Type of External Drive to use with Time Machine

I just upgraded to Leopard & want to use Time Machine to back up my data. Is it better (i.e. faster) to use a FireWire or USB external drive, or doesn't it make a difference?

It's better, and faster, to use firewire.

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  • What sort of external drive to use with Time Machine

    Hi all,
    I was wondering if there are requirements to the sort of external drive Time Machine can use: does it have to be a FireWire drive or will an USB drive suffice? Additionally, what would be the best type?
    Wil Dieteren

    Time machine will per default do incremental backups on an hourly, daily weekly and monthly basis. Therefore you need an external harddrive that is larger than the harddrive you are backing up. Depending on how many changes and large files you work with, the requirements for the right size may vary.
    I'd suggest getting an external HD that is at least 150% of your HD. 200% would be more generous.
    I just bought an Iomega MiniMax 500GB and it works great with Time Machine (my iMac's HD is 320GB).

  • HT2477 what is the best external drive to use with time machine?

    I already have an external hard drive that I use to backup anything I want to then delete from my macbook air. I also use Carbonite to back up everything on my mac. I am looking to switch to Carbonite to Time Machine because it's free. Can you recommend a drive? How do most people use TM? Do you manually back up once a day or do you set it to constantly back up your files?

    I back up every day, I also have 2 back up drives, which you should also have, if your data is imporant to you.
    A Time Machine back up, and a clone (which is bootable)
    I use a OWC Elite,and a IOmega.
    Use Time Machine on OWC:
    ttp://eshop.macsales.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=adwords& gclid=COCM8O3uuLsCFSUOOgodVBEAOwuuLsCFSUOOgodVBEAOw
    http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=iomega+portable+hard+drives&tag=googhy dr-20&index=electronics&hvadid=3927029335&hvpos=1t2&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=2132 262008473015365&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=b&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_2k8gsvyzks_b
    These are but a few that are available for affordable prices, I have had very good performance from both, there is going to be many other opinions, and all are valid, I just sat stay away from WD as they have been problematic.
    Do a web search you will find tons of drives, at different prices, and capacities, choose one or better still two and back uo to 3 different systems.
    I use Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner:
    Also check into SuperDuper:
    Hope this helps

  • Partitioning an External 320gb drive for use with Time Machine and...

    I want to be able to use my Western Digital 320GB external drive for use with Time Machine and to use as extra storage space on both my Mac and when I boot into Windows Vista.
    Is this possible?
    I was playing around in Disk Utility and would I partition the part I want to use for Time Machine with the Mac OS Journaled, and whatever I want as space for windows, use a MS - DOS format?
    Has anyone done this before?

    Unless you are using 64 bit version of MSWindows (64 bit XP/Vista), it won't be able to handle a disk with GUID partition table (GPT). Disks with Apple Partition Map (APM) or GUID partition table are the only ones that Time Machine will work with (not MBR disks). Note also that the MBR/APM/GPT are at the DISK level and not the partition level, so don't mix the format with partitioning scheme. Time Machine disks are meant to live in the Mac universe (for now, anyway) and sharing with the MSWindows 32-bit universe is not possible.
    See http://img87.imageshack.us/my.php?image=macpcdiskdd06sv8.png for some additional background.

  • Perfect Hard Drive To Use With Time Machine?

    Has anyone found out what's the perfect External Hard Drive to use with Time Machine?
    I have experience with a few of WD's My Book models (Essential, Pro and Studio). The problem with all of them is that they automatically keep switching themselves off (spin down) and on (spin up) throughout the day, in an effort to save power. But it's actually quite annoying. The My Book drive will automatically turn itself off, and then turn back on again within the space of one minute. Also, going to use Spotlight (even if you've excluded Time Machine Backups from being indexed) will automatically prompt the My Book drive to turn back on, which introduces a small delay to using Spotlight.
    Does anyone make an External Hard Drive, with a Firewire 400 or 800 connection, that stays on ALL the time and doesn't automatically make decisions about when it should spin down or spin up?

    I'am using a 500Gb Freecom Pro Hard Drive connected on USB via my Cinema Display. I so forget about it that I often forget to disconnect it from my laptop before leaving the office... Never complained about it
    Btw, it does not implements the energy saver Auto turn off/on feature which I don't need cause the time it could mostly be really useful is by night. As it stops when I disconnect the USB and start again when I connect it back.. this is perfect to me.
    I must say I'm quite happy with every Freecom product I bought and this one certainly don't break the rule

  • TS1338 I have 4 Trojan Horse viruses on my external drive I use for Time Machine.  My MacBook Pro hard drive is clean.  I have eased the external drive 3 times using Disk Utility and it still has the 4 Trojan Horse viruses. How do I get rid of them. Wayne

    I have 4 Trojan Horse viruses on my external drive I use for Time Machine.  My MacBook Pro hard drive is clean.  I have eased the external drive 3 times using Disk Utility and it still has the 4 Trojan Horse viruses. How do I get rid of them. I am using 10.8.3  Wayne

    ksu62 wrote:
    The infection names are:  classload.jar-719ef6a5.zip
    Those look alot like file names and not infection names. I don't find any reference to anything like that on Norton or VirusTotal. Since you said these were Trojans, I would expect to see "Trojan" as part of the infection name.
    ".jar" files are executable Java applets. The random alpha-numerics would seem to indicate a cache file, likely from a browser with Java enabled. And we all know what ".zip" means.
    Worst case is that you had Java enabled in a browser and were infected by one of the late variants of the Flashback Trojan over a year ago or one of a couple of other attacks using the same vulnerability but targetted against a small number of political sympathizers. Much more probable is that thes were Windows only Trojans. Hopefully you have a fully up-to-date OS X, including Java, and have disabled Java in all your browsers by now.

  • External HD for use with Time Machine

    I have a new MacBook Pro with 320GB HD. I want to buy an external HD to use with Time Machine for a back up. HOw much capacity should I be looking at for the external? Is 500GB enough or is it possible to partition a 1TB unit for use as backup and extra storage (photos, music, etc...)?
    This should have been posted in the late model forum. Sorry.

    tsoup2u wrote:
    Can I use disk utility to partition once plug in HD?
    Yes, you can. Click the Partition tab. Click options and set the partition scheme to GUID. One option is to have one partition a bit smaller than your internal HDD, which you can use for a bootable clone (SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner).
    See this post for a great discussion of backup strategies:

  • Quiet external hard drive for use with Time Machine?

    Few questions related to Time Machine:
    1- what external hard drive that would be good to use with Time Machine, that also runs relatively quietly? Since TM runs 24/7, am looking for one that is quieter than my current G-tech.
    2- Please confirm what size is optimal relative to the size of the internal hard drive.
    3- I currently use a separate external hard drive as my bootable disc.  Is it possible/preferable to have these be on one and the same drive?
    Thank you.

    1. I like these (have three of them) - literally whisper quiet:
    2. You should allow 2 - 3 times your internal drive's size for TM.
    3. No, it'd be best to be on another drive - you can create separate partitions, but if/when the drive fails, both of your backups would be gone. So, keep your clone on a separate disk. In fact, it's good to have two different backups.

  • External hard drive to use with Time Machine? Thoughts?  Mac newbie.

    Hello. Switched to an imac and have loved the experience. Was just about to buy an external hard drive when apple announced the time capsule. I've been holding off thinking I would purchase one but now I'm re-thinking it.
    Between music, videos and pictures, I currently have about 400gb of stuff (and it will grow). My main concern is backing up (archiving) a copy of these files. Backing up other system files is a second concern after that.
    I'm thinking of buying a 1TB external hard drive, firewire capable, partitioning part of it to be an archive drive, and the other part to use with time machine. Skip the time capsule.
    Will that work? Other recommendations?
    If so, any recommendations on a quiet, reasonably sized (i.e. doesn't take up the entire corner of the desk), 1tb external hard drive?

    Clayton, if you're only backing up one Mac, then you can purchase any good, reputable 750 GB or 1 TB external drive.
    1) Reliability is key here. You want a drive that works. Various people have complained about Western Digital (me included), so take that into consideration.
    2) Quiet is important. You have a quiet computer -- why louse up the working environment with a noisy drive?
    3) FW (Firewire) 800 is faster than FW400, which is faster than USB. But once you get the initial backup done, it really doesn't matter how fast the drive is, because it works in the background and doesn't hamper your work. And if you DO need to restore your entire computer via Time Machine (I've done it), speed is less important than reliability. Even if it takes 3 hours, you'll be grateful. So while some may counsel you to get a 'fast' drive, reliability is more important.
    4) On FW versus USB, you'll hear many claims. Again the key is reliability versus speed. A good USB drive is fine for what you are doing; FW is faster. Some folks have had problems with one or the other, so hear what they have to say.
    5) Every drive dies. That's true for any electromechanical device. Don't think you've solved your backup problems by plugging in a drive and walking away. Your most critical files need a second backup, be it to a DVD, CD, thumb drive, network drive -- something. The more critical it is, the more backups you need. If you're writing your Ph.D. thesis, by definition you can't have too many backups
    6) Convenience matters. You can 'roll your own' drive if you have experience -- buy a case, buy a drive, assemble, etc. But it's many times easier, particularly for a Time Machine backup drive, to just buy a reliable (there's that word again) external HD off the shelf.
    7) Finally, follow directions. Apple tells you how to set up a TM drive. Do it their way. That means, format the brand new drive and make it a 'GUID' partition. Use the Apple Disk Utility. Follow directions.
    Good luck,

  • Any Recommendations for External HD to use with Time Machine?

    Have been using Time Capsule wireless as my drive for Time Machine back-ups for a couple of years with mixed success. It also serves as a wireless router for internet service between all devices in my household.
    Was recently recommended to me to invest in an external firewired hard drive to use for Time Machine so now I'm presented with a dilemma: Which one to choose?
    Need 3 Terabytes and I'm looking at the Iomega Mac Companion (3TB) but see that Apple has discontinued selling it from its store and there's an issue with using USB and FW simultaneously.
    Looking for feedback from anyone whose used this device and/or recommendations on another 3TB drive to purchase.
    Thanks in advance.

    From that broad page The hatter suggested, these specific enclosures (with or without a drive pre-installed) are pretty good.
    The one at the bottom that says 0GB is the same enclosure empty, so that you can pick a separate drive mechanism to install in it. That way you can order the exact drive you want, instead of having them choose from what they have on hand.
    Wireheads will choose the 0GB and install the drive they prefer, most "regular" folks just buy it with a drive already installed and it works (after initializing) right out of the box, no assembly required.

  • Best hard drive for use with Time Machine

    Has anyone determined what the best external hard drive is for use with Time Machine? Is there a particular one that works exceptionally well with Time Machine, or is it much of a muchness?
    I'm looking for a Firewire 400 & Firewire 800 drive that STAYS ON all the time, and doesn't automatically spin down or spin up like the rubbish WD My Book drives do.

    I can't tell you if it is the "best" hard drive for you to use with TM, but I'm quite happy with the 500 GB Buffalo Technology DriveStation Combo TurboUSB I bought recently. It is quiet, quite inexpensive for the capacity (I paid about $120 for one on sale at Fry's), & completely compatible with OS X & TM.
    Best of all for me, it automatically powers down when my iMac sleeps. It also spins down after a time if the Mac's Energy Saver preference "Put hard disk(s) to sleep when possible" is checked; otherwise it remains spun up until the Mac is put to sleep or switched off.
    It comes with "Turbo" USB & Memeo "AutoBackup" software, neither of which I installed. (The box didn't claim these extras came in a Mac version but both Mac & Windows versions were included on the CD.) Out-of-the-box, I reformatted the drive with the Apple Partition Map scheme & two partitions, a 160 GB one for cloning my internal drive & the rest for TM. The drive works perfectly for both uses & seems quite fast, as one would expect from a 7200 rpm SATA drive.

  • Which External Drives are compatible with Time Machine.  I plan to utilize it for backups and to connect to an Airport Extreme.

    MBP Retina, 15 inch, Late 2013. Intel Core i7.  OSX 10.9.4
    Which External Hard Drives are compatible with Time Machine.
    I plan to use one drive for automatic backups connected to an Airport Extreme.
    The connection can be USB or Ethernet and should be expandable.
    should I just buy the Time capsule and avoid the compatibility, connection and interference issues.

    Hi Kappy,
    I just saw that on the Apple Support site that "Time Machine is not supported with USB hard drives that are connected to an AirPort Express or AirPort Extreme device", just as you have suggested.
    Why is the newest model of the Airport Extreme, which is the model I have, an exception to the Time Machine compatibility?
    The following information is from Apple website:
    Time Machine works with:
    AirPort Time Capsule's built-in hard drive (any model)
    External USB hard drive connected to AirPort Time Capsule (any model)
    An external hard drive connected to your Mac
    Use the Time Machine pane of System Preferences to choose your backup disk(s).
    Additional Information
    Time Machine is not supported with USB hard drives that are connected to an AirPort Express or AirPort Extreme device.

  • What is best hard drive to use with Time Machine?

    I was using a WD Passport 2TB external drive for my Time Machine backup for iMac which has a 3TB drive.  The drive is almost 1 year old and only bought it to for backing up with Time Machine.  The drive failed when I tried to restore a iPhoto database to my iMac on Sunday. Today on Tuesday evening. Time Machine said it could not perform a successful back up due to Disk Failure. I ran the disk utility and it gave me error. I had to erase and reformat the drive. 
    I was able to erase and reformat the drive and ran the disk utlity again. And it says it is working fine. I dont plan to use these portable drives for backing.
    I think its time to get a better Hard Drive for my Time Machine backups. Any suggestions? 

    WD commercial drives for consumers are the worst,  as meant their "green / blue / red" series.
    The best are Hitachi and Toshiba both statistically and otherwise.
    BEST FOR THE COST, Toshiba "tiny giant" 15mm thick  2TB drive (have several of them, lots of storage in tiny package)    $100
    http://www.amazon.com/Toshiba-Canvio-Connect-Portable-HDTC720XK3C1/dp/B00CGUMS48     /ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1390020791&sr=8-3&keywords=toshiba+2tb
    best options for the price, and high quality HD:
    Quality 1TB drives are $50 per TB on 3.5" or  $65 per TB on 2.5"
    Perfect 1TB for $68
    http://www.amazon.com/Toshiba-Canvio-Portable-Hard-Drive/dp/B005J7YA3W/ref=sr_1_ 1?ie=UTF8&qid=1379452568&sr=8-1&keywords=1tb+toshiba
    Nice 500gig for $50. ultraslim perfect for use with a notebook
    http://www.amazon.com/Toshiba-Canvio-Portable-External-Drive/dp/B009F1CXI2/ref=s     r_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1377642728&sr=1-1&keywords=toshiba+slim+500gb
    *This one is the BEST portable external 2.5" HD available that money can buy:
    HGST Touro Mobile 1TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive $88
    http://www.amazon.com/HGST-Mobile-Portable-External-0S03559/dp/B009GE6JI8/ref=sr     _1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1383238934&sr=8-1&keywords=HGST+Touro+Mobile+Pro+1TB+USB+3.0+7 2 00+RPM
    Most storage experts agree on the Hitachi 2.5"
    Hitachi is the winner in hard drive reliability survey:
    Hitachi manufacturers the safest and most reliable hard drives, according to the Storelab study. Of the hundreds of Hitachi hard drives received, not a single one had failed due to manufacturing or design errors. Adding the highest average lifespans and the best relationship between failures and market share, Hitachi can be regarded as the winner.

  • Advice - External HD for use with Time Machine?

    Just wanted to know what's best for me to buy. Looking into what's available has only made me more confused...
    I want a HD that:
    - Works well with Time Machine and my Macbook
    - Will copy everything from my computer rather than drag-and-drop or manual file choice (although that's more the program I use than the HD itself, right; Time Machine does that as far as I know?)
    - Enough space for all of my video files from my video camera (there's quite a lot of them)
    I want to start deleting some video files from my computer and my video camera but I don't want to lose them, so that's the major use really. As long as they'll all fit and if I want one back on my computer again it'll be easy enough to find it and put it back on...
    Any ideas? Keep in mind that I live in Perth, Western Australia...
    (And I apologise for the ignorance/lack of proper techy terms!)

    Hi Eleanor,
    I'm from Sydney so it's great to see another Aussie on here! Welcome to the forum.
    Just a couple of points that I would keep in mind in addition to the correct advice already given:
    Apple recommends having a dedicated drive for Time Machine, so ideally you wouldn't use it for anything else. Also, as a guideline, they recommend having a Time Machine drive at least twice as large as the primary drive in your computer so that enough space is always available. The more space, the further back your backups will go before needing to be written over.
    You can put other stuff on the drive but ideally it's better (if your budget allows) to get a second external drive for video camera files and the like. Those video files also grow pretty big as you've probably noticed, so they will need room to move as well. External drives are cheaper than ever, so two drives is the best bet.
    One final recommendation/option is to go for a Time Capsule as your Time Machine drive. The benefit here is that it works wirelessly so you won't have to plug it into your USB/firewire port at all. It just backs up without any action from you whatsoever, which is what makes it ideal. If you don't yet have a WiFi network, here's your chance to dive in. If you do, it's a natural fit for your network.
    So my ultimate recommendation is: 1) Time Capsule 2) USB/firewire drive.
    I hope that helps!
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  • Which format for external hard drive to use with time machine backup and connect to windows laptop?

    Hi!  I have an external hard drive on which I have transferred my iTunes library (just mine - not others).  I have also a folder containing just films (some but not all of which are in iTunes too)  Everything has been working just fine until yesterday I noticed that Time Machine was not including the external hard drive in back up as it wasn't formatted.  So I have moved everything back to the Mac hard drive and and ready to format the external hard drive - but understand that if I do the contents cannot be opened from a windows laptop ...  is that right?  Is there are format I could choose that would allow Time Machine to back up and allow Windows to open as well (the idea being that I take the external hard drive with me on holidays etc!!)  Many thanks for any advice. 

    ok - I understand.  I have managed so far to format the drive (on windows) to exFAT file system - which apparently works with both Windows and Mac - but you're  correct - it will not be included in time machine backup as I have checked the back up files and Samsung is not showing.  Reckon I'm onto having to buy yet another portable hard drive just for windows - or of course buy myself a new mac book!!  Can I ask you please - does the drive have to be clear of everything before I change the format - or can I change it with the files still in there?  Also, got any quick ways duplicating the files onto another External Hard drive (for use on the windows laptop)  At the moment the files are taking 2/3 hours + to copy over!  Thank you! 

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