Vista sp1 and restoring T61 with thinkvantage to factory default

Hi, I already have Vista SP1 installed on my T61, but is it possible to make the image in the hidden partition Vista SP1 as well? (So after I do a reset to factory default in the future, it will already have SP1 installed). thanks!
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nope.   sorry.
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    After reformatting iPod to NTFS and restoring back with iTunes, the player works for two-three weeks and crashes afterward. It then requests to restore it through iTunes. When connected to iTunes, it sees it in the restore mode and also asks to restore the iPod. It happens over and over for the last months. What could be the problem?
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    Dear planb77
    Thanks for a reply. iPod does not support ntfs - you're right. that means it will never work on that. While restoring ipod using iTunes, itunes reformats it no matter what filesystem is there. So the issue is not that. ipod is now on fat32 and it works for a certain period of time, but then crashes and asks to restore through itunes. Resetting/restarting does not help.

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    Sorry but no. The only way to restore an iPod to factory settings is through iTunes on a computer. You will need to get access to a computer somehow. If you can get to an Apple Store, they can probably help you.

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    Hi @prdstudio3 ,
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    Sharing personal email addresses, telephone numbers, and last names is not allowed for your safety. If you have any questions feel free to send me a private message in reply.
    Thank you
    I work for HP

  • WRT110 crashes with Vista SP1 and Intel 3945

    I have a WRT110 with the latest firmware 1.0.4, an a Dell XPS1330 with the Intel 3945abg wireless card and the latest drivers in Intel. When ever my laptop tries to connect the router crashes and drops all other connections with other wireless devies and wired devices. I also have another laptop running XP that works great on the wireless connection. It's same to say the problem is limited to the Vista machine and the Intel 3945 wireless card. Now sure what to do?

    I have the same problem. Took me a while to figure out that when i connected my Toshiba laptop with Vista and Intel 3945 Router and network crashed couldnot even get the router accessed on hardwired computer. Everything returns back to normal when laptop disconnected from wireless network
    Customer support was not able to help, called them twice. I solved by connecting an old wireless router to one of the ports of Linksys and connect my Vista laptop on that wireless network. That is not really a solution but if you'd like to, return the router until they can at least admit that there is a problem with compatibility, upgrading firmware on wireless adaptor did not help.
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  • Windows vista, sync and restore errors. I give up.

    I have had continuous problems with my 8gb ipod touch, 2nd gen. I just returned one which I had had for 4 months during which it worked, but then I could not get it to restore and now have a new one and have the same problem. When I first got the new one , it would not sync it had a number of errors such as;
    - Attempting to copy to the disk 'X' ipod failed. An error occurred while writing to the device.
    -The ipod 'X' iod cannot be synced an error occurred while writing to the device.
    -Required disk cannot be found.
    -Also something about Apple Mobile Device
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    -The 'ipod' ipod could not be restored, an unknown error occurred (14).
    I have done all the things specified such as:
    -Restarting the computer,
    -Reinstalling Itunes,
    -Using differnt USB ports on the computer,
    -Removing the firewall, Zone Alarm,
    -Removing everything from itunes.
    Is it due to an itunes update possibly around june, that I have started experiencing problems.
    Will I be able to fix it?
    Any help would be appreciated, otherwise I shall return it and not bother with an ipod again.
    Many Thanks

    I have exactly the same problem with my 8gb ipod touch 2nd gen and have tried everything you have with no success (see
    It's definitely due to the itunes 9.2 update in June. I get the same itunes restore and sync errors you have on Windows Vista and Windows 7. It only starts restoring and syncing properly on Windows XP. I've tried downgrading to an itunes version that worked for me on Vista before, but Apple have updated the ipod touch firmware so that its not supported anymore by the earlier versions of itunes.
    Apple phone support is a waste of time. They want to charge me £25 before they are interested in helping as they say my ipod is out of warranty - but its not the ipod that's broken, its the poorly written ITUNES, so why shouldn't I get free support for itunes even though my IPOD, which is perfectly fine, is out of warranty?!
    Truth is, now apple has your money, they don't care...

  • Vista SP1 and the Sigma Tel driver issue

    I've done a fair bit of reading about why Vista SP1 does not show up for some people in Windows Update and for me its almost certainly down to the Sigma Tel audio drivers on my MacBook Pro (Feb 2006).
    N.B. I have installed the latest BootCamp 2.1 32bit update and this did not change anything. Also I should mention this is a clean Vista install and I have not used a pre release version of SP1 either.
    Apparently Sigma Tel sold off their audio division and is therefore no longer updating the software drivers. Microsoft have said they plan to address this driver incompatibility with their own update at some point. This was the response another user received from MS tech support:
    "Kindly wait for further updates from microsoft which addresses the sigma audio driver compatibilty issues with service pack1."
    OK, so they understand and are looking into it, but it also seems like it would be down to the new SigmaTel owners to solve - IDT posted this statement, which suggest they think there is no need to update their drivers: 10-3638-3639-4836
    I have tried 'Resolution B' from that link, but after removing the Sigma Tel audio driver, Vista SP1 still did not show up in Windows Update and I don't want to force install (via the download link) if Vista is not happy with my setup.
    Does anyone have the definitive answer to this situation? It looks like I just need to wait a little longer, but I just wanted to check I've not missed something important.

    Hi Mark
    Firstly, at the risk of being patronising, use winclone to image your BC partition. It works brilliantly.
    Secondly, I have a late 2006 MBP (2.33GHz) with Vista on BC and running Fusion. MS Update did not offer the SP1 upgrade so I used the standalone installer. The sound works perfectly but I have found that there is a nasty bug in the video driver (X1600), which causes an immediate reboot if you try to adjust the screen brightness. It works fine so long as you don't touch the F1 and F2 keys. I used the BC systray app to asign the F keys to MS software rather than Mac hardware to avoid inadvertently tripping this fault.
    If you don't mind this nasty little funny lurking on your system then SP1 is worth installing. For example Safari on Vista opens much quicker than on OS X 10.5.2
    Vista SP1 works perfectly in Fusion.

  • My I Touch is frozen. I have rebooted it, restored it to factory settings and restored it with backup. Sometimes it works for a week or 2, sometimes not.

    My iTouch is frozen. I have rebooted it, restored it with backup and restored it to factory settings. It works for a week or 2 and then freezes again. Now it just will not unlock.

    pop the sim card out...
    full restore, will wipe out the system & lock code...
    resync with your data, and you should be good...

  • HT201407 How come when I try and restore my iPhone 4 GSM (factory unlocked) with itunes, it starts ok, and then at 60% blocks like for about 5 min, and then continues till 100% and itunes give error msg (-1) ??? what can be the problem

    How come when I try to restore my iPhone 4 GSM (factory unlocked) with itunes, it starts ok, then at 60% blocks like for about 5 min, then continues till 100% and itunes give error msg (-1) ??? what can be the problem.
    thank you in advance.

    Error 1 or -1
    This may indicate a hardware issue with your device. Follow Troubleshooting security software issues, and restore your device on a different known-good computer. If the errors persist on another computer, the device may need service.

  • My ipad mini is disabled, when i try and restore it with itunes it says the ipad needs to respond, i can't respond because i can't unlock it?! Help?

    My ipad mini is disabled and says try again in 24,434,453 minutes?! When i try and restore it, itunes says my ipad needs to respond. i can't unlock it to respond because it's disabled?

    If you're unable to do the Restore (or it doesn't help), go into Recovery Mode per the instructions here.  You WILL lose all of your data (game scores, etc,) but, for the most part, you can redownload apps and music without being charged again.  Also, read this.

  • Restoring a Blank HD to factory defaults (including the hidden partition) [T400, Vista x64]

    Background info:
    I'm installing linux, and instead of asking about everything at once, I'm separating my problems into multiple questions.
    I plan to remove all partitions, make new ones (adding an extra one for linux) and then use the recover stuff to bring back windows
    The main question (this one), is:
    If I completely clear the hard drive of all partitions, and then re partition to include one extra linux (ext3) partition, can I use the "Product Recovery CDs" (the 14 cds that I have burnt using the thinkvantage software) to restore the computer to the exact factory default state? i.e., will it:
    1) Completely restore vista
    2) Restore the hidden recovery partition (I understand the CDs also act as a recovery partition, but there's 14 of them... I don't know how well I can maintain that many CDs, so I'd rather have another copy on the HD)
    3) Not screw up the thinkvantage "stuff" (this is my first lenovo, so I'm not sure, but I want to make sure the support software doesn't go nuts once it notices there's an extra partition, etc.)
    Thanks in advance.

    It's you topic, so you decide what is on topic or not.
    Here is the relevant part of my menu.lst:
    # This is a divider, added to separate the menu items below from the Debian
    # ones.
    title        Other operating systems:
    # This entry automatically added by the Debian installer for a non-linux OS
    # on /dev/sda1
    title        Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    root        (hd0,0)
    chainloader    +1
    # This entry automatically added by the Debian installer for a non-linux OS
    # on /dev/sda4
    title        Thinkvantage Rescue and Recovery
    root        (hd0,3)
    chainloader    +1
    I'm running Linux Mint which is a modified Ubuntu 8.04.
    T60 2623-D7U, 3 GB Ram. Dual boot XP and Linux Mint.
    T400 2765-T7U Windows 7
    Registered Linux User #160145
    FYI: I am not employed by Lenovo

  • I no longer have sound for either my audio books or my music on itunes.  I've tried everything--restarting, updating, re-installing audible app, and restoring the iphone to its factory settings--nothing helps.  How do I get the sound back?

    How do I get the sound back on my iPhone 4?  I've tried all the fixes such as restarting iPhone, reinstalling the audible app, and finally yesterday, I restored the phone to its factory settings.  I still get no sound from music on iTunes or from my audible books.  The phone still rings (I have sound for that) and the voice control speaks to me, and when I'm typing, the automatic text voice speaks so I can hear it but nothing else works. 

    Since it has always been very basic to backup your computer and all it's data, Apple provides no way for you to transfer music from your iPhone back to your computer.  As you know, you can re-download all iTunes purchases, but music that you ripped yourself you'll have to just re-rip again.
    You can try and find 3rd party applications that might help you.  I'm sure you'll pay, however.
    Let this be a very important lesson learned.

  • Restoring Sun 5210 NAS to factory defaults and wipe existing memory?

    Im trying to erase the existing memory on a storage unit and also would like to restore the factory defaults on the unit also. Im really new at this and could use all the help i can get.
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    If you're restoring a file you have to list it, so if you are restoring /wdn/file01 then you specify the alternate path as /restore/file01

  • Restore Cisco Prime NCS to factory defaults

    We are replacing this appliance and I want to clean all our specific information off of the appliance.  Restore it back to factory defaults.
    I tried the "application reset-config" command, but that tell my it's not valid in this version NCS?
    How can I clean this?
    Thanks, Tandrist

    Hi Tandrist,
    To clean the database or restore to default
    1. Stop the NCS    (ncs stop)
    2. Ran 'ncs db reinitdb' 
    3. Start the NCS (ncs start)
    Note: this will delete all the devices , config ..would be like a fresh installed
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  • Can I delete the files in ~/Library/Preferences and have all preferences reset to factory default?

    I have this folder inside my /Library folder called Preferences. I was wondering if I could delete all of the files inside this folder and have all of my preferences reset to the factory default?

    First, why would you want to do this? I ask because all of the applications installed also have preference files. Some of the preference files store things like serial numbers. Some programs that use plugins that use serial numbers also store the serial numbers in the host program's preference file. RapidWeaver is an example of this.
    So, If you deleted all of the files in your preference folder, you could have some major headaches for a while afterward.
    If you are curious, there is a program called AppleJack that only runs in Single User mode. It can check preference files for you. There are several others available that cost money. AppleJack is a free open source application.
    Hope this helps,

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