Weekly Timesheet in Edit mode

I need to create dynamicly an ouput table that users can edit
their hours and cost center. Each day have maximum 2 entries for
week if they have one entry per week, then the design table will
have an empty text box for users to enter in....Please see the
attached outline to show the weekly timesheet in edit mode. Below
is the query I am using it...I am having difficulty to create the
html along with cf...The attach code is the sample design, please
copy and create a html file to see the final template..I am
converting an asp app to CF..
Work_date,Work_Day,Proj_ID,Proj_Name,Work_Hrs FROM Emp_Timesheet
[ID]= ID and Work_Date between #Fr# and #To# ORDER BY
Work_Date, Work_Day ASC

Done. thank you all. small logic was missing.

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  • Can't view photos in edit mode

    I just upgraded to iPhoto '08, and while I can view all my thumbnails ok, the photos themselves won't load at all in edit mode.
    I was using iPhoto to try to"jumpstart" my iWeb (per my other help request in another topic) when I noticed this.
    I have Leopard 10.5.2, iPhoto 7.1.2 and a 1.8 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM in my upgraded G4 tower. I tried deleting the preferences file, rebuilding the library file, opening in another account, etc, with no luck. I had even just erased my hard drive and cleanly re-installed Leopard, etc. with still the same problems in both apps. Do I just need to add more memory perhaps? I can't think of anything else...?Does Leopard require much more memory than Panther (which I had before) to run properly?

    I've had the what sounds like the exact same problem with iPhoto '08. I, too, have an upgraded 1.8 GHz G4 (AGP Graphics) running OS 10.5.3 (although the original installation was 10.5.1 and the same problem occurred before the software updates). When I try to edit a photo, the edit window opens but no picture appears. Clicking on the various editing tools and manipulating them (blindly, on a blank screen) shows that editing is actually taking place, and that changes can be saved.
    An earlier post of mine concerned the first problem I noticed since my OS and processor updates; namely, that the DVD player app won't work, but instead returns an error message saying that a valid device could not be found for playback. Several responses to that post seemed to suggest that the ATI Rage 128 video card might be the culprit and that it would need to be replaced. In the past week I've been on the phone or in email contact with tech support people at ATI, Sonnet, Other World Computing, and Apple, the last being the least knowledgeable of all of them, I'm sorry to say.
    The Sonnet guy personally runs a computer just like mine, but with the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Mac video card. That item costs $209 at OWC. But ATI says it won't work because of the G4's 200 power supply.
    These folks think that the iPhoto problem would be solved by the new video card -- but I'm not yet convinced I want to spend that kind of money to find out. Most also say that the DVD Player issue would be fixed, although the OWC guy says it has nothing to do with it.
    So we're going blind here, with much conflicting expert opinion. I'll keep watching for further discussion.

  • ALV: columns in read-only mode look like editable columns in edit mode

    My application contains an ALV table which should be toggled between display and edit mode like the rest of the fields.
    The evident solution was to use
    if_salv_wd_table_settings~set_read_only( abap_true or abap_false)
    However, unlike the rest of the fields, when the application changes into display mode and the fields get grey like in any SAP application, the columns in the table which were editable remain white, and those which were not editable and thus grey, get now white, too, instead of the other way round. So it will look to the normal user, as if now all columns would be editable!
    Of course, he would realize that they are not when he tries to edit them, but this is irritating.
    See following link with screenshots (only active for 3 weeks from now on):
    [Link to my webmail space/SDN: .|https://businesswebmail.telekom.at/filestorage/MzYxMTk1OTMx/]
    I have looked
    through my books ("Einstieg in Web Dynpro for ABAP", "Praxisbuch Webdynpro for ABAP", ...)
    through the wiki for Webdynpro for ABAP here in SDN as well as through this forum (by searching with "ALV edit")
    through the notes in BC-WD-CMP-ALV
    but could not find any solution. Most tables in those PDF articles found here in the WD4A wiki also show white cells although they are probabliy in read-only mode (e.g. the imitation of the SE16N browser article).
    The attributes to the LO_CELL_EDITOR for both Inputfields and textview columns contain exactly the same values when toggling between display and edit mode (read-only in table settings), so also no chance to change here anything.
    Also changing the cell design is not a solution as there is no design that looks like grey for not editable according to WDUI_TABLE_CELL_DESIGN  ([SAP Help - WDUI_TABLE_CELL_DESIGN|http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw2004s/helpdata/en/56/5e9041d3c72e7be10000000a1550b0/frameset.htm].
    I do not know if I have made an error, as this is my 3rd Web Dynpro (after the first 2 of the introduction book), or SAP is really inconsistent in User interface between "normal" fields and ALV table fields.
    Can you please help me?
    Thanks in advance,

    In my application aslo, i have 30 columns out of which 10 are input fields. But, i'm showing the table as ABAP_TRUE incase of Non-editable otherwise to abap_false. Now i'm getting everything as in WHITE cells.
    Do you want to show it is Grey mode with Non-editable feature. Is that so.
    How many columns are there which has Input fields.
    Get the column references.
    Now, based on the mode of display create the object as Input or Textview field.
    For that column -
    If mode eq 'D'.
    Create an object for Textview(cl_salv_wd_uie_text_view)
    Create an Object for Inputfield(cl_salv_wd_uie_input_field)
    The Append row is a standard button or custom one on ALV toolbar.
    Do you want to hide the toolbar or just disable these buttons.
    If you want to hide the toolbar then refer my wiki -
    Edited by: Lekha on Sep 30, 2009 8:06 PM

  • In "edit" mode, my movie speed is fine. Once published it seems to slow down and become all jerky. Any ideas? Thanks

    In "edit" mode, my movie speed is fine. Once published it seems to slow down and become all jerky. Any ideas? Thanks

    I have a revision a imac g5 with the same problem with only macbreak podcast. I know leo laporte said that the podcast was done in 1080p and my computer with its built in 64 megabyte graphics card might have trouble with this podcast but your machine must have a better graphics card than mine. 1080p requires at least 128 megabytes of graphics memory built in. My machine played this podcast on quicktime fine until they came out with the update to quicktime last week or two ago. I was going to upgrade my memory until I came accross your story and your machines doing the same thing with much better specs. I think it might be the quicktime update that is causing a problem. Maybe Leo will talk about this problem since he is doing a mac show about macs.

  • Webpage in Edit Mode displays NO editable data!

    I used Dreamweaver MX to develop our company's Intranet. Our
    HR Director makes changes to the Job Postings page on her own using
    Contribute 2. Since the original creation of our Intranet, I've
    updated to Macromedia Studio 8. A couple weeks ago she was on
    vacation so I updated the Job Postings page for her using
    Dreamweaver and it worked fine.
    Now, however, when she navigates to the Job Postings page in
    Contribute 2, it displays as expected. BUT, when you go into Edit
    mode, the page only displays the locked-by-template features and
    the editable regions/data don't exist. It's as if the editable area
    is empty.
    As a test, I pulled the page from the Intranet in DW8 and it
    appears just fine. I did a HTML validation on it and it seems fine.
    I then configured Contribute 3 on my computer (I don't use it -- it
    just came with the Studio) and, just as with using Contribute 2, it
    displays fine but in Edit mode it is blank -- no data is shown to
    Some more details: In Contribute 2 in Edit mode, the editable
    region where the job posting data should be, it shows a </td>
    in bold highlited in yellow. And, nothing else shows. In Contribute
    3 in Edit mode, ther editable region is totally blank/empty.
    I have no idea what happened. Any ideas? I did download the
    latest v2 updater for her machine ... fyi.

    Thanks for replying Tom. I tried using the Attach Code button
    -- but not sure if it will work (I think it has a character max
    limit). Yes, I also thought that when Contribute 2 shows the
    </td> in bold highlite it would mean an exrtra closing tag.
    However, it doesn't show up in DW or Contribute 3. Regardless, the
    page in Edit Mode in Contribute 2 (or v3) doesn't show the editable
    region so that I can add/remove jobs for some really odd

  • Lock not always released if browser closed in edit mode.

    We have had a few instances in the last couple weeks (since deployment of an I.P. application) where a user has either closed the browser while in edit mode, or received some sort of error when saving plan data and the browser closed, where the Lock in RSPLSE/SM12 was not deleted. In the last case, the lock stayed for 6 hours before we were notified to manually delete the lock. The user had closed all windows, even restarted her machine.
    Any insight on how to enforce removal of locks if browser is closed? We are on SAPKW70017 and BI Java Support Package Patch SP015

    Hi Cote,
    this is a frequently discussed topic. Usually the lock should be released, the session should be closed etc at the time closing a window.
    One idea for this one: Does a small popup window appear when you close your browser? If the users have activated the popup blocker this will cause problems because the locks and sessions can not be released. Also it might cause problems using other browsers than IE...
    Good luck.

  • De-noise edit mode not saving.

    My photos do not seem to be saving in their edited form. The de-noise and touch up changes appear while in the editing mode but not in the normal library while other changes do. What's up?

    Yes, I have been struggling with this for weeks... and the message from Madison explains it all...
    You will only see this happening on large images because the iPhoto preview at less than 100% cancels the effect of de-noise. But if you open the modified image in a external software and display it at 100% you will notice that the de-noise is actually there.
    The work around to have a proper display in iPhoto is to resize the picture to the actual size of your screen, and then start applying effects such as de-noise.

  • Can't open photos in edit mode

    I can;t open photos in edit mode in iPhoto '08. When I double click on a photo the main window remains blank (no "!" no"?"). This problem occurs with every photo in the library. My permissions are OK. I've also tried setting the preferences to edit in Photoshop but double clicking on the photos then still accomplishes nothing.

    Do you get a blank white window in the edit mode? If so that may mean you do not have access to the files. Try the following:download and run BatChmod on the iPhoto Library folder with the settings shown here, putting your administrator login name, long or short, in the owner and group sections. You can either type in the path to the folder or just drag the folder into that field.
    Using Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements) as Your Editor of Choice in iPhoto.
    1 - select Photoshop as your editor of choice in iPhoto's General Preference Section's under the "Edit photo:" menu.
    2 - double click on the thumbnail in iPhoto to open it in Photoshop. When you're finished editing click on the Save button. If you immediately get the JPEG Options window make your selection (Baseline standard seems to be the most compatible jpeg format) and click on the OK button. Your done.
    3 - however, if you get the navigation window that indicates that PS wants to save it as a PS formatted file. You'll need to either select JPEG from the menu and save (top image) or click on the desktop in the Navigation window (bottom image) and save it to the desktop for importing as a new photo.
    This method will let iPhoto know that the photo has been editied and will update the thumbnail file to reflect the edit..
    If you want to use both iPhoto's editing mode and PS without having to go back and forth to the Preference pane, once you've selected PS as your editor of choice, reset the Preferences back to "Open in main window". That will let you either edit in iPhoto (double click on the thumbnail) or in PS (Control-click on the thumbnail and seledt "Edit in external editor" in the Contextual menu). This way you get the best of both worlds
    Do you Twango?
    TIP: For insurance against the iPhoto database corruption that many users have experienced I recommend making a backup copy of the Library6.iPhoto database file and keep it current. If problems crop up where iPhoto suddenly can't see any photos or thinks there are no photos in the library, replacing the working Library6.iPhoto file with the backup will often get the library back. By keeping it current I mean backup after each import and/or any serious editing or work on books, slideshows, calendars, cards, etc. That insures that if a problem pops up and you do need to replace the database file, you'll retain all those efforts. It doesn't take long to make the backup and it's good insurance.
    I've written an Automator workflow application (requires Tiger), iPhoto dB File Backup, that will copy the selected Library6.iPhoto file from your iPhoto Library folder to the Pictures folder, replacing any previous version of it. It's compatible with iPhoto 08 libraries. iPhoto does not have to be closed to run the application, just idle. You can download it at Toad's Cellar. Be sure to read the Read Me pdf file.

  • Unable to open a view in edit mode

    Hi All,
    I have a Notes assignment block in the Account Overview page. It contains a text area and an EDIT button to modify the notes. Corresponding view and context node for this block are  BP_DATA/NOTES and NOTES respectively. Notes context node is bound to Text context node of the component controller.
    The issue is, when agent confirms an account, goes to Overview page and clicks on EDIT button of the Notes block, then, if the block already has some text, then it turns in to EDIT mode. But if Notes section is empty initially, then, on click of EDIT button will not make the view editable.
    During debugging, I can see that if notes section is already filled with some text, then there is an entity in the collection wrapper of the NOTES context node(also in the component controller collection wrapper). But if notes section is initially empty, then collection wrapper is empty(both view and component controller context nodes).
    My requirement is to make the notes section editable even if there is no text present in it initially. It will be very helpful if someone could give me suggestions on this issue.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Nitish,
    Thanks for your reply. Infact I only coded the event handler. In the first line, I am reading the entity from the collection wrapper of the context node. If it is bound, only then I can set it in EDIT mode.
    ob_entity ?= me->typed_context->notes->collection_wrapper->get_current( ).
    IF ob_entity IS BOUND.
    Sets the view in EDIT mode
    Now, ob_entity is null if there is initially no data in the notes section of the confirmed account. However, if notes is not empty, then, ob_entity is bound and I can set the view to edit mode. This is the issue.

  • How can I open an email file in edition mode?

    I use a system here in my company that generates an automatic email and prepare it to be sent.
    We were using MS Outlook and we have migrated to thunderbird for lots of reasons.
    But since it has migrated, the system cannot generate this email in the composition screen.
    It generates in the inbox.
    Is there anything I can do to change this?
    I have made a few tests and I realize that the same thing happens if I save an email file in my computer and
    try to open if with the thunderbird. It's supposed to open in edition mode, so the user can send it out, with just one click.
    Thank you!


  • Text Caption appears in Edit Mode but not in Preview Project or Web Browser

    I'm using Cp4 and have downloaded Adobe Flash 10 Active X, it's ver  I've added a simple text caption with these options:
    Timing Display:  Rest of slide
    Appear after:  2.0 seconds
    Transition effect:  Fade in only
    In: .5 seconds
    And Visible is checked
    I also have a simple line that I drew with the draw line tool and included an arrow on the end of it.
    Everything on the screen works including the click box, the animated text and the failure caption.  For some reason the text caption and the arrow are not appearing except in Edit Mode.  In Preview Project, they disapper but the click box, failure caption and animated text work fine.
    I've rebooted, copied this screen into a new instance of Cp4, re-created these objects on a freshly recorded screen, chosen Order: Bring to Front, created a brand new screen completely from scratch and downloaded the Flash 10 Active X version mentioned above.
    They funny thing is, is that the text caption and arrow works fine on other screens in the project.  I have 76 screens total.
    I'm running Windows XP.
    Any suggestions?

    Hi there
    Can you post a screen capture of what your Timeline looks like?
    Odds are your Click Box is pausing in a weird place.
    Cheers... Rick
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  • Ctrl+tab is not working in editing mode

    I have JcheckBox and JTable in my JPanel. When user clicks or presses F2 to edit any cell value of the JTable a comboBox will appear with possible values. (This comboBox is coming from table CellEditor). When user presses ctrl+tab from the table focus should transfer to JComboBox all time. It is working only when the user presses ctrl+tab from the table cell which is not in editing mode. If the user presses ctrl+tab from the table cell which is in editing mode (i.e. focus is on the ComboBox of the cellEditor) it does not work. Please help me to find the solution.
    I give a sample code here for your reference.
    public class Frame1 extends JFrame {
    public Frame1()
    this.setLayout( null );
    this.setSize( new Dimension(400, 300) );
    JTextField ch = new JTextField();
    ch.setBounds(10, 10, 10, 10);
    this.add(ch, null);
    DefaultTableModel tmodel = new DefaultTableModel(3, 1);
    tmodel.setValueAt("0 0 1",0,0);
    tmodel.setValueAt("1 0 1",1,0);
    tmodel.setValueAt("2 0 1",2,0);
    JTable custLayersTable = new JTable(tmodel);
    setCellEditor(new ComboEditor());
    custLayersTable.setBounds(new Rectangle(40, 40, 280, 145));
    this.add(custLayersTable, null);
    public static void main(String[] args)
    Frame1 a = new Frame1();
    final class ComboEditor extends AbstractCellEditor
    implements TableCellEditor
    public Component getTableCellEditorComponent(JTable table,
    Object value,
    boolean isSelected,
    int row,
    int column)
    Vector<String> layerValSet = new Vector<String>();
    for(int i=0; i<3; i++)
    layerValSet.add(row+" "+column+" "+i);
    mComboModel = new DefaultComboBoxModel(layerValSet);
    mEditorComp = new JComboBox(mComboModel);
    return mEditorComp;
    public Object getCellEditorValue()
    return mEditorComp.getSelectedItem();
    private DefaultComboBoxModel mComboModel;
    private JComboBox mEditorComp;

    Thanks a lot for your reply.
    Since the textField is in a different class i could not use the transferFocus API directly. I tried the following code in the keyreleased event of Combo Box but it was not working.
    I also tried the following code in stopCellEditing and is not working.
    Is there any other way to achieve this?

  • Deleted Items Stay in Edit mode?

    When Adding Items to a portal, for instance an Image... and then I want to delete that image... I can delete it so the image no longer shows on the finished page, but the Item still shows in the Edit mode. How do I delete the Item so it no longer shows in Item mode

    Assuming that you are using 10g:<br><br>
    Yes, you can disable this feature. Click on Properties of the Page Group that you want to disable this feature. Go to the third tab Items.<br><br>
    On this tab you will see 2 options :<br>
    Retain Deleted Items <br>
    Display Unpublished, Expired, and Deleted Items In Edit Mode <br><br>
    Either enable or disable based on your preferences.

  • FBL5N - Feild selection non editable mode

    Hi All,
    When i execute FBL5N transaction,i am not able to select the feilds as per my desire bcoz the feild display ICON is in non editable mode.
    The only option i have is layout selection and not the feilds selection.
    Can you let me know how to change it to editable mode.

    You don't have authorization for maintain ALV layouts. Please contact to your Basis department for authorization.
    ALV layout authorization object is S_ALV_LAYO. Please tell your Basis departman to give this object value for '23'.

  • How to open an order form of a particular order in edit mode

    i need to open a order's order form in edit mode so that it can be approved or any other operations done on that.
    there is an similar post but the soln s nt available fr the abve mentioned prob
    " i dont knw what are the exact parameters that should be assigned in ordfind so that it will lead to the ordhead"
    thank u in advance for any guidance that cud be provided.

    I m using oracle appln server 10g forms. I m trying to open tat form using a url.. generally i m accessing via a java program where i m giving tis url.

Maybe you are looking for