Vendor Material No in Inbound Delviery

Hi ..
I am trying to Capture Vendor Material NO field from Inbound Delivery , which is the table to look at ...When i press f1 it shows the structure....
What are the Tables related to Inbound Delivery....?

Hello Balaji,
Vendor Material Number in Inbound Delivery is in Delivery Line Item table LIPS. The field is LIPS-KDMAT.
The Inbound delivery tables are LIKP/LIPS.

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  • Validation of vendor material number in IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_MRM

    Hi folks,
    Scenario: Inbound EDI vendor invoices received as IDOCs.
    I'm using Logistics Invoice Verification process code INVL to receive and post vendor invoices on to the ERP2004 release of R/3.
    I have purchasing info records setup with the vendor material number.
    When I process an inbound vendor invoice, I can put in a customer material number i.e. a material number existing in material master in E1EDP19-IDTNR with qualifier E1EDP19-QUALF = 001.  When I do this, R/3 checks that the material number is valid and refuses to post an invoice if the material number is invalid - this is good.
    This means that the EDI program parameters with the 'Check Material Number' enabled is working as expected.
    Now when I only have a vendor material number i.e. E1EDP19-QUALF = 002 an E1EDP19-IDTNR = vendor part number, R/3 posts the invoice even if the vendor part number is invalid - IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_MRM does not seem to be validating the vendor part number.  The document posts whether I use a valid vendor part number or an invalid one - what am I missing?

    I can answer by words of Axel Angeli - top level SAP R/3 consultant and R/3 cross-application development coach, the author of classic book "SAP R/3 Guide to EDI, ALE and Interfaces":
    "SAP R/3 delivers a serious of predefined EDI programs. Many project administrators see them as standards which should not be manipulated or modified. The truth is, that these IDoc processing functions are recommendations and example routines, which can be replaced by own routines in customizing."
    "SAP R/3 is delivered with a series of predefined IDoc types and corresponding handler function modules.
    Some of the handler programs have been designed with user-exits where a developer can implement some data post-processing or add additional information to an IDoc.
    You must always see those programs as examples for IDoc handling. If the programs already do what you want, it is just fine. But you should never stick to those programs too long, if you need different data to be sent."
    So now you can feel free to customize

  • Stock analysis based on vendor material number

    Is there any report which can show the total stock of a material with split on vendor material number (I am entering different vendor material numbers upon goods receipt) or any query I can write to get the above result?
    The requirement is as follows: I will order an item with name say X and vendor supplies the item with different name say Y. So I am maintaining vendor specific name in vendor material number. Now I want to see the stock X with what quantity of it is Y.

    Dear Praveen
    You could use the following;
    Input and Output Conversion of Material Numbers  
    Like every other part in the SAP system, an inventory-managed manufacturer part has an SAP-specific material number that uniquely identifies it. If this material number is uncommon or unknown to the vendor, you should consider the following (especially in the purchasing process):
    ·        You can enter a part with its Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) and its External Manufacturer, and not just with its material number. This is possible because of the input conversion of material numbers.
    ·        The system displays this part with its Manufacturer Part Number and the External Manufacturer in lists and screens. This is possible because of the output conversion of material numbers.
    You have to increase the maximum field length for input and output values in the Output Length for Material Numbers field to enter and display the MPN and the manufacturer code in one field
    You have made the following settings in Customizing:
    ·        You have activated the conversion exit for material numbers.
    ·        You have maintained a delimiter. The delimiter separates the MPN and the external manufacturer when they are entered or displayed in one field.
    ·        You have specified a maximum output length for material numbers. This means that the fields for the long material number are scrollable, and the output columns for lists are wider.
    You configure and activate the conversion exit for material numbers in Customizing by choosing Logistics - General ® Interchangeability of Parts ® Set Up Conversion Exit for Material Numbers.
    Input Conversion
    If you have activated the conversion exit, you can enter the relevant MPN instead of the material number in the relevant input fields.
    If the MPN is not unique, you enter the external manufacturer in the same field, separating the MPN and the external manufacturer by the delimiter defined in Customizing.
    You have defined: as the delimiter.
    Enter 45L700W:36121 (Manufacturer Part Number, Delimiter,and External Manufacturer) for the part, instead of material number 1011. If the MPN is unique, you only have to enter 45L700W (the Manufacturer Part Number).
    You can now scroll the input field for the material number. This allows you to enter the maximum output length for material numbers, which has also been defined in Customizing.
    Input conversion gives you an alternate and additional input option. You can still enter the ERP material number to identify a part.
    The system determines the correct material number from your input, and passes it to the program logic. The system handles your input as follows:
    ·        If your entry contains the delimiter, the system splits the entry at the delimiter, interprets both parts of the entry as the Manufacturer Part Number and the External Manufacturer respectively, and searches for a part corresponding to these entries
    ·        If your entry does not contain a delimiter, the system interprets your entry as an (ERP) material number, and searches for the corresponding part in the material master. If this is unsuccessful, the system interprets your entry as an MPN, and searches for the corresponding part.
    If the system cannot determine a part clearly, or the search is unsuccessful, it issues an error message.
    Value Range for MPN on the Selection Screen
    The system converts the MPN into a material number internally.
    To ensure that the system correctly interprets the value range for an MPN that is entered as selection criteria, when the conversion exit is activated, the system provides both the material number and the MPN as selection criteria in the selection screen.
    Output Conversion
    If the conversion exit is activated, the output conversion ensures that the system displays the MPN and the external manufacturer on screens and in lists, separated by the delimiter in the field or column that usually displays the ERP material number.
    If the Output Length for Material Numbers field in Customizing is not long enough to display both the MPN and the external manufacturer, the system displays the MPN, if it is unique.
    If the MPN is not unique or the output length too short, the system displays the ERP material number.
    The system displays parts with the output length defined in Customizing. In addition:
    ·        You can scroll the output field for the material number on screens.
    ·        The system adjusts the layout of lists to the output length.
    List Formatting
    If you use the inventory-managed MPN, you have to change the list formatting as follows:
    ·        Variable length of the material number in reports
    In cases of the automatic conversion of the material number into an MPN and external manufacturer, the system takes account of the Output Length for Material Numbers field (defined in Customizing) when it structures the lists for selected reports. This ensures that columns are aligned, line breaks are correct, and the lists can be read.
    ·        Adding a field for the external manufacturer
    The external manufacturer should also be displayed in lists because the MPN, into which the material number is automatically converted, is not always unique.
    In Customizing, you have defined whether the external manufacturer should be displayed with the MPN. The system adds the field for the external manufacturer immediately after the field for the MPN in lists and on the screen.
    You can display the external manufacturer with or without an active conversion exit.
    ·        Sorting by MPN, not by material number
    You can sort some lists by material number.
    You can sort by MPN in cases where the MPN is displayed instead of the material number.
    with kind regards

  • While creating po, the vendor material no should updated in PIR.

    hi all,
    i am facing one issue
    the issue is, while creating po, we can search the material no according to vendor material no, but when we change the vendor material no in po item details in material tab and save the PO, that is updated in the PIR, if we tick the box(info update), that means the new no is update in PIR,
    but suppose i entered the wrong no, so i want to edit that field again. but the new assigned no is not updating the PIR  though i have checked the check box(info update)
    that means, PIR is updating once but not second time. what is the possible solution.
    Edited by: susanta bindhani on Jun 26, 2008 8:27 AM

    hi pankaj,
    read the issue perfectly,
    supoose i have created PO, i have entered in the field of vendor material no-123, ok. and i tick the box(update PIR).
    then i save the Po, i saw the change in PIR- 123
    after i gone to change mode- me22n, thr, i again change the vendor material no to 456, ok, and i save the PO, then i saw it in PIR,
    but no change. the field no is showing -123.
    my question is why PIR is not updating second time only once.
    pls give me some suggesion, my client need it urgantly.

  • Tracing a vendor based on an inbound delivery

    Hello Experts,
    Is it possible to trace the Vendor number from an inbound delivery document? Helpful answers will be rewarded for sure.

    Hi Manohar,
    Thank you for replying, But is it possible to get the vendor number (based on the delivery) from a table instead of a transaction? My requirement here is to fetch the Vendor number from a Delivery document and is there any reference for the PO from a Delivery or vice-versa? Thanks again.

  • During PO creation vendor material no field should be populated using BADI

    I have created on PR and using PR I am trying to create PO. But one field vendor material no  remains blank when giving vendor at the top vendor field.
    So my requirement is the vendor material no field in item overview should be populated regardless filling vendor field at the top.
    So this functionality can be achieved by BADI or User exit.
    So any one give the proper suggestion to get the value in the vendor material no field while creating PO.
    Waiting for quick response.
    Best Regards,

    use the badi ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST in that method PROCESS_ITEM....
    use GET_DATA method like im_item->get_data.
    and modify the value anduse set_data ...
    Shailaja Ainala.

  • Same Calculation Schema/Pricing Procedure- Same Vendor - Material & Service

    Hi experts--
    For subject matter(we are facing this issue in our organisation)  I did my search and found the below threads but conversation did not provide what solution is to be implemented. Can someone help?
    Currently we are using two unique vendor codes for tiding over our MM/SD problem even though vendor is same with same address,PAN & service tax registration.
    We are a LSP and only recently went live on ECC 6.0 EnP4
    warm regards--
    Same Calculation Schema/Pricing Procedure- Same Vendor - Material & Service 
    Posted: Aug 19, 2011 7:04 AM           
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    One vendor is providing service & material to the same Pur Org
    Is it anyway to handle with only one vendor code for service & material procurement in same vendor account group with only one pricing procedure(calculation schema)?
    Ramesh Babu Nag... [Active Contributor Silver: 500-1,499 points]      
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         Re: Same Calculation Schema/Pricing Procedure- Same Vendor - Material & Service 
    Posted: Aug 19, 2011 7:16 AM   in response to: ARUL MURUGAN1 in response to: ARUL MURUGAN1           
    Yes, you can do it. There shouldn't be any issue

    Yes its possible.
    you can use the same calculation schema for both so that with one vendor you can handle both material as well as service purchase.
    Please revert if you face any difficulties.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • PO report which includes Vendor Material number

    I am looking for a report similar to ME2K but including the Vendor Material Number.  Customer wants to run by Cost Centre and Material group.  However, I cannot find a way to include the Vendor Material number on this report, is there a way to do that thorugh config?
    Thanks for any info.

    You can find the vendor material number in the material data tab of purchase order.
    Goto EKPO table enter the PO numebr and look for the field name with vendor material number. Select that with all other fields . for cost center and account assignment chekc table EKAN.
    Write the program to fetch data from all these tables with feild names.
    Hope thsi helps.

  • Payment Term in PO based on Vendor / Material / Plant Combination

    The payment terms in Purchase Order are defaulted from the payment terms maintained in Vendor Master. Hence, if we order any material on vendor, then also, the same payment term gets copied to Purchase Order.
    We have set different Payment Terms with Vendor based on the material which we purchase from him. For example - For some materials, we have set payment terms as 30 Days Credit & for other materials, we have set payment terms as 60 Days Credit.
    Presently the concerned buyers are changing the conditions manually while creating the purchase order. We would like to have this defaulted in the purchase order based on Vendor / Material / Plant combination.
    Can we use 'Condition Group' in Purchasing Info Record for this purpose?
    If yes, how can we default the payment term from Purchasing Info Record to Purchase Order?
    Prashant Kolhatkar

    Thanks for your reply.
    In this case -
    1) I create the info record manually for vendor / material / plant combination.
    2) Create PO for this combination.
    3) After PO is created, then the payment term can be maintained in Info Record.
    Is this correct?
    If so, then where can we maintain this Payment Term in Purchasing Info Record?
    If maintained, then for further POs, should this get copied from the Info Record instead of Vendor Master?

  • Purchase Rebate Process with Vendor - Material Group combination in SAP

    Hi Guru's,
    I have done with Purchase Rebate Process with Material in SAP by doing following steps,
    Created Agreement Type with Material Rebate
    Created Rebate Pricing Procedure
    Created Schema Group, Vendor
    Maintained  Purchase Rebate Agreement via MEB1 and created a Purchase Order where I could able to view the Rebate condition type gets determined based on the rebate agreement which has been created for a specific material.
    Now from experts I would like to know the Volume based rebate arrangements Purchase Rebate Process with Vendor - Material Group combination in SAP .
    If required provide with detail steps explaining what configuration and master data to be in place to complete this process.
    Following thread I got it from SCN.SAP forum,
    Where it has been discussed this type of requirement Purchase Rebate Process with Vendor - Material Group combination would be a GAP.
    Kindly throw some ideas on this process to carryout from my end.

    Please respond if post is not clear then let me know.

  • Vendor/Material report

    Hi, All,
    In SAP, does the Vendor/Material have any attribute field that would allow us to report on a characteristic/value?  If there is a marketing program that is linked with a vendor/material, is there a way to classify that within the vendor/material info record?

    You may look at the transactions ME1M and ME1L which will suit your requirements.

  • Vendor Material No (IDNLF) is blank in PRequest and PO.

    I updated the vendor Material No for a material in the info records for a vendor.
    When I try to create a Purchase Requisition or PO for that particular Material / Vendor, the field Vendor Material No is coming blank.
    (In PO when I manually add the Vendor Material No and select the check box 'Info Update' and save, then onwards for that material I am able to see IDNLF getting displayed in PO screen and also in the PO Output.) I am not sure from where PReq and PO reads the IDNLF field.
    I checked the following code  1) LMEGUICI5  2)LMEPOF5W - Form MEPO_ITEM_FILL_IDNLF, but I could not find any clues.
    Kindly let me know if you know the reason why IDNLF is coming blank.

    First of all, why do you want Vendor Batch no & material no while doing receipt against process order.  You can enter the same while doing a GR against Purchase order & same can be tracked using some reports.
    As you said, since you are doing a receipt against the Process order, vendor doesn't come in picture. Hence the vendor batch no: or vendor material no: wont be populated as per Std.SAP.  You can check for some enhancements/BAdi's in MIGO transaction to populate the same.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Vendor Material No. and Vendor Batch field in MIGO for GR against Order

      I received a very specific requirment for one of our client: Client need the field Vendor Material No. and Vendor Batch in the detail data --> material and batch tab in MIGO transcation for A01 (Goods receipt ) against R08 (Order), this is for good receipt against Process Order, Here though the vendor does not come in picture , these field are required. These field are appearing in GR(A01 against Purchase order(R01)

    First of all, why do you want Vendor Batch no & material no while doing receipt against process order.  You can enter the same while doing a GR against Purchase order & same can be tracked using some reports.
    As you said, since you are doing a receipt against the Process order, vendor doesn't come in picture. Hence the vendor batch no: or vendor material no: wont be populated as per Std.SAP.  You can check for some enhancements/BAdi's in MIGO transaction to populate the same.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • PBXX condition type to acees price when for the vendor/material combination

    Dear All,
    Here the client requirment is that, they do not want to maintain inforecord for each vendor/material combination. They will maintain one inforecord for one vendor for a perticular material. So if they want to make a po with a diffrent vendor, they want the price to be copied from existing inforecord.
    But i understand, if the inforecord does not exist for that vendor/material combination, then PBXX will come in to picture which will take the price from previous purchase order. If no po exist for that vendor/material combination, is there any way the PBXX will act and take price from existing inforecord.
    (with a diffrent vendor for that perticular material)?.
    Your responce to the above is highly apreciated.
    Raghavendra N N

    hi...hope this may help u..
    while creating PO u can click the infoRec. box in the item level as so info rec is automaticcally created..
    The price in the PO is copied frm last PO's if the abov said indicator is clicked  or there is a customisation in IMG path
    Material Mangament - > Purchasing - > environment data -> default values u can change the A, B, C indicators as per ur requiremnt.
    one more Info Rec u can set tthe date of price picking by chekcing the  (pr.  date cat.)....
    Hope this may help u bro...
    catch u in evning..

  • Vendor - Material Info

    Just like tcode VD51 for Customer - Material we have a tcode for Vendor - Material Info..
    I know we can do that in ME11..Purchase Info record...anything other than these..??

    What needs arise for you that can not be taken care by ME11?
    ME11 is the only transaciton which can hold this information.
    more specific is contract (ME31K)

Maybe you are looking for

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