Urgent : SSRS reports zoom in option is not working in IE9 compatability view

We have SSRS reports which when viewed in IE 9 compatability view, zoom in option is not working properly.
SSRS report have 4 charts inside a rectangle. when zoom in from 100% to 50% only rectangle shrinkes not the charts.
Please let me know why it is happening and solutions if any?
Rakesh Jayaram http://blogs.msdn.com/b/rakesh_ramblings/

Hi Wendy Fu,
Thanks for your support. Below are the steps and screenshots as per your requirement.
/*******************Below are the steps to replicate ************************/
This document explain IE9 compatibility issue with SSRS report (SSRS 2008 R2 and IE9)
Tools and software used:
Reports are rendered on Share Point 2010 server which uses SSRS 2008 R2.
Reports are accessed using web browser IE9, IE10 ….
Problem statement:
To work OTHER reports compatibility mode in IE should be ON
To work SSRS reports (mainly zoom) compatibility mode in IE should be OFF
OTHER report is being used by customer and they will start using SSRS reports as well. While using both OTHER reports and SSRS reports customer do not prefer to keep switching between compatibility modes.
“Browser Mode: IE9”
Steps to reproduce Zoom issue for SSRS report with Compatibility mode is given below:
Step-1: Select Tools menu -> Compatibility View Settings
Below setting is suggested for OTHER users so tick as shown below,
Step-2: On decision center select link and Open the report home page and click the link to open the report.
Step-3: On SSRS reports Change Zoom level from 100% to say 50%. Here all charts are not moved with container frame.
If “Browser Mode: IE8” is set with following steps then this issue does not happen.
Press F12 and from and select IE8 as shown below.
     Press F12 again so this will set the mode and then try Zoom option it works fine. However this setting temporary and will remain for the session only.
If compatibility mode is OFF then also this does not happen. Please see image below.
Rakesh Jayaram http://blogs.msdn.com/b/rakesh_ramblings/

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