Unable to capture user comments and responder in RESPOND API

We are building a custom application that uses Oracle Workflow underneath. The application users and responsibilities have been integrated into Workflow. Notifications are acknowledged and responded to directly from the application using the PL/SQL Notification APIs.
When using the wf_notification.respond API with the appropriate user and comment information filled in, we are still unable to capture the responder information as well as the reponders comments. In other words, the RESPONDER and USER_COMMENT fields in the WF_NOTIFICATION is blank. However, the response does seem to go through otherwise. Do we need to set some kind of user context outside of just setting the response attributes and calling the respond API? Following is the code....
               'RESULT'          ,
-- This procedure then caused the WF to advance to next step
-- Respond to notification, depends on RESULT setattrtext above
owf_mgr.wf_notification.respond(     p_nid, -- notification id     
     p_respond_comment,     -- response_comment
p_responder     );     --responder role
Any help is greatly appreciated.

If you are on 11.5.10 or greater or standalone 2.6.4 if you pass the responder value to wf_notification.respond API it should be updated in wf_notifications.responder column. The comments is now updated in wf_comments table against the notification id and not wf_notifications.user_comment column.
Thanks, Vijay

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    The easiest way to do like/unlike voting is use facebook´s like/unlike button generator at http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/ to create a code. You can set up the appearance and some features of your button and you will end up having an iFrame code. You can add that code into your html-wrapper file with some regular texteditor like wordPad....
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    Hi Deepthi,
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    Best regards

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    There are substitution strings you can use for this purpose.
    1.APP_USER ------is the current user running the application
    2.SYSDATE --------represents the current date on the database server
    APP_USER Syntax
    Bind variable------ :APP_USER
    PL/SQL------- V('APP_USER')
    Substitution string---------- &APP_USER.
    Bind variable------- :SYSDATE_YYYYMMDD
    Your application will be based on a table with primary key column. You create a 'before update trigger' on that table and add columns 'UPDATED_ON' and 'UPDATED_BY' to that table. Add the following to that trigger:

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    Thanks Chris

    According to your post, my understanding is that you want to force the users to enter comments when Unpublish a document.
    We can use jQuery and Client Object Model to achieve it.
    Popup an add comments dialog when click "Unpublish this version" and use
    File.UnPublish method to add the comments.
    We can also use SPFile.UnPublish Method in the Event Receiver
    ItemUpdated method.
    Dennis Guo
    TechNet Community Support
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Subscriber Support, contact
    [email protected]
    Dennis Guo
    TechNet Community Support

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    I need to capture the user's action into an internal table and then pass this value into a function module to update the standard table, Can someone suggest me how to proceed further on this issue ? Kindly let me know if you have any sample piece of code related to this scenario...
    thanks in advance.

    DATA: date TYPE d,
          flag TYPE c LENGTH 1,
          wa   TYPE c LENGTH 10.
      date = sy-datum.
      DO 10 TIMES.
        date = date + sy-index.
        WRITE: / flag AS CHECKBOX, (10) date.
        READ LINE sy-index FIELD VALUE flag
                                       date INTO wa.
        IF sy-subrc <> 0.
        ELSEIF flag = 'X'.
          WRITE / wa.

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    Printing is nothing to do with database transaction. SP will not apply here. You may only try SDK.

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    We wrote a simple checkin filter long back for the Dynamix Prefix functionality.
    We have written an If Clause to restrict running this for any services other than CHECKIN related ones, by checking the value of IDCService parameter
    There is a scenario where users copy files present in one folder in UCM and paste it under another folder (thus creating a new content item altogether), using Webfolders.
    In 10g, even this case produced correct Prefix as service name. We used to have "validateStandard" filter used for this activity.
    In 11g, due to some complications and changed filters, we started using "preComputeDocName" filter.
    In 11g PS3, We are unable to capture IDCService here and hence unable to assign Dynamic Prefix. Any suggestions?
    Currently we only fire the code if IdcService contains "CHECKIN_" or "WEBDAV_PUT" or "COLLECTION_COPY"

    Office X is problematic in SL and it's a bit obsolete since it's almost ten years old. Student version of office is relatively inexpensive. BTW, I can't solve your issues, since I moved to Office '04 six years ago.

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    Hi Experts,
    We need to capture user comments displayed in either the REVIEW or the APPROVAL Self Service page for reporting purpose.
    Checked HR tables and Workflow Notification tables, but was not able to find these user comments data.
    Thanks in advance.

    I am extracting data from these three tables along with an activity history view. Note that only comments to "Salary Changes" are stored in the P_COMMENTS of the transaction values table. User comments entered by Personnel actions initiator to approver, or approver's comments do not exist in the values table. Please provide the table name and column name storing the user comments described above if you know their storage location. Thanks.

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    2) Accessing Shared Reviews on a network folder (set up on a Windows 2008 server) via a Mac running OSX 10.6.4 and Acrobat 9. All users have read/write access to the folder and can navigate to it via the server. They can save documents to the network folder and open other documents there as well. When they open a Shared Review-enabled PDF for commenting, they get the error message that Acrobat cannot connect to the server. Retry results in the same error message.
    We use Shared Reviews extensively and have no problems with PC users accessing the files and Mac users accessing them via Windows (Parallels or on a PC). This is very frustrating so I would really appreciate any ideas, especially if anyone is actually doing Shared Reviews this way.

    Unfortunately, this is NOT fixed based on the testing I have done.
    1) I am still unable to connect to the network folder on a Windows server from the Mac to initiate a Shared Review In Acrobat version 9.4.6. Same error message as previous Unable to locate server. See screenshot:
    2) One of the Mac users (also upgraded to Acrobat 9.4.6) who was invited to participate in a Shared Review (initiated using Parallels/Windows) was initially able to open the file and Publish comments. However, after she did and closed the file, she was unable to reopen the same file, connect to the server and add comments. And no other Mac user could access the file after she added her first comments. We all got the error message "Unable to connect etc" See screenshot.
    3) I opened the same file in Parallels/Windows with no problem. However, the Mac user's comments were not there. I could add comments and publish in Windows.
    4) When I tried to access the Tracker from my Mac (review was initiated via Parallels), I got the error message File not Found when I tried to access the test review via my Mac (see screenshot).
    Could you give me more information about the fix? I would also be happy to talk to you or send more details if that would help.
    Our set up has not changed from the original information I sent (there may have been some Mac updates -- we are all on OS 10.6.8 but still Snow Leopard). Server has not changed.

  • Unable to capture startup and shutdown event of Photoshop in automation Plugin.

    I am creating an automation plugin and I want to register some events. I have seen listener plugin sample to register event in startup and unregister event in shutdown. I have used same code in my plugin but I am unable to capture the startup nad shutdown event of Photoshop. On clicking the menu item of my plugin the calls come inside the AutoPluginMain but during the startup or shutdown of plugin, the calls does not come inside the AutoPluginMain.
    I am unable to detect the cause of the problem. Can someone please giude me??
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for the suggestion.
    Yes, I am working on Windows. As you suggested, I compiled .rc file but the compile option for .r file was disabled. After compiling the .rc file, I again rebuild the complete project and tested my build. But still I was not able to achive the desired result.
    Any other thing that I need to do to make it work?

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    I am unable to capture in FCP, Quicktime and iMovie.
    I have been dealing with this problem for quite a while now, and I think I have tried everything posted on these forums regarding this issue. I have been to the Quicktime, iMovie, and this FCP forum looking for the solution. Hopefully someone has a suggestion that I have missed or have not tried yet. I have a Powerbook G4 running OSX Tiger 10.4. I am running Quicktime 7.04, and FCP 4.5.
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    Here are the details…
    - Camera is connect via Firewire. I have tried the built in ports, as well as a Firewire Carbus card.
    - OSX recognizes the Canon ZR-200 in the System Profiler, so I know the computer sees the camera.
    - I have tried the camera on a Windows XP machine, and capture works perfectly, so I know the camera is functioning properly in VTR mode.
    - Deleted my FCP pref’s using FCP Rescue.
    - Deleted the Quicktime receipts, and re-installed Quicktime 7.04
    - Reverted back to Quicktime 7.01
    - Set the audio to 44.1 in the the Audio MIDI setup in the Utilities folder
    - Tried the “GarageBand” fix, opening the programing, playing a few notes and closing.
    - I have installed Quicktime using the program “Yank” to completely delete Quicktime and re-install.
    I may have tried more solutions, but these are the fixes that I can recall.
    If anyone has any others suggestions, it would be much appreciated.

    Hi Brent:
    Although it looks as if you have tried all of the 'fixes' that are normally suggested here, please read through this Apple Article to see if some obscure thing applies to you.
    iMovie: Cannot see or control camera

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