Vertical green line in iWeb ?!

Hi . Im new to iWeb and Im having one issue that I cant get to the bottom of . Whenever I creat a blank page and expand the page width beyond 600pixels a green vertical line appears at 600px on the blank page . How do I gert rid of it ? Thanks!

With which template? Comic Book? Fine line?  These templates are made with fixed-width images which have green borders. Changing their page width is not recommended.
If you want to enlarge you page, choose "white", "black", "modern" or "modern frame" as template. And Customize it with your own background images and colors

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  • My 27" iMac displays vertical green lines when turned on and then will not boot up

    Can anyone tell me why my 27" iMac displays vertical green lines when it is turned on and then will not boot up?

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    The display or graphic card are damaged. The only thing you can do is to take your computer to an Apple Store or reseller to get your computer repaired.
    If you use an external display with your Mac, connect it to your computer and see if these lines appear on the external display. If so, it's a graphic card problem

  • Photo Booth Effects have vertical green lines

    Can anybody explain why some of my photo booth effects have vertical green lines running through them and how it can be corrected/removed?!
    Looking at the files they all begin with "dts"
    /Users/audio3/Desktop/Photo 7.jpg

    This question is shown as answered, did you find a solution??? I have the same problem, but not with the original effects. Just with the ones that I uploaded from apples website.

  • Fix cost for 1 pixel vertical green line

    How much would it cost to fix a monitor with 1 pixel width vertical green line down the screen?

    I have a similar issue since this morning.... MacBook Air 13"  C02GM1ASDJWV
    And also 3 months after the warranty is over....Strange.....
    In general, i'm starting to be disapointed with apple products as like my iphone, i had issue juste after the one year warranty was finished. I'm wondering why?
    Please notice that i'm a user since a long time of mac products and didn't had any issue before. It was the reason i was staying a mac user. But now things seems different.
    I'll have a look if i can change my computer screen my self or for  a sheap price somewhere. But no way that i spend 500euros for that....

  • Thin vertical green lines on 30" Apple Display

    I am occasionally getting patches of short vertical green lines on my 30" display
    using Nvidia GF8800GT 512MB
    If I put system to sleep when it awakes it's ok
    is this indicative of pending failure
    this is the second graphics card in my new two month old Mac Pro, original card just stopped working.

    Not yet resolved it is erratic when it occurs but lasts for the session and is apparent in any graphics irrespective of application. I had a feeling it was a graphics card problem but may be wrong. I will have to try a stress test when I get chance.

  • Vertical green line on Qosmio's G20 LCD Screen

    (Sorry for my bad English)
    Hi all,
    my laptop have a vertical green line on the right side of the screen.this line is visible in BIOS screen also. so i think it is a hardware related issue.but one good thing is that it is not visible in a white background.i don't know why;
    Is there any thing i can do other than replacing the screen(i don't have any warranty on the LAPTOP :( )
    The problem occurred after installing windows 7 beta edition,it changed my resolution to 1400 * 900 and i think which may cause an overheat on graphics card which may lead to my problem.
    Please help me.

    > Is there any thing i can do other than replacing the screen (i don't have any warranty on the LAPTOP )
    I would not replace the screen before you would not know whats exactly wrong.
    I mean there could be also a graphic card issue and not screen issue.
    In your case I would recommend connecting the machine to the external monitor to check if the same vertical line would appears on a second monitor.
    If the same lines are visible on both screens then its definitely not a screen issue but GPU issue and in such case the mobo must be replaced :(

  • 30" ACD  Vertical green lines.

    My compueter was in Screen saver mode and when woke it up there are vertical green lines in bunches of 5-8 intermittently across the screen. Is this a monitor issue or a graphics card? Had monitor for 3 months and no such issues before.
    G5   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   30" ACD

    Could be the display or the video card. Sounds like something is temperature sensitive.
    Blow out all the dust in your mac pro.
    Reseat the video card.
    See if these help.
    You would need another display to check the card and another computer to check the display.
    Also see if any of the threads in the More Like This section on the right side of this page have any ideas.

  • Imac 21inch 2010 on boot vertical green lines then white screen ,will not load can anyone help please

    imac 21inch 2010 on boot vertical green lines then white screen ,will not load can anyone help please

    Howdy carliosa,
    If your iMac is not starting up normally you may need to do some checking to make sure things are working correctly. I would suggest starting with the steps in this article -
    Resolve startup issues and perform disk maintenance with Disk Utility and fsck - Apple Support
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Brett L 

  • Vertical Green Lines

    I am having a VERY annoying problem in final cut. All of my footage now has green vertical lines running through it.
    Here is a picture of what it looks like:[email protected]/4731527252/
    When I open the source footage from the browser, everything looks fine, but the same clips in the timeline do not. If I do "replace edits" on all of the cuts, it fixes the problem temporarily, but soon it comes back. Exporting the video sometimes seems to help (i exported it once as prores from FCP and it was fine, I exported it once as H.264 through compressor and it had the lines).
    I have also tried using a preferences manager to backup, delete, and restore my preferences but that didn't help.
    Making a new sequence or even project and copying the cut over didnt help.
    For the record this only seems to have affected this one project so far that I have noticed. I have opened the project on another mac and it worked fine.
    Any ideas?? I am stumped. It sounds like it is my final cut, computer, or maybe video card? Im not sure and could use any advice you have.
    Thank you

    Called apple care today and they suggested I try the exported files on another comp to see if they work. They also suggested I make a new user account and try to run FCP there.
    I don't have immediate access to another computer, BUT I did try the new account. Opening the exported H.264 file that I made in my main account still showed the green lines, but when I started FCP the problem didn't seem to be there (although since the problem was sometimes spotty that doesn't necessarily mean its fixed but I played with it for a while and seemed to be working). Also, I was able to export a copy of the film that did NOT have the green lines on it (when viewed from either account). So this leads me to believe it is a software based issue of some kind, although I can't really think of what to do.
    Any suggestions?

  • Vertical green lines while watching DVD on M40-148

    When I try to watch video or DVD on my new laptop there is several vertical green dotted lines across the screen.
    Why is that? And how do I get rid of them?

    Hello guys
    It is very strange issue. A friend of mine has also M40 and I have tested playing DVD films and everything works fine. It is very strange that you see those lines just while DVD player runs. Something like that should not happen.
    In my opinion you should reinstall the unit with recovery DVD and dont make any installation. Immediately after operating system installation try to watch DVD using preinstalled DVD player. If the problem persist contact service partner and let them check the unit. The unit is pretty new and warranty is still valid.
    As far as I know the recovery image is tested and something like that should not happen.
    Good luck!

  • Vertical green lines on 2011 27" imac

    I have developed this display issue with my mid 2011 27" imac, where green vertical lines will appear on the left hand side of the screen, it appears to be only present on black screen colours only. I presume this will be an impending GPU failure??? After a while the center of the screen will also develop the same issue with the white colurs displaying blue vertical lines.

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    It looks like a GPU issue, but today may be your lucky day. See > some-mid-2011-imacs/
    Some Mid 2011 27-inch iMacs have a defective AMD GPU that may cause this type of problems. Make a backup of your files with Time Machine and take the computer to an Apple Store or reseller, pointing the website I gave you

  • Mar 09 iMac with vertical green lines

    I wrote a post regarding this issue in July and have just now had the chance to take the iMac to the Apple Store. Didn't just add to the post because it has been archived so I'm updating with a new post. I've read lots of posts regarding earlier Intel iMacs but no new gen machines. Has anyone seen this in 2009 iMacs? or is mine "special".
    My almost brand new (Mar 2009) iMac has been acting up. Beginning about a week ago at the gray startup screen there has been a band of green vertical lines showing up. The band is about three inches wide and runs from top to bottom of screen. Disbursed between the lines are continuous bursts of green static similar to snow on an old TV set. The lines disappear when the desktop comes up.
    Then after a few minutes to a few hours after startup depending on how long the iMac has been turned off the lines begin to appear in the same field on my desktop, usually intermittently dispersed across the three inch field (not as solid as at startup).
    I took it in to show a Genius at the AS this afternoon and as soon as he saw the startup screen he said they should have it fixed by the end of the week. He ordered a new board and a new screen for the iMac saying if the board doesn't fix it he'll have them put in the screen to see what that does.
    Great service, I'm bummed about the issue and having to drive all the way to Scottsdale and back from Flagstaff. Hope this fixes it. They say they will call me when it's ready to pick up.

    Yeah, I know, but all the third party AASPs the Apple Phone Rep ID'd for me In Flagstaff are, from personal experience, bums.
    One took two days to determine if my G5 iMac (it was just a year and a half old with bad logic board and PSU caps and covered by Apple Care) was eligible for repair under Apple's extended repair program. They incorrectly decided it wasn't, even though that didn't matter due to the Apple Care coverage.
    The other place actually returned the G5 iMac to me in pieces, saying, among other things, "...sorry...".
    I took it to Sedona to the Mac Clinic for it's covered repair. That mechanic is great, but usually backed up by two or three weeks.
    There is still the great Apple mechanic in Sedona but he is always backed up by about three weeks. So it was off to Scottsdale, probably a half hour longer trip than to the Phoenix store, and an hour longer than to Sedona, but perfectly easy parking because most of the stores in that mall are still under construction.
    Ah, life in the big city.
    Thanks for the note - probably more response than you needed. Oh, and I do plan to purchase Apple Care - wouldn't be caught with a dead computer without it. Mac's and Apple Care - probably the last good deal in town, though it's been my experience that it's not usually needed, other than the G5 all my Mac's (back to a B&W Mac Classic) are still running.

  • My iMAC 27" suddenly displayed thick vertical green lines and then went to a whitish grey screen.  any insight?

    While accessing PAGES on my 27" iMAC computer, then screen suddenly displayed thick green vertical lines and then went to a whitish grey screen.  Each time I shutdown and turn back on it shows the same thing and then goes to a blue screen.  The last time I rebooted and I came to this site to try to problem solve.  Any idea?

    It sounds like a GPU problem, but I am not sure. Try booting in AHT (Apple Hardware Test) to be sure. Also, if you have another Apple computer, try to boot the other computer with the hard drive from the iMac using target disk mode. While booted on your imac's hard drive, check console for kernel panic logs. Paste only Kernel panic logs not application crash logs here please.

  • Laserjet 2605dn color printing problem, Blue/green line on page.

    I have an HP color laserjet 2605dn that has started to print a faint,thin  blue/green line from top to bottom about 3 inches in from the entire right edge of every page. I ran the cleaning cycle with no change. Any suggestions on how to correct this?

    I have very similar problem on my 2600n which is printing 2 vertical green lines very close together about 1.5 inches from left edge. All toners are in supply override mode with black toner reading: Estimated Pages Remaining 0
    Color cartridges contain toner with 329 pp remaining according to supply status page.
    Is this problem likely to disappear when toner cartridge(s) are replaced?

  • FCP/Compressor keep exporting horizontal green lines near the top and bottom mattes. What do I do?

    Hi everyone,
    I'm trying to export a:
    ProRes 422 HQ
    DVD Best Quality (90 minutes) in Compressor
    Quality all the way high
    in Final Cut Pro and/or Compressor (both so far export with the green lines) and so far it has been to no avail. They show up right on the edge near the mattes. Most forums talk about a vertical green line but I am having problems with horizontal lines near the top and bottom.
    Any ideas? Thanks.

    If you are sending your file via share to Compressor I would try this instead:
    Export a QT reference(not self-contained or using QT conversion) file of your sequence to your desktop.
    Turn on frame controls in the MPG-2 setting and set all to best. Changing all settings to best will increase your render time greatly. You may want to do a :30 or 1min test.
    In my experience Compressor can be inconsistent with HD to SD DVD MPG-2 conversion. Sometimes it works wonderfully and others times it does not.
    I have had success with having FC do the SD conversion first.
    Create a new 16x9 SD sequence
    Add HD seq to SD and render
    Export SD and then compress for DVD.

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