Using TCOde rscrm_bapi and a query result in a error

Hi All,
When using tcode RSCRM_BAPI the query execution results in a error Query Meta data is Incomplete
Please suggest me the solution for this ASAP.

Hi Varma,
is the query working fine?? Otherwise use transaction RSRT2 and "generate a new report"! This should fix problems with query.

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  • Cannot query using both conforming and cached query result

    TopLink doesn't allow me to both use conforming and cached query result at the same time.
    Conforming is certainly not a superset of the [cached query result] features.
    Can you confirm that it's a limitation of TopLink?
    Any know workaround to end-up with the same features as using both conforming and cached query result?
    Conforming is about seeing modifications you do in the same transaction. As a bonus, if you query for one object and specify at least the id as criteria because TopLink will have to check in memory anyway it can avoid going to the database.
    But if I do a query like "give me employees hired before now and after 30 days ago" it's about more than one objects and about finding existance so cached query result is needed to get acceptable performance in a complex application trying to avoid the same SQL generated over and over again.

    Thats where the trace just ends? It doesnt look like there's any LIKE or filtering going on (with respect to the Oracle pieces anyway), apparently MSAccess simply requested the whole table.
    What do you mean by 'hang' exactly? Are you sure it's just not taking a long time to complete? How long have you waited? How fast does it complete on the other environment?
    ODBC tracing isnt likely to help much for that. SQLNet tracing would be better to see what is going on at a lower level. Specifically, what is going on at the network level? Is the client waiting for a packet to be returned from the database?
    Is the database having a hard time processing the query, perhaps due to index/tuning issues?
    Assuming that is indeed the query that is "hung", how much data does that return?
    Are you able to reproduce the same behavior with that query and vbscript for example?

  • How to put variable selection and the query result the same screen

    Dear all,
       how can I put the variable selection and the query result in the same screen? Please advise. Thanks.
    Jin Ming

    Not sure if you are saying you want the prompts on the same page as the results... however in 7.0 with BEx Analyzer, you can insert a text object from the design toolbar and assign it to the variable.... this way, lets say you run query for period 6, then the text object will display "6" on the same area where the query results are.

  • CF11 Actionscript 3 - I'm migratiing from AS2 and can't use REMOTING, so how to use cfc's and process their results?

    The CF11 integration notes describe how to do use Flash Remoting. I use that in my AS2 code and it works fine. I'm trying to migrate to AS3 where there is no Remoting. I have done the following:
    var CFCService = new NetConnection()
    CFCService.objectEncoding = 0;
    var responder2 = new Responder(getActiveUsers_Result, onFault);"cfc.SyslockComponents.getActiveUsers", responder2);
    function getActiveUsers_Result(result:Object):void
        trace("getActiveUsers Result Status: " + result.STATUS);
        for (var property:String in result)
            trace(property +" : " +result[property]);
    The OUTPUT of my program shows the contents of the STRUCT returned by the CFC:
    getActiveUsers Result Status: ALLOK  <<<<<< the CFC completed successfully
    RECCOUNT : 1  <<<<<<<< There was one record select by query
    DETAILS : [object Object]  /<<<<<< this contains the query results
    I don't know how to process DETAILS because RECORDSET is not available in AS3.

    S/he's only offering six Dukes here:
    This problem has been done before. Break this down into something simpler. You don't need an applet. Just do it on the command line. You don't need a database. Just create a flat file if you need some persistent data. Do the simple thing first, then build out from there.
    Click on the special tokens link up above and learn how to use [ code][ code] tags.
    Your code is a big, unreadable mess. You've got pare this down into something sensible. If you can't understand it, it's unreasonable to expect someone on this forum to wade through all of that. - MOD

  • Problem  by using EXCELL button to export query results

    PLS try to assist me. By using this SAP  option I got a message saying : "The following template is missing  - SAP-SM.XLS" (see the attached file) Our basis people fixed the problem in the development environment The are very responsible people - and they are aware to update the QA and PROD environment with it . It is comfortable SAP option  and I am really interested to have it  in the Production environment. PLS inform me what  can be corrupted and  what  should be checked  to be on the sure side before updating the PROD. Thank You in Advance Sincerely,  Ronna

    Hi mallorz,
    According to your code, a computed column is a virtual column that is not physically stored in the table, unless the column is marked PERSISTED. I recommend you can use a common table expression (CTE) as a temporary result set,
    a CTE can be self-referencing and can be referenced multiple times in the same query. You can refer to the following T-SQL statement.
    ;with cte as(
    SELECT ItemID, Price, DiscountAmount,ItemPrice - DiscountAmount AS TotalCost
    FROM MyItems )
    select * from cte
    WHERE TotalCost > 500
    ORDER BY TotalCost DESC
    Or you can add a new computed column to the existing table, then you can specify an expression for a computed column in T-SQL.
    For more information, you can review the article about specify computed columns in a table.
    Sofiya Li
    Sofiya Li
    TechNet Community Support

  • Error while doing BAPI extract using tcode  RSCRM_BAPI

      I am trying to extract a OLAP Bex query into a table.  However, I am getting the error message that
    Error: Metadata for extract /BIC/0CZCARRYOVR is inconsistent
    Error: Error 0 when generating from extract /BIC/0CZCARRYOVR
    Where ZCARRYOVR is my extract table.  What could be the reason?
    What had happened is that I created this extract table before and then deleted it from SE11.  But now I cannot create the table while extracting.  If I give a brand new table name then it works fine.  Is there any place where table metadata is stores.  I checked TADIR table and there was no extry.  I should have used SE14 and delete the table from database but cant use it now since the dictionary table doesnt exist.

    Hi ,
    I have the same issues. If you have solved the issues can you please let me know the solution for this.

  • Difference in count(*) query and select * query results

    i am using Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release
    in a table select count(*) returns 34, but when i run select * statement it returns only 6 rows. Results are pasted below. Can any one knows the reason of this mismatch
    SQL> select * from pay_at;
    100341 IN 07-MAR-04 09:32
    100341 OUT 07-MAR-04 10:24
    103165 IN 31-MAR-03 14:41
    103165 OUT 31-MAR-03 20:00
    101204 IN 19-APR-04 13:00
    101204 OUT 19-APR-04 23:59
    6 rows selected.
    SQL> select count(*) from pay_at;

    Maybe you pressed CTRL-c during the fetch phase of "select * from" ?
    If this is not the case, try to build a very small test case we can run that shows this behaviour and post it here.

  • While sheduling report using tcode - RSCRM_BAPI

    we are executing query in RSCRM_BAPI through event we are getting below eerror.
    Error when scheduling the Query (JOB_CLOSE).
    Can you please advice how to resolve.

    The solution depends on which error message you get in log.
    Plz provide exact error message from log as described above.

  • DMV use Cross Apply and too much result

    Here are my code for query DMV, but some column Is repeated, how can I filter it (last_exection_time) ?
    I just wnat find T-SQL query information(only select), and it must include query text、targert db、source application(from connection string )、and other needed !
    You can change database name and where conditional, for your testing ! Thanks
    SELECT DB_NAME(DMV_QueryText.dbid) as 'DBName',
    DMV_Sessions.program_name as 'ApplicationName',
    DMV_QueryText.text as 'SQL Statement',
    execution_count as 'Count',
    --last_rows, (for SQL 2012 only)
    last_execution_time as 'Last Execution Time(ms)',
    last_worker_time as 'Last Worker Time(ms)',
    last_physical_reads as 'Last Physical Reads(ms)',
    last_logical_reads as 'Last Logical Reads(ms)',
    last_logical_writes as 'Last Logical Writes(ms)',
    last_elapsed_time as 'Last Elapsed Time(ms)'
    FROM sys.dm_exec_query_stats AS DMV_QueryStats
    CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(plan_handle) AS DMV_QueryText
    cross Apply sys.dm_exec_sessions as DMV_Sessions
    WHERE DMV_QueryText.objectid is null and DB_Name(DMV_QueryText.dbid)='YourDB' and PatIndex('select %',DMV_QueryText.text)>0
    and DMV_Sessions.program_name is not null and DMV_Sessions.program_name in('app1','app2','app3','app4')
    -- order by DMV_QueryStats.execution_count desc
    order by DMV_QueryStats.last_worker_time desc

    There is no relationship between sys.dm_exec_query_stats and
    sys.dm_exec_sessions and thus you are getting a Cartesian product, every combination of query stat record and session.
    sys.dm_exec_sessions shows the "aggregate performance statistics for cached query plans in SQL Server 2012" and is not tied in any way to a session.
    Russel Loski, MCT, MCSE Data Platform/Business Intelligence. Twitter: @sqlmovers; blog:

  • How to use select max and min query..

    hi gurus,
    we have got a custom report for develoment.
    the report has to fetch the max and min salarys department wise....
    how to pick up max & min sal ansal from table pa0008.

    Try the following
    select max(sal)
               from <database table>
               into <internal table>
               group by department
               where <where condition>.
    Here we assume that sal is the field holding the salary and department is the name of the field in the database table. Where condition is optional.
    Hope this helps.

  • Attempting to report using multiple subqueries and filtering on result set

    I have an Oracle view which shows historic logs of changed data, effectively an audit view. The view is over two tables, a header and a detail table. I guess for the purpose of the question that is not too relevant but the structure of the view is. This is the view:
    SQL> desc ifsinfo.history_log_join
    Name Null? Type
    *LOG_ID                                    NOT NULL VARCHAR2(10)
    *MODULE                                    NOT NULL VARCHAR2(6)
    *LU_NAME                                   NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30)
    *TABLE_NAME                                NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30)
    *TIME_STAMP                                NOT NULL DATE
    *USERNAME                                  NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30)
    *KEYS                                      NOT NULL VARCHAR2(600)
    *HISTORY_TYPE                                       VARCHAR2(200)
    *HISTORY_TYPE_DB                           NOT NULL VARCHAR2(20)
    I have indicated header information with *.
    The detail shows every column that was changed for a table (in header) and the old and new values, quite straight forward.
    The table I am interested in the audit of is:
    SQL> desc customer_order_reservation_tab
    Name Null? Type
    I have indicated columns that I am interested in (either as a key field or as changed data) by *
    Okay - so that's the background, what am I attempting to report.
    I want to return a single row per log id (for certain criteria) which shows:
    The SQL I have currently is:
    select grp.*
    (select h1.log_id, h1.history_type, time_stamp, username,
    (select h2.old_value||h2.new_value from ifsinfo.history_log_join h2 where h1.log_id=h2.log_id and h2.column_name ='ORDER_NO') Order_No,
    (select h2.old_value||h2.new_value from ifsinfo.history_log_join h2 where h1.log_id=h2.log_id and h2.column_name ='PICK_LIST_NO') Pick_List_No,
    (select h2.old_value||h2.new_value from ifsinfo.history_log_join h2 where h1.log_id=h2.log_id and h2.column_name ='REL_NO') Rel_No,
    (select h2.old_value||h2.new_value from ifsinfo.history_log_join h2 where h1.log_id=h2.log_id and h2.column_name ='LINE_NO') Line_No,
    (select h2.old_value||h2.new_value from ifsinfo.history_log_join h2 where h1.log_id=h2.log_id and h2.column_name ='PART_NO') Part_No,
    (select h2.old_value||h2.new_value from ifsinfo.history_log_join h2 where h1.log_id=h2.log_id and h2.column_name ='LOCATION_NO') Loc_No,
    (select h2.old_value||h2.new_value from ifsinfo.history_log_join h2 where h1.log_id=h2.log_id and h2.column_name ='LOT_BATCH_NO') Lot_Batch_No,
    (select h2.old_value||h2.new_value from ifsinfo.history_log_join h2 where h1.log_id=h2.log_id and h2.column_name ='SERIAL_NO') Serial_No
    from ifsinfo.history_log_join h1
    keys like upper('CONFIGURATION_ID=*^CONTRACT=&company%')
    history_type in ('Delete','Insert')
    column_name ='PICK_LIST_NO'
    username != 'IFSAPP'
    h1.old_value || h1.new_value != '*'
    trunc(h1.time_stamp) > trunc(sysdate-1-&days_ago)
    order by 5, 6, 8, 7,9,10,2, 1) grp
    This is OK but..
    I only want to include rows where the same picklist / rel_no / line_no / part_no combination exist more than once (because there is always an insert and delete for the analysis I am doing).
    where for that combination, the lot_batch_no OR serial_no are different.
    Effectively the system does an insert / delete rather than an update, so that is why.

    Hi sanny007,
    As your issue is related to Reports, I'm moving your post to a more appropriate forum for better supports, thanks for your undrstanding.
    Best regards,
    Youjun Tang
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  • Using Table Name reference in formula results in #VALUE error

    In Excel 2010, I have an OLE DB connection that brings in data from an SQL query. Excel automatically created the table reference for this (Table1). The table contains headers and Excel knows this; they are formatted in the table as such.
    When I try to use a SUMIF function and ask it to sum the column Table1[Column], I get a #VALUE error. I'm assuming because Excel is including the header in the data, which is a text entry. Otherwise, all the other values in the column are numbers.
    I'm currently using a defined named range to get round the issue but I'd like to use the table reference instead because as the SQL data grows and shrinks, so does the table range that Excel performs calculations on.

    Hi DPLMartin,
    This should not happen, by default the [column] syntax only refers to the data, not to the header. I expect there is one or perhaps more rows which contain text.
    Try selecting the column in question and use F5, Special, constants and only leave the "Text" checkbox checked.
    Regards, Jan Karel Pieterse|Excel MVP|

  • Winndows closed CS4. I've used clean tool and then re-installed. still same error mesage on loading cs4

    I get a message saying a problem has caused  CS4 to stop working properly and that windows will close the program to try to find a solution. It doesn't close CS4, I have to myself so I used the clean tool to uninstall CS4 ( I couldn't uninstall it via the control panel, programs section - nothing happened). I then re-installed CS4 and get the same error message. I've had CS4 since about 2008 and also have Nik Google products as plug in 's running from it and Lightroom 5. How can I get CS4 to work again?

    Hi Louise Purrs,
    Request you to please contact Adobe Support to get this issue resolved.
    Use the link below to contact support:
    Contact Adobe Support
    On the contact support page, click on "I need help activating or deactivating my software".
    You should then see a "Chat Now" button below which you can click on to get connected to a support agent.

  • Using Netbeans 5 and compiling a JSP obtain an error

    Dear All
    I'm using a JSP with this code
    &#65279;<%@ page contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8" errorPage="../error/messageError.jsp" language="java"
         import = ""
         import = "com.mycompany.myProduct.MyProductConfig"
         import = "com.mycompany.otherProduct.db.api.connection.TConnectionFactory"
         import = "com.mycompany.otherProduct.db.api.connection.TConnection"
         import = "com.mycompany.otherProduct.db.api.connection.TServerNotAvailableException"
         import = "com.mycompany.myProduct.user.login.User"
    <% // Setup session variables to display menus correctly
    and I force the compilation of the JSP, obtaining this -->
    public void _jspService(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
            throws, ServletException {
        JspFactory _jspxFactory = null;
        PageContext pageContext = null;
        HttpSession session = null;
        ServletContext application = null;
        ServletConfig config = null;
        JspWriter out = null;
        Object page = this;
        JspWriter _jspx_out = null;
        PageContext _jspx_page_context = null;
        try {
          _jspxFactory = JspFactory.getDefaultFactory();
          response.setContentType("text/html; charset=UTF-8");
          pageContext = _jspxFactory.getPageContext(this, request, response,
                         "../error/messageError.jsp", true, 8192, true);
          _jspx_page_context = pageContext;
          application = pageContext.getServletContext();
          config = pageContext.getServletConfig();
          session = pageContext.getSession();
          out = pageContext.getOut();
          _jspx_out = out;
    // Setup session variables to display menus correctlyWhat happen with out.write in bold??
    I'm using jsdk 1.4.2_08
    Thanks for any help

    I have the same problem. im using Eclipse 3.1 and WL9.1.
    Any suggestions?

  • Moving files between iMac and Macbook Pro results in permissions error

    This is probably a very simple issue but I can not for the life of me figure out how to fix it.
    I've moved a folder of raw .nef photos to my public folder on my iMac from my Macbook Pro via file sharing. Upon attempting to open the files on my iMac in finder or Adobe Bridge CS5 I get "You do not have permission to open the document..." "Contact your computer or network administrator for assistance".
    Thanks in advance,

    You'll have to give yourself permission to the files. Do a +Get Info+ via the Finder, click the padlock at the lower right, and enter your Admin password.
    Then click the plus sign at the bottom, and select your user account. That will give you Read rights. Click the arrows in front of +Read Only+ and select +Read & Write.+
    If they're all in a folder, do this on the folder, then click the "gear" icon and select +Apply to enclosed items.+ That may take a while if there are a lot of files.

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