User mailboxes have more server-side rule options then shared mailboxes?

I was hoping to set up some server-side rules to keep a shared mailbox clean.  The goal was to have some rules to move incoming messages to specific folders based off words in the subject.  I opened the shared mailbox in OWA and found the action
of moving the message to a folder was not available.  At first I figured that's an action that's only available in a client-side rule.  However, I then found that in my user mailbox that action is available server-side.  It would appear there
are a number of other action that are available server side to user but not shared mailboxes.
Anybody else notice this?  Is this a bug?
Single Exchange 2013 SP1 server - nothing fancy.

I have a test in my environment using Exchange 2013. We can use two methods to create rules in OWA. When I open shared mailbox via OWA to create rules, only one way is possible. I recommend you use this way to create rules in OWA and check the result. Here
is the detailed steps for your reference.
Click Setting icon (on the right corner) -> Options -> organize email -> New
Hope it helps.
Best regards,
Amy Wang
TechNet Community Support

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    We have a solution that generates custom x-header on all emails (via an Outlook Add-in).  Using Outlook, User A creates a server-side rule which forwards messages onto User B.  User B receives a message without the custom
    x-header.  My question is how can I retain the custom x-header, at the moment I cannot think of any way!
    The server-side rule can use 'forward as attachment' which keeps the custom x-header in the attached message, but the 'inline forward' action (where the forward message is embedded into the body of the new message) doesn't.  Requirement is for both
    types of forwarding to function!

    Have you looked at using a Transport Rule instead ?, because Transport Rules allow you to process messages in the Transport Pipeline you should be able to copy the Forward recipient on the message and that will means they will get an exact copy of the

  • Server side rule filtering and message colorization

    I've been using server side rule filtering (Sieve) to handle all my mail filtering, mainly because I don't have a .Mac account and I have multiple machines that I access my mail from. This setup works really well except I have not been able to figure out how to color a message.
    I've searched and read through emails, but I haven't seen anything else about this problem. I even found a message that had been colorized by Mail's Junk filter, and found that Mail adds an additional mime part onto the message which is a property list that specifies the color of the message.
    What I really want is some way that I can set a header on my message, which Mail will see and apply that color to the message when it caches it on my Mac. A lot of my messages get moved to specific folders, but I still want to colorize them, and as far as I've seen, Mail's rules only work on messages that end up in the INBOX.
    Although I fear that its not possibly, I figured I'd ask for help if anyone has encountered similar problem and solved it.

    The IMAP-protocol (I suppose that's the one you use, otherwise server side mail filtering won't be visible in does not have any mechanism to transmit colorization information to the client. You have to set up these manually on each client.

  • Calling PL/SQL from Server Side Rule

    Hi there,
    I'm wanting to call a PL/SQL procedure from a server side rule created within collaboration suite using the oesrl command line utility. I have seen examples of the XML rule which should do this together with the appropriate PL/SQL
    <account qualifiedName="UM_SYSTEM" ownerType="system">
    <rulelist event="relay">
    <rule description="Retention Rule" active="yes">
    <condition negation="no" junction="and">
    <attribute tag="rfc822to"/>
    <operator caseSensitive="no" op="contains"/>
    <command tag="call"/>
    The above should call the Procedure RulesPackage.archive_message when an email to anyone at arrives in OCS. I have written and tested an appropriate package. However, I have been unable to get the rule to execute and call my PL/SQL when I send an email to trigger it.
    I have written rules which do not invoke external packages without any trouble.
    I believe the problem is that I need to register the PL/SQL package with the rules engine somehow, before the rule can find it, but I am uncertain how to do this, or even if that is indeed what I need to do.
    Any help would be most appreciated as the documentation doesn't go into too much detail.
    I am using OCS R2.

    Could you please check the structure of the procedure "RulesPackage.archive_message" ? It may fail due to procedure structure.
    The structure should be similar to the below example
    PROCEDURE archive_message
    (p_event IN NUMBER,
    p_sessionid IN NUMBER,
    p_msgobj IN es_mail.mail_message_obj,
    p_param1 IN VARCHAR2,
    p_param2 IN VARCHAR2,
    p_status OUT NUMBER) AS
    /* Code for Archving */
    Relevant URL: (Please check Step 2 of "A Custom Action Written in Java")

  • Server side rule and procCall - only in es_mail schema

    I am trying to call procedures in the procCall tag of a server side rule, but I cannot make it work for procedures that are not in the es_mail schema.
    I tried creating synonyms and I am dead sure my grants are correct, but as soon as I add a schema name in front of the call it stops working.
    Is this correct, people of Oracle, and why?

    The IMAP-protocol (I suppose that's the one you use, otherwise server side mail filtering won't be visible in does not have any mechanism to transmit colorization information to the client. You have to set up these manually on each client.

  • Home pc is under my husband's user id, I have an iPad and iPhone under my apple id.  I have more music on my iPad then on pc or iPhone.  If I set up synching over wifi for my devices... What do they sync to?  Will the songs on iPad be added to phone/pc?

    Home pc is under my husband's user id, I have an iPad and iPhone under my apple id.  I have more music on my iPad then on pc or iPhone.  If I set up itunes synching over wifi for my devices... What do they sync to?  Will the songs on iPad be added to phone/pc?  Or will the iPad and iPhone be synced (matched) to pc and reflect what is on that device?

    Home Sharing is designed to work on your local network not across the internet/cloud.
    Stuff is accessed under the Computers column where your local iTunes library on a local computer would appear.
    Home Sharing would share your iTunes content (i.e. stuff stored in itunes on the computer, not in the cloud) with AppleTV or an iPad etc on the SAME network.
    AppleTV2 will not be able to see itunes content on the work computer over the internet.  It's not designed to.  if the work computer was on the home network it would.
    iCloud is in it's infancy and is not a mature product - iTunes TV Show purchases appear on AppleTV, but currently music does not unless you are subscribed to iTunes Match. I find this rather odd to be honest, along with the inability to buy music on AppleTV2.  Movies purchased in iTunes are not authorised for iCloud viewing currently either.
    Maybe it has something to do with iTunes Match 'getting in the way' - i think they assume you'll use that whereas you really want to be able to access Purchased music from the cloud without subscribing to itunes Match which is overkill for some.

  • Within reason it would be better and more secure for user to have more latitude in Id and password security. We can make a tool so difficult that it loses its usefulness. the need to write down scores of passwords to make a control freak happy stinks

    The balance between security and ease of use is way out of control with Apple. Where does Security end and Controlfreak begin I have a very secure password that I use on many really high security programs and applications where peoples lives, safety and finances are at risk. There has never ever been a problem because I have chosen the usernames and passords  carefully, I use them all the time so I don't forget them. If I wrote different ones down so that I could access them from different locations that would be a huge violation of security.
    This policy is so extreme that it makes the tools that Apple makes available. I have used Apple as my music management system for years. This has become so impossible that I am going to have to convert to another system. This will cause me time and work. This is quite un-necessary. Control freaks are hard to deal with.I give up, I'm going to go away.

    I have no idea what your issue is, but if you want to comment to Apple, use their feedback page:
    Posting complaints here, and in particular threats to go to other products, where only we your fellow users will be likely to see them do no one any good. None of us here will really care if you decide that iTunes doesn't work for you and you have chosen to shift to some other product. That's you perogative as a consumer.

  • Server-Side Rules

    How can I add more than one event on my SSR XLM file? I need to make a rule for internal and external mails but i only can add one of them.

    If someone need to do the same here it is!
    <account qualifiedName="UM_SYSTEM" ownerType="system">
    <rulelist event="reception">
    <rule description="Reception max recipients" group="all" active="yes" visible="yes">
    <condition negation="no" junction="and">
    <command tag="reject" />
    <parameter>Param X</parameter>
    <rulelist event="relay">
    <rule description="Relay max recipients" group="all" active="yes" visible="yes">
    <condition negation="no" junction="and">
    <procCall> RulesPackage.myCondition2</procCall>
    <command tag="reject" />
    <parameter>Param Y</parameter>
    Good Luck!

  • Exchange/Outlook 2010 Server Side Rule

    Hi guys,
    Does anyone know what happens with regards to rule that forwards email received to a new destination (in this case a contact) but the outbound message size limit is breached.  In normal operation Outlook would pop-up a message indicating but what happens
    in the case of the rule.  Would it fail and retry or what?
    Cheers Andy

    Good question. It seems our enterprise Exchange team have set the inbound message limit to 35MB and the outbound to 25MB. This therefore plays havoc with journaling to an external source.
    Just trying to determine if it would just silently fail or cause anything else.
    Appreciate the help.
    Cheers Andy
    Interesting. Where is that set exactly? On the receive and send connectors or the global limits?
    The global limits should match for the send and receive limits and be equal to the highest allowed message size.
    Twitter!: Please Note: My Posts are provided “AS IS” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.

  • I have changed the side switch option to fix muting and orientation lock, but if I fix muting I have orientation lock and if I fix orientation lock I have the muting problem. How do I fix both?

    What should I do, Ive tried the tap home button twice side switch trick, but i can only solve one problem then the other one pops up how can I solve both problems permanently?

    Push the switch to the up position.

  • More about public website option in shared photo stream

    Can you require a password/authentication to enter the public website of the shared photo stream?
    I want to share photos with non-Apple users. I know how to do this - through electing the 'public website' option 'so anyone can view them' when creating the shared photo stream.
    My question focuses on how secure is this public website? Does it really mean "anyone" in the public could technically view them whether or not I added them to the subscriber list? Is it possible to require a password for my subscribers to view the website?
    I'd be sharing family photos of my new baby boy and I'm not wild about the idea that any "Joe Schmoe" out there could potentially view them if they somehow found or got access to the link to the shared photo stream.
    You could do this with MobileMe through the My Gallery. If iCloud is supposed to be "superior" to MobileMe, I would think sharing photos with people, even non-Apple users, securely would be even easier with iCloud.

    Incidentally you mght like to look at SmugMug - this allows password protection of galleries, together with a password hint if required.

  • HT4914 when you have more than 25000 songs, what then?

    When you have over 25.000 songs on your Ex. HD. What t do then?

    Here is a really simple solution that I use for my Library of over 25,000.
    First of all, iMatch does not count "Voice Memo" media, so I had to make decisions on what songs I want to have available for all of my devices.
    What I did was cange the media setting to my least favorite songs in my library to "Voice Memo"
    I religiously "Rate" the songs in my Library. 5 are my favorites, then 4, then 3. Everything under 3, I really do not listen to.
    So I started with changing my 1 and 2 rated songs to "Voice Memo"
    - Select songs, Right Click and Select Get Info
    - Under Options Tab, go down to Media Kind and change from Music to Voice Memo. Hit Ok.
    The song file will still play in your local Library fine. These file will just not be uploaded to the Cloud.
    I also set up a Smart Playlist with the settings:
    Media Kind / Is Not / Voice Memo +
    Media Kind / Is / Music
    This allowed me to quickly see how many songs i would be uploading to the Cloud.
    If this doesn't get your # of songs down, then I started picking off Categories that I didn't want to upload. Like my library of Soundtracks or Jazz.
    Best of luck.

  • I have made a slideshow in iphoto then shared it into iDVD and burnt it onto a disk when i watched the slideshow on my dvd player the music froze several times?

    Hi I have made a slideshow for my neices 21st in iphoto then have shared it into iDVD and burnt to a disk..when i watch the dvd on a dvd player the music freezes a few times?? how do i fix this :-)

    Good morning,
    There are a few possibilities.  Here's one suggestion if your slideshow is longer than 99 images:
    You may also wish to assemble the slideshow in iMovie if your video clips were recorded in lower resolution (12 bit) mode.  Extracting the audio from these video clips can solve that problem.  Here's an older discussion of that problem:

  • How do I define server-side spam rules with Yosemite & Server 4

    Really surprised that this isn't functionality available in the server UI. Poking around in the dovecot/spamassassin docs imply this is possible using sieve, but the configuration looks more complex than I'd like to have to figure out on my own. It seems that sieve might be possible to use. In /Library/Server/Mail/Config/dovecot/conf.d, the option sieve_dir is uncommented, pointing to /Library/Server/Mail/Data/rules/%u. That seems to imply I could create user directories there and apply some sieve rules, has anyone tried this?
    I'd rather not do user-specific rules, I'd prefer to use the default and attempt to move all spam into a spam folder for each user.
    I've seen notes that the webmail client Roundcube provided server-side rules, but I really don't need the web mail client, and various search results seem to raise questions about whether Roundcube is compatible with Sever 4 / Yosemite.
    Any help would be appreciated...

    Was able to get it working with some digging. The basic summary is that you need to create a rules directory for each mail user, and then add a sieve rule in each of the directories you create. I did this manually, which is manageable because I'm using OS X server for my household, and we don't add members to my household that often... :-). Summary of the steps:
    1) Each user has a directory in /Library/Server/Mail/Data/mail that is in UUID format (long hex string with sections broken by - characters).
    2) For each of the users you identify in (1), create an equivalent UUID directory in /Library/Server/Mail/Data/rules
    3) Create a file named "dovecot.sieve" in each of the directories you created in (2). For a basic rule that moves mail marked by SpamAssassin as spam to the Junk folder that should create by default, you can use the following:
         require ["fileinto"];
         # rule:[SPAM]
         if header :contains "X-Spam-Flag" "YES" {
                 fileinto "Junk";
    4) Ensure that all of the directories/files are owned by _dovecot. I marked dovecot.sieve as executable, but I'm not sure that was necessary.
    5) Once you've done steps 1-4, you should start to see evidence that sieve is being used for delivery of mail in /Library/Logs/Mail/mailinfo.log. Grep for "sieve" in that to see activity. If there are errors, you'll likely see notices that there are sieve logs being created in the rules directories you set up in (2). I ran into errors for at least one account that didn't have a Junk folder created; if you hit that just have the user create a folder named Junk to clear it up.
    Hope this helps others...

  • Vacation messages / server side mail rules

    With WebMail depreciated in OS X Server, is there a recommended (incorporated) way for users to configure vacation messages and other server side rules?

    The seive rules are referenced by the imap server on OS X and it is responsible for the mail sort. The old webmail (SquirrelMail) and the newer webmail on Lion (Roundcube) were only writing the rules that the sieve engine of the server were reading.  In other words, the webmail doesn't handle the sorting of the incoming messages, its built in filter settings write the rules that the server uses to sort them.
    In Roundcube, that is the managesieve plugin. By default, the rules get saved in /Library/Server/Mail/Data/rules/[user UniqueID]/dovecot.sieve with the new Roundcube and older rules are default.sieve. Dovecot seems to look for one or the other and uses it.
    So, and I still have to read (and if anyone can answer!) since I've not looked at this since 10.8 server has first come out:  They moved the mailstor moved in ML, but does Dovecot still have sieve rules ENABLED or does that require a .conf change?
    To answer your configuration question:
    if you're comfortable with editing a text file, Roundrube is VERY simple to configure in my opinion. Everything is well commented in the settings files. Almost all of the settings are having it connect to your IMAP and SMTP server, same as an email client's settings.  And that's it, you don't need to compile anything to use it.
    You will need to setup MySQL or ProtegeSQL with it, but they have scripts that setup the tables for you, again, pretty simple.  PERSONALLY, I chose to install MySQL (they have a Mac .pkg install and a System Preference Pane for it).  I did not want to use the ProtegeSQL Apple supplies with OS X because we've all learned this lesson: who knows when they'll abandon THAT and leave us all scrambling for a solution again.
    This way, my SQL install is indepenent, ready for the next OS upgrade without wondering if Apple will take it away, or even transportable to another platform.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Dear experts, How can I found out the No. of Psocess running and How can I Release them. I have 1GB RAM with oracle 10G. and please tell me How many processes can run with this RAM.

  • "Disk read error occurred" cannot even load System Recovery

    Hello, yesterday I powered on my computer, and it was almost froze, with only the mouse moving and even the task manager not showing up when called. I first tried to make it go in standby, as I thought it was some program which didnt start as planned


    Hi, My Scenario is *File -> XI -> Proxy* (To BI System) Everything was working fine. For additional space, we deleted some files (dev_cp) and restarted BI System. After that I am getting the following error when I tried to post some files in XI. <?xm

  • Maintenance Dialog for T25* Tables in Tcode KES1

    Hello, I am getting an error saying there is no Maintenance Dialog for T25* tables in KES1 Transaction. Please let me know how to go ahead and solve this issue. Thanks very much in Advance. regards, Mahesh