Two Macs, one external boot drive (not at same time)

I'm in a weird situation where I travel b/t two cities during the week and am looking to have a computer in each. Have been doing the laptop thing, but it's too heavy to drag everyday and too slow for the video editing (I'm a filmmaker) I need to do now. So, I have a 1TB SSD and am looking to make it a boot drive (via USB 3 or Thunderbolt) for two different Macs. Right now I'm looking at two iMacs, but I might want to make one of them something else, possibly a new or older Mac Pro.
So, would I be able to run both Macs with one external drive? Also, would I have any issues if I go with two different kinds of Macs? Thought maybe there would be an advantage to having the same with connection issues of some sort.
Thanks for any help!

Let me ask: how are you getting your two OS's on the external drive?
For one thing, if I understand you correctly, you want one OS on the external and use it on both Macs? That, according to the licensing agreement, is not allowed (see excerpt below); you're allowed one backup copy officially. And, secondly, you cannot boot a Mac with an OS version earlier than what it came with, so it would depend on the build of your Macs (and the exact build version it came with). My initial thought was that you clone your internal hard drives to the two partitions on the external and run them separately.
For now, just a guess on your Q #1 - not sure, depends on where it originated (see above for not booting with an earlier version) and, I prefer cloning FROM the internal system TO the external (again, because of build versions/firmware).
Q #2: see above re. software licensing agreement.
Q #3: not sure at this point
As for the SLA - if the OS is preinstalled, the license is for that computer only:
Here is a link to the SLA:
And, FWIW: no, once you mark an answer, it cannot be undone - hopefully, that won't matter and someone else will pop in with a brilliant idea.....

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    I currently have an imacg5 and am thinking of getting another one so I don't have to move them between my two homes. (the wife doesn't like to use laptops). I also was thinking of getting an external HD and just bringing it.
    Question: Will I have problems with duel-core unit and one without or should I partition it for each?

    Welcome to the discussions!
    Are you looking to use the drive just to transfer data between the two Macs, or are you looking to use the same drive to boot those two Macs?
    If data transfer, then as long as you get a good quality drive with the Oxford 911 chipset and format/partition it on the Intel Mac, you can use the same drive for both without a problem. I have a 500B drive in an enclosure from OWC found HERE and have it partitioned for use with my G5 iMac and my BlackBook.
    If you want to boot from the same drive on two machines, that is not possible as the OS is not a universal binary yet. There are separate PPC and Intel builds. If you want to partition it you can, but that kinda defeats the purpose of booting from the drive.

  • Import/Rip using more than one CD/DVD drive at the same time.

    I have two DVD/CD dual layer readers/burners and would like to be able to import audio CDs into iTunes from both drives at the same time.
    Is this supported?
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    If not, is it planned for future releases?
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    AMD 3500+ - Loaded.   Windows XP Pro  
    AMD 3500+ - Loaded.    

    String x = "Insert Into(...) Values(...)? Insert Into(....) Values(.....)";
    STRING ???
    You are kidding are you?
    What programming language are you using here?
    And what exactly is your requirement?
    Running multiple INSERTs in a single transaction?
    To do that, just open a connection with autocommit off,
    prepare and execute all your INSERT-Statements
    (you'll want to use BIND variables and not STRING concatenation for that. Ever heard of SQL injection?),
    and finally you commit or rollback your transaction.

  • External hard drive not recognized after time machine locked up

    I was backing up to an external hard drive (300GB Western Digital) and time machine locked up. I had to shut down the computer and restart. Now the external hard drive does not show up on the desktop?
    I can see it in disk utility but I am not able to mount or unmount the disk, I keep getting an error that the disk is in use. I tried to erase/reformat the disk and no luck.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks for the help

    KTM450rider wrote:
    Do I need to boot from the install DVD?
    this is often the easiest and eliminates any "busy drive" problems. what's wrong with booting from the install DVD? takes a couple of minutes.
    My main hard drive is OK... the drive that I am having problems with is an external hard drive that I was using to back up my lap top. I just want to get the external drive reformatted, but disk utility will not erase it. I get an error that disk utility shut down, "please check the drive and make sure that the drive is not in use or programs are still running"
    Is their a way to do a hard or forced reformatting of an external hard drive, I don't care about the information on the drive
    I also tried disk warrior to recover the info on the disk and all it does is crash my mac pro????
    Thanks again for the help

  • Backing up one external hard drive to another in time machine?

    I have a 1 tb external hard drive I'd like to keep backed up to an identical external hard drive. Can I do this using time machine?
    I'd like to do this separately from the standard time machine backup I'm doing of my internal hard drive, which backs up to another external one.
    Not sure how clear this is but any help would be appreciated. I'm on a MacBook Pro.

    I'd like something that'll only move over the files that are new. My guess is Disk doesn't do that. Maybe Retrospect?
    You're right - Disk Utility doesn't - it will do a full-disk copy, not just an incremental change.
    I can't recommend :: shudder :: Retrospect, though. it used to be the bees-kness in Mac backup but it has seriously lost its way, with too many users complaining of it being a resource hog and not being able to restore data, which is kind of important for a backup utility.
    Given your requirements, your best bet may be Carbon Copy Cloner. It will do full-disk as well as incremental backups to create a bootable clone of your system.

  • External hard drive not working with Time Machine

    I have an Iomega network hard drive attached via ethernet cable to my Airport Extreme router.
    I plugged the hard drive in. Everything works like it should. I can see the drive in Finder and I can read and write to the drive. I do share the network drive in a mixed WIN and OS X environment. I never had to reformat the drive and I can read/write to the drive with no problems from all of my computers.
    I turned on Time Machine on my iMac and walked through the simple setup screens there. I never set anything up on the hard drive through the drive interface software. And Time Machine worked fine for about 4 months. Then all of a sudden, Time Machine just stopped backing up and I got all kinds of error messages saying that the TIme Machine backup failed.
    So I went into Time Machine, turned it off, turned it back on. No luck. Same error messages.
    So I started fresh. I deleted the prior Time Machine backups and I am back at the TIme Machine set up screen. OS X can see the TIme Machine share on my external hard drive and I tell the setup wizard that's the drive I want to use.
    Then I get a window that says it's trying to connect to the external hard drive which I call "Cloud_Drive". After about 30 seconds, I get an error window that says
    "There was a problem connecting to the server "Cloud_Drive-TimeMachine"
    The server may not exist or it is unavailable at this time. Check the server name or IP address, check your network connection, and then try again.
    At this point the external drive is still visible in FInder and I can read/write to it from my iMac. I just cannot understand why Time Machine was working and then all of a sudden it stopped.
    I did go into the software management of the drive and found an area in which to turn Time Machine on on the drive's side. Which I never did before so I turned it on and then I'm prompted to enter the name of the computer and the ethernet ID. I entered the name of the iMac and I have tried using the WiFI MAC address - no luck getting TIme Machine to work and I've also entered Terminal, found a MAC address under the line titled "ether" and still the same result.
    I have also changed the destination of the Time Machine files on the external hard drive and the Time Machine wizard does write a sparcebundle file to that new location but still get the same error message above.

    Is it a firewire ext. HD?
    Yes, many are reporting same, there is a firewire fault and TB HD on external HD from LaCie (Seagate) and from WD especially.
    Technicians are looking into it.
    Until there is resolution, consider setting up a USB ext. Time machine HD.
    Until then consider confining Mavericks use with USB HD.
    Ive tested a long line of USB HD on Mavericks, all seem fine.

  • External WD drive not recognise by Time Machine

    i have a WD drive that i use to back up my macbook pro, last update it was an error and update was not completed, then it didn't allow me to properly eject the drive, so I just disconnect it, now when i plug it in mac doesn't recognise the disk, i have already 500giga back up there, any suggestion of what can i do?

    it was in disk utility but it says it cannot be repair, and I have all my backup sin this disk (500g)? can I still do something or should I take it an IT guy?
    The volume Time Machine Backups could not be verified completely.Volume repair complete.Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required.Error: Disk Utility can’t repair this disk. Back up as many of your files as possible, reformat the disk, and restore your backed-up files.

  • Lion won't copy files to multiple external hard drives at the same time

    Hi there,
    I upgraded my OS to Lion receently and I've noticed a bit of odd 'bug'
    I want to copy the same files/directories from my Mac to my 2 external USB hard drives, but I find that Lion only lets me copy the files one hard drive at a time and not simultaniously, whereas Leopard/ Snow Leopard would let copy the files over simultaniously.
    Has anyone else noticed this and is there a fix? I'm a photographer so I need 2 backups of the photographs I take and it's really annyoing that I can't transfer files simultaniously.
    I always use Lacie hard drives and I've also noticed the same thing with my WD hard drives. All of my externals have been indexed and at Mac formatted.
    Any help would be apprecated.

    By the way- I did create an Automator workflow to copy files to drives, and then I just use two copies of that workflow, and everything works fine. But I should just be able to drag and drop, this is not an elegant solution to a simple finder issue ...
    Download the workflow here:

  • Can I use one external hard drive for 3 of my Macs?

    I have a 2007 white MacBook, a 2011 MacBook Pro, and a 2013 MacBook Air.
    I want to be able to transfer all of my precious family photos off of my MacBook and Macbook Pro onto an external hard drive and then wipe those computers clean, and then I want to be able to backup and wipe clean my Macbook Air so that I can update it to Mavericks.
    Can I use one external hard drive to do this for three of my Macs? Will it be compatible with all of them? And will I still be able to use the hard drive with my Air once it is updated to Mavericks?
    Which hard drive do you recommend?

    1. Yes. Note that anything you want to keep should be on at least two drives in case one of them fails.
    2. Yes.
    3. Yes.

  • Use time machine to backup external hard drive (not main one)

    Hi all,
    I've searched for information on this and getting nowhere. Not sure if it's possible, but I have two USB hard drives now as I've run out of space on my laptop. So therefore I really use one of the hard drives for my main storage and drag files across to the other one to back that up.
    It would be easier if I could just use time machine to back up the one external hard drive to the other. I don't want to just replicate what's on my laptop hard drive.
    Does anyone know if this is possible? Would appreciate any help.

    Thanks for your reply V.K. much appreciated.
    I have gone into the options and I can see my external drives there, but for some reason I can't remove them from the exclusion list. I can add and remove the Laptop HD from this list, but for some reason the "-" button becomes disabled whenever I select the external Hard Drives.
    Is there a reason for this? I've been using both drives for a while, so they are both Mac formatted.
    Thanks again.

  • HT201250 I have two macbooks. Can I backup both machines using timemachine on one external hard drive?

    I have two MacBooks, both operating on different OS - Leopard and Snow Leopard. Can they both be backed upusing time machine onto one external hard drive?

    J D McIninch wrote:
    Actually, it does both. However, if you use two machines with the same name, it can pose a problem. If you mount the Time Machine drive and open the backup db directory, you'll note that the subdirectories are arranged by system name. The information about the ethernet MAC ID is in hidden files.
    Yes, as posted, to the user it's confusing  (and accessing your backups via the Finder is not recommended).
    Time Machine knows which is which, and will back up each Mac to the proper folder.  When/if you want to use the "Star Wars" display to view or restore from either Mac's backups, it will show the backups for the Mac you're on.

  • Two computers to one external hard drive problem, pram reset...

    I have a Powerbook 15" 1.0 Ghz and recently I made the mistake of connecting one external hard drive to two computers. My OWC External hard drive was connected to my powerbook via firewire 800 and my PC via firewire 400 with both on. There is a tiny little blurb on the external hard drive's instructions that says do not connect to more than one computer at a time but of course I didn't see that until after the fact. My powerbook was painfully slow so I restarted but it wouldn't come back on. I was instructed to reset the pram, which I succesfully did but now the powerbook is so slow it is unuseable. The pc works fine. Did I do any permanent damage? Do I need to reinstall OSX or what? I will kill myself if I fried something on my powerbook. Please help!!

    Disconnect all devices from your PowerBook as well as power and the battery for about 30 seconds. Put the battery and power back in/on and then reset both PRAM (3 consecutive times) and the PMU. Hopefull this'll bring it back to life.
    Otherwise, create a new user account and see if things are better there. It is possible that you have damaged software rather than hardware so a clean instal may do the trick.

  • Two very mobile laptops, one external hard drive, and iTunes?

    I'm very sorry if this has been answered, but I've searched a lot and haven't quite found the precise question I'm asking...
    My household has two iBooks (G3 and G4) wirelessly networked through an original Airport. Our music is completely digital, and we have no stereo. Each iBook has a different iTunes library. When we want to play the G3's music, we connect the G3 to a good set of speakers (pretending to be a stereo) through the mini jack. Same for the G4. This would be fine, except we're both running out of internal hard drive space.
    So, what we want to do is buy one external hard drive, both store our music files on it, and play music. A new drive in the mid-range should tide us both over till we can afford new computers.
    But this has raised a whole host of questions:
    1. How do we share a hard drive when we both have laptops that move about the house all the time? Sometimes the G3 sits on the desk playing music while the G4 sits on the couch checking email, and vice versa.
    2. Can we set up just one iTunes library on the hard drive that is fully accessible to whichever computer is connected to it, both in terms of playing and in terms of updating?
    3. But wouldn't that be terrible, anyway, because I couldn't sit on the couch and download new music into my iTunes folder automatically?
    4. And this leads to what I really, really, want, which is an external hard drive that is independently wirelessly accessible by both computers.
    5. Which in turn leads to the true wishlist, which is to be able to use AirTunes too. Then I could sit anywhere, access a shared library on either computer, and then stream it to my stereo.
    Is any of this possible? Am I missing the forest for the trees? Is there some big picture that I am just not seeing? I just want both computers to be mobile, to each have more space to store music, and each still be able to play that music without the other one having to be involved.
    Thanks a bunch -- Discussions is one of my favorite places to lurk for hours.
    - Kendra
    (BTW, I'd upgrade my Airport if it helped, or buy an Express. And I've seen a lot on Sharepoints, but am not sure if that's what I'm looking for.)

    Well to answer several questions at once, there are Ethernet (aka Network) Hard drives you can buy that hook up via ethernet. you could plug it in near your router and then plug the ethernet cable into one of the Router's ethernet ports and set up a network drive. It doesn't have to be connected directly to a computer. Here are two examples (shop around for price, size and features)...

  • Can I create an external boot drive for an updated Mac OS Maverick system?

    I'm currently running Mac OS Snow Leopard (10.6.8) on my 24" iMac and would like to clone my current drive to an external drive & then update that external drive to Mac OS Maverick. First, can this be done to create an external Boot drive for my iMac System? Secondly, can I then select the internal system (OS 10.6.8) or the external drive Maverick OS system at boot time?

    Probably will depend on just what your machine is - i.e. how current and fast is the internal hardware.
    Generally though, the performance booting off a firewire 800 should be fine for most things with little if any system lag.  My late-2008 MBP ( 2.53Ghz core-2 duo, 8GB RAM) runs quite well when booted from a firewire 800 drive (7200rpm - even my 5400rpm portable clone is perfectly useable).
    Just remember if using the external for a long or serious work session, if the power goes out, that external is not going to be powered off battery (I keep my full size external drives plugged into a UPS because of that).

  • How to use carbon copy cloner to back up two computer in one external hard drive

    I have only one external hard drive which is already used for backing up my old macbook.  Recently, i bought a macbook air.  Is it possible to use carbon copy cloner to backup my data from macbook air to same external hard drive?  If yes, is there anything I should be caucious?  If not, could you suggest any other software of other method to backup my macbook air?  Thanks!!

    Yes, provided you  have the space. You will need to create another partition on the drive to use as the backup volume for the new computer.
    To resize the drive do the following:
    1. Restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the COMMAND and R keys until the menu screen appears. Alternatively, restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the OPTION key until the boot manager screen appears. Select the Recovery HD and click on the downward pointing arrow button.
    After the main menu appears select Disk Utility and click on the Continue button. Select the hard drive's main entry then click on the Partition tab in the DU main window.
    2. You should see the graphical sizing window showing the existing partitions. A portion may appear as a blue rectangle representing the used space on a partition.
    3. In the lower right corner of the sizing rectangle for each partition is a resizing gadget. Select it with the mouse and move the bottom of the rectangle upwards until you have reduced the existing partition enough to create the desired new volume's size. The space below the resized partition will appear gray. Click on the Apply button and wait until the process has completed.  (Note: You can only make a partition smaller in order to create new free space.)
    4. Click on the [+] button below the sizing window to add a new partition in the gray space you freed up. Give the new volume a name, if you wish, then click on the Apply button. Wait until the process has completed.
    You should now have a new volume on the drive.
    It would be wise to have a backup of your current system as resizing is not necessarily free of risk for data loss.  Your drive must have sufficient contiguous free space for this process to work.

Maybe you are looking for