of days and I was hoping that the collective intelligence of the community might be able to help me. I feel that the

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    On my I Pod when I plug it into my computer and click on the music part of it I can't play or delete the songs. How can I fix it so i can click on it.

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